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X 220629 11:00:00 - 12:06:04 1936 SD B/W
Reefer Madness
Reefer Madness is a feature film morality tale of how reefer addiction ruins the life of its young protagonist and gets a lot of other people killed, sexually compromised and committed to lunatic asylums. Aims to show the harm done to American youth by smoking the drug Marijuana / dope / narcotics.
Parents at anti-drug meeting. Dope plants found by police, joints made. Smuggling devices used to traffic Heroin, opium and morphine - fake cases, hollowed out heels of shoes, hollow shaving brushes, books, watches. US Gov. agent displays barrels which were seized carrying heroin. Drugs burned in incinerator.
11:07:39 Fictional story begins.

221336 04:16:23 - 04:17:03 1936 SIL B/W
A Million Dreams Go UP In Smoke In Narcotics Bonfire
Ca. 05Oct36
Chicago police dumping & stacking bundles bags of dope, dousing w/ gas. Dope poured from can; large hashish pipes inspected. Bonfire ignited and burning.
Illegal Drugs Destroyed;

220641 01:28:34 - 01:29:35 1937 SD B/W
Manhunt - US seizes Twenty in Dope Ring / FBN Head appeal
Agents carrying bags of narcotics and arrested men out of building and into waiting van. Interior offices with agents. Joseph Martin, Director of Federal Bureau of Narcotics discusses the Bureau’s work and offers a reward for the capture of Lepke / Gurrah / Buchalter.

220588 15:38:26 - 15:50:43 1937 Sd B/W
League of Nations - The League at Work Reel 2
La Societé à L'Oeuvre (1937) Explores history of and explains the various functions of each branch of the League of Nations.
15:45:16 - Campaign against dangerous drugs / narcotics. Junks in harbour. Meeting of three men and one woman re drugs. Old Scotland yard ? Shots heroin / hashish and other drugs. Smuggling.

220458 04:17:10 - 04:30:42 1939 Si b/w
Even in this Day and Age: A Review of Major Forces Tending to Produce Social Breakdown.
Title card: The purpose of this picture is to encourage THOUGHT, DISCUSSION, ACTION; to remedy demoralizing influences.
04:25:30 Cars on Westside Highway, NYC. Neon signs advertising alcohol, liquor. Alcohol poured in glass by shaky hands, spills, CU drunken hands can’t open car with keys, CU steering wheel & hand grabbing. Limp hand in hospital clothes put under blanket. CU Cigarette burning. Smoking cigarette in ashtray. CU newspaper article with ‘doped cigarette’ underlined, “Marijuana”. Hand holds cigarette w/ smoke.

220783 21:29:28 - 21:33:00 1943 Si B/W
[Drugs - High School Boys Smoke Marijuana]
3 High school boys taking sneak smoke outside stone house. Inhale marijuana & one chokes on it. Pass joint around. Filmed at 37th St & 1st Ave, NYC.

015598 04:12:24 - 04:12:45 1951 Si B/W
Waxey Gordon Arrested as Dope Czar
Under titles Gordon and another man under arrest walked down corridor - CU Gordon and others under arrest. Packages of narcotics - heroin.

220708 05:38:43 - 05:48:37 1950s ? SIL B/W
Native Street in Asia
05:44:36 Men lay in opium den smoking pipe. Pinups of American film stars on wall. Drug taking paraphernalia.
05:45:15 Man prepares heroin fix. Mixing powder with liquid - stirring with syringe. CU Man injects himself in leg.

X 221308 14:03:57 - 14:12:41 1952 SD B/W
Drug Addiction Pt. 1 of 2
Encyclopaedia Britannica Films
Large lawn outside college or University & three couples into convertible jalopy to drive-in & getting served ice cream cones & milkshakes.
14:04:55 Young man stocking shoe boxes in store from ladder; another grabs a camera & puts under shirt & walks out. Black woman panhandling in neighborhood, older Black woman gives her a coin. Older boy grabs young boy & mugs him on busy street, stealing his violin case.
14:05:29 Young man sits in chair smoking w/ drugs & spoon beside him. CU pills.
14:05:51 Illustration of poppy, opium, morphine & heroin. Diagram of man w/ needle & showing effect on brain, heart & nervous system. Large needles shown. Drawing of marijuana & hemp plant. Cocoa plant & heart beating, diagram of violent man. Sleeping man.
14:07:55 CU sign Narcotics Bureau on door, opens & agent goes in w/ arrested man, young man puts paper into typewriter. Slums w/ washing on line & car parked. Ext.of brownstone houses w/ some lights on inside. Pan over windows, man sitting reading & smoking. Int. & older man at desk reading thick book; takes out drug paraphenalia. Man rings apartment no. 24 bell; young man w/ bow tie comes to door, takes out wallet & gives man wad of bills & gets drug vial.
14:09:03 Two boys exhanging money for drugs in doorway in daytime; olderman in dark glasses takes money & gives drugs. Man in hardware store shoplifts, chased down street by owner & into arms of cop who grabs him. Searches him & finds bent spoon, bag of pills
14:10:12 Courtroom SOF “...heroin.” “Let’s see your arms”. “How long you taken heroin?” “I smoked marijuana.”
14:11:05 Five guys around candles smoking marijuana; “Come on, its my turn next...where did you get it?” “Gee I feel awful funny...I feel kinda sick.” Three of them steal case of soda pop, break bottles on window & drink cutting themselves w/ the glass.
14:12:05 Two guys into cafe booth & sit down, one pulls out heroin; dares other to try it. Continued...
Drugs; 1950s Stereotypes; Juvenile Delinquency; Theft; Stealing; Petty Crime; Criminals; Ghetto; Blacks; Poverty; Americana; Economics;

X 221308 14:14:41 - 14:24:40 1952 SD B/W
Drug Addiction Pt. 2 of 2
Men sorting capsules of heroin, buying & exchanging money. Man won’t give cut to guy who got him started. Seller says to use a needle so he doesn’t waste it. Shooting up in bathroom at work; begins to steal from grocery. Unemployed & he sits on doorstep, only friends are other addicts. Mother making bed “knows something is wrong.” “Marty, have you seen the pinking shears I bought last week” She’s washing dishes & he’s at table, she threatens to take him to the doctor. He steals from her purse & leaves.
14;16:34 Ext. staggering around service station w/ cold chills etc., runs into bathroom.
14:17:00 Int. at pusher’s; he sits next to him on couch, “you wouldn’t help your mother out of a rat hole.” Tries to get Marty to bring in customers; he agrees & takes marijuana to get guys hooked.
14:18:16 Unpacking boxes of fish on ice, pure heroin in tubes; mixed w/ milk sugar & resold w/in syndicate. Pusher puts into capsules. Junkies on street in doorway selling. Marty washing windows; shoplifting. In court again. Mother appeals to judge “He’s a good boy.” Sentenced to 1 year in jail, but will send him to hospital instead if he agrees.
14:21:20 US Public Health Service pamphlet. Marty in hospital & working; playing checkers, baseball. Back on street & still shunned, walks down street. Other addicts only ones that will talk to him. Marty into out-patient clinic, other addict on street. Cutting drugs on table & buying from syndicate. Money changing hands.
14:23:27 Happy young people out of building & couples walk off together. One guy meets pusher who tries to get him to take a couple of joints. Breaks away & runs to police car & points guy out. Group of young people laughing.
Drugs; 1950s Stereotypes; Juvenile Delinquency; Theft; Stealing; Petty Crime; Criminals; Ghetto; Blacks; Poverty; Americana; The Mob; Economics;

221229 16:20:38 - 16:31:08 1954? SD COL
Warning re classified information on head of film.
16:21:23 Experimental Compound MER-17 (Frenquel) - New Blocking Agent Aganst The Development of LSD-25 Psychosis Pt. 1 of 3
By Howard D. Fabing, M.D., Cincinnati, Ohio Thanks to William E. Hillard M.D. for assisting. LSD-25 supplied by Sandoz Pharmaceuticals Division, Sandoz Chemical Works, Inc. New York, NY. MER-17 supplied by Medical Research Dept., The Wm. S. Merrell Co. Cincinatti, O.
16:22:27 Man goes to clock, turns around & speaks to camera: “The object of this presentation... we have used two healthy graduate students but time only permits showing one.” MCU of two smiling students.
LSD shown given at 9:30 to both w/ liquid. After hour interviewed, feeling almost naseous. Dry throat; “I have to maintain my attention.” Three hour & asking if he knows why they separated the two fellows.
16:24:46 Man asks paranoid question; then the doctor asked him why he asked Ronnie the question. He thinks was disguising the paranoia. Asked about visual phenomona; he tries to describe the patterns & colors. He forgets the question. Wants to get rid of his nervousness & apprehension.
16:28:19 Smokes cigarette. Tries to answer questions. Answers some.
16:29:59 3:45 Six hours later. Knows where he is. Doesn’t feel elated or depressed. “I guess I am sad, depressed.” Continued...

221229 16:31:08 - 16:41:28 1954? SD COL
Experimental Compound MER-17 (Frenquel) - New Blocking Agent Aganst The Development of LSD-25 Psychosis Pt. 2 of 3
“I lost time perception.” Asked if anxious - “I’m awful nervous.” What’s your mood? “I’m apprehensive”
“Just trying to stay in contact w/ reality.”
16:32:46 07:30 Can you describe what you were a few hours back? “Just mass confusion...not aware of pleasantness or unpleasantness.
16:33:25 “Well Ronnie, do you think the picture shows the whole story of your LSD-25 experience? “Not by a long shot.” Reads what he wrote the next day about the experience. I decided to do as little as possible so I’d make no mistakes. Felt that night that the tv was talking in “loaded phrases.”
16:35:03 Calendar page for November 1954 “During the next week Ronnie was give a 5 milligram tablet twice daily... In front of chart MD explains how the blocking agent Meratran-17 works.
16:36:19 Ronnie given 1/10 milligram of LSD w/ water at 10 after, at half hour intervals asked for his reaction. Slowly becomes restless but still under control, time doesn’t distort.
16:39:15 After 3 hrs but doesn’t feel as nervous as before. Still can follow the conversation.
16:40:35 “Same systems but it just doesn’t happen.”

221229 16:41:28 - 16:52:54 1954? SD COL
Experimental Compound MER-17 (Frenquel) - New Blocking Agent Aganst The Development of LSD-25 Psychosis Pt. 3 of 3
Ronnie comes in, sits down & asked to read what he wrote after second experiment. Describes both experiments.
16:42:04 Doctor as though talking to group answers questions on dosage for blocking. Says from 10 thru 100 mg. Has done testing on 8 subjects so far w/ double-blind testing; all successful. Questioned about Clinical applications; says works w/ some acute schizophrenics; alcoholic hallucinoges; etc. Says continuing work on mescaline, cannabis & others.
16:43:58 Talks about “...18Dec54 Ronnie drank a second 100 gamma of LSD-25 w/o protection; 4 1/2 hrs he was in an almost catatonic state. At that time 10 mg MER-17 was given intraveneously & given again 15 min. later & brought back to almost normal state. Shows film clip of Ronnie in catatonic state; questions him. Few responses.
16:46:30 Injection given. Other doctor alongside. 3 minutes later questioned & beginning to come out. Ronnie says less confused. Questioning continues. Ronnie says there’s been a reorganization, a getting things into place.
16:48:05 2nd injection given. “ waking up from a fever.” Questioned after 30 minutes from the first injection. Then questioned after an hour. Smokes a cigarette. “I’m no longer anxiety ridden now.”
16:50:28 Later, Ronnie speaks of his subjective reaction during the three experiments; reads from notes describing his feelings of being on a flower bed w/ flowers bursting in a regular pattern. Then things seemed to clear up and I felt sane but I knew I wasn’t. I was a stranger in this world... I realized that what happened to me in the few minutes after the injections was significant... all of a sudden I found myself willing to cooperate...” The End.

221229 17:04:53 - 17:17:01 1955 SD B/W
Schizophrenic Model Psychosis Induced By LSD 25 Pt. 2 of 2
aka LSD: Experiment in Terror (1955)
Doctor asks him to taste malted milk so see if any distortion in sensation. Bill says its the same distortion throughout the experince. “It’s lopsided...I seem to be listening to you & being the audience listening to me.” They discuss food; he doesn’t want food as he is feeling fine and that food would interrupt the experience. Doctor says in a few hours this whole thing will leave him.
17:07:17 Bill tries to explain the special meaning this experience is having for him.
17:07:45 2pm “he is flying high” Again makes a drawing of the same fellow as before. Bill says he feels like time is going backwards. Sketches w/ the charcoal w/ his left hand. Questioned while he’s sketching. “I’ll never get over it. I’ll never be the same.” Talks of beauty.
17:09:52 Bill gets very emotional. Doctor leads him in drawing. Picture very rigid. Asked if more difficult now to draw he says “Its a lot of fun.” Doctor ask him to compare the drawings. Bill says he doesn’t see any real difference; however very different.
17:12:13 Bill describing colors & what he’s seeing in terms of doctor’s face. “I don’t know how much I’m seeing, and how much I’m pretending to see.” “I’ve had some sort of entrance into an emotional life.”
17:13:21 Concentrating on his hands; describes one as heavier, more positive. “I feel these lovely colors vibrating all over me.” Tries to describe it for the doctor. Completely into himself, smiling & says he can’t describe it, begins to cry. Doctor claps his hand and asks what it does. He says it interrupts the experience.
17:15:13 3:05 “This is where the LSD experience normally goes into decline, but Bill is still at it.” Bill: “such benevolence...I feel as though I have no enemies in the world...its marvelous.” Questioned about the messianic experience that he previously had described. Doctor describes what Bill’s experiences on ending the experiment.

221229 16:53:06 - 17:04:53 1955 SD COL Schizophrenic Model Psychosis Induced By LSD 25 Pt. 1 of 2
aka LSD: Experiment in Terror (1955)
Nicholas A. Bercel, M.D., Department of Physiology, University of Southern California Medical School
Filmed by Confidential Telepictures Inc. Material furnished through the courtesy of Sandoz Pharmaceutical Co. (Prof. E. Rothlin, Basel, Switzerland & Mr. Harry Althouse, San Francisco...)
16:53:45 CU LSD vial & syringe. Doctor sharpening needle w/ another man watching prepares LSD in a cup; narration “...when in 1943 Hoffmann became temporarily psychotic thru accidental ingestion of the drug...” “TV’s Paul Coates of Confidential File undertook to film a model psychosis in our laboratory in an attempt to impress upon the public thru a case of artificial insanity that the mentally ill is not inhabited by the devil.”
16:54:24 Doctor sits down w/ volunteer Bill at 12 o’clock. Gives cup of 100 mg. Asks how it tasted and looked. He gives name, address & says he’s a painter. (William Malark (sp?), 3540 Las Paso, Los Angeles 65. Age 34). He’s given materials to sketch w/ charcoal the portrait.
16:56:39 12:17 & Bill lays down & wired for testing. Print out of EG & various pens. Then back into chair & describes feelings of floating, sees colors, etc. Doctor questions about feeling of body etc. Bill laughs, describes rug pulsating. Doctor asks if Bill feels sorry that he’s not enjoying the experiment.
17:00:22 Again drawing w/ charcoal, asks if its purple. When told its black Bill then says he can’t explain what he wants to explain.
17:02:07 Talks a lot trying to explain what he’s hearing ie. singing of angels; what he’s seeing.
17:02:45 They offer him food but he says its repugnant. “I want to feed off this feeling, this joy, which seems to be coming from everything.”
17:03:40 “I feel that I’m perfectly adequate, I mean I can take care of myself from now on. I have no hunger, my sensation is perfect. Its just a wonderful state.” Doctor pushes him to eat. Bill explains that he wants to have the experience go on & on & on. Continued...

221178 10:07:00 - 10:08:55 1957 SIL B/W [Philadelphia Dope Bust]
Night, detective reading statement to police & others inside ballroom (?) before raid.
10:07:10 Man & woman walked(?) to car; police man in & car leaves. Policeman on car radio. Cars leave.
Men break lock on front door of house, go inside, into apartment & also up stairs. Searching room, inside hats etc. Several suspects in beds. Detectives go thru closet, boxes w/ drug paraphenalia.
10:08:05 Booking Black suspects, fingerprinting. Man covering eyes with arm. CU pistol. Evidence on white paper: shells, cigarettes, pills, pipe, rolling papers.
10:08:33 Police walking arrested men past camera, into station for booking.

X 221115 04:00:15 - 04:16:00 1960s SD B/W
[Police & Community Meeting - California] [Part 1 of 2]
[Produced by UCLA for US Dept. of Mental Health - ‘The Social Seminar’ series.]
VS meeting of police officers & community representatives in Huntington Beach, California - raise issues of concern re alienation of police from community - drugs etc. Police chief “a police officer has no business being a social services worker...”. Young people disagree. Police re reality of job “we’re not professional bleeding hearts...we throw people in the slammer”. Group discusses lack of facilities for teenagers - policeman explains that youth club was shut down due to stabbings, drug sales & kidnap of girl held for three days & “raped continously by a motorcycle group”.
04:09:19 Man discusses deterioration of town w/ cutaway to still shots of vacant land filled w/ new houses - street scenes - many walled communities rather than unified city; sign ‘Huntington Beach - Patrolled by Aircraft’ - helicopter in sky. Mayor points out funding secured for new library & park.
04:11:32 Teenage girl “I have a very strong dislike for police bordering on hate from personal experience”. Police chief partly blames bad PR & media image, compared to fire department. Woman high school secretary refers to incident of police narcotics agent infiltrating high school posing as student & went on to arrest three students for possession of drugs - upset school life - one source of problems between police & community - ”the kids wouldn’t trust the teachers any more”. Policemen ask why teachers would keep quiet when they are aware of illegal drug use in school.

X 221115 04:16:01 - 04:29:03 1960s SD B/W
[Police & Community Meeting - California] [Part 2 of 2]
School teacher talks re students loss of faith in teachers. Policemen ask why teachers would keep quiet when they are aware of illegal drug use in school - “I don’t see why a school campus should become a sanctuary for a crime”. Student asks whether anyone’s minds will be changed by meeting - Police chief “if the remainder of this meeting continues on the same level that we’re at right now I will report to the [police dept.] staff meeting tomorrow that we had another B.S. [bullshit] session”. Teenage girl gets animated “are you willing and humble enough to say that maybe someone else has a better idea...?” Meeting chairman asks who would be willing to lead new community initiative. Group members asked what they think will come of the meeting - most say very little achieved.

220581 08:11:32 - 08:21:07 1960s ? Si col&b/w
Drugs - narcotics
CU man smoking. ( b/w )
Psychedelic light effects - flashing lights - hands - bodies.
08:14:37 liquid dropping from pipette into jar. Shot purposely made out of focus to create effect. Drug ampoules. Psychedelic effect on faces.
Following black and white
08:15:57 Hands filling syringe from ampoule. Water dripping from pipette. Ampoules with LSD on label . Syringe filled.
08:18:50 Unid man to camera (mos) Man with two young men on beds.
08:20:06 Controlled drug experimentation ? LSD ? Young man lying on couch covering eyes - drug paraphernalia on table. Young man is watched by male nurse.

220581 08:21:08 - 08:31:58 1960s ? Si col&b/w
Drugs. - Narcotics LSD
Doctor interviews young man (B/W MOS) Young man lying on couch intercut. Controlled drug experimentation ?
08:23:13 Col - Liquid dropping from pipette - intentionally out of focus to create effect.
08:23:50 CU screw on microscope - pull back to scientist looking down scope - zoom in. Liquid in jar changing colour. with use of air and centrifugal force.
08:26:05 Drugs / heroin on saucer - psychedelic light effects.
08:27:50 Weird lighting - man on sitar - drums - lighting attempts to show effects of drugs on brain “trip“.

220598 06:07:29 - 06:09:39 1960s ? Si col
Drugs - London
Night Shots - Boots all night dispensing chemist - crowds of young men and women getting prescriptions filled. Young woman with paper cup - methadone ?
06.08.45 CU Coca Cola neon sign in Piccadilly Circus - West End street scenes - traffic - flashing lights. Old woman feeding pigeons / birds

X 221326 07:31:18 - 07:40:19 1963 SD B/W
Harlem Crusader [Part 1 of 3]
Encyclopaedia Britannica Films - edited for classrooms version of NBC feature Manhattan Battleground, produced by William Jersey following White social worker Dan Murrow of American Friends Services Committee & his efforts to improve poor Black & Puerto Rican neighborhood, New York City.
07:31:26 High pan across East Harlem, kids run acros rooftops - Murrow on roof, tells kids to be careful. Titles. Looks down on 111th Street. Blacks wear bandanas, fight in street w/ batons. CU street sign Park Ave. / 111 St. Pan down past elevated railroad to street scene, young men play ball games. VO re gang fights repaced by drug problem & “poverty of opportunity”. Murrow along street, gives encouragement to young Black man re job opportuniy he has found for him.
07:34:32 Storekeeper tells Murrow he’s worried about dope addicts: “they’re not bad people, they’re really sick people”. Further shots Murrow at work on streets, advises men on coming off dope & finding work.
07:37:22 Murrow arrives home, greets wife & baby daughter; talking on phone. Night, people at window. Murrow chats w/ man who came off dope - reads Murrow poem he wrote “I’m Not Afraid of Tomorrow, I Have See Yesterday”; Murrow tells him “the Boss Upstairs” would be “tipping his hat right now”.
07:39:50 Street scene w/ kids playing. Group of Black men on street in social group / gang ‘The Miracles’.

X 221326 07:40:19 - 07:50:11 1963 SD B/W
Harlem Crusader Pt. 2 of 3
Meeting of The Miracles group addressed by ex-gang leader John Torres who helped Murrow clean up neighbourhood, gives pep talk & hands out rolled up newspapers for gang fight in back alley - lead pipes no longer used - accepted as way of young men letting off steam.
07:42:32 Murrow in apartment of Miracle gang members inc. Torres. Murrow talks to young boy who thinks his brother has stolen his camera to pay for drugs & talks w/ boy’s mother [Puerto Rican]. He recovers camera from pawn shop; takes boys play in water spray from fire hydrant.
07:45:20 Meeting of Miracles gang - planning send-off for Murrow who is leaving for college in Boston. Torres praises his dedication. Street scenes w/ heavy rain. Torres dictates farewell letter to John, girlfriend writing - cut to Murrow crossing road w/ disabled man Joey to interview for clerical job. Woman behind desk very friendly “you come very highly recommended” - Joey looks glum. Joey & Murrow talk on street outside.

X 221326 07:50:11 - 07:58:35 1963 SD B/W
Harlem Crusader Pt. 3 of 3
Miracles members on street shopping for going-away gifts for Murrow; barter w/ vendor for umbrella. Murrow & wife at leaving party, guests sing “For He’s A Jolly Good Fellow”. Murrow hugs Black & Puerto Rican young people he has helped. Gifts presented to Murrow, wife & baby - opens umbrella. Kids upset to see him go.
07:54:10 Elevated railroad & tilt down to street.
07:54:20 Murrow in apartment on last day in Harlem - possessions packed. Murrow on telephone “Boston’s going to be a territory of Puerto Rico” - wave goodbye to neighbours. Moving. Murrow on street - goes to say goodbye to old lady & various friends - breaks down in tears - final farewells & away in car. Street scenes kids playing.
07:58:29 The End credits.

221120 12:57:08 - 13:10:42 1964? SIL B/W
[Harlem, New York City - Part Two]
Harlem street scenes, buildings and shopfronts.
Sign “street closed school days play area”. School entrance with civil defense sign - kids come out of school and play in street - black and white children together. Firemen hosing burning building - blazing flames from balcony - people next door look out of window and crowd looks on from street - teenage boys laugh - black firemen get on fire engine. Sign ‘Alexander Hamilton Houses” by site under construction and tower blocks nearby. Sign for bargain meat. Luncheonette. Tracking shot past derelict shops. Manny’s billiards. Little Jim’s Fish & Chip shop. Hair salon. Laundry shop. Religious shop advertising perfume. Daniel’s Billiards. Rena’s French dry cleaners “stain specialist. Tower blocks. Black children. Amsterdam News newspaper headquarters and headlines. Venice Bar next to Amsterdam News office with sign in window barring unescorted women (re prostitution); “this is a Raided premises - Police Dept.”. Club Baby Grand. Frank’s Restaurant. Sunset movie theatre marquee showing films Shocking Paris Scandal, Blue Beard, Fury At Smuggler’s Bay & Gun The Man Down. Tracking shot past shopfronts, Square Deal Market. Apollo Theatre, marquee and posters advertising Gloria Lynne, Jimmy Smith concerts. Playland games arcade exterior and interior with rides, shooting gallery. Street with traffic. Bowling Harlem Lanes. Palm Cafe with loans company upstairs. Rudy Williams rock band advertised in window. Jazz musicians photos in window. Rhode Loans pawnshop. Club Lido. House of Hope drug addict rehab centre. Upper Park Avenue Baptist Church. Poster for Mississipi Relief Committee for homeless. High angle street and traffic. 125th Street subway station and train past. Handwritten sign “The Frost Gospelaires”. Upper Park Ave. Baptist Church & welcome sign re anti-crime and anti-narcotic action. Bridge of 125th Street subway station and street signs nearby. Grand Union Hotel with flashing sign. Ladies’ and children's clothes shop.

221253 18:00:04 - 18:13:33 1967 SIL COL
[Drug Expert, Dr. Hans Halbach, World Health Organization]
Pull back from large gothic church spire w/ mountains behind to show lake and traffic across bridge. Another view across Lake Lucerne, city & boats. Large modern building (World Health Organization) of glass & concrete, zoom in on windows & geometric patterns of architecture. MS of Man smoking in front.
18:03:33 Slate Nov67 Dr. Halbach, WHO, Geneva, Swiss. Hans Halbach stands in front of WHO & talks to camera (MOS). MCU of Halbach, drug expert.
18:11:27 Clapper board. Another man on lakeshore talking to camera (MOS), CU. People walking behind on foot bridge. Pull back to traffic (only few seconds- w/ trolley, buildings, cars, bicycles across bridge.

220465 01:59:38 - 02:06:09 1968 Si col
Haight - Ashbury
Sea lapping on sandy beach - Golden Gate Bridge - shoreline. Street scenes - trams and traffic. Top shots San Francisco - buildings, skyscrapers, residential areas - looking over city to sea.
02:04:08 Street Sign Haight- Ashbury - young men / youths on street - pedestrians - various people chatting - hippies. Drug deal ?

220465 02:06:10 - 02:08:13 1968 Si col
Drugs - Border Crossing Tia Juana
Car searched at border - illegal Mexican immigrant removed from trunk and detained - suitcase searched. Cars queue to cross border - border guards question occupants. Searching cars . Official with bags full of dope / narcotics / marijuana / hash.

220465 02:08:14 - 02:19:19 1968 Si col
Drugs - Harbour - Medical Clinic Haight - Ashbury California
Harbour - Swedish passenger ship in dock - Dockside activity - tracking shot from car through street, two young people hitching lift - into car . Aerial views city - Golden Gate bridge - coastline. Harbour - trawler at anchor .
02:14:15 Police ? look to be questioning young long haired man in back of car. Youth taken into bulding
(very dark)
02:14:45 Group of squirrel monkeys running around cage - man in white coat catches one in net. CU Monkey held tightly in hand as he tries to bite lab technician. Monkeys used to test effects of LSD
02:16:34 Exterior building, sign on door David Smith MD and Assoc. Haight Ashbury Medical Clinic.
Street scenes - pedestrians - youth, hippies. Street sign Haight Ashbury. Young people walking along. Psychedelic posters.

220465 02:19:28 - 02:24:33 1968 Si col
Drugs - Border Crossing
Cars pouring through road crossing at border - queues of cars - border guards search cars. Interior customs post - cars searched .
: 21 : 49 Haight Ashbury streets - people hanging around on street corners - tracking shot - hippies - Haight Bootery - young people hanging around.

220465 02:24:35 - 02:27:16 1968 Si col
Drugs - Stanhope Research Institute
Sign “ Life Sciences Building “ shots of building. Sign Stanford Research Institute - cars in carpark - shots building . Japanese garden with statues

220467 03:46:25 - 03:56:02 1968 Si col
Drugs, Border Crossing, Smuggling, Love-In, Airdrop, Boats
US - Mexican Border. people at desk of customs. Cars being searched. Van, Volkswagen, frisking kids. Searching tyres in trunk. POV plane taking off.
Love-In 14Apr68. Tapia Park, LA County. Cars & people. Hippies, smoking dope / narcotics / marijuana. Sound stage. Fabric banners & psychedelic posters. Loudspeakers; dancing; drummer; singer; Boat harbor with condominiums. Neon & go-go signs, Bonnie & Clyde, Up Down Staircase; Aerials of LA at night.
03:53:01 14Apr68 Raven’s Hollow VA More Love in. Light aircraft takes off. Light aircraft flies over grassy field, drops package - repeated takes. Shadow of plane flying over scrubby land. POV plane landing at airport

220467 03:56:03 - 04:05:02 1968 Si col
Prison, Drugs, UCLA, Smuggling, Love-In, Yachts, Boats
Middle class in minimum security prison. Fashions of 1960s. Women inmates gardening. Ext. of prison. LS of prison complex w/ dormitory buildings. Handball courts. UCLA campus & students between classes walking & lounging. Dickson Plaza sign. Reading outdoors. Sign: UCLA. Prison recreation & men lifting weights. POV past sailing & motor yachts. Man in living room of condominium. Ext. along ocean beach. Women outdoors at prison. Sunset & boats at anchor, Mexican bay. Beach from water. Love-in, hippies, drums & group. Flower children. Police arresting & hauling off guy in handcuffs, people follow. Horsemounted police leaving to applause. Guitar players.

220598 06:09:40 - 06:22:16 1968 Si col
Young boy with donkey in open countryside. Man talking to armed police and pointing.
06:11:00 Tent encampment - Arab men with children.
06:12:15 Two Arab men standing on street talking - street scene. Two men walking along hand in hand (gay.)
Back streets of city .
06:13:16 Archaeological remains. Pillars - carving - ruins
06:15:34 Sign on building Plan Vert - locals in street.
06:16:56 Unidentified man to camera [mos]

220598 06:22:26 - 06:31:04 1968 Si col
06:22:25 Two unidentified men talking in front of wall chart ?
06:25:26 London street / suburban - terraced housing - cars down street. Zoom in on front door, number 88. Sign Beaufort Street London S.W. Woman going into number 88 - Zoom in on door signs for Doctor Geoffrey Gray and Dr. Peter Chapple. Young woman entering
06:27:10 Unidentified man doing piece to camera sitting on side of Canal / river. [mos]

221041 22:01:13 - 22:10:11 1970 c SD COL The Youth Drug Scene [Part 1]
Family Films / Johnson-Nyquist Prods.
Title card: ‘You are about to see a true story portrayed by the people who actually lived this nightmare’.
Brief shot of Woodstock-style festival. Talking heads sequence - vars young people commenting on drug culture and peer pressure [most are / were drug users themselves]. “Everybody’s using some form of drug - alcohol, nicotine - everybody in the entire world is getting stoned” - “It’s easy to start on drugs, it’s easy to stay on drugs, until you start realising something’s happening” - “Before you start taking drugs you should read the newspaper, read books...look at some of the people you know that take drugs”.

22:02:56 Psychedelic title sequence.
22:03:21 Subject of film introduced - 20 yr old Mark Lindley - “for three of his teenage years he has been drug dependant” - carpentry work on house - family around dinner table, zoom in on Mark. Psychologist Dr Herbert Shiro on difficulty of persuading kids off drugs.
22:04:15 Mark to camera - “I took them because I enjoyed them...LSD over two hundred times” - psychedelic montage - Mark running through park w/ swirling graphics. Interview w/ mother - “watching his eyes” - and father “we caught him and his friends rolling marijuana”. Mark on effects of marijuana.
22:06:05 Dr Shiro - “parents lack a real enjoyment or an appreciation of pleasure”. CU variety of pills out of tube into hand - uppers and downers - Mark “went to sleep on Friday night after being awake for four and a half days and slept until Monday morning”.
22:08:53 Photo of Mark during drug phase w/ thick curly hair and sideburns - parents embarrassed to go out with him and angry at strangers reactions - “the hate would be so apparent in their faces but at the same time it made me so angry at him and so ashamed”. More psychedelic graphics - Mark interviewed through distorted lens.

221041 22:10:12 - 22:19:21 1970 c SD COL
The Youth Drug Scene [Part 2]
Family Films / Johnson-Nyquist Prods.
Dr Shiro “we will know what LSD does when the current generation of LSD users comes to autopsy...”. CU needle; Mark talks about moving on to methodrine shots and being caught w/ marijuana - psychedelic montage - police car down street. Interview w/ probation officer re Mark’s disrespect for authority. Father re deterioration in Mark’s physical appearance - on probation for three years - stuck at home w/ no marijuana “to ease the nothingness”.
22:14:32 Mark: “I’d take methadrine one night and LSD the next night and smoke opium and hash and weed and DMT mixed with weed, and pretty soon I started to think my mind was going, I was pretty paranoid”. Dr Shiro on Mark’s arrival barefoot in his office - having thoughts of suicide - “He wanted death”.
22:15:55 More talking heads: long haired young hippy guy - “Drugs are fun, drugs are really fun when you’re having fun but after a while when you take to many drugs they don’t get fun any more, y’know?” Others re paranoia. “Before people start taking drugs they should look into themselves”.
22:16:50 Dr Shiro “drugs must be combatted with pleasurable experiences”. Mark recalls realisation that he “needed God to help me” - montage w/ cross. Probation officer re surprise when Mark apologised for behaviour after becoming born-again Christian. Mark reading Bible - “he wouldn’t leave the house without that Bible”. Mark at work on new job building house - hammering nails - distraction from drugs.

221041 22:19:22 - 22:28:07 1970c SD COL
The Youth Drug Scene [Part 3]
Family Films / Johnson-Nyquist Prods.
Mark and family walking to church; zoom in on Mark during service. Dr Shiro: “The problem is that most people, parents and teenagers includes, feel lonely”. Mark at church youth group and choir. Mark driving along highway; “I would want to maybe run and jump off a cliff if I hadn’t had the Lord to go to...”. EXT Torrance High School - Mark in. Mark discussing w/ his teacher. Interview w/ sports coach re Mark’s pre-drugs potential as an athlete; “Mark could have been college material”. Mark playing catch and swimming w/ his brother; walking on the beach w/ brother and sister.
22:25:40 Mark playing pool w/ father and brother; “recently I was upset about my girlfriend and he talked to me and told me things I didn’t think a Dad would know”. Family eating dinner; “we have a lot of fun”. Narration states that despite being off drugs for two years, daily life is still a struggle for Mark. Beach scenes.
22:27:38 End credits; film features the song “I’ve Got Something to Sing About”.
Social Issues. Drug Abuse. 1960s. Hippies. Teenagers. Acid / Pot / Grass / Speed / Dope.

LN 501-626 01:00:04 - 01:09:44 1972 SD COL
The Nixon Years: Change Without Chaos R1 of 3
01:06:07 Police & ambulances gather bodies on US city streets. Arrests. Display of illegal drugs seized.
01:06:45 Nixon makes joint announcement w/ Ankara, Turkey re stopping heroin. Opium poppy fields & CU. Aerial over docks; Agents seizing drugs from various sources. Dogs & customs inspecting cars, luggage.
01:08:00 “This is one area where we cannot have budget cuts because we must war...problem of dangerous drugs. W/ Moynahan looking at housing. Supermarket & food relief. Poverty & kids; women & kids picketing. Nixon meeting w/ economic advisors & talking in generalities.
01:09:20 Nixon on TV to nation: “I am today ordering a freeze on all prices & wages throughout the United States for a period of ninety days.” Visuals of Cost of Living Council he has appointed w/ Nixon speech voice over. Continued...

220354 14:20:17 - 14:20:32 1980s SD COL&B/W
[Anti-drug film: ‘Just Say No’]
Actor Louis Gossett Jr. gives little speech ‘Just say no, I do’

220370 18:19:05 - 18:27:57 1980s? SD COL [Air Force Now - Office of Special Investigation]
INCLUDING:18:20:01 Titles
Man and woman play basketball in car parking lot. Man buys drugs from woman in car. Plain clothes police arrest him (staged). OSI training lecture. CU man pointing gun & shouting. Training exercise w/ pop-up targets.

X 221178 10:27:38 - 10:44:08 1982 SD B/W
[Colton Police “Swordfish” Surveillance (has date & time of day burned in).]
4 men in office w/ long table counting stacks of money--captured on surveillance camera. Suitcase opened of money; talk about how to count it all. Moving money to end of table, laying out new money at other end. Talk about going to Columbia. Man w/ Spanish accent. $125,000 counted. Another bag dumped on table. “This was yesterday’s.” $200,000 totalled. Man speaking on phone in Spanish.
10:43:00 Talks about problem of running the money through a machine for counting.

LN 501-614 08:59:04 - 09:14:00 1982 SD COL
“Don Emilio”, The - Marijuana Confiscation Pt. 1 of 2 Variable quality
Shot from helicopter of CG Sherman #720 towing 400 ft. freighter. Narration describes that it is now near the CG pier. The cooperating individual has disappeared. Sherman seen w/ tug (?) alongside. Don Emilio to dock w/ crew looking out portholes.
09:01:50 Immigration & Naturalization agent w/ all the passports of the crew. Men searching everyhing: paint cans in work area. Search area marked after completion, hold ladder seen. Customs patrol dog used to search crew sleeping area.
09:05:17 80-100 lb bags of marijuana in plastic & burlap. Bricks of hashish seen. Some bags broken open. Some w/ Bogota written on strapping. Example of contents.
09:07:29 Small armed CG boats patrolling while offloading the contraband so no one can steal any. Rock asbestos has to be unloaded as more drugs thought buried. Many bundles seen waiting to be unloaded onto dump trucks to be hauled to burn-site. “...people could possibly sniff & get a high.” Nets of bags unloaded by dock workers under armed guard.
09:12:?? Blacks loading pallets w/ bags of dope.

LN 501-614 09:14:01 - 09:26:51 1982 SD COL
“Don Emilio”, The - Marijuana Confiscation Pt. 2 of 2
Black stevedores in hold talking about how to unload broken bags. Pallet lifted by crane into dump truck. View of hold w/ broken bags. POV of dump truck lead by Florida State Patrol & unmarked DEA car following as it leaves the Coast Guard base. Helicopter following as well along freeway. POV could be used for general stock footage though poor quality.
09:20:17 Sign: Broward County Incinerator #2. Truck in to weigh. Stack of incinerator w/ smoke coming out. Armed agents around. Truck dumping bales into pit opening.
09:22:19 CU of brick of marijuana being shown to the press. Grappling shovel lifting & dumping, man shovels at edge. CU of Bogota wrapper w/ telephone number. Armed guard watching bales.
09:24:31 CU of fire burning in incinerator as bundles are burned at 1750 degrees, then moved to another burner; this done for a total of four burns; then charged material moved out on a conveyor belt w/ water washing it. The cinders loaded onto a truck. Stack of incinerator w/ smoke coming out. “Mixed in w/ garbage there is no way to distinguish the odor.”

221358 12:58:09 - 13:11:40 1989 SD COL
[Prime Minister Banazir Bhutto & Asif Zardari visit White House - Dinner Remarks]
13:01:18 Formal dinner w/ President Bush making welcoming remarks. “...long live the friendship.” “ we move towards a more stable & prosperous Asia. We also talked at length about the plague of drug abuse which afflicts both America & Pakistan; neither country can afford to allow the scourge of drugs to continue...”
“...let me salute your role in Pakistan’s return to Democracy.” Toast to Pakistan & Madame Prime Minister.
13:06:45 PM Bhutto replies “...we hold you in high esteem because of your exceptional experience in world affairs, the moderation of your approach to the problems facing mankind, and the wisdom & moral quality of you statesmanship...” “I look forward to a new partnership between your country & mine.” “I studied at Harvard, and I didn’t know until tonight that Yale produced charming men...” Toast.

220533 00:18:07 - 00:52:00 1989 / 1990 Sd col&b/w
Coast Guard Video - Drugs / Narcotics
00:18:07 night scuttling of M/V Langstrand #7-22 31Jul85
00:22:10 M/V Rosalind seized w/ drugs #1-12 20Jan89
00:24:06 FLIR video at Chub Cay, Bahamas #11-3 4Apr89
00:26:50 M/V Venture #5-1 5May89 unmanned & drugs
00:32:46 M/V Nerma & small boats #9-10 10Sep/89 seized w/ drugs
00:39:33 Chase of small boat #1-17 25Jan90
00:46:11 Airdrop of about 170 lbs of cocaine to Vieques Island, P.R. 17Mar90
NB - Majority of this tape is very variable quality and much has BITC of coastguards video.

221264 13:15:10 - 13:23:43 199? SD B/W
United States Army - School of the Americas - A Partnership in Democracy Pt. 1 of 2
13:20:18 Training against narco-terrorists in building. Mine detecting; footage of Haiti overthrow of (SoF) “elected president by military coup & the eventual restoration of that elected president by a US led multinational military action” (Operation Uphold Democracy, 1994). Haiti army marching past palace; Baby Doc Duvalier on balcony w/ raised arms cheering. people. Casual military & police force; trucks of people thru streets. Soldiers in back of army truck w/ rifles.

221264 13:23:43 - 13:30:10 199? SD B/W
United States Army - School of the Americas - A Partnership in Democracy Pt. 2 of 2
13:25:31 Bundles of currency; superimposed over drug capturing footage.
13:25:55 David Beall, OAS - Executive Secretary of Counter-Narcotics Program (CICAD) speaks to camera about trying to stop trafficking.
13:26:16 Helicopter, explosion; market & carrying wounded (stopping narcotics).
13:26:41 Colombian Police Officer, SOA Counter-Narcotics Graduate, talking about drug traffickers w/ English VO. Instruction in capturing w/ army in field, explosion, helicopter landing, training w/ rifles, in classroom.
13:27:28 Jeanne Kirkpatrick talks of SOA & breaking down stereotypes. Others including Col. W. Navarro, Costa Rica, SOA graduate & Assistant Commandant, talk about special ability of US military to influence.
13:28:19 Riot control training against violent people. Amb. to U.S., Roberto Flores Bermudez, Hondorus. Men taking drugs off small private plane; stoning someone; poverty; environment problems illustrated w/ barrels. Classroom scene.
13:29:15 Kirkpatrick: “School of the Americas offers a cost effective time tested approach w/ immediate tangible results...” Scenes in classroom, calisthenics, training in forest, medic, etc.



The following items are not Public Domain and are licensed by the second, with a minimum 30 second charge.

LC LN 301-006 00:01:20 - 00:12:00 1995 SD COL Cannabis Rising R1
Driving POV on Dutch highway. Windmill exterior. CU windmill blades. VS ext. and int. windmill and gears; water flowing through windmill. Street scene in Amsterdam - people with umbrellas. Small boat on canal. Small marijuana plants on houseboat window sill. Man on bike carrying mid sized marijuana plant. VS marijuana growing in open in Amsterdam. Int. with Ed Rosenthal, High Times reporter. VS Ed tending marijuana plants, book covers of books by Ed, Ed on street in front of Cannabis Museum. VS Cannabis Museum. Ed on houseboat smoking joint and talking about how the Dutch have integrated 1960’s values into society. CU hands rolling joint. MS of Roos and introduction of Roos as guide. Inside Dutch coffeehouse. Rolling joint, smoking, art work re marijuana. Int. with American drug tourist - dying and going to heaven. Int. with American woman. VS street scenes Amsterdam - trams, bikes. Nigh shot Central Rail Station. Ed changing money. Zoom back from Palace. Int. with American woman re lack of violence. Int. with American refugee re long wait to get a gun. Ed smoking through pipe with Werner. Roos ordering a joint in coffeehouse. Zoom back from coffeehouse exterior. CU coffeehouse drug menu. VO from Ed re soft drugs/hard drugs. Int. with Mario Lapp, Dutch sociologist on effects of Dutch quasi legalization. Young people in coffee shop. Night shot crowds on Amsterdam street. Int. with Roos on “a whole new world.” Driving POV in Dutch countryside. Sensi Seed company catalogue cover. Sensi See headquarters at Cannabis Castle. Int. with owner Ben Dronkers. Shots of seed growing operation and CU of catalog pages. VS marijuana buds and plants, greenhouses

LC LN 301-006 00:23:55 - 00:36:10 1995 SD COL Cannabis Rising R3
Int. with Roos Leenders re Dutch marijuana policy and American policy. Street int. with American drug tourist. Network news footage of American confiscation operations - helicopters, raids, destroying marijuana plants. Int. with Dr. Cohn, author of scientific study of effects of Dutch policy on hard and soft drug use, on American attitudes towards the drug problem. Int. with Ed Rosenthal about American drug policy and number of people in jail. Network footage of drug arrests, bookings, trials, seizures, burning marijuana plants. Pull back Cannabis museum, signage, tour through museum with Ben Dronkers. Old painting with people smoking marijuana. Shots of many coffeeshops around Amsterdam, with VO interview with Mario Lapp about substance use and abuse. Int. with coffeeshop owner about dfifferent kinds of marijuana. CU Rs smoking a joint for the first time. Roos talks about experience and not really liking it, but people must have their own choice. Int. with Mario Lapp about Dutch drug policy with various computer graphics illustrating slowing down of hard drug use in Netherlands. Int. with Dr. Cohn about mistake of seeing availability as use or fate. Int. with Mario Lapp re consensus on Dutch drug policy. Int. with Dr. Cohn re American pressure. Int. with Roos about all the dangers of modern life, so why can’t you smoke pot. Ed Rosenthal smoking - only use it for research purposes. Int. with Werner re spiritual effects of marijuana. Ed and Werner in marijuana garden talking about the eventual legalization of marijuana - just like the Berlin Wall. VS of Amsterdam with end credits.

LC 220405 05:43:59 - 05:55:30 1960s late or early 1970s Sd B/W
Free Farm
Radical Documentary
Mixture of stills and moving images.
Stills hippies working in field. Hippies playing drums and picnicking in grass. Hell’s Angels or biker types. Preparing food. Children & babies. Printing T-shirts with American flags, Free Vermont & Black Panther motifs incl. raised fist.
Still Bobby Seale. Vietcong woman dancing for men. Leaflets re Panthers & Woodstock. Harvesting vegetables & corn. Alternative art. Drumming and campfire prepared. Poster re Paul H. Lawrence, undercover narcotic agent? Cutting vegetables into pot.
CUs policeman’s gun and insignia. Policeman standing. No Trespassing sign. Free Farm leaflet. Hippies leave under police supervision - some hippies play maracas. VO re area being private property belonging to College. Hippies running in field. Hippies in front of college building protesting. Sit-in. Newspaper headlines re sit-in. Hippies take off No Trespassing signs and burn on campfire. Night. cooking outdoors. Vermont hills.
Man w/ bleeding face from confrontation. Trampled field. Stills hippies gathered in field.

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