D-DAY INVASION - royalty-free footage in our collection


D-Day – some preparations and aftermath

220984 4Nov43 20:10:50 - 20:17:55
[Assembly Operations of 6x6 Trucks, US Assembly Plant, Ashchurch, England, 04Nov43]

CUs INT army mechanics complete trucks on production line;
20:11:30 Construction of wooden truck beds in jigs, attached to truck.
20:12:59 Soldier fills radiator & gasoline aka petrol tank. Soldier in cab starts & checks gears. Truck rolls past camera. Another moves up fitted w/ hood, tarp over back. MS truck out of warehouse, soldier checking finished vehicles & writing numbers on clipboard, checks time; CU wristwatch; 5:55pm.
20:14:43 MCU soldier checks watch and writes on clipboard. LS truck out of building.
20:14:56 Trucks and crates sitting.
20:15:17 Convoy of completed trucks leaves warehouse gates; trucks along country roads; POV. Convoy enters gateway; MS checked by soldier w/ clipboard.
20:17:14 POV past line of new trucks parked diagonally under trees w/ US white star symbol on bumper.

220288 1Jun1944 06:04:56 – 06:12:08
WWII - Invasion - D-Day - Preparations - Loading LSTs - England

Half track backing & pulling trailer; MS into LST. Tank backing. Jeep past on road; w/ trailer into LST shot from inside. 2 jeeps on elevator & raising to upper deck. Slate 01 Jun 44. Upper deck of LST w/ half-track backing up. Trucks backing on. Deck of LST at beach & equipment on deck. Jeep backs up. Other equipment. LS of bay & soldiers at anti-aircraft guns around dock where ship comes in. Sailor & signal flags. Line of vehicles waiting to load. LST moving up the bay. US 532. Alongside dock. US 27 on other side. Barrage balloon over. Man directing traffic through town.

220288 1Jun1944 06:12:10 – 06:15:20
WWII - Invasion - D-Day - Preparations - Working on Jeeps

Soldier painting vertical angle iron on jeep bumper. US flag put on window. Bolting angle to bumper. Jeep past camera. Man swing angle iron w/ hacksaw. Line of jeeps pulling away from side of road & past camera. Hand drilling bumper to attach angle iron. More of bolting. Sharpening cut at top (to cut wire?). CU of bolting.

220287 4Jun1944 09:00:15 – 09;08:30
D-Day Convoy

CU Ike. map of France. Weapons & Equipment build up in England. GIs arriving. Training in south. Bombing Germany (good). Air battles . Moving to Channel; issued gas mask, life belt, cigarettes, candy, French money. Heavy equipment through streets . Briefing. Embarking. Loading ships. Infantry marching, boarding ships, men in landing craft to ships. Men relax enroute. Men briefed on shipboard.220450 5Jun1944 20:18:02 – 20:24:46
WWII - Invasion - France - Shipboard & Unloading Equipment
Many ships underway w/ barrage balloons, liberty ships & LCIs. View from LCI(?). Rhino barge w/ tanks and trucks. fires burning on beach. MEn off LCI into water wding to shore. Unloading boxes of ammo to DUKW from beached US 638 & men carrying boxes ashore. Overturned jeep & bogged tanks. DUKW being towed by dozer. Rhino barges stuck & waves breaking with much equipment mired on beach. Men wading ashore from LCMs. Wounded treated on beach. 20.21.28 giving plasma to wounded on beach. Pit w/ many medics & many wounded. View of Rhino barges laoded with trucks. DUKWs at edge of surf stuck in mud along w/ tanks, trucks. View of Tanks etc. up from beach w/ troops on board pulling Howitzers, other guns. French civilians & US move up from beach. High speed tractors pulling & GI w/ mine detectors. Men off LCI wading ashore. View of beachhead from edge of ridge. good reel.

220450 5Jun1944 20:12:12 – 20:17:59
WWII - Invasion - Channel Crossing - 05Jun44; Omaha Beach - 06Jun

Troops of 16th Inf. Combat Team & 5h Engr Spec. Brig off LST wading & swimming to shore on Omaha. Climbing up ridge & digging on side. Troops moving. Slate 05Jun44 ships anchored, pan over & coastline. LST US 51 past w/ trucks on deck. US 75 & others to shore. Rhino barge. US 30 damaged LST & trucks in surf. Bodies on beach. Fire on beach seen from ridge. Slate 06Jun44 looking at beach & ships. Mired ship. Slate 05Jun44 raising anchor cable. Hosing mud from anchor. Concrete harbor entrance w/ guns. Slate 06/06 Pan over landing craft, ships behind; signalman & semaphores on US ship. 05Jun44 View of bow underway; ships signalling; ships underway. LCIs

220451 5Jun1944 21:32:11 – 21:41:07
WWII - D-Day - Towing Phoenix Units - Gliders Overhead

View from ship alongside Phoenix units ( Mulberry Harbour ) and barges alongside them with tugs. (good shots)MS of men on side of units. Commander Kit Kat w/ binoculars. Men on tug playing accordion & resting in sun. Deck scenes, men & dog mascot, formation of fighters over. Brit. Capt. Ellsberg & other officers. Tug moored to Phoenix, men tying up. Plane towing glider over; British officers watch. British Corvette underway. Tug pulls away from Phoenix unit. POV from tug, lines play out from rear. Ships name Dextrous - Tug playing out rope Shots of Phoenix Unit being towed, various ships. LCIs pass.

220286 6Jun1944 01:00:00 – 01:05:37
WWII - Invasion - Normandy - Fox-Green Beachhead, Omaha 06 Jun 44]

Jeeps driving off LCT 659 through deep water. One stalls. POWs carry wounded; US Dead on beach beside. Men at foot of cliffs, carry wounded. View from landing craft w/ smoke along beach. POV from LCT w/ plane & troops on board. Beached ships. Large smoke ring above. Men off ship w/ plane wading ashore to cliffs. LS of smoking shore & boats. Rhino barge w/ cranes & ambulances. Men smoking in battle dress; bowed heads; Dozing or ?? POV from among men, anti-aircraft gun. Litter raising wounded from LCVP, other walking wounded helped aboard. More POV on LCT w/ plane.

220286 6Jun1944 01:05:38 – 01:10:40
[WWII - Invasion - Preparations - Loading LCTs 06 Jun 44]

British MP directing track vehicles pulling artillery & loaded w/ troops at intersection in road heading for loading point. Wheels as truck backed into LCT. View from piers. Trucks in, ramp raised & lines thrown off. Leaving from England Convoy to dock area & other trucks loading. Intersection shots kids waving. CU man backing onto LCT 453.

220286 6Jun1944 01:10:40 – 01:21:45
WWII - Invasion - D-DAY - Channel Crossing - Ships

British crewmen on ship pointing to shore. View of shore; various ships. Large guns. Ships in convoy. Ships & barrage balloons. Ships with rocket launchers. Rhino barges. Heavily loaded US 49(?). Rocket barges. Landing craft; gale winds. Channel marker. Landing barges. Incomplete220286 1944 01:32:44 – 01:43:30
WWII - Invasion - Preparations - GIs Arrive England & Boarding]
2-stack liner as transport offloading GIs & WACS. WACS & bagpipes. GIs & WACs into building & onto railway station; board cars, get chocolate or coffee. Train leaves. Truck convoy through countryside past tents along road. Men out of trucks parked by road. Aerial showing large tents along edge of road. Speakers shown w/ man talking into mic; men by tents; Field hospital signs; mats to hold down mud. Camouflaged trucks & repair facility. Installing telephone lines, using. Accordion & GI band playing. Men filling trucks w/ Jerry Cans & convoy down road through town. Troops march through town w/ picks; waiting in line. Woman w/ box of doughnuts. Man passes out life-savers. Stacks of packs & boxes. Life-vests passed out. Landing barges loaded w/ boxes & men. Ships visible in harbour behind.

220288 6Jun1944 05:17:35 – 05:25:10
WWII - Invasion - Normandy - Storm & Beachhead Activity

Heavy seas break over concrete barge in harbour. Ships & barrage balloons; waves against barges. Men rescued hand over hand by line from scuttled ship. Waves on shore. Small boats by LCI; Pan over beached ships; beachhead activity. Men marching up the ridge from beach. Beachhead from ridge, wrecked salvaged material lined up. Beached ships.

220451 6Jun1944 20:00:00 – 21:11:40
WWII - D-Day Crossing - Landing - POWs - Field Hospital

Date estimated. Landing craft of convoy enroute heavily loaded w/ trucks etc. Troops into LCMs, enroute to beach, black (one) & whites. Dozer on beach pulling jeeps. Men standing about. Group of black soldiers w/ guns eating in foxhole. Command post in front of German bunker. Sign: Minen. GIs inspect artillery & dead Germans; wrecked glider by road & in trees. Men move off fuselage off road. Graders making airstrip & P-37 lands. Large number of Germans marched to beach & in barb wire enclosure. Eating. Marching along beach & wading to LCT. (good shots). Field hospital & unloading wounded; treating w/ plasma; Nurses relaxing & eating. Cartons of cigarettes & coffee. Nurses rolling bandages; tending wounded on litters. Mongolian & Russian POWs from German army. Treating wounded back. Germans carry wounded. Journalist taking information. Wounded GI on litter; litters loaded onto ship from landing craft. Services on beach for dead by Chaplain on jeep. Black GI’s in congregation. Artillery firing. Sign post for Carentan, GI’s talking with French young women and giving sweets to children. Tanks pass at speed. Troops through village - French waving. Tanks down country lane. Sign St Mere Eglise - troops through welcomed - GI speaking with Gendarme - smiling and cheering by villagers

220287 6Jun1944 09:08:32 – 09:14:28
D-Day Convoy

Paratroops by bus to planes. AV Aerial of convoy; bombing bridges; ships across. Planes & gliders readied. Pilots briefed. General Gavin with troops Religious services. Eisenhower Ike & airborne w/ 6th Pathfinder Units. Loading gliders, taking off. Ships bombarding coast firing broadsides - signallers; men off ships; gun camera of strafing RR & canals.

220287 6Jun1944 09:14.30 – 09:18:56
D-Day Convoy

Bombarding coast; troops offloading to assault boats. Bombing. Explosions. Troops running across beach. Wading ashore. Rescuing men from water. Cliffs, medics & plasma w/ wounded. Men off landing craft. British troops on beach. LCIs unloading. Bombers over.

220288 16Aug1944 06:15:25 – 06:21:43
WWII - Invasion - D-Day - Preparations - Airborne & Gliders

2 US airborne infantrymen trade French currency. CU of hands & bills. Officer inspecting airborne troops. CU faces. Men packing boxes in ?? Man covering helmet, inspected. Troops play cards. Man getting haircut (flared) as guys laugh. Guys sharpening knives. Compass reading explained to group of men. Line of trucks, dozers pulling crates. Opening crates. Pulling past camera. Gliders assembled. Nose section carried forward. Tail section bolted. Wings attached to fuselage; struts added & glider pulled by tractor.

220289 1944 07:09:50 – 07:19:23
D-Day & invasion, England to Paris - Colour

London - Big Ben - Houses of parliament - Westminster Abbey - US servicemen visiting. Marble Arch - crowds - Hyde Park, Speakers Corner. Children’s playground, kids on swings, drinking fountain. St Pauls - Buckingham Palace, guards on duty. Tower Bridge, Thames tugs with cargo, Fleet street - policeman.
Army camp South of England shots of press contingent in camp, Jack Lieb ( cameraman ) with shovel - CBS correspondent Larry Laseur . Other press - Gordon Becker - Jack Thompson - Ernie Pyle - Larry O’Reilly. More correspondents Clark Lee and Bill Stoneman. Press corps loaded onto small trucks and set off for South Coast - travel through market town.
07:15:24 Plymouth, bomb damage, buildings destroyed - jeeps on the road - Crossroads guards, one British and one American soldier inspects bedroll.
OWI correspondents Wes Haines ( Haynes) and Pete Carroll AP press photographer - eating K-rations. Washing hands in river, Pete Carroll taking scenic shots of river etc.
07:17:05 Docks, 101st Airborne Division loading onto landing craft for transfer to larger ships. Close shots smiling troops. Press aboard LCI with Commander of Invasion Group and Captain of LCI Number 5 Lt Patten? 07:18:26 Wes Haines trimming beard and troops of 101st relaxing on deck, one imitates Hitler. Ships mascot puppy having life jacket fitted. 07:19:10 Lt Patten briefing crew re that afternoons sailing, crew waving hats and cheering.

220289 1944 07:19:24 – 07:29:03
D-Day & invasion, England to Paris

LCI no 4 with Commander moving out into channel. Convoy at sea - ships by moonlight - daylight shots convoy.
07:20:50 B/W footage landings taken on board British landing craft with automatic camera. Shots landing on Utah beach. British landing - rifles wrapped in cellophane.
07:21:56 B/W troops shot down on beach
07:22:03 Colour Wes Haines and Pete Carrol carrying equipment walking ashore - troops dig in - aircraft overhead - ships run aground - searching for mines.
07:22:47 MP standing in front of flag Green Beach HQ. Foxholes first night on beach. German POWs.
07:23:31 General Collins talking with men - Press corp eating, Jack Lieb - Larry Laseur and Bob Landry.
07:23:52 Jack Lieb on board ship returning to England - cliffs approaching Bournemouth.
07:24:29 B/W footage flying bombs - AA guns knocking out V-1s - Aftermath of buzz bomb attack - digging out wounded
07:25:16 Colour - Jack Lieb returns to France on board LST with unit of 3rd armoured division - waiting to land at Cherbourg
07:26:09 Troops constructing slipways on beach - beachhead activity - landing on shore
07:27:03 Top shots Cherbourg destroyed Cherbourg docks and bridge.
07:27:45 French women with flowers - long line German POWs marched along street - one in pram
07:28:26 Portrait of Hitler used as dart board. First official ceremony when General Collins presents Tricolor made out of parachute silk to Mayor of Cherbourg.

220289 1944 07:29:04 – 07:39:11
D-Day & Invasion, England to Paris

Ernie Pyle talking to Signal Corp commander with Bert Brandt and others. Troops moving up towards Valognes - Heavy transport through destroyed village. GIs walking -
07:30:00 Triangles on beach at low tide that had been built to hove mines attached acting as boat traps. Crucifix on church in Barre Fleur (Barfleur)? - small boats in harbour of fishing village.
07:31:00 Fortifications on coastline built by “slave labour” - lighthouse and forts near Granville.
07:32:16 Haymaking - artillery gun fires from bushes - P-47 taxiing - (St Mere Eglise area) loading 500lb bomb on planes - aircraft takeoff
07:33:59 Black and white - Planes have mid air collision various shots fighter planes in action - camera gun material explosions etc
07:35:06 Mont St Michel - Bob Capa of Time Magazine. French woman outside Hotel Poulard (MerePoulard made it famous for its omelettes)- two GIs walk down village street - streets with flags.
07:36:00 Countryside shots - French peasant - GIs sightseeing in monastery
07:36:28 Press correspondents Charles Collingwood, Helen Kirkpatrick and Joe Leibling and Becker.
07:36:58 Ernest Hemingway drinking wine and talking to Bill Waldman ?
07:37:25 Group relaxing Bill Stringer in group and sightseeing
07:38:07 Children playing on beach - lovely shots monastery and beach - sunset220289 1944 07:39:12 – 07:49:10
D-Day & Invasion, England to Paris
Shots countryside - POV jeep (jiggly )
07:39:26 Correspondents swimming in the nude in lake - relaxing by lake
07:40:29 Edward G Robinson talking to troops outside barn where show to entertain troops is held
07:40:56 Rambouillet Town - soldiers milling around - press corps laughing together including George Stevens
07:41:32 repeated material Edward G etc.
07:42:31 Sign post Versailles 32 Paris 52 - Troops etc towards Paris
07:43:27 - Arc de Triomphe - Champs Elysées with crowds (dark)
07:44:17 B/W de Gaulle - snipers - crowds taking cover - French collaborators manhandled by crowds - German POWs.
07:45:29 Col American Troops march down Champs Elysees (dark) shots landmarks and buildings in Paris including Opera House - crowds on street - Eiffel Tower - going up in lift in tower - shots of Paris - River Seine and buildings. Crowds on street
07:48:03 Auteuil Race course outside Paris - horse racing - women in glamorous clothes
07:48:39 Paris - Art gallery in street paintings on display - artist painting street scene in old quarter of Paris

220289 1944 07:49:11 – 07:55.42
D-Day & invasion, England to Paris - Colour

07:49:11 Countryside shots - village - forest of Ardennes
07:49:39 General Collins talking to General Maurice Rose
07:49:58 Units of 3rd armoured division in jeeps etc through streets
07:50:13 Shots happy children posing with troops
07:50:37 Children posing in front of Siegfried line
07:51:20 POV travelling through country
07:51:31 Germany - Station Aachen Rothe Erde - bomb damaged buildings - few GIs on streets
07:52:11 GIs waiting to be called into action
07:52:23 Shot of propeller from plane window - Cemetery - war graves on Normandy beaches
07:52:37 Devastation - buildings in ruins in Berlin
07:53:01 B/W Berlin in ruins
07:53:13 General Eisenhower (Ike) addressing troops - exhibition of weapons and aircraft used by Germans V2 rocket - ME-262 - Jet plane - Japanese Kamikaze bomb plane - Plane built by Germans to bomb New York. called Alles Kaputt on nose.
07:54:57 Atomic explosion New Mexico (B/W)
07:55:32 Sunset
NB Sound out at 07:56:25

220333 1944 17:34:30 - 17:42:31
D-Day Minus One R1 of 2

Treasury Dept trailer presented by Lieutenant General Barney M. Giles, Deputy Commander of the Army Air Forces, encourages war bonds sales.
82nd and 101st Airborne Divisions and the 9th troop Carrier Command activities on 05-06Jun44 during Allied invasion of France.
Title: Army Air Forces Special Film Project 158-A
17:35:49 Main title: D-Day Minus One
Troops wading ashore. Parachute and glider troops land behind German coastal defences in France on the day preceding the full invasion. Reinforcements arrive the following day. US army preparation in small unnamed village in England immediately before the attacks. Troops living in glider crates, barber shop. View across the English Channel. Footage of defenses; map w/ animation; briefing at maps for officers.
17:38:15 Troops board buses w/ full packs. Convoy on English road w/ GI voice over. Troops in hanger;
troops play jazz music; exercises, ball games etc... French money handed out to soldiers. Sharpening bayonets. Praying. Final inspection by Gen. Eisenhower. Airmen w/ blackened faces. Pathfinders shown.
Troops smiling & waving to camera on way to planes. Paratroops w/ full packs helped on planes.

220333 1944 17:42:32 - 17:50:40
D-Day Minus One R2 of 2

Night shots, C-47 planes loading & take off. In formation across English Channel from above & along side.
17:44:11 Paratroopers jump from plane, thousands in dark sky. Gliders landing in darkness; dust. Shooting in field & ships firing broadside in dark. Aerial over hundreds of British & US gliders on airfield in England. Gliders towed aloft past camera; many gliding in. Aerials of gliders towed across Channel.
17:47:50 Aerial views beaches of Normandy & of lands flooded to deter the invasion. Aerials over gliders. Inside glide as it cuts loose to land. Wrecked gliders. men jumping out of glider & running. Shows how fields were obstructed to wreck invading gliders. Wrecked gliders. US soldiers into French villages, fighting, signs.
A Treasury Department trailer promotes 7th War Bond Loan.

220324 1944 02:29:40 – 02:39:22
Normandy Invasion: D-Day + 3 R1 of 2

United States Coast Guard Report
02:30:19 Deserted beaches, damaged buildings & damaged equipment & tank traps on beach.
02:30:54 Title: January 1944 Chesapeake Bay practice of landing craft & getting to shore, etc. Trials / exercises. Men board transport ships for England.
02:31:41 Feb 1944 Convoys cross Atlantic - below deck troops relax, play cards, sleep in bunks, read & writing. Man sew uniform. March 1944 US troops arrive & training for landing operations - wading ashore on British beach.
02:32:54 April 1944 LSTs & LCIs practice landing operations - Naval officers. May 1944 Allied bombing raids drop bombs over France. D-Day - 4 loading ships off Southern Coast of England. Jeep loaded by crane (GOOD). Man welding. K rations loaded onto ship.
02:34:39 D-Day - 3 In Southern England troops embark on LCVPs for transport ships. Boarding transport ships. D-Day - 1 Troops onto LCIs. Soldier on dock looks thru binoculars. Housewife in back garden looking. Bombing raids over France (GOOD). Priest holds service in open air at port of embarkation. On board ship, Coast Guard officer briefs men; group of sailors including one black sailor.
02:37:08 Ships move out into Channel. Convoy - camouflaged warship escorts. Coast Guard ships leave port. Convoy at sea - barrage balloons. Troops on board transport ship Chase load machine gun ammunition belts. Shipboard activities - allied planes over. Below decks officers study maps of Normandy beachheads.

220324 1944 - 1945 02:49:50 – 02:58:42
Naval Workers Digest - Attack and Counter Attack ( US battleships firing )

On board Air Craft Carrier. Plane unfolds wings. Newspaper headlines New York Times from attack on Pearl Harbor to 1945. Smoking chimneys - D-Day landings. Liberation of France, US troops march down Champs Elysee towards Arc de Triomphe. Belgium liberated, locals welcoming allies. Pacific. pan over store dump on Pacific Island. Troops boarding landing craft - ships at sea in heavy weather. On board Air Craft Carrier - bombers and fighters prepared for operations. Crews in briefing room. Crews board planes - take offs. Battleships at sea - Kingfisher target planes launched. Good shots Battleships firing barrage. Smoke shells. Troops on landing craft - landing and moving inland. Allied planes overhead. Troops moving into hills - destroyed Japanese gun emplacements. Engineeers battling with mud to beach heavy equipment. Enemy bombers in air. Aircraft carrier - Hellcat fighters take off - TBM in flight - Helldiver in flight - planes crashing into sea. Fleet under attack. Plane on board ACC in flames. Plane landing on deck. Ship on fire.

220324 1944 02:39:22 – 02:49:32
Normandy Invasion - D-Day + 3 R2 of 2

D-Day. Night shots bombers take off, aircraft in flight formation & dropping incendiary bombs over France. Parachute regiments jump from planes, sky filled with parachutes. H-30 minutes. Battleships firing, men down landing nets into landing craft. Landing craft head for shore under cover of battleship fire.
02:41:15 H Hour Landing craft stopped by under water obstacles, troops wade waist deep in sea for beach. Larger landing craft approach beachhead, troops waiting. H+65 minutes. Aboard LCIs troops prepare to land; wading thru water under enemy fire,onto sandy beach. LSTs out of enemy firing range waiting to move in. On the beaches bulldozers & military equipment moving in.
02:42:55 LCIs return to transport ships to ferry more troops to shore. LSTs unload supplies on to LCTs - military equipment off loaded. Rhino ferry carrying heavy equipment. Men driving jeeps off landing craft. Mass of troops on the beaches - military trucks. German troops now prisoners of war duck from incoming fire. Tattered US flag flying; Coast Guard rescue boats search for survivors, pick up man. Hospital ship, wounded carried on stretchers. Injured man on stretcher transferred to ship along w/ plasma transfusion drip. Crippled Coast Guard LCI - wounded removed for transfer to hospital ship. Stretchers lowered four at a time onto deck
02:45:44 Pan beachhead & damaged ships. Troops march inland. LSTs landing cargo of trucks, tanks & military equipment. Barges built on shore for D-Day being unloaded. Night shots of anti aircraft guns, Ack Ack firing at German planes. Day - Artificial harbours (Mulberry). Bad weather, sea lashing against temporary harbor. Men transfered over water using rope to climb along. Damaged ships after storm. Landing barges move out into Channel loaded w/ German prisoners. POWs back in England board Coastguard transport ship; ships at sea carrying POWs to America. VERY GOOD Liberty Bell & 6th Liberty Loan graphics.

220450 1944 19:00:03 – 19:08:50
WWII - Invasion - D-Day - Preparations, Shipboard

Man repairing damaged LCVP. Welder at work. Loading Jeeps w/ drivers aboard ship into hold. LCVPs in water alongside ship. British Jeep lowered to deck. US jeep into hold. Man signalling winch operator. CU of winch operator. Lowering large engine into ??? Troops up gangway from landing boat, carrying stretchers, etc. Cameraman w/ tripod, men w/ rifles. Landing barge arriving at gangway. Line of boats waiting. Heavily loaded troops onto gangway. Men reviewing operation plans over large-scale map. W/ pointer. LS APs in bay.

220450 1944 19:17:18 – 19:23:49
WWII - Invasion - Practice - England; WWII - Invasion - Actual?

Invasion Practice on English beach. Twin 40mm anti-aircraft crew firing. PA-26 underway at sea (single stack) signalling. bow view. 19:18:36 LCVP loaded w/ troop stepping off onto gangway. LCPs anchored in background. Men up cargo net out of LCVP. Destroyer of the Livermore Class in smooth seas. Officer speaking into megaphone. LCTs underway toward beach. Onto beach. Tank w/ flotation dropping & firing. Jeep off. LCVP's up onto beach. LCI US 493 toward beach. Men up nets in full battle dress. LCVP pulls up along gangway. (may begin actual D-Day crossing). DE underway very slowly, task force & barrage balloons in background. 19:23.02 ships crossing channel

220465 5Jul1944 01:14:01 – 01:17:02
WWII - Post D-Day Memorial Service, Cherbourg Peninsula Cemetery

Service at cemetary with wooden crosses & freshly dug graves. Men at attention around edge as Chaplain speaks (MOS). Band, flag. Band playing. Gen. Bradley present. Wreath placed. Rifle salute fired. Bugler playing taps. Men break ranks & look at crosses. Indian or Japanese-American. CU band leader & players.

220298 1944 22:20:08 – 22:21:38
Admiral Stark and Normandy Convoys

Admiral Stark on bridge of ship. D-Day convoys heading for France. Floating docks towed to beach head area. Troops on deck get last minute briefing. Landing of reinforcements - troops down rope ladders into landing craft. Shots of beach head area. Troops wade through sea to shore. Good top shot crowded landing craft. Incomplete

220450 1944 19:08:55 - 19:17:15
WWII - Invasion - Aftermath Damage & Unloading Supplies, Omaha

Ships off shore, LCI w/ troops aboard; transferring trucks from LST to LCI tied to bow. Barrage balloons. Rhino barge w/ tanks etc. Ships toward shore. fuel barge(?). US 7. Officers arrive shipboard. Anchored ship w/ Shore seen from ships; trucks down to shore. Line of ships--probably as breakwater. Rhino barges of tanks & trucks to shore, almost awash. Beached ship. Wreckage. Damaged hull. Unloading supplies from Rhino barge into trucks. Tank off front of LST. Damaged beached LCT on beach w/ wrecked trucks. Men walk among burned vessels. Mired tank. LCM w/ bullet holes in ramp. Beach & DUKWs, trucks, crane working in background. Heavily shelled buildings. DUKW in water to shore.

220450 1944 19:31:02 – 19:34:21
WWII - Invasion - Normandy - Aftermath - Bayeux

Beached LCs US 153, 211, 642. Jeeps and men past; ambulances. View down empty country road; view of small town w/ no military activity. Town plaza w/ Ambulance parked in shade. People walking casually about Bayeux and jeep & soldiers walking through, some with rifles. View of harbor from road on hills, houses in forground; barrage balloons over ships in harbor. Much equipment on beach.

220450 8Jun1944 19:34:23 – 19:39.55
WWII - Invasion - France - Omaha Beach - 08-09Jun44

Black GI walking along road given rose by old woman; tosses others into jeep; passes others out to GI. Child give others; men put on uniform. 08Jun44 Landing. View of bogged tank & ships from beach, high speed tractors pulling howitzers off LST & along beach. 07Jun44 'under fire'. Frenchmen & GIs walking along; armored vehicles pass & people wave. Frenchman giving wine bottles to soldirs. View of beach & barrage balloons. Jeep off LST US 61 & dozer making ramp for US 55. Bogged dozer seen. 09Jun44 First POW camp. GI numbering & talking to German, others laying on grass in wire enclosure. GI & another talking over map.

220450 8Jun1944 19:39:56 – 19:42:04
WWII - Invasion - Normandy - 82nd Airborne Dead & Burial

Flowers on grave. Grave w/ sticks. Dead GIs under blankets & panchos waiting for burial. Glider behind. GI writing out information. Slate: 82nd Airborne Dead. Glider wing in forground; men digging graves & carrying bodies in rear by row of trees. Old & crippled men carry & placing bodies in grave.

220450 8Jun1944 19:42:07 – 19:44:27
WWII - Invasion - Normandy - Burial Service - Beach

GIs receive communion on beach; honor guard fires salute for burial ceremony. US & British eating canned food at roadside, heating cans. Bugler & men at beach burial ceremony. 19:43:42 Black GIs - Chaplain speaks w/ barrage balloon visible. Catholic chaplain praying. French woman w/ flowers.

220450 8Jun1944 19:44:27 – 19:46:12
WWII - Invasion - Normandy - Road from Easy Red Beach & POWs

DUKW toward camera & ambulance away from camera as trucks come towards. Searching German POWs (some very young). Others in barbed wire enclosure. Slate: Location Road E1, Easy Red Beach. Bulldozer pulling earthmover & tow bar; trucks; half-track past camera.

220286 1944 02:16:25 – 02:26:20
WWII - Invasion - Navy - Shipboard Firing Guns

Navy ships underway. Shell casings on ship; practice firing guns. Wounded man out of life boat; various shots of ship. Guns turning, shell casings on deck., men sleeping on deck. Land in view. Men looking, smoking shoreline. Talker. Planes over, explosions. Landing craft; Turning large guns on ship; anti-aircraft guns turned; firing guns & watching. Sailors looking at souvenir knives. 40 mm ship guns. Ship firing at dusk. Large guns fired by camera ship. Much smoke from shore. Planes over. Heavy smoke. Ship burning. Troops into LCM by nets. Landing crafts in water & at shore w/ soldiers off in deep water.

220451 1944 21:49:07 – 21:59:22
[WWII - Invasion - D-Day - Bombing Missions]

Contrails of planes & view in early morning of bombers. Aerials of invasion beach. Bombers w/ contrails, CU of pilot, gunner, bombs dropping, much smoke from explosions. Aerial of beach area. Planes return. One bomber down in smoke. Machine gun. Parachutes seen & bomber starting down. Flak or ?? around chutes. Bombers over ships off-shore. Over land, bombs bursting. Bombs away dropping & bursting on edge of towns. (good shot) View of coast from bomber & planes headed other way. Rail yard being heavily bombed. Bridges being bombed. excellent footage shot a fairly low level

220332 1944 15:19:36 – 15:34.45
Invasion - Nazi Version

Captured film. Shows Nazi point of view of Allies invasion of Normandy.
German civilians reading newspapers. Map South of England and North of France. Allied planes in formation. German radio operators on alert. Troops in fortifications go into action. Aerial attack at night, anti aircraft guns, flickering lights of night battle. Explosions.
Bay of the Seine shortly before German artillery went into action; British destroyer exploding. Germans firing guns and cannons.
River Orne. Combat on land near village. SS division opposes allied division approaching shore. Allied landing boats on shore. German tanks assault, some in camouflage. Destroyed allied artillery. US airborne troops captured and lined up. Destroyed British planes. Germans unload US jeep from wrecked plane. CUs British Canadian, Nova Scotia and other insignia on captured soldiers clothes, interrogated.
Airborne attack with Germans firing back, seen from ground perspective. Buildings destroyed. Downed plane burning.
French civilians in street in bombing aftermath. German divisions in camouflaged tanks on road. SS armed division in combat in field. Allied airborne troops arrested in field. CUps US artillery destroyed. Burning in distance. German wounded soldier carried. German armoured tank. Near Bayeux, combat including inside small village.
Some of the footage is very grainy.

220649 1944 13:00:13 - 13:10:50
Beachhead to Berlin - Good colour

England - harbour inlet - could be Fowey - naval ships at anchor. Manor house which is US Coastguards Barracks, Greenway. Interior Sailors relax - play cards. Chaplains office - chaplain typing letter.
Injured / casualties returning from Normandy - stretchers.
13:02:30 USCG cutters - LCIs - LCVPs - at anchor. Rescue cutter “Flying Angel” . Various shots ships on rehearsals for D-Day. Flotilla - barrage balloons - landing craft to beaches. Military vehicles and tanks offloaded.
13:04:49 Maintenance crew working on coastguard cutter
13:05:03 Rest and relaxation - Group leaving pub, green bowling, feeding swans
13:05:36 Harbour - rations loaded onto ships - Troops and equipment loaded onto transport ships. Deck scenes. Very staged announcement that D-Day is happening. Good shots as ships up anchor. Invasion fleet underway - aircraft escort - barrage balloons. Troops on deck waiting.
13:09:23 Enemy observation plane spotted - ships anti-aircraft (Ack Ack) guns firing - excellent shots. Plane into water in flames. Fleet underway. Sunset - flags lowered and chaplain holds service on deck.

220649 1944 13:11:16 - 13:21:45
Beachhead to Berlin - Good colour

Fleet at rendezvous point - ships at anchor - barrage balloons. moody sunset shots. Ships clock. Montage faces. Dawn / night shots naval ships firing barrage at shore. Landing craft in water. Good shots destroyers firing guns. Landing craft moving towards shore. Aircraft fly over. Rockets fired from boats. LCVPs hit the beaches - troops run out. Baling out landing craft. Planes over - troops wading in sea. LCIs bring more troops and equipment. Coast Guard rescue cutter picking up dead and wounded from sea. Medic gives treatment
13:16:00 Men and supplies land on beaches. Medical field units - hospital ship - many wounded on stretchers. Casualties hoisted on board hospital ship.
13:17:03 Good top shot beachhead activity - LST’s landing and unloading of military equipment. Nazi flag lowered and replaced with US Stars and Stripes. Invasion forces and military vehicles moving inland.
13:17:55 French children looking at invasion forces. Gag sequence where US soldier is trying to get light for cigarette. Allied troops moving inland. German POWs out of truck. Old Merchant ships which had been scuttled to protect breakwaters.
13:19:17 Gale force winds - rough seas - crashing waves. Debris left after storm - sunken ships - clearing up opertions. Coastguard cutter Flying Angel - destroyed by storm.
13:20:24 Dead on stretchers lowered into transport ship. Chaplain in office typing letter to bereaved parents. Chaplain gets up from desk and walks away on crutches. Purple Heart medal on desk.

220474 1944 13:47:15 - 13:56:13 1944
Allies In France - re Second front - D-Day

Bombers over France; drop smoke bombs. Road junction hit; bridge hit by precision bombing.
British troops on road in South of England; British, Americans and Canadians embarking. Fleet at sea w/ LTAs above; on way to France. Eisenhower talks with others. Transport plane takes off before dawn and paratroopers embark. Gliders take off.
Strafing Nazi shipping in French canal.
Convoy through English Channel; Aerials with planes overhead. Aerials French coast.
Troops aboard ships under fire; landing seen from aboard craft. Aerial landing. Troops fall under enemy fire on beach. Stormy weather and rough seas. Troops w/ wounded under cliff. Equipment brought ashore. Bradley, Eisenhower, Montgomery at front.
Low-flying footage of air attack on railroad; train blows up. Troops in field;behind cemetery; talking to French man in beret.
Column of Nazi POWs; surrender of Germans on beach after landing. Ragged troops hold up Nazi flag. Wounded disembark in Britain and tended by Red Cross. Air assault on German air base - Nazi plane explodes.

220656 1944 22:30:15 - 22:41:07
D-Day - Normandy Invasion - Good colour

Ship US 555 LCI grounded. CU woman officer. Body floating in sea. Top shot deck of transport / hospital ship as wounded brought aboard by hoist.
22:31:00 Good shots stormy sea smashing against harbour.
22:31:12 Ships tied up in harbor. Troops walking to shore from landing craft - wrecked jeep in foreground. Soldiers feet as shell casings fall around him.
22:31:39 G-A Aircraft in formation fly over
22:31:51 On board ship - prayers - priest conducts service. Sentry
22:32:33 Channel - small ships - barrage balloons over harbour. Sea defences. Troops into landing craft. Soldiers wade to shore. Rescued enemy pilot? climbing onto ship. Landing craft into harbour. Wake from boat.
22:34:25 Black troops loading crates onto truck. Beachhead activities. Stormy sea smashing against grounded ship. Body into landing craft. Shot of destroyer? taken from shore. Beachhead activities.
22:36:48 On board ship - firing anti-aircraft guns. CU officer. roops on deck. Shot of shoreline with barrage balloons. Various shots ships at sea. Officers on turret of US 84 with binoculars. Troops on shore. CU sailors.
22:39:41 Stormy sea smashing against harbour wall. Various shots landing craft.
22:40:34 On board ship firing Ack Ack gun.

220656 1944 22:41:16 - 22:49:22 1944
D-Day - Beachhead to Berlin - Colour Outtakes

LS LCMs approaching beach; smoke on the beach in bg.Landing craft hitting the beach, ramp splashes in water. HA LS Overlooking the beachhead, troops going ashore through boat traps LCI loaded with troops, underway. GtoA LS Two motor bombers flying overhead.
22:41:57 Troops standing around on ship. Landing craft underway in water; troops in fg, on camera ship. Three men bailing out with buckets. LCVPs approaching beach through boat traps. Dead man floating in the water; AKs in bg. SC (sub chaser) coming toward camera; MS Wounded man given medical aid by two men. Tattered American flag flying from ship; SC in bg.
Troops coming over the side of an APA on cargo net into landing craft. LCVP at rendezvous point.
Troops in an LCVP as it gets underway.
22:44:04 Self-propelled barge loaded with trucks, troops, and equipment, headed for the beach. Sandy beach and legs of men passing by. Wounded men lying around on stretchers on board ship. men on deck of an LCT, lying on stretcher; men leaning over rail of camera ship. Beachhead activity
LST pulls up on the beach; truck drives out to join other vehicles on beach; men also on beach.
22:46:15 LCT on beach with ramp down unloading field ambulances. Jeep backs around on beach
MLS 6x6 truck comes onto beach from LOT and drives out of scene; another LOT in bg.
22:47:07 DUKW drives up onto beach - DUKW loaded with supplies comes up onto the beach - cargo ship and others in bg.
Crew on DUKW as it pulls onto beach loaded with supplies.

220660 1944 06:00:21 - 06:09:51

General Eisenhower and his aides map the Normandy invasion standing in front of huge wall map. Slave labour used to build German coastal defences known as West Wall. Good shots fortifications - big guns pointing across Channel. Camouflage.
06:02:34 Tanks, guns, locomotives, and other military equipment is massed on the English beaches. Aircraft on airfield. Supplies in warehouses. Railway locomotives specially built to run on Continental RR. Naval ships waiting in ports for invasion. Assault boats launched from transport ships.
06:04:27 Troops practice loading operations. Tanks and artillery loaded onto ships. Landing craft is tested in the English Channel. Fleet at sea in Channel. Men into landing craft. AVs ships and landing fleet. Animated map.
Pictures of practice landing and airborne operations are used to dramatize the actual invasion on June 6, 1944.
06:06:53 American bombers flying in formation - mass paratroop drop, sky full of parachutes. Landing craft heading for shore - artillery and rocket guns fired. Landing craft onto beaches - explosions - troops running. Good battle scenes.

220660 1944 06:10:03 - 06:14:04
Invasion - 82nd Airborne Division in Marcouf, France (Inv 35)

Patrol walking down street next to churchyard. Locals walking down road - old French man shakes hands with soldier. French man and old woman talking to troops - give directions. Bomb damaged building. Soldiers stand in rubble of shrine? Sign Saint-Marcouf. Bomb damaged building. LS patrol resting on wall in small village street. Soldier talking to two children. Troops in countryside talking to wounded German? another man stands with raised hands.
06:12:07 Armoured vehicle towing gun. Patrol with German prisoners of war. Pile of confiscated helmets etc. Two soldiers crouch behind wall of large house, one raises white flag on rifle. Patrol through scrubland and down road. Group congregated round jeep in town street. Group pose with Nazi flag. CU Soldier.

220660 1944 06:14:05 - 06:15:05
Invasion - Gliders Leave England (INV 36)

Aircraft and gliders down runway. Planes and gliders overhead.

220660 1944 06:15:06 - 06:15:33
Invasion - Troops March to Ships for D-Day Embarkation (INV 36)

US troops down street watched by British policeman. Troops onto landing craft for transfer to transport ships.220660 1944 06:15:40 - 06:20:02
Invasion - D-Day Landings (INV 37)
Crossing Channel (out of focus up to 06:16:00) LS rocket ships firing. Small ships and landing craft at sea.
06:16:42 On the beach - wounded carried on stretchers. Troops in small groups under cliff face. Fleet from shore. Landing on the beaches, men run through sea - LS man shot and falls. Medics treat wounded. Medic treats German POW on beach. German prisoners. Casualty getting plasma transfusion. German POWs on beach. Americans dig in.

220660 1944 06:20:12 - 06:28:39
Invasion - D-Day Landings (INV 37)

Ships at sea - Eisenhower on board ship.
06:20:27 Montgomery boards ship. USAF in flight over Europe, gun camera, dogfight, German plane explodes, strafing railway line and German aircraft on ground.
06:21:10 Landing crafts hit the beach - British troops out of landing craft. Men and military equipment ashore - troops wade through sea.
06:23:08 Camera gun, strafing railway lines, explosion. AVs gliders on ground. GV Gliders on grass, troops with bicycles. Troops out of landing craft, beachhead activities. LV Soldier shot as runs up beach. Troops into water as landing craft sinks. Burning German gun emplacement / bunker. German soldier up to neck in ground. Troops moving inland along RR line. Tanks up and past. US troops moving through small town. Dead. Bomb damaged buildings.
06:27:57 (Same as 1275) Patrol walking down street next to churchyard. Locals walking down road - old French man shakes hands with soldier. Armoured vehicle towing gun. Soldiers in ruins of Shrine / Church at Saint Marcouf. Two soldiers crouch behind wall of large house, one raises white flag on rifle. Patrol with German prisoner of war. Pile of confiscated helmets etc.

220660 1944 06:28:48 - 06:38:13
Invasion - D-Day

On screen explanation re compilation of material on D-day which has been taken from selected scenes provided by the various services.
June 4th 1944 Soldiers marching and military vehicles heading for ports of embarkation. British soldiers boarding transport ships. Ships leaving port. Mass of ships and boats in harbours of South coast. Military equipment loaded. US troops boarding transport ships. Allied aircraft in flight, night bombing of coast of France.
06.31.27 D-Day, fleet setting sail, CU rocket gun and anti-aircraft guns on board ship. Shipboard service. Men looking at photos of Arc de Triomphe. Ships underway, barrage balloons. Sailor doing message in semaphore. Ships underway. Sailor sends signal message. Men reading message from ?. PT escort boat.
06:33:54 England - Paratroopers walking to aircraft and boarding. Dawn shots aircraft taking off. Ship to air of planes overhead. Air to air, aircraft in formation.
06:35:21 Combined naval fleet in action, guns fired at shore. Gun casings piled on deck.
06:35:38 England - Aircraft lined up on field, AV gliders and tow planes on ground. Tow planes and gliders take off.
06:37:19 Troops down landing nets into landing craft. LS ship exploding. AV aircraft in flight. US destroyer Corrie sunk

220660 1944 06:38:23 - 06:49:28
Invasion - D-Day Related

Bomber through flak. Good shots bombs away over Europe. Explosion on ground. Aircraft in flight formation. Bombing bridges over river. CU bullets in gun turret. Bombs away sequence - explosions, good, fairly low shots. Aircraft in flight.
06:46:30 Planes return to England. Landing. Ground crew remove injured, onto stretcher and into ambulance. Damage to aircraft. Blown tyre, bullet holes.
06:49:18 Airmen walking to hut, bicycles lined up outside.

220660 1944 06:49:39 - 06:58:17
Invasion - D-Day Related - 9th Division Advance

Road sign St Marie-du-Mont 1k, Carentan 11k. Troops head inland past gliders - down country road. MP directing military traffic. German POWs wearing tags marched down road.
06:51:20 12th June - Aircraft overhead, glider coming in to land.
06:51:51 Slate 11th June - Red Beach - 9th Div. moving to front. Troops carrying rifles marching down country road past glider - legs and feet marching.
06:52:58 German POW explains artillery and points out bullet holes to American soldier. Tow truck towing German truck to staging area. Aircraft and gliders overhead. US troops and military trucks including ambulance advance. German POW explaining artillery to GI.
06:56:18 Men clearing out papers etc. from glider on ground. GI gives V for Victory sign.
06:56:43-47 Black spacing. Troops down road past sign St Marie-du-Mont 1k, Carentan 11k. Rear view as troops enter town, three young locals giving V-sign. Smiling women on doorsteps. Pan down church tower to troops passing. German captured artillery

220660 1944 06:58:28 - 07:08:36
Invasion Wounded - D-Day Related

Lifeboat pulling in to quayside. Soldier with arm in sling off boat. Group of American soldiers climb stairs to platform? Wounded carried on stretchers
07:03:27 Unid. woman from US press interviews two RN stokers {almost inaudible} about D-Day.

220660 1944 07:08:45 - 07:13:07
Invasion - D-Day Related - Vehicles Loaded Aboard Landing Craft

Two men on board ship, one with binoculars, US flag flying. Military truck backs onto ship. Soldiers on decks - soldiers cleaning rifles. Military vehicles winched on board. Heavy vehicles loaded.

220660 1944 07:13:08 - 07:15:22
Invasion - D-Day Related - Evacuation Hospital

Interior field hospital tent - surgeons operating. Medical. Doctor preparing patient. Operation in progress,

220660 1944 07:15:23 - 07:16:23
Invasion - D-Day Related - Medical Aid in the Field

Wounded soldier being given transfusion - group of troops gathered round tree while treatment given.

220660 1944 07:16:24 - 07:17:30
Invasion - D-Day Related - Battlefield Burial

Army Chaplain reading prayers over grave in field.

220660 1944 07:17:31 - 07:18:38
Invasion - D-Day Related - First Aid in the Field

Three men relax and have cigarette under tree - injured man helped to drink. Medical team administer aid. 220660 1944 07:18:50 - 07:26:59
Invasion - D-Day Related - Assault Training
US Troops manoeuvre military trucks and equipment, artillery. Jeep, field guns. Soldiers practice driving trucks through narrow gaps. Troops drill on beach, practice loading into landing craft. Landing craft take to sea. Various shots landing craft manoeuvering and hitting beaches.

220661 1944 08:04:29 - 08:09:5
Invasion of France- D-Day

General Eisenhower and his aides map the Normandy invasion standing in front of huge wall map. Allied leaders, General Spaatz and Air Marshal Mallory. British and allied troops board invasion ships. US troops march to landing craft. Allied planes bombing Nazi occupied Europe. Invasion fleet at sea. German coastal defences bombarded by allied aircraft using rockets. Bombs away over France. AV coast of Normandy. POV from inside German gun emplacement of beachhead. Medic tends wounded. German prisoners. General Montgomery landing on the beaches of Normandy.
08:09:18 England - Newspaper headlines, Evening Standard “Invasion of Europe Begins” People reading newspapers - buying paper from news stand. Milkman looks up as planes fly over. Policemen look up at aircraft. Montage people looking up.

220661 1944 08:20:06 - 08:30:49
D-Day Invasion of Normandy France - Storm

Waves breaking over concrete block ships and scuttled ships in harbor at Normandy, barrage balloons overhead, rough seas. Liberty ship in harbour. Other ships at anchor.
Enlisted man working his way across line between two ships - other men aid him aboard.
High waves breaking over block ship; craft in BG. Various ships at anchor. LS Normandy beach with bomb craters and barrage balloons; PAN along coastline - shipping beached - vehicles underway on beach.
Coast Guard Rescue boat on beach; man walking in . Half-track with trailer in tow - beachhead activities. Overlooking beach, scuttled and floating craft. Line of troops coming up beach from water. Beach area ships; trucks in FG. Wrecked LCM"s in pile on beach. Beach area; men on beach.
08:26:57 Line of troops marching in full battle dress along road; ships in BG. Shipping on beach.
08:27:43 Hospital ship underway in harbour - other craft underway also. Aircraft - B-24 landing on beach; barrage balloons overhead; shipping in harbor. PAN C-47 landing.
LST, with LCI"s tied alongside; LST has damaged stern. MS English officer on deck of rescue boat.
MS C. G. officer on bridge of boat; PAN, of English officers on boat. Rescue boat entering harbour.

220661 1944 08:31:03 - 08:39:21
D-Day Invasion Harbour after Storm - Unloading

Ships at anchor, barrage balloons, small boats and landing craft moving around. Equipment lowered by hoist into launch. Beachhead shot from ship. LS convoy of trucks heading for beach. Military equipment being transported to beach. Beached and sunken ships and equipment. Dented hull of ship (US-497) Unloading crates. Small tanks off transport ship. Beached US-87. Wrecked ships and vehicles. Beachhead, troops, destroyed buildings. DUKW to shore.

220661 1944 08:39:33 - 08:46:25
D-Day - Invasion - Shipboard Service

Catholic mass held for service men on deck of ship.
08:40:40 Ammunition lowered by cargo net into waiting landing craft. Soldiers down netting into craft. Brief shot men kneeling at religious service.
08:41:47 Troops boarding cameraship. Landing craft underway. Destroyers at sea. Two battleships. Three soldiers including two star general talking on deck of ship.
08.43.40 Small craft towards beach. Troops out of landing craft and wading through sea.
08:44:28 Machine gun nest. Field communication centre surrounded by sandbags. Machine gunner loading ammunition. Group of soldiers in sand dunes relaxing, some smoking, making coffee. GV Beachhead. Barge close to shore, troops in water. Bulldozers and trucks on beach.

220661 1944 09:14:00 - 09:24:50
D-Day - Invasion - Omaha Beach after Storm (Arc card 21st June 1944)

Sunken, beached and damaged shipping. Temporary bridge buckled in sea. Wrecked military vehicles still on scuttled landing craft. Damage to pontoon. Beached ships, ruined supplies. Sailors clearing up - British sailor from HMS ? American soldiers cleaning up beach, moving oil drums and cans. Scuttled ships, one still making smoke. Wreckage on beach. Soldier looking out to see, small craft at anchor. Sea breaking on pebbles of beach. Rough sea, waves crashing. Top shot beachhead activity and sunken ships.

220662 1944 10:42:23 - 10:52:03
D-Day, England

Officer looking at map with medic. Jumpy tracking shot passing long line of American military vehicles parked on side of country road. Road signs for military. Jumpy tracking shot past covered tanks in field
10:43:26 Stretcher carried to waiting ambulance. Piles of personnel effects? uniform boots, helmet. Grenades and bullets. Brief shot black soldier talking to truck driver.
10:44:33 Men leaning on rail of ship. Naval ship in harbour. Launch entering harbour.
10:45:37 Wounded carried on stretcher. Various shots wounded on stretchers. Bodybag. RN sailors carring stretchers. US Soldiers carry stretcher - medics.
10:46:41 US Military truck and tank through small town street. Abbey printing works on corner.
10:47:07 Black driver sitting at wheel of truck. Truck loaded onto transport ship by crane.
10:47:48 Tank through small town watched by few locals. Convoy heading to coast - jumpy tracking shots. Convoy into dockyard.
10:49:58 G-A formation of bombers overhead. Good shots convoy of military vehicles through small town.

220662 1944 10:52:21 - 10:58:50
D-Day, Normandy, Beach Activities

GVs beachhead - ships at anchor - barrage balloons. German POWs marching in one direction, US troops in the other. Bulldozer on beach. Small craft at sea. LS aircraft overhead. Naval activity. Raft carrying supplies in heavy seas. Top shot deck of landing barge with men and vehicles. Unloading vehicles. Beached ship smoking. Floating debris.
10:58:22 German prisoners. Troops on beach cleaning rifles.

220662 1944 10:59:05 - 11:06:42
D-Day, England - Invasion Tanks Move to Coast

Troops in field go to tanks, instructions and given maps. Vehicles leaving. Tanks and military vehicles pass group of cheering women or schoolgirls as they pass in convoy down tree lined road.
11:03:29 Men chalking slogan on tank. “Berlin or Bust” and “Goodbye Old England” . Jeep & men check watch, move out.
11:04:44 Convoy passes three young women in uniform who wave, past thatched cottage. Convoy down country road and through small town, boys wave. Tanks in convoy past fields. Telegraph wires.

220662 1944 11:06:56 - 11:10:05
D-Day, England - Preparations for D-Day, Issuing Rations - Devon

Camp - US troops queue by tent to get invasion rations - tins of food, lifebelts etc. Various shots men carrying supplies away. CU man inflating lifebelt. Inflatable lifebelts being sorted outside tent. Group of men with rations on cart. Pile of lifebelts.

220662 1944 11:10:07 - 11:11:09
D-Day, England - Preparations for D-Day, Officers Meeting - SBS coverage

Officers seated round long table, planning meeting ? Unid. Officer walks into office and takes seat at desk.

220662 1944 11:11:10 - 11:14:21
D-Day, England - Troops Boarding Ship and Crossing on USS Barnside - Devon

Troops march toward camera. CU of heads & helmets. Ship from water & men climbing netting on side. USS Barnside at D-Day invasion. View of other ships, men at guns. Men checking batteries, packing equipment, CU life ring labeled draft dodger. Helping man up rope net. Loading ship with cargo net & stacking boxes. Men sitting on deck, listening, smoking,

220662 1944 11:14:33 - 11:25:03
Pre D-Day Tanks, Trucks & Preparations - Devon

Tent city. Men loading equipment & camouflaging. Convoy of jeeps, trucks, tanks thru woods on small road. Men check chart, CU of arm band “TPN Corp USA”. Officers making notes. Pouring from jerry cans into funnel near Weymouth at fuel dump. Ambulance & trucks past. CU of jerry cans labeled oil, diesel, petrol, kerosene.
11:19:54 Tanks from trees onto country road past MP.
11.21.08 Interior truck ? underexposed and unusable
11:21:52 OK from here. Removing camouflage from tanks. Men salute & discuss, trucks past camera. Men march from tents to tanks. Undoing camouflage netting.

220663 1944 12:50:51 - 12:53:07
D-Day Invasion - [M-4 w/ Dozer Blade Through Hedgerows]

M-4 tank with dozer blade clearing hedge row; seen from several angles. 3rd Armored Division. Men into tank from several angles. Start up and go at hedge row.
Ambiguous date could be 7thJune or 6th July

220663 1944 12:53:14 - 12:56:42
D-Day Invasion - Omaha Beachhead - Relaxation July 1944

Ships with barrage balloons overhead & military men tumbling on beach. In swim suits. Large landing ships approx. 50 yards off shore. Men swimming. Men blanket tossing each other. Man misses. Run into water & tussle.220663 1944 12:56:49 - 12:59:30
D-Day Invasion - [45th Evac. Hospital - Capt. German Nurses]
Captured German nurses out of tents at 45th Evac hospital. US German Nurses. US Medics. Pose for photos; walk off; one waves away camera. Seen eating in tent. US nurse talking with them. CUs. Another shot of them walking out of tent. W/ US male medical officer; into officers mess. Pouring evaporated milk into coffee.

220663 1944 12:59:46 - 13:11:09
D-Day Invasion - [D-Day Crossing - Church Services - Deck Activity & Preparation]

Priest giving catholic services on board small ship during D-Day channel crossing. Navy men singing. Men praying. Men briefed on board w/ chart & pointer held up in wind. Pointing to Utah Beach area. Men playing cards, sleeping & reading on deck. Reading A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. Men waiting in line for bathroom on deck. Men oiling their boots & guns. Sailors manning guns. Ships around. Men shaving. Freighter with barge of equipment along side. Men with telescope & binoculars. Men painting cartoon on side of ship. Camouflaged ships. Ship burning. Man sick over side of ship. Anti-aircraft gun crew. Men looking at map. Wake of ship w/ 2 men. Anti-aircraft gun firing.

220527 1944 23:46:07 - 23:54:56
Army Navy Screen Magazine No 32

Normandy Invasion - D-Day
Invasion fleet at sea, bombers fly overhead. Closer shots ships. Naval officer speaking into microphone. Ships firing at coast of France. Men in landing craft heading for shore. Shots from inside landing craft as it hits the beaches. Shots from second landing craft. Shots on the beaches as allied forces come under fire. Men hit. Beachhead activity - men dig small trenches - arming grenades.
Troops carry wounded on stretchers along beach under shelter of the cliffs. Medics tend wounded - Plasma transfusion given. German prisoner given treatment. German POWs on beach. Fleet lying offshore - barrage balloons.
23:49:24 Ship flying four star flag. Eisenhower and Captain on board. General Omar Bradley climbs up landing nets to board ship. Montgomery piped aboard. Generals pose.
23:50:05 General Clark sitting on windowsill discussing map with other officers. 3rd June Rome - Germans fleeing - abandoned tanks. German troops on horse and cart leaving city. Lone German on bicycle leaving. AV German convoy on road out of Rome.
23:50:41 4th June - Americans enter Rome. Various signs Roma. Tanks and military vehicles on road. (Briefly out of rack) Crowds outside Coliseum welcome American soldiers. Scots guards playing bagpipes parade. Italian women and girls welcome troops. Various shots as 5th army move towards centre. Good CU happy faces of locals. Local girls riding on tank. Locals tear down German posters.
23:52:52 Crowds in St Peter’s Square - Vatican. Pope Pius on balcony gives blessing. Church bells ringing.
23:53:31 France - sign Sant-Marcouf - American troops walking down country road. French locals, farmers and wives welcome soldiers. Soldiers relax on village street. GI talking to two small children. Soldier walks behind religious shrine.
On screen quote "No compromise is possible ....utter defeat of the war machines of Germany and Japan" Victory / Liberty bell ringing, superimposed over marching troops.

220751 1939 – 1944 14:30:57 - 14:41:52
The French Campaign 1944

Stock shots pre-war Paris - Eiffel Tower - Madeleine - people walking in streets, pavement cafe - artist in Tuileries - art on display in streets - bookshop. Sign Congrès des Ecrivains - meeting of renowned writers.
14:33:10 Night shots Paris - traffic - neon signs - Moulin Rouge. Interior nightclub - wealth and glamour. Woman guitarist.
14:33:40 Mobilization placards are posted in 1939 as war is declared on Germany. Civilians dig air raid shelters and sandbag buildings. Newspaper headlines announce the fall of Poland and the invasion of the Low Countries.
14:34:16 German motorized forces roll through France. German troops march into Paris under the Arc de Triomphe as Parisians weep. Hitler and Goering enter Paris in open-top car. Classic shot Hitler in front of Eiffel Tower. Nazi flag flies from tower.
14:35:06 Pres. Roosevelt addresses Congress. American volunteer workers prepare packages for French relief. US troops drill, shipyards, factories turn out guns and tanks, factory - aircraft production. Atlantic convoy.
14:36:56 1943 - President Roosevelt and British Prime Minister Churchill confer in Quebec.
14:37:11 Roosevelt, Churchill, Stalin, Molotov and Marshall in Tehran.
14:37:33 Map showing German fortifications - gun emplacements - tank traps etc. Rommel inspects Atlantic wall.
14:38:21 Allied planes in formation. RAF aircraft in flight over sea - interior cockpit. Dogfight - German fighter shot down. Allied planes drop bombs over France?
14:39:15 England - Stockpiles of equipment for D-Day.
14:39:36 London - June 1944 - High command planning meeting - Gens. Montgomery and Eisenhower plan the European invasion at headquarters.
14:39:50 Allied planes take off on bombing missions over French coast. Cameragun footage - Strafing German train. Building explodes. Strafing German planes on the ground.
14:40:40 6Jun1944 - D-Day invasion - British and American warships shelling coastline of France. Rocket guns fired. Animated map showing invasion route. Allied forces land on beaches of Normandy. German film showing Nazi troops shooting at allies from bunker. US troops advance.

220915 1942 – 1945 21:18:53 - 21:25:51
Coast Guard at War - On French Shores Part 3

21:18:53 Normandy - D-Day June 1944. Ships fire, Men down nets, landing craft head for Utah beach. Troops wading through water.
21:19:38 Saipan, ships fire, landing craft, troops ashore.
21:20:20 South of France August 1944. Rocket ships firing, landing craft, beachhead.
21:20:57 Luzon Oct. 1944 Landing craft return to Philippines, men wade ashore.
21:21:42 Iwo Jima Feb. 1945 Ships underway, landing craft under fire. Wreckage of landing craft, rough seas. Medics tend to injured marine. LSTs unloading on beach
21:23:07 Okinawa April 1945 Rocket ships firing, explosion on land. Ships and military equipment unloaded. Troops advance up beachhead. Kamikaze pilots attack ships. Flak from anti-aircraft fire.
21:25:08 Montage, Naval fleet, bombers in formation flight, Hiroshima bomb. US flag raised on Japanese island.

220915 1944 21:26:03 - 21:36:07
Coast Guard at War - Normandy Invasion Part 1

D-Day + 3, June 9th 1944.
Deserted beaches - damaged buildings - tank traps on beach - damaged landing craft and military equipment
Flashback to January 1944 - Chesapeake Bay landing craft trials / exercises. Men boarding transport ships for England.
21:28:08 Feb 1944 Convoys crossing Atlantic - below deck scenes troops relaxing, playing cards, sleeping, reading and writing. Man sewing uniform. March 1944 US troops arrive - training for landing operations - wading ashore on British beach.
21:29:25 April 1944 LSTs and LCIs practice landing operations - Naval officers. May 1944 Allied bombing raids over France - bombs away.
21:30:23 D-Day - 4 loading ships off Southern Coast of England - jeep loaded by crane. Last minute preparations, man welding. K rations loaded onto ship. D-Day - 3 Somewhere in Southern England troops embark on LCVPs for transport ships. Boarding transport ships.
21:32:21 D-Day - 1Troops loaded on LCIs. Soldier on quay looking through binoculars. Housewife in back garden looking. Bombing raids over France . Priest carries out service in open air at port of embarkation.
21:33:33 On board ship, Coastguard Officer briefs men - group of sailors including one black sailor. Ships moving out into Channel. Convoy - warships escort. Coastguard flotilla leaving port. Convoy at sea - barrage balloons.
21:35:04 Troops on board ship loading machine gun. Shipboard activities - allied planes over. Below decks officers study maps of Normandy beachheads.

220915 1944 21:36:07 - 21:46:28
Coast Guard at War - Normandy Invasion Part 2

D-Day - Night shots bombers taking off - aircraft in flight formation - dropping incendiary bombs over France. Parachute regiments jumping from planes - sky filled with parachutes. H-30mins Battleships firing, men down landing nets into landing craft. Landing craft heading for shore under cover of Battleship fire.
21:38:05 H Hour Landing craft stopped by under water obstacles, troops have to wade waist deep in sea for beach. Larger landing craft approach beachhead, troops waiting. H+65 min Aboard LCIs troops prepare to land - wading through water under enemy fire. LSTs out of enemy firing range waiting to move in. On the beaches, military equipment moving in. LCIs return to transport ships to ferry more troops inshore. LSTs unload supplies on to LCTs - military equipment off loaded. Rhino ferry carrying heavy equipment. Men driving jeeps off landing craft. Mass of troops on the beaches - military trucks. German troops now prisoners of war duck from incoming fire. Coastguard rescue boats searching for survivors - pick up man.
21:41;35 Hospital ship, wounded carried on stretchers. Injured man on stretcher transferred to ship along with plasma transfusion drip. Crippled Coast Guard LCI - wounded removed for transfer to hospital ship. Stretchers lowered four at a time onto deck
21:42:44 Pan over beach head - damaged ships. Troops marching inland. LSTs landing cargo - trucks, tanks and military equipment. Barges built especially for D-Day on shore being unloaded.
21:44:35 Night shots Anti Aircraft guns / Ack Ack firing at German planes. Day - Artificial harbours. (Mulberry ?) Bad weather, sea lashing against temporary harbour. Men transferring over water using rope to climb along. Damaged ships after storm. Landing barges move out into Channel loaded with German prisoners. POWs back in England board Coastguard transport ship ships at sea carrying POWs to America.

220763 1944 04:00:06 - 04:10:40
Eve of Battle [Reel 1]

On preparations for the invasion of France. D-Day
German coastal defences being built by slave labour. Gun emplacements and fortifications. German troops marching. Hitler meets Mussolini off aircraft. Brief Yalta conference.
04:02:01 Allied armies inspected by various - inc. Queen Elizabeth; Polish General Sikorsky. Montgomery at Allied high command meeting.
04:02:36 Shows planes attacking a German submarine. Supplies and equipment being handled at English docks.
04:04:02 Band plays as US troopship arrives in England. US troops march. Night shots, bombers on airfield. Various aircraft take off - Lancaster bombers. Night bombing of Germany - good.
04:05:37 Military vehicles and equipment moved on British roads and rail. Supplies stacked and moved around the country, warehouse storage. Stockpiles of equipment - forklifts. Stacks of barbed wire etc. Steam trains, freight cars. Lines of tanks, trucks, jeeps. Huge supplies of shells / bombs. Ground crews working on aircraft - Black Widow bombers.
04:08:09 Night - searchlight. Night firing of anti-aircraft guns. German plane downed. Barrage balloons, minelaying at sea. British minesweepers at work. Naval convoy.
04:09:02 Good shots Allied planes, bombers and fighters taking off. P-38 Lightning bombers in formation. Flak. Cameragun footage, strafing, German plane downed. Daylight bombing of Germany.

220763 1944 04:10:50 - 04:19:06
Eve of Battle [Reel 2]

On preparations for the invasion of France. D-Day
Contrails in sky. Allied paratroop training - parachutes. Fighter planes taking off including Mustangs flown by Polish airman and Beacon bombers flown by the Lorraine squadron of the Free French. Mitchell bombers flown by Commonwealth pilots. Marauders flown by Americans. Planes flying low over Engish Channel. Bombing occupied France. Aircraft in flight formation. Good shot plane banks away from camera. Strafing airfields. Bombs dropping, flying through flak. Explosions on ground.
04:14:02. Docks in England filled with waiting ships and boats. Invasion rehearsals, troops boarding ships including American and British soldiers. Tanks and vehicles loaded onto ships. Landing craft underway. AV convoy at anchor. Night shots - soft focus, men down landing nets. Day various shots invasion preparations and exercises. Naval guns and rocket launchers blast coastline (Slapton sands?) Shots from beach as landing craft open and men run out. Good shots men running up beach under “fire” . Flamethrower used on bunker. Various ”battle” scenes.

220763 1944 04:19:16 - 04:28:20
[OSS Film - German Version of Invasion of Europe - D-Day]

calendar 6th June, Newspaper headlines re Invasion, Germans buying newspapers. Map of England and Normandy. Various German messages sent by radio, morse code, signal lights etc. German soldiers at telephone switchboards. Alarm sounds at coastal defence underground installation, German troops running with guns. Germans man big guns on coast of France. Searchlights. Good shots night firing.
04:21:57 Night shots naval guns firing. Day, Allied fleet off Normandy, German big guns firing.
04:24:00 Beach at mouth of River Orne - tank traps. Combat on land near village. SS division opposes allied division approaching shore. Allied landing boats on shore.
04:25:05 German tanks assault, some in camouflage. Destroyed allied artillery. US airborne troops captured and lined up. Destroyed British planes. Germans unload US jeep from wrecked plane. CUs British Canadian, Nova Scotia and other insignia on captured soldiers clothes, interrogated.
This item available with German commentary from original German newsreel on

220763 1944 04:28:28 - 04:33:50 1944
[OSS Film - German Version of Invasion of Europe - D-Day Reel 2]

VS German anti-aircraft guns. Caen, Airborne attack with Germans firing back, seen from ground perspective. Explosion as bombs dropped. Buildings destroyed. Downed plane burning. Monument in Caen.
French civilians in street in bombing aftermath. Refugees with bundles of belongings.
04:30:39 German divisions in camouflaged tanks on road. SS armed division in combat in field. Allied airborne troops arrested in field. CUs US artillery destroyed. Burning in distance. German wounded soldier carried. German armoured tank. Near Bayeux, combat including inside small village.

220763 1944 04:38:14 - 04:43:26
War Pictorial - Invasion of France - D-Day

Allied High Command looking at wall map. General Spaatz, Eisenhower and Air Marshal Mallory. British troops boarding transport ship. Massed supplies for invasion. Men boarding ships with bicycles. US troops boarding landing craft. Allied bombardment of Nazi occupied Europe. Planes with special striped markings on wings. Part of invasion convoy at sea. Various shots ships at sea. Cameragun footage allied planes attacking coastal defences. Various bombs dropped. Aerial views coast of Normandy. Beachhead scenes. German prisoners. General Montgomery landing on the beach, speaks with officer.
04:42:50 Evening Standard newspaper headlines Invasion of Europe begins, people buying papers off street vendor. Brief street scenes. People looking up at overhead allied aircraft.

220763 1944 04:43:45 - 04:54:01
D-Day Crossing - Good colour - sunny!

Landing craft underway, men relaxing on deck. British landing craft underway. Patrol boat underway. USCG - man taking bearing with magnetic compass. Planes flying overhead.
04:45:35 Shipboard church services. Big band playing on deck, men listening.
04:48:20 LCTs underway, breakwater visible in bg. Ships underway, cliffs visible.
04:50:29 Transport ship underway. LCVP attempting to attach to ship in rough weather. Boat finally secured and hoisted aboard transport ship. Men climbing Jacobs ladder attached to boom.

220762 1944 03:00:06 - 03:07:59
True Glory Reel 1

On the Allied invasion and conquest of Western Europe, 1944-1945. D-Day
General Eisenhower introduces film, praising men of the services and teamwork.
Map of Europe, montage Hitler and Nazis. Coastal defences / West Wall, German officers. Good shots gun emplacements. Map, montage of possible invasion points which were rejected for various reasons. Normandy coastline.
03:04:01 USA - armament productions, London, British war workers. US trucks loaded onto transport ships. Montage military services. Survivors covered in oil are rescued from a freighter sinking in the North Atlantic.
03:05:20 England - Operations room, women putting markers on huge wall map.
03:05:39 US transport ship arrives in Liverpool, crowds on deck and below decks. Band playing as ship arrives and troops disembark. Montage brief street scenes in London - US servicemen sightseeing. other allied forces in London, various forces clubs. Good montage of single soldiers, men and women, of all nationalities on London streets. Exteriors various service mens clubs.
03:07:24 - Military training exercises. Obstacle courses, training landing on beach and scaling cliff face. Hand to hand combat.

220762 1944 03:08:06 - 03:17:26
True Glory Reel 2

On the Allied invasion and conquest of Western Europe, 1944-1945. D-Day
Military training exercises. Training landing on rocks in rough seas and scaling cliff face.
03:08:45 Map. Germany - Hitler - German Generals with maps.
03:09:19 SHAEF HQ interior, High Command meeting. Good night shots British bombers taking off towards cameras. Night and day bombing of Europe. Brief shot agent parachutes into France. One man submarine. Torpedo boats etc returning from Normandy with sand for analysis. Woman at microscope. Man putting camera into reconnaissance plane. Coast of Normandy. Still photographs glued together making relief map. Supplies dropped to French resistance.
03:10:31 Mulberry Harbour launched. Montage supplies readied and stockpiled, men inoculated, ships launched, radio listening for German transmissions. SHAEF HQ, meeting of high command.
03:11:11 Stalin. Roosevelt and Churchill pose after Tehran conference.
03:11:24 Eisenhower, Montgomery and others at wall map. Montage preparations. Montage aircraft bombing and strafing France including RR marshaling yards. Railway lines destroyed. German plane shot down. Map showing Normandy and South Coast of England. German coastal defences, German troops march, Officers at West Wall. Goering inspects troops.
03:13:22 Invasion convoys assemble at Southampton, mass movement of military trucks, troops and materials through countryside and small towns. Transport continues at night by rail and road. Tanks etc loaded onto ships. Troops boarding. British and US men waiting on ships in harbour. Barrage balloons, hills in background. Men briefed on deck and dockside. Aircrews briefed.
03:15:51 Flags run up on ship, officers boarding, torpedo loaded, King George VI on board, salutes sailors.
Signals made with lights. Anchors weighed. Engine room scenes. Convoy sets sail
03:16:44 Eisenhower with camouflaged troops - inspects.
03:17:02 Silhouette shots soldiers moving at dusk. Aircraft, nose paint “That’s All Brother” . Planes take off, almost night.

220762 1944 03:17:36 - 03:25:59
True Glory Reel 3

On the Allied invasion and conquest of Western Europe, 1944-1945. D-Day
Ships at sea, AV flying over coast of Normandy, Ground to air, planes carrying paratroops fly over. Interior plane, paratroops jump. Fleet at sea. Gliders towed and released behind beaches. Good shots ships nearing Normandy - on board activities. Big guns firing broadsides at Normandy coast. Aircraft over. Very good aerial shot bombing French coastline, ships pounding coastline, soldiers into landing craft. Shots in British and American crafts as approach beaches. Boats hit the beaches and soldiers out, troops wading through water under fire.
03:21:27 Big Ben - Houses of Parliament, good street scenes London early morning and fairly empty. Brief shot of press briefing - reporters run from room, Newspaper headlines re invasion. Men and women on streets reading papers. Zipper sign re invasion. Sign re invasion day prayers.
03:22:02 Landing on Omaha beach - classic shot man killed. American troops on beach, some wounded and dead. German POWs. Naval ship burning. Medic gives plasma transfusion next to cliff. Wounded tended to. US troops moving inland.
03:23:00 Germans firing guns etc. German Generals at meeting.
03:23:38 British troops landing at Gold Beach. Troops moving inland under fire , hedgerows, crawling across fields and digging in. Excellent shots British troops making slow progress inland - artillery firing etc.
03:24:36 Montgomery arrives on the beach. British and American troops moving inland. Various shots air support bombing and strafing. Beachhead activities, men looking at maps. Mass of US military vehicles and equipment off loaded, wounded taken on board landing craft. Mortar fired.

220762 1944 03:26:05 - 03:35:56
True Glory Reel 4

On the Allied invasion and conquest of Western Europe, 1944-1945. D-Day
British troops pinned down outside Caen, firing mortars, sheltering in hedgerows, aiming rifles. Soldier playing with cat. Firing machine gun. Wounded transported on jeeps. US Medics treat wounded in streets. Field hospital, nurses and doctors. Surgeon operating in tent. Blood dripping into transfusion line.
03:28:21 Mulberry harbour activities. Storm. Unloading ships.
03:29:12 Germans moving towards Cherbourg. Allied troops and planes moving inland. Troops sheltering in hedgerows. Troops moving through farmland, cows. French women giving soldiers wine. Street fighting on outskirts of Cherbourg - artillery firing. Cherbourg falls June 25th, General Von Shleben?. German POWs Ruins of Cherbourg harbour destroyed by Germans. Allies making repairs to harbour.
03:31:06 Arming of the Maquis, French resistance activities, firing machine guns. Resistance troops in the mountains holding up German convoys, Blowing up factories.
03:31:39 Oradour Sur Glane - German atrocity, buildings in ruins, dead bodies on streets and in fields. Destroyed church. Bodies under sheets laid out in street, women in graveyards.
03:32:14 Map Normandy detailing Caen. German troops firing artillery. Good sequence in silhouette of battle scenes, tanks across fields, buildings burning. Mass of aircraft fill the sky. Air support bombing around Caen. British troops move into Caen, bomb damaged buildings. Street fighting. Troops run house to house. Few locals on streets.
03:34:39 British and Polish troops moving up South of Caen, battle scenes artillery , tanks etc.
03:35:29 Map detailing St Lo. German artillery firing, Rommel?

220762 1944 03:40:26 - 03:48:00
The Fighting First Reel 2

On the 1st Infantry Division in World War II.
Training for D-Day invasion - loading onto transport ships. June 6th, allied ships bombarding French coastline. Firing broadsides. US troops down nets into landing craft. Troops landing on Omaha beach, classic shot of man killed on beach. US troops move inland through hedgerows and fields, battle scenes, digging in. Troops waiting in small town for 2nd outfit to arrive. Rest and relaxation, with the locals, helping old lady through rubble. Soldiers getting haircuts.
03:42:41 July 25th - Big bombing raid by allies, battle scenes, engineers dig up mines and clear roadblocks. Various shots troops moving forward on foot and in trucks, eating on the road . The Division enters Coutance, Mortain, Etampes, Meaux, and Soissons and enters Belgium. German POWs . Siegfried Line. Troops take communion - battlefield service. Troops battle for Aachen, 21st Oct. Aachen surrenders. White flag from window, tank rolls over Nazi flag.
03:45:15 Hurtgen Forest battle scenes - snow - big guns firing. Medic tends to wounded. Troops down muddy road.
03:45:54 Troops rest in Belgium before the Ardennes campaign. Battle of the Bulge. Troops move through snowy forests. The Division crosses Remagen Bridge and fights in Germany.
03:47:08 May 1945 at wars end 1st Infantry is in Czechoslovakia. CU faces. CU Infantryman at attention.

220762 1944 03:48:10 - 03:56:32
Preparations for D-Day - May 1944

Supplies loaded onto truck and checked by US soldier. Camouflaged military equipment in fields. Soldier patrols. Truck arrives at supply depot and loads up. Camp - men queue and strip off for showers. (slightly fogged at edge)
03:52:11 Men using foam to fight heavy fire near residential homes. Flames in building. Firefighting. Oil cans? on fire. Bulldozer using earth to quell flames.

220761 1944 02:00:05 - 02:08:36
D-Day - Wounded Evacuation (Colour)

On board ship, lookout wearing anti-glare glasses scans sky for aircraft. Shot from bridge as transport ship beaches. Troops and equipment off ships. Officers on bridge of small ship coming alongside larger ship.
LS Battleship of the Nevada class, camouflaged destroyer passes across screen. Men using hand cranked windlass. CU Bridge area LCI 94, man painting.
02:03:12 RV US Navy and British WACS in group walking in park. Looks like England
02:03:42 Slate and black
02:04:02 At Sea LCI listing in heavy seas. LCI US 492 passes in front of transport ship at anchor. Troops with packs on board transport. Wounded man treated on deck of ship. Wounded man on stretcher transferred to landing craft. Second casualty transferred by stretcher. Blood soaked bandages etc on deck of ship.
02:06:45 Various ships at sea inc. LCU US 199.
02:07:14 Ships at anchor, barrage balloons. Landing craft carrying some wounded. Various ships at sea, coastline of Normandy visible in background.

220761 1944 02:08:46 - 02:16:22
D-Day - Inspection - Weather Balloon (colour)

US 582, LST on beach, ramps laid - trying to get jeeps off landing craft onto sandy beach, sacking and ramps on sand.
Naval and army officers and personel line up on deck. Sailors inspection on deck. Officers inspection. Other nationality sailors inspected. Rating comes on deck with weather balloon, up stairs past man sending semaphore message. Weather balloon secured, readings?. Balloon released and reading taken.
02:13:20 Rest and Relaxation - hands shuffling and dealing playing cards. Below decks, CU various sailors relaxing.
02:14:29 Various ships at anchor. Anti-aircraft guns fired. 220761 1944 02:16:32 - 02:23:56
D-Day - Normandy Beachhead
Beached LCI, cliffs behind. LCI US 281, men looking over rail. Wreckage on beach. Two DUKW entering water. Transport ship off loading military vehicles, trucks, tanks and halftracks. Beachhead activity - fairly dark, almost silhouette.
02:19:38 Men repaiting ships propeller.
02:20:15 Captain Miles Imlay and Lt. Yonner of coastguards talking
02:20:34 Tank traps on beach. LCI on beach with hole in side. Men looking at damaged beached ships.
02:22:25 German POWs transported in landing craft - long line of men on beach. Men standing by rail of ship drinking coffee.
02:23:43 British LSR with rocket launchers

220761 1944 02:25:10 - 02:31:34
D-Day + Pre Invasion - Loading Weymouth and Portland

Landing craft loaded with men. Landing craft alongside transport ship and lifted on board.
02:26:24 Military vehicles loading onto LCT, Pub Sailors Return in background. Halftrack boarding.
02:27:16 Military trucks move through wooded area. Top shot harbour with ships at anchor.
02:28:22 Loading half track onto landing craft, tailgate lifts watched by sailors on board. Supply ships. Line of Ambulances on deck of ship. Various loading activities.220761 1944 02:31:40 - 02:38:19
D-Day - Towing and Placing Units of Artificial Harbours 8th - 10th June 1944
LS-MS Phoenix units being towed. MS Phoenix units towed to position for sinking. MS Gun crew at stations on Phoenix units.
LS LSTs approach beach.
MS Towing ship to position for sinking.
02:33:55 MS Liberty ship scuttled to form breakwater, ship smoking. MS Tug tows Phoenix unit-
02:36:28 MS Capt. Clark & Lt. Barton.
MS Tugs work on Phoenix units; units being towed into position, other units BG.1
MS Men work with lines on Phoenix units-
Mulberry Harbours.

220764 1944 05:00:13 - 05:10:30
D-Day – Crossing (Colour)

LS Four ships underway. British County Class Cruiser underway. Steel barge loaded down with Military trucks etc, land visible in bg. LST US 281 on beach unloading heavy equipment.
05:01:30 Good shots rough seas and stormy water crashing over wreckage. various shots ships lying off coast of Normandy in heavy seas. Steel pier built out into sea.
05:03:50 Man taking signal flags from bag. LST convoy. Two officers on main deck of LST, man looking through binoculars. British LCI. Men on bridge of USCG patrol boat. US flag flying from mast. British MTB tied up to coast guard vessel. Patrol boat underway.
05:06:33 Officer speaking into megaphone. LCI with patrol boat tied up alongside, equipment on deck of transport ship. Patrol boat underway. Liberty ship at anchor in bg. Beached ships. Soldiers with packs along beach. Docked patrol boats. Men run to Anti-aircraft gun, magazine loaded
05:10:04 Patrol boat, cargo vessels at anchor in bg.

220764 1944 05:11:12 - 05:21:10
D-Day - Recreation / Embarkation / Crossing (Colour)

Two US sailors and British Wren and Wac in park. Soldiers sitting in park with locals - looks like bowling green.
Ships in dock area of English town. Soldiers with kit boarding landing craft. Column of soldiers arrive at landing pier and boarding landing craft. Soldiers lined up on dock area. LS Part of invasion Task Force.
LS Two Coast Guardsmen aboard LCI.
LS British battleship of the Warspite Class. LS British transport underway.
CU Coast guard HM; Red Cross on his steel helmet. LS Destroyer of the Livermore Class underway left to right.
MLS LCI, loaded with troops, dead in water. Signalman manning 24" signal light on signal bridge.
05:15:54 MS Barrel of open 5"38 caliber mount; man in foul-weather gear on lookout. Transport underway. HA LS Boat crew readying LCM. Anchor lifted, stream of water going down and washing chain. CU Coast Guardsman making splice in line.
05:18:48 Interior to troop's compartments, with soldiers checking rifles, etc. MS Two soldiers cleaning water-cooled, 30 caliber Browning machine gun.

220764 1944 05:21:36 - 05:27:28
D-Day - Beachhead activity (Colour)

Beachhead activity - pebbles on beach. Bomb damaged building on beach. Ships at anchor with barrage balloons. Shots from patrol boat of ships at anchor. Empty landing craft.
05:23:22 Tug towing mulberry harbour? Various shiping movements. Two men opening cans of sausages.
05:24:20 Cliff on waters edge.
LCI loaded with troops; sunken ships in background. Sunken boat with LCM alongside.
MS British trawler with two barges behind it. MS Patrol boat; sunken ships and another patrol boat in background. Various shots different shipping. Waves washing over sunken ship. Landing craft in very rough water. LCT which has been washed aground; explosion on beach in background. MS British LCT which has been broken in two; American LCT alongside of it.

220764 1944 05:28:02 - 05:36:57
D-Day – Preparations (COLOUR)

Man on liferaft filling barrell with water from jug. Men chipping rust from deck of LCI US-325, painting decks. LCIs underway.
05:30:59 Various ships at sea. Three men man Anti-aircraft gun. LCT aground, rolling hills in BG.
05:32:44 Men looking through binoculars. Barrage balloons. On deck, men sorting ropes and generally making running repairs.
05:34:37 Man painting campaign stripes and red stars on LCI. US-84. Men with Ack Ack gun. Ships at anchor in British bay, looks West country.

220764 1944 05:37:40 - 05:48:58
D-Day - Invasion - Bombardment - Damage – Shipboard (COLOUR)

Battleship bombarding beach USS Texas firing. Various other ships. Sunken ships acting as breakwater, wounded man transfered to landing craft
05:39:50 Men looking at bullet holes and damage on ship, examines shrapnel. Sunken ships forming breakwater on Normandy beach.
05:41:18 Local standing by wrecked ship on beach. German bunker and foxhole. Debris on beach. Men looking out at anchored ships (film dirty)
05:42:44 Coastguard Ensign working on charts. Officer looking through binoculars, framed by porthole.
05:44:44 Officer climbing ladder onto deck. Two officers on deck. Ensign with charts. Signaller using light. Officer and sailor examining ammunition ready box. Swabbing decks. Sailors relax.

220764 1944 05:49:30 - 05:57:34
D-Day - Invasion - South of France? (Colour)

Convoy of ships underway. Landing craft beaches, soldiers run up sands. Rock of Gibraltar seen from ship, transport ship passes in FG. Coastline of Spain? Man sending signal with lamp. Landing craft loaded with Free French troops. Landing craft lowered away. More Free French into landing craft. Following patrol boat with red and black flag. Line of landing craft approaching sandy beach. Free French out of craft.

220760 1944 01:00:06 - 01:08:15
D-Day - First Pictures Invasion of France

Airforces attack France. Bombers - bombs dropped on Normandy, Strafing RR and marshalling yards. Camera gun footage strafing German planes on ground.
01:01:26 England - US paratroopers board planes. General sees transport planes take off in dusk. Men board gliders. British gliders take off. Invasion fleet at sea. Ships bombard French coast. Troops down landing nets. Ship sinking. In landing craft as approaches beach. AV coast of Normandy. Troops out of Landing Craft, classic shot soldier killed as runs up beach. Beachhead scenes, troops under fire, injured on stretchers. Men wading through seas. Stranded landing craft. German POWs. Local with US flag. German wounded tended by medic. Americans in shelter of cliff have wounds tended. Mass bombing - bridge blown up.
01:06:05 Shell damaged house on beach. Heavy equipment moved in. Wounded US soldiers. German prisoners. US troops move inland, question German prisoners. Piles of German equipment. French locals help Americans with directions. GI talking to two children. Troops pose with Nazi flag.
01:07:26 General Eisenhower stands with Montgomery. Ike with Omar Bradley. Wounded arriving back in England.

220760 1944 01:08:24 - 01:18:16
D-Day - Pre Invasion Manoeuvres - Firth of Clyde, Scotland

Landing craft moving up the Clyde river - cliffs in background. Cargo ship with snow covered hills in bg. Landing craft underway. Soldier sitting on stern of landing craft. Good shot River with snowy mountains, landing craft in distance. Various craft underway, man making semaphore message from stern of leading vessel. Various shots craft underway in choppy water. Troops coming up landing nets of USs Bayfield. Various craft around USS Bayfield. Men up landing nets and ladder onto Bayfield.

220760 1944 01:18:27 - 01:28:13
D-Day + Crossing

Top shot as troops leave landing craft and board USS Bayfield (APA-33). Destroyer underway. Landing craft underway, coastline visible in bg. Landing craft heading for shore, Troops off landing craft
01:21:09 US troops climb landing nets onto transport ship. Various ships at sea, choppy seas. Convoy underway. Three officers, one USCG and two army, on deck of ship, Ship pulling transport raft loaded with men and equipment. (some out of focus) Various ships under way - very grey day.

220838 1944 11:27:15 - 11:37:38
D-Day At Katz Part 1 (COLOUR)

Army tents in a clearing in France. Lt. Col Stevens and three other men in uniform by train “London Euston - Glasgow Central”
11:27:59 At sea, Stevens and other on deck of warship, HMS Belfast. Other ships in convoy, barrage balloons. Stevens looking out at invasion fleet.
11:29:55 Good shots ships guns firing with puffs of orange smoke. Various shots ships underway.
111:30:47 men at stations, Man with red cross armband and wearing protective hood and gloves looking through binoculars. Sailors on deck with empty shell casings. Good panning shots invasion fleet with barrage balloons. Officers on bow of ship, high shot men on deck.
11:32:42 George Stevens looking through 35mm camera on tripod. Aircraft overhead. Stevens wearing helmet and life vest on landing craft.
11:33:20 Building on shore - sign Beamieaes, pan along buildings on shoreline. Beachhead activity, includes British troops?. Bomb damaged buildings.
11:33:51 Sign Route Interdit Vers S’Aubin, Stevens with camera unit setting up with Canadian or Australian troops? Troops sit in front of tank with mine flails holding sign in German re mine field.
11:34:24 Camera crews filming activity outside Beamieaes. Man labels film can. Various shots filming and moving tripods etc.
11:35:34 Captain? of ship. Flags, red flag and flag of St George flying from ship. Naval officer and man chatting and smiling. Crew looking ashore using telescopes.
11:36:04 Injured men on stretchers lifted aboard ship.
Use of this footage requires a credit as follows:
“Includes footage from the George Stevens Collection at the Library of Congress”

220760 1944 01:28:21 - 01:40:10
D-Day - Preparations and Invasion 5th - 7th June 1944

US troops with battle packs going below decks of transport ship. Various shots boarding. Group of soldiers on deck of ship, one with binoculars. Woman in back garden of house looking through binoculars. Officer speaking to men, army and anvy on deck of ship.
01:31:35 Good shot convoy underway, US flag to right of picture flying from stern of camera ship. Various shots invasion fleet underway.
01:33:42 DUKW and other vehicles moving across sand (dark)
01:34:20 Beachhead scenes, troops move up beach. Some soft focus. Bulldozers, DUKWs and other vehicles moving around beachhead.
01:36:55 German soldiers marched along beach. POWs in barbed wire enclosure (soft focus)
01:37:29 POWs closer shots in wire enclosure.
01:38:04 Beachmaster with white flag. Troops off LCU, wading through water and up beach.

220760 1944 01:40:20 - 01:41:18
D-Day - Invasion Omaha Beach

Trucks and other military vehicles move off beachhead. Various vehicle movements on beachhead.220760 1944 01:41:28 - 01:43:50
D-Day - Invasion - Capture of Isigny
Military vehicles outside small town. Town square with US troops, medic speaking to local woman and priest. Casualty on stretcher. Few locals in square.
01:42:10 Constructing temporary bridge. Cobbled street scene, fre US soldiers walking around. Military truck down road followed by jeep with Red cross flag. Bulldozer clearing rubble from bombed out house. Firebrigade - people looking at bomb damage. Vehicles and locals on bicycles cross temporary bridge.220760 1944 01:43:50 - 01:48:18
D-Day - Invasion - 128th Evacuation Hospital, France
Military ambulances outside tents. Walking wounded arrive by ambulance, out and into tents. Stretcher cases into tents.
01:45:03 Interiors - unusable.
01:45:41 Sign Laboratory - medics sitting at microscopes.
01:46:06 Ambulances bring more wounded. Stetchers and walking wounded.

220760 1944 01:48:30 - 01:57:43
D-Day - Unloading and Debarkation Operations off Omaha Beachhead

Loaded rhino barge heading for beach, top shot wounded in landing craft being transferred to ship. Various landing craft loaded with troops heading for beach. Jeep and trucks off craft. Rhino barge.
01:51:34 Wounded German prisoner lifted on stretcher onto ship. Wide shot beachhead area with barrage balloons and ships at anchor. Various ships moving around bay area. Smoke visible rising from shoreline. Concrete barge with mounted gun towed.

220838 1944 11:37:39 - 11:47:20
D-Day At Katz Part 2 (COLOUR)

England - Six men and officers walking along docks pre-embarkation for D-Day. Mass of different ships and craft tied up at dock flying US flags. Officer, possibly Capt. Holly Morse, and other standing on dockside.
11:38:46 France - Stevens digging foxhole with another man. Men eating on camp table outside tent. Various shots soldiers in camp.
11:40:13 Sign - Bridge under fire, Stevens turns to camera and signals to go forward. Jeep and military trucks move down road. Very good shot truck towards camera in half light with soldiers walking, bombed out buildings on side of roads. Ambulance truck towards camera through devastated town / village.
11:41:16 Jeep arriving at dock area Cherbourg. Group of four standing next to German sign “Betreten Verboten / Entree Interdite”.
11:41:37 Pan down twin spires of church, Stevens and others leaving church. Large French flag hanging from balcony of building. Various shots activity in town. Roadsign Caen 18k, Paris 240k. Stevens and other walking down road with young French boy. War monument. Stevens with British? officer.
11:43:00 Stevens and Moffat walking to airfield. RAF planes on ground. British or Canadian officer with Stevens showing fighter plane. Stevens climbs into cockpit of Hawker Sea Fury. Officer explaining. Bombed out hangars, smoke rising in distance. Group round jeep inc. British? soldier. Bombs on side of road. Jeep drives off. Stevens and others filming advancing troops. Good shots tanks passing down leafy lanes. Stevens and other having mugs of coffee and army field breakfast by jeep. Camel cigarettes. Trucks loaded with men advance down country road. Dead horse at side of road.
Use of this footage requires a credit as follows:
“Includes footage from the George Stevens Collection at the Library of Congress”

220838 1944 11:47:21 - 11:59:18
D-Day At Katz Part 3 (COLOUR)

Jeep arrives in severely bomb damaged town. Camera crew. Huge hole in wall of Hotel du Lion. Road sign Carantilly 4k / Cerisy-la-salle 10k. Good shots trucks loaded with troops moving forward. Tanks moving forward. Stevens and Sgt. Hamilton looking at shell casing, walking through ruins of bombed out church.
11:49:23 Stevens looking at stretcher containing dead German soldier. CU dead Germans. Tracking shot past medics giving aid to wounded.
Stevens and others with three GIs dressed in German Panzer SS uniforms. Stevens and others driving to campsite, sign Spec. Cov. Unit. Various shots campsite men sitting around listening to radio. Camp signpost with signs pointing to London, Paris New York Berlin and Shirley.
11:52:51 Bombed out cathedral and town.
11:53:34 General Montgomery presenting medals to US soldiers. Underlit shot of 3 star general and other officers. Generals and Monty.
11:54:13 General Patton wearing pearl handled pistols, laughing and talking with British including Monty. Camera crew. Various shots General reading a citation ? Good shots cameras both still and movie recording event.
11:55:35 GIs at SPECOU? campsite getting packages, cigarettes and candy. Men on parade in campsite. Various shots camp activity. Men looking up towads sky. Chow time - men waiting with steel mess kits.
Use of this footage requires a credit as follows:
“Includes footage from the George Stevens Collection at the Library of Congress”

221023 1944 20:45:22 - 20:54:56
D-Day - Mulberry Harbour

Testing of breakwaters & concrete barges [’Phoenix’ caissons] - part of giant ‘Mulberry’ Harbour constructed for D-Day landings in Portsmouth / Southampton. LS Mulberry harbour. Royal Engineers climbing on top Mulberry harbour; tug boat alongside Mulberry. Mulberry / caisson towed out to sea.
20:49:00 Shipyard scenes - Mulberry harbour under construction. Sailor w/ binoculars on tugboat. Mulberry harbour moves at sea towed by ship; harbour floats past camera. Men on Mulberry. Gun mounted on top.
20:52:49 Men opening valve and water rushing into concrete compartments of caisson. Measuring marks.

220911 1944 13:00:04 - 13:06:38
[D-Day At Katz - Part 4] (COLOUR)

France, SPECOU? campsite activities ct’d - Serving chow at campsite - chewing gum, toothpaste and Camel cigarettes distributed into soldiers’ helmets. Two men digging hole (underexposed). Messenger jeep delivering mail and rushing off - almost runs over idling soldier. Moffat and others eating. Irwin Shaw. Men queuing with steel mess kits and sitting on ground eating. Tents. Sign on jeep “SPECOU 3”. Boxes of supplies piled. Men in boxer shorts and others bare-chested - soldier offers other cigarettes from King Edward cigars box - soldier smoking cigarette.
Use of this footage requires a credit as follows:
“Includes footage from the George Stevens Collection at the Library of Congress”

220980 1944 15:00:01 - 15:10:26
[Eisenhower Inspects US Troops In France & England, Jun-Jul44]

INV 332 [M-306] Wreckage of Cherbourg harbor, 01Jul44. LS from hiltop of French countryside, smoke cloud in distance. US? soldiers walk thru village.
15:01:31 INV 333 Convoy of US jeeps pass w/ Generals Eisenhower & Bradley, visit 2nd Inf. Div. near Cerisy-la-Foret, 02Jul44; Gens talk w/ officers inc. Gen. Gerow, Maj. Gen Robertson (in sunglasses) & George P Hays; Eisenhower past camera in jeep, salutes. MCU Eisenhower w/ second cousin, Sgt. GC Etherington, Abilene, KS of the Chemical Warfare Section [M-191]. CUs 2-star General & soldier (Etherington?). Ike & Bradley tour camp HQ. GOOD MCU Ike.
15:04:14 B 495 06Jun44 US troops of 1st Inf. Div. & 5th Engineers Specialst Brigade prepare for D Day on ship near English coast; perform callisthenic exercises on shipboard.
15:05:09 05Jun44 Load demolition charge into LCVP. Exercises. Sailor loads rockets into multiple rocket launcher. Fighting shells into anti-aircraft machine guns. Wrap equipment in waterproof covers.
15:07:17 INV 001 Gen. Eisenhower talks to 101st Div. paratroopers in tent city w/ battle gear & camouflage blackened faces w/ facepaint. MCU of leggings & outfit. Airfield at dusk w/ planes; Ike talks to paratroops. Ike w/ Brig. Gen. Taylor. Ike climbs over barbed wire to talk to soldiers & moves thru large crowd of soldiers.

220984 1944 19:46:43 - 19:54:16
[Pre-D-Day, Beach Landing & Assault Training, Slapton Sands, England, c.Feb44]

US Signal Corps coverage of beach landing exercises for D-Day.
19:46:43 Troops on beach w/ barbed wire, lay explosive; LS troops run, take cover & bomb explodes. 19:47:43 Dummy roadblock set up in gulley near beach; small explosions exploded. High angle of training area, road created thru sand dunes; bombs detonate. LS troops lay several stick charges on barrier; retreat behind ridge; bombs detonate & tank moves thru.
19:52:04 Soldiers feed communications wire along country road from drum on back of moving jeep. Troops set up hand-cranked radio-telephone equipment inc. receiver on clifftop.
19:53:49 MCU soldier on beach talks into walkie-talkie field telephone receiver wired to backpack; soldier at other end w/ one-piece field telephone; soldier w/ backpack walks across beach.

220984 19:54:19 - 20:00:55 1944
[Pre-D-Day, Assault Training Off English Coast

Aerials over convoy of landing craft at sea off Slapton Sands, beach landing exercise. ‘21’ drawn in sand. Landing craft form circle holding pattern in channel.
19:56:45 Aerial of beach engulfed in white smoke screen, amphibious vehicles & landing craft on shore; camera in plane along beach, troops running, camera crew on amphibious DUKW vehicle visible.
19:58:36 Aerial of landing craft circling close to shore while vehicle unloaded onto beach from LST (?). View alongside landing craft approaching shore, troops wade onto beach; LS troops storm beach thru explosions. GOOD.

220984 1944 20:01:01 - 20:06:21
D-Day, 06Jun44 Utah Beach, Normandy; 07Jun44 German Prisoners, Southampton, England]

INV 44 Slate: 4th Infantry Division. US troops land on Utah Beach. WS beach w/ troops & landing craft offshore. Troops climb up sand bank, advance inland w/ mine detectors.
20:02:03 Wounded troops on stretchers in Red Cross field hospital; stretchers loaded onto truck.
20:03:03 Warships & landing craft near beach, explosion in water? PoWs w/ hands on heads past camera, move up beach & herded into group [barrage balloon in sky]; landing craft in BG.
20:03:45 Medics w/ Red Cross armbands administer blood plasma to wounded. C-47 aircraft fly over, towing gliders in silhouette.
20:04:31 Field hospital w/ stretchers on ground. Soldier w/ bandaged head; CU patches of 101st & 82nd Airborne; medic feeds wounded from can.
20:05:21 Troops climb from ship into landing craft; full landing craft approaches shore; hatch opens, troops wade to beach. Line of troops dig trench below sea wall, some advance inland. GOOD
20:06:21 INV 038 German Prisoners processed, Southampton, England. German soldiers under guard in PoW camp, Southampton. Prisoners, some w/ belongings marched thru barbed wire enclosure. MCU very young German soldiers.
20:08:46 British soldier takes names of POWs. Food & water handed out to POWs. US cameraman talks to group of PoWs [forced labour in Hitler’s labour battalion?].

221236 1944 07:42:21 - 07:50:46
[D-Day 6-6-44] Pt. 1 of 3 ?

D-day, officer walks thru corridor & enter door w/ sign: Office of Supreme Commander General Dwight. D. Eisenhower. CU book label - Ourline plan for Invasion of N.W. Europe. Men load camera onto twin-engine aircraft. CU propeller, plane takes off, aircraft in the air, man w/ team of horses ploughing field.
07:43:10 Hitler w/ other officers at the table in railroad train car, look at the map, officers smile. French man in farm yard, plane in sky, cameraman looks down, LS from the plane to the ground, LS coast line, picture taken
07:43:38 Man collects film from plane & taken by sidecar motorcycle; officers enter camp tent.
07:43:49 Plane takes off at night, int. aircraft men prepare to jump, LS car on the country road, LS parachute jump, boxes of equipment thrown out, parachutist lands, LS boxes w/ parachutes in the air, men collect boxes from field, load them into truck & cover w/ branches.
07:45:12 Allied expedition planning committee at meeting table. Bombers in air, LS down to the coast, various shots of fighter planes, flak, bombs dropped. LS explosions on ground. CU pilots, bombs dropped, explosions. British bombers in formation. View of machine gunner position.
07:46:43 Britain. Women checking & packing parachutes, fold them, tie ropes. Welding, bolting & assembling Mulberry units & launched. Arriving GIs, in the port, exit the ship. March on dock.
07:47:31 CU Montgomery, Sir Arthur Tedder & Eisenhower at army base, army cars & equipment parked on big field, soldiers inspect tanks, long lines of artillery. June44 soldiers on motorbikes, army cars, military cars convoys on the road, DUKWs, drive thru city, train thru countryside, train arrives at night.
07:48:30 02Jun44 CU fighter planes loaded w/ artillery, airmen paint aircraft's. CU men painting white star, troops at the invasion port board ships, military trucks, tanks drive onto LSTs & other ships.
07:49:10 03Jun44 DUKWs on water, ships wait as operation on hold because of the weather warnings LS many ships, CU soldiers read small booklets about France.
07:49:49 Eisenhower w/ ?? out of building, walk towards car, on 5th of June air force division briefed, sit on ground, listen to commander. American GIs prepare, load guns, grenades into pockets, sharpen knives & throw them at cartoon of Hitler, jeep onto plane. Continued...
WWII Normandy Invasion; Operation Overlord;

221236 1944 07:50:46 - 08:00:37
[D-Day 6-6-44] Pt. 2 of 3 ?

Soldiers prepare to leave, blacken & paint faces. CU soldiers w/ faces painted black, board aircraft; soldiers at night next to plane. Planes taking off, in the air. Ships crossing at night, soldiers look up to the planes in the dark sky, paratroops prepare & jump out of planes, LS parachutes in the air.
07:52:24 British bombers over Dover drop tin foil. Radar & broken tower. CU German officer w/ binoculars to sea. CU ships, war planes in the air, shooting from both sides, explosion in the water near ships, various shots of firing ships, soldiers w/ binoculars on the ship & on the ground, intense shooting, black smoke from the ship, soldiers on landing craft approach the coast, fighter bombers in the air.
07:54:11 Soldiers in landing craft approach shore, jump out; shoot, various shots of forces exiting ships & boats. Fighting resistance, various shots of soldiers take over coast, group off German officer give up w/ hands in the air, fighting in city, ship on the fire.
07:55:35 London, Big Ben in the fog, double deck bus on road, tanks, street scenes, statue of Abraham Lincoln. CU plan of D-day, narration reads out D-day attack plans under command of Eisenhower.
07:56:30 Large airfield. w/ reinforcement fighter planes & troops depart; soldiers enter aircraft. CU writing on the plane: “Now it’s our turn, you’ve had yours you German ..(last word wiped off), planes set off, shot down to the glider planes on airfield. planes in air, view of coast line, various shots of the planes in the air. Gliders
land in fields, soldiers off planes. Battle field, German tanks fight back, shooting, explosions, British soldiers run thru city, march on the field. Landed planes on field, Mulberry harbor started w/ constructing the port, shot of the long bridge across water.
07:58:35 CU Winston Churchill inspects new port w/ Montgomery, soldiers, officers in the port.
07:58:44 16Jun44 Montgomery & officers salute King George VI arrival in France, climbs down stairs & shakes hands w/ Montgomery; rubs his hands, shot of officers incl. Tedder. New army base construction, tractors work on field. Army officer in pub (?), French troops pack bags & leave army barracks for France. Soldiers board aircraft, planes on runway, in the air, fly over channel, Pluto pipeline being laid. LS planes fly low over the channel, shot from low flying planes to the ground, fly over the fields, villages.
WWII Normandy Invasion; Operation Overlord;

221236 1944 08:00:37 - 08:05:47
[D-Day 6-6-44] Pt. 2 of 3 ?

Tanks & troops on country road, soldiers run behind tanks. Fighting in streets, CU soldiers, explosions. Camouflaged soldiers run thru woods, throw grenades, load guns & shoot. Field artillery, tanks, farmhouse on fire, shots of the battlefield; as weather gets better Air Force joins in battle, officer w/ cigar looks up in the sky, air force planes lift up from the runway.
08:02:30 CU camouflaged watch tower, fighter planes in air, soldiers on ground run for cover, explosions, fire, shot to ground from aircraft. Soldiers hiding in field, black smoke from tank, shooting, smoke, cars, houses on the fire, CU heavy field artillery, shooting.
08:03:21 Group of German soldiers surrender, walk w/ hands up, war prisoners on road, shots of crushed cars on the roadsides. City ruins, tank thru city ruins, German army medics help injured in the rubble. Destroyed city, broken down cars, group of officers look at dead soldiers lying on the street, grave yard.
08:04:09 French flags hang out of windows, smiling people run on the street, officer incl. Charles de Gaulle march on streets of liberated city, people gather, shake hands, look out of windows.
08:04:48 CU grave of unknown soldier w/ helmet on the cross. LS plane on runway, Allied forces, pilot shakes hand w/ De Gaulle, soldiers bathe, fix aircraft, do laundry, sit around in the sun, joke w/ kids, cow next to the plane
08:05:20 1 month after D-day, various empty gliders, LS cleared beach, CU crosses in grave yard, empty airfield. Incomplete?
WWII Normandy Invasion; Operation Overlord;

221212 1944 08:44:30 - 08:53:17
[Allied Beachhead, Cherbourg, France]

High aerials over beach, fields w/ light clouds.
08:45:43 Landing craft & LSTs moving toward shore w/ wake seen through light clouds.
08:46:44 Over land, roads & farms.
08:47:48 Beach thru light clouds before landing (no ships visible). (GOOD)
08:50:48 High view over water, small boats (?) & occasional ship visible.
08:52:09 Many ships towards shore, then clouds.
WWII Invasions - Normandy; English Channel; D-Day 1944;

LN 400-292 06Jun44 21:20:49 - 21:29:50
[D-Day Special] R1 of 2

Army - Navy Screen Magazine #32
Intro title re June 6, 1944 & introducing General Joseph T. McNarney, Deputy Chief of Staff... Sitting at desk: “June 6th is the day that will be marked in the memory of every man & woman in the world...”
21:23:51 Men marching out of camp, into landing craft, ships in channel w/ barrage balloons above. Pan over camouflaged ships; men sleeping, reading invasion book on France, comic books, bibles. Men cooking on shipboard & eating on hood of jeep. Signal on bridge of ships as they begin moving across.
21:25:40 Gliders w/ British markings, paratroopers issued rations, checking on motorcycles. Loading magazines w/ bullets, checking pistols, guns, loading hand grenades, sharpening knife. Load gliders w/ jeeps, artillery. Men blacking faces, march to gliders who wave goodbye. Briefing outside planes; put on life jackets. Gen. Brereton seeing men off. Salute goodbye, 9th Air Force C-47 planes taking off. Planes in flight over English Channel.
21:29:17 Planes over German coastline, dropping bombs & explosions (GOOD)
WWII - Invasion - France; Normandy;

LN 400-292 06Jun44 21:29:51 - 21:38:41
[D-Day Special] R2 of 2

Army - Navy Screen Magazine #32
Ships across English channel seen from air; overhead planes in formation. View from water of fleet; man on phone; ships open fire. Small amphibious carft & landing craft to shore; men in landing craft. Ships firing. Men out of landing craft (minimum of scratches). Men out of landing craft (no scratches). Men coming onto beach, hit & falling. View ashore, men round cliff at water edge. Men digging into sand, wounded; planting dynamite. Ships floundering.
21:32:28 Wounded carried around cliff on stretcher; medic w/ plasma bottle; wounded treated. German POWs in mcu sitting on pebble beach.
21:33:07 Ships w/ Eisenhower’s flag; Ike, Gen. Bradley up onto ship w/ Ike. Montgomery arriving on shipboard & standing w/ Ike & Bradley.
21:33:49 Gen. Clark on window sill w/ map & troops in Rome, view of streets on 03Jun06 as Germans leaving, riding bicycle. Aerial of road in Germany w/ convoy.
21:34:25 Allied troops moving into Rome, Signs, around fountain. Across bridge w/ St. Peter’s behind, tanks & GIs marching down street toward colliseum; w/ Scottish bagpipes, convoys coming in. People greeting, applauding, waving, laughing (GOOD). Tearing down German anti-American posters. Tank in front of Victor Emmanuel Monument. St. Peters square crowd, Pope on balcony giving blessing; cheering crowd. Bells ringing.
21:37:15 Sign: Saint-Marcouf w/ GIs marching past w/ machine guns. French talking to them. Troops resting by fence, houses. GI talking to kid, walking past sculpture. The End.
WWII - Invasion - France; NormandyLiberation;

220465 1944 01:14:01 - 01:17:02
WWII - Post D-Day Memorial Service, Cherbourg Peninsula cemetery

Service at cemetery with wooden crosses & freshly dug graves. Men at attention around edge as Chaplain speaks (MOS). Band, flag. Band playing. Gen. Bradley present. Wreath placed. Rifle salute fired. Bugler playing taps. Men break ranks & look at crosses. Indian or Japanese-American. CU band leader & players.Advance into France etc post D-Day

220286 22Jun1944 01:21:54 – 01:28:07
WWII- Invasion - Cherbourg - 22-23 Jun 44

Men along hedge row w/ pics, rocket launcher, ammunition. Down steep bank & setting up. Soldier eating from canteen cup while resting on ground; others smoke. Soldier wipes fork on pants, drinks from cup. Appears tired. Sleeping in trench. Men put on gloves; machine gun handed to another; look through hedge. Riflemen advance; man on phone. Machine gun firing. View of explosion on far hill. Man pulls back from brush & eats from can. Men wheel ammo on cart along road under trees; resting & man massaging feet. Cleaning mortar barrel. slate 22 Jun 44 Germans come out of brush surrendering.220286 22Jun1944 01:28:08 – 01:29.14
WWII - Destruction - Cherbourg (?)]
Extremely wrecked buildings w/ soldier walking carefully through ruins ; looking through window; a number through open area; men loading rubble; LS bulldozer & devastation. Clearing rocks.

220451 26Jun1944 21:11:42 – 21:21:13
WWII - France - Cherbourg - Schlieben & Hennecke captured]

Wet streets in wrecked village; GI looks at wrecked tank. Smoke over hill top with soldiers along street. Dead German in doorway, GI looks at him. Woman & guy talking to GIs. GIs looking at dead German. MCU of dead. Medics in jeep; truck. German General walking & int. VII Corps w/ Gen. Collins interviewing. outside HQ w/ Adm. Hennecke. Get into jeep, crowd around. They leave.
21:14:54 Aircraft landing . Wounded in trucks. DUKWs take wounded to waiting ships. Jeep carrying wounded to beach - wounded on board troop carrier for evacuation.
21:20:05 Interior tent - mother and new born baby with army medics - medics leave tent

220288 12Jul1944 05:37:06 – 05:41:16
WWII - France, Signal Depot w/ Poles, Crates & Wire

Unloading load of telegraph poles with crane from truck. helping manipulate 3 poles. Loading drums of telephone wire into truck. Stockpile of crates beside road, truck arriving w/ cargo net of crates. Blacks unload. Signal depot supplies. Cu of labels. Coils of wire stacked. Truck load of poles off road into supply area. Truck loads of wire coils onto road.220288 12Jul1944 05:43:38 – 05:48:10
WWII - France - Supply Jeep & Clothing etc. Given Out
Supply jeep arrives. ( out of focus ) Men passing out socks, clothing, bedrolls etc. in rest area. Men inspect & leave smiling. Man pouring beer. Man pumping water into helmet. Men checking boots. Man washing in wooden bucket & lathering up. Washing feet & putting on clean socks. Man shaving. Men drying clothes on ground. Retake of same. Troops shaving & washing in helmet.

220288 12Jul1944 05:37:06 – 05:41:16
WWII - France, Signal Depot w/ Poles, Crates & Wire

Unloading load of telegraph poles with crane from truck. helping manipulate 3 poles. Loading drums of telephone wire into truck. Stockpile of crates beside road, truck arriving w/ cargo net of crates. Blacks unload. Signal depot supplies. Cu of labels. Coils of wire stacked. Truck load of poles off road into supply area. Truck loads of wire coils onto road.220288 12Jul1944 05:41:17 – 05:43:37
WWII - France - AA Supporting Infantry Attack
377th AA BN Battalion. Men rush to camouflaged 50 cal Machine Gun on M-16 motor carriage, uncover & load. Pointing, Firing. Man moves ammunition up. Men relaxing by wall, man on field telephone. Unit cranks cartridges back into magazine & take to MG.

220288 12Jul1944 05:43:38 – 05:48:10
WWII - France - Supply Jeep & Clothing etc. Given Out

Supply jeep arrives. (out of focus) Men passing out socks, clothing, bedrolls etc. in rest area. Men inspect & leave smiling. Man pouring beer. Man pumping water into helmet. Men checking boots. Man washing in wooden bucket & lathering up. Washing feet & putting on clean socks. Man shaving. Men drying clothes on ground. Retake of same. Troops shaving & washing in helmet.

200514 13Jul1944 10:10:15 – 10:15:48
[WWII - Mortars]

South of Carentan, France. 87th Chemical Mortar Battalion. Men on field phones in bunker under canvas. One man w/ map plotting. Men w/ picks digging & others helping to place large mortar launcher. Men attach sight. Small weasel up to truck & ammunition boxes loaded into it. Drives through farm yard. Men dug into brush w/ field phone make notes & plot on map. run up to camouflaged launchers & fire. Men unload boxes of ammo. Jeep & trailer w/ 6 men up & set up mortar base, barrel & elevator. Cu of adjusting. Cap, sandbag in place, load & fire. Clean barrel & cover w/ camouflage netting. Man on phone.

200514 20Jul1944 10:15:49 – 10:21.19
[WWII - Troops into St. Lo]

Men walk w/ rifles past sign, Saint - Lo; MCU of sign along road & troops into edge of town. Haze or smoke. Soldier crouched down; resting & eating hot meal by hedgerow. Men move ahead into town. Foggy. Walk through mines. Eating. Man reading Stars & Stripes (too brief to use).200514 20Jul1944 10:21:37 – 10:24:16
Men along road by sign, into town along brick wall. Cameraman taking pictures as men come up to where group is eating. Men getting food. 22:23:39 Medics carry stretcher w/ wounded past men eating. Load onto Jeep. GI pumping water. Men past German sign outside St. Lo, walk off road along brick wall & down narrow alley. Men eating beans.

220288 22Aug1944 05:25:13 – 05:27:12
WWII - Road to Paris - 23rd Co, Third Army & 2nd French Armored

23rd Co, Third Army (US) meets 2nd French Armored Div on road near Versailles. Tanks beside the road, men sitting on it w/ helmets on. German trucks etc. driven by GIs. Black tank driver. Wounded French man from tank crew tended. GIs; FFI beside in small car.

220288 22Aug1944 05:33:29 – 05:34:40
WWII - France - Under Sec Patterson at 1st Div HQ

1st Div HQ w/ Under Sec War Patterson, Somervell greeted by Huebner, CG 1st Div at arrival at HQ. People welcoming troops to Paris. scramble onto statue, jeep. Man kissing woman. Celebrations

220288 23Aug1944 05:34:41 – 05:37:05
WWII - France - FFI

Parked jeeps & tanks past of French. Gen. Phillipe Leclerc speaks to crowd. Walk along street followed by large crowd. civilian & military POWs marched down street by FFI. GIs in jeep through crowds. People on tank greeted. Black driver in jeep & GI shaking hands & being kissed. FFI toward Eiffel tower. Trucks stopped. Celebrations

220288 23Aug1944 05:27:13 – 05:31:16
WWII - France - 2nd Armored Attack in Grain Fields

Wounded German given medical aid beside road. Germans surrender in hay field, searched. Tank through field; smoke ahead. 3 women, dog & GI chewing gum. 2nd Armd Div Tanks past burning houses. Heavily burned house. Burning debris by roadside; POWs searched. Burning tank. GI watching fire; throw torch into grass over vehicle. Wounded German POW in field. German w/ surrender flag running out of field. Men on tank firing rifle. Tanks advance followed by GIs. Germans surrender. Young troops. Soldiers of 41st Inf Regt, 66th Amd Regt, 2nd Armd Div.

220288 25Aug1944 05:31:17 – 05:33:28
WWII - Paris - Liberation - Latin Quarter

GIs through Latin Quarter of Paris with people waving & giving V-signs. Cameraman. Kids. Street Scenes & people waving. CU of women. Man walking through with FFI & police. Views in street & Damaged statue. GIs throw out cigarettes. Celebrations V signs

220450 1944 19:23:54 – 19:30:59
WWII - France - Cherbourg Aftermath - Navy Men

Smoke over Cherbourg & destruction at edge of harbor. St. Sc. & leveled RR yards. Ship on side. Destroyed German gun emplacements. Bldg w/ French & US flag. Crowd outside of GIs & French; GIs playing harmonica & guitar & everyone singing, smiling. Troops march in square; US Gens Barton, Wyshe & others. BBC mic. Tank rolls up w/ Generals on it. White flag on German position. GI looks at harbor; men paddle rubber raft searching for mines. View of harbor from gun. Men patrol w/ rifles at dock area; Fires burn in distance. USN men inspect souvenirs & talking. Semaphore man signalling.

220255 1944 01:23:39 – 01:31:30
[Campaign in France - US AAF Bombers Spearhead]

Men moving tanks w/ hedgerow cutters thru village debries; troops march along roads. Sky full of bombers & men watch from tanks & ground. Men catch notes or ?? from planes; artillery firing (good). Sandbagged tanks past camera. Others along road. GIs walking w/ shovels. Bombers over & falling from hits. MCU Artillery firing. Planes in flames. Tanks along road. Dead cow. GIS along road past sign, following tank. Jeep, POWs marched, searched, papers checked.220333 1945 17:17:10 – 17:25:45
Two Miracles
Film Communique 16th Issue.
17:17:38 Phantom Harbor Aerials of fleet. Montage of ships, troops & equipment used for Normandy invasion. Floating harbours used in the Normandy invasion towed across the English Channel; floating bridges, steel four-poster piers, breakwaters incl. aerial view & scuttled vessels used as port facilities on the Normandy coast. Diagrams. Aerial view & map floating harbour. Setting off dynamite to sink ships as base. 17:21:54 Trucks, tanks & troops down ramp (GOOD). A storm lashes a floating harbour, harbour damaged. 17:25:20 Tired troops eating, resting, smoking.

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