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See Also separate lists in Wars: Suez Crisis 1956; 6-Day War (1967; Yom Kippur War (1973)




220709   07:47:36 - 07:52:26                    191? Si         B/W    WWI - Unid. Middle East Travelogue             Egypt - city street scene by wide bridge with stone  lions.  Sphynx and pyramids.  Camel caravan on way to Baalbeck.  Tent camp with donkey, monkey and women cooking.  Sabre and sticks twirling and duel.  Street scene Damascus, Syria.


220744   03:39:37 - 03:51:54                    1914 - 1918            SIL       B/W    WWI - British War Reviews  Reel 4 of 6
Incl: 03:42:35  Gen. Allenby returns to Cairo - greeted at railway station.  Mounted troops w/ British flag at desert camp or base.
03:43:30  Bethlehem - British troops march thru crowds of Arabs, Christians, adults & children lining streets. 
03:44:29  Desert of Mesopotamia - a spy of the SultanÍs in British hands.  Man questioned by Arab interpreter beside armored truck. 
03:45:29  Cairo, Egypt  Fresh horses & mules put onto freight trains for the front.  Train pulls out.  Troops & horses train in desert.  Windmills on dike (?). section ends: 03:47:27


LN 501-586       02:24:31 - 02:30:48 1900s - 1910s - 1920          SIL           B/W    [1900-1920  England traffic, Arabs, India, Coney Island USA, Antarctica, Suffragettes, US Civil War]
Including:  02:25:19 - 02:25:30  Arabs at foot of pyramids.

221142   04:00:11 - 04:11:25             1940  [+ 1910s ?]        SD     B/W         The Story of Wheat
Knowledge Builders presents; Produced by John McCrory
Including:  Wheatfield w/ grain blowing in wind; field after harvest.  Egypt w/ tourists in colonial hats riding camels led by Arabs past pyramids where ancient grains of wheat found.  Painting of wheat field in Holy Lands.  Loaf of bread graphics - ñsymbol for all foodî - wheat kernels  - title listing nutrients in bread.  Map of world showing wheat-growing countries - US wheat regions.

221107   16:25:01 - 16:27:22                    06Mar40       Si         B/W    On The War Front

         Including:     16:25:41  Egypt - [Si.] Australian troops visit Pyramids & Sphinx before start of campaign - wave to camera.

         WWII.  Eastern Front.  North African Campaign.


220780 18:15:20 - 18:19:30 Jan-Feb45 Color
[FDR, Churchill and King Ibn Saud meet in Egypt after Yalta Conference]
14Feb45 Color Shots of King Ibn-Saud w/ Col. William A Eddy (translator & US rep. to Saudi Arabia) on deck of destroyer USS Murphy (DD-603); coffee served, others of King’s party seen.
18:16:57 USS Murphy seen in Suez Canal from water & approaching Heavy Cruiser USS Quincy (CA-71).
Shot of USS Quincy w/ sailors lining rail; high shot from USS Murphy as Ibn Saud walks down gangway onto ship and forward.
18:17:54 Title card: “Transiting the Suez, en route Alexandria” Shots on board ship in canal, shadow on bank, sandy banks.
18:18:25 Title card: “Alexandria harbor” View past men at rail. USS Murphy (?) seen passing dhows & other small boats. President Roosevelt, Stettinius & other civilians in party posing.
18:19:03 Winston Churchill coming aboard (in shadow). USS Gleaves (DD-423) away from ship in harbor.


220655 21:14:57 – 21:19:04 1945 B/W Sil
Yalta Finale
On board USS Augusta - King Farouk in naval uniform boards and confers with President Roosevelt. Sarah Churchill in attendance.
21:16:48 Haile Selassie boards ship and confers with FDR


220685   01:23:56-01:31:31                      1May47         Si         B/W    Search for Oil in Iran.            Desert; river boat on Nile.  Mosques, burros & Arabs through streets.  Smoking hooka, working leather, Street scene.  Desert canyons & valley w/ pack stream.  Camels along rocky valley.  Man w/ pipe on horseback posing for camera.  Rides off.  Bubbling oil dipped into skings.  Building outpost w/ stones. Digging well by hand.  Assembling drilling tower. Drilling pipe.  Surveying.  Pulling pipe.  CU of letter.  Sun, drilling.  Dust.  Smoke at well.  Letter re striking oil in Iran.  Camel caravan. Fire burning off oil by base of well.


220271  01:11:02 - 01:12:04                    18Dec50        Sd. News In Brief - Valley of Kings Archeologists Archeologists working and unburying mummy.  Temples; Statues.  Unearth tomb of Mentemhet, Prince of Thebes.  Mummies from Seventh Century BC.


LN 505-109         11:50:19 - 11:51:35      1950 c           SD        B/W    Science - [Treasures of Santa Caterina, Mt. Sinai]
Warner Pathe News Magazine of the Screen
11:50:30  Mount Sinai; Monastery of St. Catherine; Greek-Orthodox monks.  INT library - ancient documents being studied by American scholars; photocopying pages.  Scroll unravelled - believed by monks to be written by Prophet Mohammed


220795   15:14:51 - 15:16:30                   28Jan52        Sd.       Egypt -  Premier Ousted As Riots Sweep Country     re Premier Nahas Pasha dismissed by King Farouk after Cairo anti-British riots.  Jeeps  through empty street.  Burning car.  Armed British troops guard streets.  Body of America nun Sister Anthony killed (in crossfire?).  British arrest Egyptians.  Suspected Egyptian terrorists held at gunpoint for questioning.  Captured guns.  British troop in Cairo.


221107   16:49:19 - 16:56:04                    25Dec1952   Sd        B/W    Top News Stories Of 1952


16:52:05  Riots over Suez Canal & Sudan occupation.  King Farouk exiled after Egyptian military coup.

16:52:34  Nationalisation of British oil in Iran - demonstration - Mossadegh at the Hague.





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Si. 1936?              Egypt's new king reviewing Scottish troops during visit to England.. #25 01:53:12|

Si.     Egypt pyramids from below & above; sphinx, Nile, Cairo. #29. 00:31:01|

Si.     2) River, irrigation, people, dhows. Market; 3) St. scene w/ horses, carriage & people.  Temples.  Egypt. #29 00:40:36|

Sd.     King Farouk of Egypt in Paris. #71 00:57:41|

Sd.     Egyptian (?) delegate & others (Gromyko, Byrne, Iranian) speaks to UN Security Council  about foreign troops allowed on countries without permission. #151 00:59:29|

Si.     1) Egypt: Cradle of Religion pan over Cairo, mosques, ext. & int.  Arabs praying in many places.  Jews.  Orthodox Christians.  Int. of churches #249 00:02:18|

Si.     Egyptian mummies from cliffs.  Archaeologist.  Tomb of Kings (?).  Sarcophagus removed. #250  01:23:28|


10.56.00            22Sep30    Si. Egyptian excavation: archaeology find of Rameses II & Sethos II;

04.10.20 03Mar32               Unique sailing sport developed by Royal Air Force, sail-auto in Egypt;

09.03.00            06Jan36    Sd.  Suez canal remains neutral;

04.02.00            15May39  Si (n.g.?) Crown Prince Pahlevi returns to Teheran with Egyptian bride Princess Fawzia;

No viewing copy     24Apr40 Si. England's military budget & troops in Egypt;

12.32.00            12Dec40    Si Tanks arrive in Egypt for desert campaign;

05.19.40            14Jul41    Si.  German bombing of Alexandria, Egypt;.|

11.21.20            10Jan49    Funeral for Egypt Premier Pasha;|

06.26.10            14Mar49   Si. Restoration of Karnak Temple in Egypt;

08.43.00            28Apr49    Sd. Egypt excavates Valley of the Kings & King Tutankhamon;.|

06.06.00            29May50  EgyptÍs desert camel troops; |

12.18.40            20Nov50    Sd. Egypt, Palestine refugees in tents|

03.01.51            26Nov51    Sd. Egyptian demonstrations over Suez;|

12.49.00            22Jan52    Sd.  British clash with terrorist in Suez area; | 

01.10.20            31Jan52    Sd.  Riots and violence in Egypt;.|


213 NAR 8656                     Riding horseback with pyramids in Egypt behind. 

398 NAR 8656                     Cairo & loading horses.  Cavalry training in desert.  Camel caravan.  Destroyed buildings, British with Turk POWs, cache of arms.  670 ft.|





Post Coup: July 1952 onwards


The following items are available immediately on master


221227   12:56:20 - 13:15:06             1953     SD          COL      Major Religions of the World (Development and Rituals)
Encyclopaedia Britannica Films
Animation of outer space w/ zoom in on Earth.  Montage of artwork depicting Creation & primitive religions - VO re development of religious thinking.  Map of Middle East & Asia w/ five major religions pinpointed.  Development of Hinduism described.
12:58:58  Decorated hands examining pages of Bhagavad Gita.  Indian street scenes w/ cows among traffic & pedestrians - street market.  Brahman priest in street.  Woman praying at shrine.  CUs Hindu Gods carved in buildings.  VO re spread of Buddhism.  Site of BuddhaÍs awakening at Bodh Gaya, India - statue laying on side - Tripitaka ancient scriptures.  Map shows development of Buddhism outside India.
13:01:48  Judaism - map of Arabia showing route of Abraham into Egypt.  Pyramids & Sphinx.  Map w/ MosesÍ route to Mount Sinai.  Ancient sheepskin manuscript written in Hebrew.  EXT synagogue; INT rabbis remove Torah from holy ark at back of synagogue; top shot rabbi reading from Torah w/ Jewish people seated below.
13:05:50  Christianity - Map showing Bethlehem - paintings of disciples & Crucifixion.  Map of Europe showing spread of Christianity.  Eastern Orthodox Catholic church - Holy Eucharist service w/ full regalia.  Roman Catholic priest at altar w/ altar boys kneeling - front & top shots.  CU altar boys praying - priest w/ holy water, kisses Bible.  Bust of Martin Luther.  Protestant church; INT minister delivering sermon.  Christening service.  Map of world showing Christian regions.
13:12:15  Islam - VO re story of Mohammed - map showing Mecca & Medina & spread of Islam.  CU ancient copy of QurÍan.  Vars shots mosques & prayer led by immam.  Animation of Earth w/ symbols of main religions superimposed; zoom out from Earth into outer space.
History; Belief Systems; Worship; Koran; Religious; Beliefs; Jewish; Islamic; Moslem; Muslim;



221217   18:14:52 - 18:28:16             1954     SD          COL      The Middle East
Encyclopaedia Britannica Films
Titles over muezzin calling worshippers to morning prayer from minaret of mosque.  Shots of Muslims praying on prayer rugs in city, country.
18:15:45  Ancient ruins:  Egypt, Jerusalem - Dome of the Rock. 
18:16:22  Blue Mosque, Istanbul.  Desert scenes, sand dunes, VO ñtoday the Middle East is largely a barren land which nature seems to have foresakenî.  Animated map of Middle / Near East w/ Muslim states - land & water routes - Suez Canal.
18:17:56  Street market / bazaar / souk w/ Arabs in robes & men wearing fez hats & turbans.  INT store.  Film then uses dubious device of showing three main types / classes of [male] Middle Easterner who all happen to be in shop - generalising many countries / cultures of Middle East into one generic area.  VO says that one third of Middle East people are ñpeasantsî who canÍt afford to go inside a shop, but first man ñMustafaî is a better-off peasant; shows his home w/ camel, donkey, goat & chickens in yard.  MustafaÍs wife w/ tray of unleavened bread.  Village in desert w/ stone houses of peasant farmers - sheep grazing, three owned by Mustafa - peasants working in field. Fruit & Egyptian cotton harvested from irrigated farmland.
18:20:31  Map of Middle East showing rivers - VO re irrigation.
18:20:58  Bedouin ñAliî shown in same shop as Mustafa.  Ali takes bus from town, then rides camel across desert to bedouin encampment. 
18:21:59  INT tent.  Sheep grazing.  Bedouins striking camp to move to next waterhole - camel caravan.  CU Ali acting as tracker or guide for caravan.
18:23:44  Merchant 'ñYussuf' in his store - represents city dwellers group, 'growing middle class'.  Street scenes - Yussuf arrives home - VO re Westernised lifestyle & higher level of education among this minority group - INT Yussuf at home reading newspaper, listens to radio, answers telephone. 
18:25:03  Westerner in office on telephone.  Oilfields - VO re political unrest & effect of oil money on region.  Map of oil producing regions, imports & exports & manufacturing centres. 
18:26:24  Unidentified university - male & female students out.  Government health centre.  New school under construction paid for by oil royalties.  Old & modern irrigation projects.  Man & boy weaving carpet on loom, modern factory.  Man in fez at microphone - radio announcer.  Modern port.  Camel caravan w/ cutaway to modern transportation of bus & truck - airport.  Ends w/ muezzin call at sunset.


LN 505-080         10:20:50 - 10:31:14      1955 Sd        B/W    Shelter (195?)  2nd Edition  Encyclopaedia Britannica  (1 minute at reel rate)

         Including:   10:22:25  Egypt w/ pyramids & bedouins.  Campsite w/ tents, carpets; packing and moving on camels.



220511  02:00:05 - 02:01:13                     14Jul58       Sd.                   B/W                Pro Nasser Revolt in Iraq       Anti Western revolt in Iraq topples King FaisalÍs pro-US government on the eve of the Baghdad Pact meeting.  Shots King Faisal at earlier meeting with his uncle Prince Ilah who was also killed. Amman airport, King Hussein welcomes Nuri Said and King Faisal on an earlier visit to Jordan. Kings Hussein and Faisal kiss. Tanks in parade.


220511  02:13:10 - 02:15:56                     21Jul58       Sd.       B/W    Mid East Crisis. Lull In the Storm Follows Troop Move             Demonstration outside US embassy in Moscow against the sending of American troops to the Lebanon. Signs, Hands off Lebanon. Plaque of the US embassy. Crowds gather outside embassy - people hanging signs on embassy gates - police trying to control crowd.

         02:14:16 Lebanon coastline - US troops and tanks on beach - landing craft. Lebanese locals talking to American soldiers.

         02:15:07 Jordan - British troops - unloading suplies from aircraft - military equipment.

         02:15:30 Syria -  Cheering crowds for Nasser - Nasser waves from balcony.


220511   02:19:40 - 02:22:15                    24Jul58        Sd.       B/W                Mid East Crisis - Area Quiet Pending UN Summit Talks.               Nasser walking in group, crowds cheering Nasser on 6th anniversary of the overthrow of Farouk. Nasser speaking from podium - microphones.

         02:20:17 Lebanon - Robert Murphy, US negotiator,  meets President Chamoun.

         02:20:37 Rome - American evacuees from Iraq arriving at airport - men women and children down aircraft steps

         02:20:53 Jordan - street scene - flags flying at half mast for  King Feisal and government leaders killed by Iraqi rebels nine days previously. King Hussein addressing press conference. US airlift vitally need fuel to Jordan - unloading gas cans from globemaster plane.

         02:21:50 United Nations - Khruschev calls for summit talks. Top shot New York - UN building


220788   04:55:07 - 04:55:36                    1961             Si         B/W    Cairo - Nehru Visit.  India's P.M. Nehru and Nasser standing on balcony of building in Cairo with unid. man. Flags flying.  Party walk down steps.


220878   12:26:12 - 12:26:41                    23Nov61       Sd.       B/W    Nasser hosts Tito & Nehru in Egypt.


220919                 02:00:05 - 02:06:30      01Jan62        Sd.       B/W    News Highlights of 1961:  Including: Cairo riots protest Lumumba's death;


220510   01:22:57 - 01:23:54                    1962?           Si         B/W    General Ibrahim Abboud of Sudan visits Egypt.  UAR troops at attention, General Abboud greeted by Gamal Abdel Nasser at airfield. Review troops. Abboud shakes hands down receiving line of VIPs and priests. Abboud and Nasser into open top car and away - cheering crowds on roadside.


220510   01:19:06 - 01:20:15                    1962?           Si         B/W    Aswan Dam  Water rushing through gates of dam. Earth working - heavy machinery - construction work. Lake created by dam - unidentified men looking over lake. Rear view men in Arab clothing looking over lake and pointing - pan round  mountainous edges of lake - surveyor -  test drilling for oil ? . Construction work on building


220787   03:29:53 - 03:31:07                    1962 Si         B/W    Middle East – Egypt  Street rioting, something burning in road - pan down from poster of Nasser to crowds.  Signs pulled down from shops.  Injured man carried by others, running along street.  Something burning in road.  Street barricades.  Rocks in street.  Armoured vehicle on street corner. Deserted backstreet.


220728   09:01:32 - 09:02:49                    09May63  Sd             B/W    News in Brief – Algeria          King Farouk's former yacht into harbour & Ben Bella greets Abdul Nasser.  People cheering as they smile together.  Flag waving & crowds cheer truck carrying Nassar through streets.  Nasser smiling at mic.  Join hands.


220788   04:54:10 - 04:55:05                    1964 Si         B/W    Shastri Visits Egypt. IndiaÍs Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri who succeeded Nehru arrives by plane in Egypt and is greeted by UAR President Gamal Abdul Nasser.  They review the Guard of Honour.  04:54:42 Shastri and Nasser attend meeting of the Neutralists Powers in Cairo, 1964.


221232   23:11:44 - 23:25:29                    1970 SD        B/W    Great Plan, The  Reel 3 of 3
Including:  23:17:27  Aswan, Egypt dam.  Water flowing, people cheer, applaud, drink water from lake, dam construction sites.

220523 19:03:28 - 19:04:07                      18Mar65 Sd. News in Brief - Rome - Ex King of Egypt dead at 45 Short profile shots -  King Farouk at ceremony  in Egypt.

         19:03:47 Farouk in exile - at home with wife and child - playboy king.


220346   10:39:04 – 10:45:18                     1980 Sd        Col       Air Force Now - [Egyptian Deployment]

Pyramid & sun behind.  Staged w/ man & flashlight looking at heiroglyphs of Air Force Now.  Fighter planes in flight & landing, taxiing as deployed (July - Oct80) to Egypt for first time since WWII.  Proud Phantom joint military training exercise w/ F-4s.   Loading equipment at Hurlburt Field, Florida.  Unloading in desert & building base.  Construction & expandable shelters. 

10:42:14  Capt. talks to camera.  Men loading bombs, missiles onto planes.  Planes take off.  F-4s fly over pyramids.  Camels & gags w/ men riding them.  Swimming in tank; tug of war.  Planes of Egypt & US over Cairo & past pyramids.


220347 11:22:42 - 11:27:52            1980s SD        COL      [Rapid Deployment Task Force for Middle East] (running scratch)
Generally fast montage.  Difficult to use individual shots.
Sunset behind pyramid.  V.O. re Middle East as a region of age-old violent conflict.  Sphinx.  Plane in heat haze. military briefing with Middle East map.  Skydivers jump out of plane tail & in free fall.
Montage soldiers getting into plane at night, aerial view aircraft carrier, soldiers in plane, takeoffs and planes taxiing on airfields, briefing, fighters in formation, troops out of helicopter.
11:24:38  Fighter planes over pyramids.  Lieutenant General re establishing joint task force in region only a few years ago.
11:25:17  More skydiving and takeoffs.  Good shot plane w/ missile as seen from below.  Montage Rapid Deployment Force planes, helicopters, dropping bombs & firing missiles; explosions, troops jump out of plane & parachutes.  Presented by your Air Force.



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Si.     3) 4-engine plane w/ AW on side. , troops with packs.  Arabs.  Troops searching Arabs & cars.  Egypt(?).  Plane w/ French or Italian flag, troops off.  City street w/ mosque.  Docks & unloading ship.  Bus on road searched.  Ship out of harbor. #281 00:41:52|

Si.     Port w/ crates stacked up.   Loading things into trucks.  Families leaving Egypt on British planes.  Searching houses.  Mine detectors in streets. Arabs walking in village.  British patrolling. Mine sweeping. Coca Cola sign. Moving crates onto trucks. Families leaving, customs.  #281 01:24:33|

Si.     Arab military on camels.  Ceremony w/ flag. Egypt (?) #315  01:24:27|

Si.     3) Cairo Nasser and Syrian president Shukri al-Kuwatli? at airport as he leaves on Syrian Airlines plane.  #398 01:27:52|


07.42.40 04Aug52 Sd. Farouk Abdicates; |

12.44.45 25Sep52 Farouk's Egyptian Palace;.|

01.27.00 16Oct52 Sd. Naguib acclaimed in Egypt;.|

28Jul05 Sd. 1952 Year in Review: Riots over Suez occupation & coup in Egypt

07.43.00 30Jul54 Si. Egypt celebrates independence;

12.40.00 11Jan54 Sd. Ex-king Farouk of Egypt on vacation at Austrian Alps;.|

10.00.25 21Oct54 Si? Egyptian Miss World chosen

10.48.00 17Jun57 Sd. Mid-East relations Jordan-Egypt-Saudi Arabia (7648x11);|

02.19.00 25Jul57 Sd. President Nasser opens Egyptian parliament;|

02.38.40 01Aug57 Sd. Nasser denounces US on regime anniversary; |

12.30.30 03Feb58 Sd. Egypt & Syria merge into United Arab Republic;.|

01.08.40 24Feb58 Sd. United Arab Republic formed, Nasser acclaimed;|

09.21.10 22Sep58 Sd. Incl. Algeria's rebels set up provisional government in Egypt; |

01.43.50 05Jan59 Sd. News Events of the yearincl: United Arab Republic.|

10.20.10 08Feb60 Sd. Egypt's Nasser & Youth Fest.|

11.16.30 19Mar64 Sd. Egyptian archaeology & Avenue of Sphinxes connecting Karnak & Luxor.|

12.59.41 11May64 Sd. Aswan Dam rushed to completion.|

11.47.02 14Feb67 Egypt belly dancers told to cover up.|

03.52.03 03Mar67 Aswan dam and Egyptian statues; |


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