(see separate list for Meat / Fish Canning)



220713          14:27:48 - 14:40:59            1914-1918   B/W    SIL

WWI Newsreel Excerpts


14:35:19  British dignitary in wig with other dignitaries around reads King’s proclamation re “eat less bread”  - rationing - from steps of Royal Exchange.  Top shot crowd with hats.  Woman shopper holds paper rolls - toilet roll?  Women queuing outside shops, advert for Dundee Marmalade in BG;  women workers in fruit canning?  factory; fruit peeling and preparation.




LN 501-647  10:12:05 - 10:20:17            1941   B/W    SIL

[Hamton Institute Outtakes]  R11 of 15


10:14:15  Ext.  Woman behind table w/ canned goods giving lesson on canning to old & young women.  Pressure cooker demonstrated.




221246          03:53:07 - 03:59:54            1945   B/W    SD

New Ways In Farming  Pt. 2 of 2


03:54:48  Female secretaries - typing.  Women outside staff living quarters & in cafeteria - 1940s fashions.  Vines & peas harvested.  Fleet of crop dusting biplanes taxi for take off; low flying crop duster towards camera & dumps load (GOOD).  Seabrook cannery - vegetables on conveyor system; women inside on production line - man operates canning machine. 




220848          09:33:25 - 09:44:03            1948   col       Sd                   

Research for Better Living
A Bureau of Human Nutrition and Home Economics Service film on research work performed by the U.S.D.A. in the fields of food and nutrition, textiles and clothing, housing and household equipment, and family economics.
09:34:01 Chief of the Bureau Hazel Spively speaks from her desk explains the work of the bureau.
Exterior Research centre - interiors women working in laboratory carrying out experiments on fruit preserved in jars - some injected with bacteria.
Cooking experiment - braising meat with and without water.  Woman holding cooked turkey leg. Testing different potatoes.  Line of people eating frozen strawberries to test for flavour etc.  Lab experiment to discover the tenderness of a berry.  In a school kitchen like laboratory - large amounts of carrots prepared for creamed carrots.  Children  testing food - eating at table, drinking from school milk bottles.


220848          09:44:03 - 09:50:51            1948   col       Sd                   

Research for Better Living  [Part 2]
A Bureau of Human Nutrition and Home Economics Service film on research work performed by the U.S.D.A. in the fields of food and nutrition, textiles and clothing, housing and household equipment, and family economics.
09:44:03 Testing cake recipe -  to test baking performance of electric ovens. Woman pouring cake mix.  Cakes into oven. Finished cakes judged.  Home freezers tested.  Kitchen like area where fuel efficiency of gas and electric cooking is tested.  Woman taking bottled / canned  fruit from preserving pan.
09:45:41 Architect seated at desk drawing farmhouse.  Men looking at plans for house.
09:46:24 Family economic staff - women in office. Social worker with mother . Teachers with class of young girls (Domestic Science).  Office meeting of businessmen.
09:47:33 Woman interviewing housewife on doorstep for survey.  Bureau rep with woman in kitchen - weighing celery.  Women working in office. Family seated at table eating.  Chief of the Bureau Hazel Spively speaks from her desk showing publications.  Press information - radio scripts - slides and film.

220670          22:17:56 - 22:30:49            1949   COL      SD                   

A Step Saving Kitchen - re U shaped kitchen.
Woman with plans showing husband and wife re labour saving kitchen.  Woman talks about design for new kitchen over shots  - girl cutting out cookies - counter or worktop has measurements printed on - this is used to plan the amount of counter space needed for cooking requirements.  Three girls using mixing bowls at different heights.   Carpenter building revolving corner cupboard.  Man building lighting strip.  Plan of kitchen.
Finished kitchen - chrome - plastic - white goods - venetian blind. Woman answers wall telephone, sits at table next to cooker.  Housewife working in kitchen, shows all different shelf designs and storage areas.  Preserving fruit - preparing vegetables
.   Cooking and serving meal.  Dishwashing / washing up.  Putting away utensils and crockery into specially designed cupboards.   Wife serving chocolate cake to family seated at table. 


X          221117          07:00:43 - 07:12:48            1951   COL      SD

Pipeline To The Clouds  [Part 1 of 2]


07:09:45  Good housewife shots - woman in modern kitchen takes washing out of machine, scrapes leftovers into waste disposal unit, loads dishwasher - VO appliances “banish the drudgery of the kitchen”.  Air conditioning signs outside movie theatre & restaurants.  Aerials industrial landscape - shots of products whose manufacture uses water - car plant, gasoline, canned peas, baby clothes, textiles, steelmaking, cement works.  Irrigated farmland in desert area.  Vegetable canning.  Ravaged hillside w/ burned trees - topsoil washed into reservoir - animation.  Polluted water supply.  Animation water treatment plant.  Man fly fishing.



X          221227          12:26:04 - 12:40:16            1953   COL      SD

The Farmer


12:28:50  Farmer drives tractor pulling combine harvester to field, son follows driving old tractor w/ brother riding in trailer; sister waves then goes inside to help mother canning beans.  Harvest scenes - VO re “hybrid corn” - teenager tells little brother about new calf [non-sync]  




X          LN 505-140  04:32:54 - 04:43:19            1954   B/W    Sd

The Truck Farmer  (Second Edition)


04:39:42  Hand harvesting carrots by Mexican braceros w/ families.  Loading carrots into truck & stacking w/ tops.  To packing warehouse and conveyors taking to wash, canning, frozen.  Fresh packed w/ chipped ice & crated.  Moved into refrigerated railroad car & ice pumped in.  Steam engine pulling reefer cars. 



X          221316          17:24:03 - 17:34:22            1956   B/W    SD

Far Western States - Second Edition


17:30:15  Mountain stream; man irrigating California valley.  Sheep grazing.  Picking grapes, plums, apricots, cherries, olives, almonds.  Chinese & Japanese & vegetable farm.  Fruit cannery & fruit drying.




X          LN 505-068  19:00:59 - 19:11:37            1958   COL      SD

Children In Autumn


19:10:12  Mother in kitchen canning tomatoes for Winter - kids come in & look at what they’ve collected for Autumn exhibit - Jerry adds a lightbulb to signify less daylight hours.

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