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220668          19:00:06-19:07:11  1917 - 1937 SD        B/W   

War Comes To America R3

Compilation film.  Brief shots 1940s American way of life - AV clover leaf highways - construction - housing - people going to and leaving work - crowds - pedestrians. People going into church - interiors church service. Traffic - beach.  Bodies.

19:01:37 1917 -  WWI - Big guns firing - soldiers in trenches - over the top.  Aircraft and tanks.

19:01:58 Armistice day 11Nov1918 - crowds celebrate in New York.  Naval ships blown up - graphic re reduction of military strength.  Brief establishing shots Europe and Asia.

19:02:30  1931 Japanese play baseball.  Map Manchuria.  Japan invasion. Washington - Capitol - Sec. of State Stimson superimposed on newspaper denounces Japans invasion. 

19:03:18 Bonus march on Washington - depression - gangsters - dustbowl.

19:03:39  1933 High school graduation - man reading paper re Hitler in power.  Night shots Hitler watches military display - Day - Nuremberg rally.

19:04:32  1935 Graduation ball - man reads paper re Mussolini attacks Ethiopia.  Italian aircraft bombing. Haile Selassie - battle scenes. Capitol Sen Hiram Johnson in congress - ˝we want no warţ.  Newspaper re Neutrality act.

19:05:25  1936 Young men with first car. Interior cinema - newsreel re Civil War in Spain - German and Italian planes bombing - battle scenes - civilians injured - many children.  Franco meets with Hitler.

19:06:20  Exterior American Institute of Public Opinion - Gallup poll -  men in office - brief shots American people interviewed.  Exterior Capitol - interior Congress - cash and carry amendment to neutrality act.  animated map.

19:07:07 1937. Brief shot news room.


220440                 07:51:07 - 08:00:30      1930s - 1940s        Sd        B/W   

World At War, R3
German & Italian troops in Spanish civil war fighting.  Wounded & dead bodies.  Franco banner & reviewing troops. Hirohito -  Japanese & goose-stepping troops.  Munich pact & signing with Chamberlain and Mussolini, Daladier. Mussolini on balcony at night w/ crowd.
07:53:22  Germans into Sudetenland, cheering people & old woman throwing out flowers.  Military band on trucks past camera.  Troops through crowds.  Nazis into Prague.
07:54:26  Landing in Albania. Hitler at podium calling names of countries in answer to Roosevelt═s (FDR) appeal for peace. Hitler at Berchtesgaden w/ Goering. Good shots in offices at Berchtesgaden in front of huge window. 07:55:55  Ribbentrop in Moscow w/ Molotov.
Newspaper  Headlines.  Hitler reviewing troops.  Polish planes, tanks, & guns reviewed - military parade. Loading German bombs, fuel, shells; take off & over, in formation. POV in air. Bombing of Poland  -  Flak, bombing, bomb craters, burned planes on ground. Stukkas take off & in flight; dive bombing POV. Railway tracks bombed. Wreckage inspected by Nazis. German battleship firing.


200522                 01:00:00 - 01:00:43      1937-           Sd        B/W   

Why We Fight ( excerpt )
Spanish Civil War  - guns firing - injured man carried on stretcher. Dead bodies in streets - starving dog.  Poster of Franco - Franco on balcony reviewing military parade.
01.00.30 German troops - Hitler stands in back of open top car.  Car arrives at building - Incomplete


221110                 22:16:07 - 22:23:43      1937 - 1938            SD        B/W   

Spain In Arms  [Reel 8]
Animated map of Spain showing Nationalist advance on Teruel region.  High shots across rural town & mountains.  Nationalist troops into region.  Battle of Teruel scenes c.Dec37 - aerial bombardment - officers confer - bicycle messenger despatched - artillery fire from mountain positions - troops advance across hillside - plane overhead - bombs explode - riflemen laying on ground firing - machine gunners fire back at them.
21:20:52  Troops across bridge into Teruel after Republican surrender Feb38.  Map showing Loyalist front broken in two.  Nationalist troops march w/ flags.
21:21:40  Brigades of Navarre reach Mediterranean.  General Franco inspects fleet at Castillon [France?] - sailors march in review - Franco tours battleship - departure w/ motorcade through crowd giving Nationalist salute.
Spanish Civil War.  Fascism.


221154          14:02:22 - 14:02:43            23Feb38         B/W    Si

[General Franco & Family]  (1938)  Burgos, Spain

Posing w/ wife and daughter inside house.  All smiling, daughter kisses father.



220584                 09:00:28 - 09:01:49      1939 Sd        b/w    

World Wide News Events - Catalonia, Spain
Spanish Civil War, Battle for Barcelona and refugees, troops across fields. injured in the streets of Barcelona. Art treasures. Refugees in mountains - walking along roads with belongings.
Gen. Franco hailed as he enters the city with Moorish guard - Franco salutes from balcony

221097                 10:13:47 - 10:14:06      1939 B/W    SIL      

World Wide News Events: Paris, France
Sen. Leon Berard, special envoy to Burgos, Spain, arrives back in Paris for talks w/ French Foreign Minister Bonnet after agreement to recognise Franco regime.  L-R Bonnet & Berard pose at microphones outside official building for news cameras, reporters taking notes.
Spanish Civil War.  French Foreign Policy.  1930s.

220584                 09:17:05 - 09:18:46      1939 Si         b/w    

World Wide News Events - War Ends in Spain
Madrid - the stronghold of the ˝Redţ forces surrenders without firing a shot. Pan over outskirts - False start, repeats. Close shots damaged buildings. Crowds gathered in square. Arms / rifles piled up. Soup kitchen, close up child eating bread. Franco═s Moorish guard ride through streets escorting car carrying Franco. Franco out of car - large signs and pro Franco posters. Franco salutes from balcony.
01:18:21 Paris, France. La Passionaria, Communist woman leader flees from Spain to avoid execution - shots as she walks through railway station in Paris on her way to Russia.  Group into waiting car and away.
Spanish Civil war


221131          09:52:02 - 10:04:24            1940   SD        B/W

Including: 09:55:11  Madrid, bullring exteriors w/ entrance draped with Nazi flags.  Marching German pipe band into bullring,  Spaniards cheer & applaud.  Military band plays watched by unid. German officer & other VIPs (including Spanish Minister of Interior Serrano Suner & General Moscardo).  Franco seen.

09:56:48  Spanish Morocco, Tangier.  Spanish ships, guns loaded & trained on North African coastline. Spanish troops into landing craft.  Moroccan troops under Spanish authority invade across border on horseback.  Cheering crowds.  Tangier (International Zone) border post.  Troops march in Tangiers. Commandant of Spanish troops w/ French officers who accept the occupation.  Franco.


220650                 14:19:05 - 14:21:41      1941 SD        B/W   

Meeting With Petain, Laval and Franco In France October 1941
Petain out of car & greeted by Nazis.  Shakes hands w/ Hitler.  Interior of train with Hitler, Goering & others, laughing & talking.  Arrival at Hendaye.  Border bridge.  Hitler waiting for arrival of Spanish train w/
Franco off & shaking hands.  Reviewing troops.  Board train.  Curtain closed.

221054                 06:00:12 - 06:10:45      1942 SIL       B/W   

[Fascist Spain: Madrid Scenes - Spanish Council - Charity Collections]
VS Place d═Orient, Madrid - trolley cars / trams past - pedestrians - construction work under way.  Statues of Kings of Spain being removed outside Royal Palace - man paints names of Kings & Queens on statue bases.    Construction site - men w/ pickaxes.  LS Royal Palace through trees; MLS Royal Palace by day and night.  Statue of Don Quixote & Sancho Panza in front of monument to Cervantes. 
06:02:31  General Franco═s motorcade w/ motorcycle escort past camera & into Royal Palace.  INT meeting of the Spanish Council in session; MS Chancellor of Council, Manuel Halcon w/ Pilar Primo de Rivera [sister of Jose Antonio ].  Brazilian delegate M. Real de Azua reading report - Bishop of Madrid & Admiral Moreu.  CU Manuel Halcon.
06:03:30  LS Delegacion Nacional building - signs ´FET y de las JONS [Falange ruling party] - Auxilio Social═ - people out.  INT meeting of the National Council - President Manuel Martinez de Tona assisted by general secretary Carmen de Icaza, an author, playwright & journalist - takes notes during meeting.  Delegates talking after meeting.
06:04:58  Dr Campos behind desk opening mail - receives subscription form from Auxilio Social to raise funds for ´Family Centers═ for homeless children; CUs filling out slip; collector into office, Doctor gives him money.
06:06:33  VS Auxilio Social HQ - women at work printing subscription slips, filing cards in system, sealing  donation tins, packing donor badges.  CU Dr Campo filling in name & address on his ´blue slip═.
06:08:36  Woman in bar collecting money & giving badges to donors.  Women on street collecting money outside subway entrance; CU woman holding tin as money put in.  Pedestrians on street.


221054                 06:10:56 - 06:21:27      1942 SIL       B/W   

[Fascist Spain: Military Review & Falange Festival - Columbus Monuments & Scenic Tour]
Madrid: MCU side-profile General Franco w/ Commander Andres Saliquet & Gen. Enrique Varela, Minister of War.  MCU Franco & Varela.  Front view of Franco et al on podium at the Official Tribunal; troops pass in review; Moorish Guard wearing white turbans & capes.  VS troops marching past camera inc. cadets of the Infantry & Naval Schools of San Fernando w/ flags.  Franco in open-top limo w/ Moorish Guard on horseback.  CU & MS Madame Franco watching parade.
06:13:15  Phalange Festival at the Madrid Stadium: people marching into packed stadium w/ flags; front shot crowds - some attempt Mexican wave?  Three flags of New Spain flying from flagposts - flag of Falange [Fascist ruling party], national banner & flag of the Roquestes [?].  HA shots crowds of Spanish children in stadium - carrying drums & flags - youth festival.
06:15:11  Barcelona: LS Place de la Catalange - traffic past - advertsiing neon signs on buildings.  Panorama of city from gardens in hills above.  Place Christopher Columbus w/ pan up to statue on column - trolley car / tram past.
06:17:03  Huelva: MS & CU ´Santa Maria═ anchored by riverbank - ship in which Columbus sailed to America.    Large modernist monument to Columbus erected in 1929 by Witney.
06:17:38  Seville: INT raised tomb of Columbus w/ statues; CU base of wooden sarcophagus w/ carved inscription ´Christohal Colon═.  EXT Andalucia Palace.  VS Minaret Giralda.  CU Minaret tower w/ bronze statue.  Golden Tower, guard passes in FG.  MCUs Giralda tower - 16th Century & Moorish architecture.
06:18:54  Cordova: INT cathedral built by Charles V from remains of a mosque - shadowy archways [brief].
06:19:01  Granada: INT Cathedral - tombs of Queen Isabella & Ferdinand IV - sarcophagi behind railings; CU carved marble figure of Queen Isabella reclining on top part of mausoleum; MS mausoleum w/ candle burning.  EXT old street scene - mules carrying water up hill.  LS the Alhambra - Moorish citadel, snow-capped mountains in BG; Alhambra seen from orange grove.  INT Alhambra courtyard - archways - arab architecture reflected in pool - play of light on mosaic tiles etc.  ´Courtyard of the Lions═ w/ CU fountain.
06:21:01  Almeria: AV Arab houses & cave dwellings seen from ramparts of Alcazar fortress.  LS Arab ramparts of Alcazar built on Roman foundations.  LS beach of Almeria; town w/ Alcazer in BG.  Good.
Dictators.  Architecture.  Travelogues.


200541                 15:11:23 - 15:16:20     1945 SD        B/W   

Berlin Conference 1945 Reel 2
Including:               15:13:53 Montage landmarks, Capitol, China? Big Ben, Arc de Triomphe, Franco on balcony at military march past.


221154                 13:32:35 - 13:33:46      1946 Sd        B/W   

Spain Defends Sovereignty  (1946)   Madrid, Spain

Crowds fill streets seen from above & at ground level carrying placards & banners.  Placard:  Argentina y El Salvador no han traicianado a la RAZA  Arriba los Valores Hispanos!   Protesting United Nations actions against Spain & dictator.  Huge plaza filled.  Dictator Franco on balcony w/ VIPs and at mics (MOS).  Very good massive crowd shots, waving handkerchiefs.  ˝Spain continues to defy the world.ţ

Demonstration; anti-united Nations.



220685                 01:21:57-01:22:31        1947 SD        B/W   

News in Brief - Madrid Victory Parade
Huge military parade on 8th anniversary of civil war  victory.  Crowds lining route - girls using mirror to try and get view.  Franco═s Moorish guard escort open top car carrying Franco.  Massive crowds into square - crowds cheering as Franco appears on balcony.


221155          15:36:42 - 15:37:31            11Apr49         Sd        B/W

News in Brief  [Civil War Anniversary, Spain]

Madrid, Spain

Spanish victory parade on anniversary of Civil War, military march past large crowds.  Franco salutes.  V/S and angles of troops including moorish guard & ski troops march past. Motorcycles with sidecars, tanks.


221155          15:41:47 - 15:42:44            09Jun49  Sd   B/W

Foreign News  [Spain═s Franco Opens Third Assembly]  (1949)

Madrid, Spain

Opening of Third Assembly, Franco with Esteban Bilbao.  Car with Moorish guard as escort, crowds lining street.  Franco enters Spanish Congress.  Opening speech (SOF), members give standing ovation & cheering.  Franco seen across crowds filling square, waves from balcony to huge cheering crowd. (Spanish narration)


221155          15:50:39 - 15:51:48  29Sep49 Sd  B/W

News in Brief  [US Navy Visits Spain]  (1949)

Madrid, Spain

Units of the American Naval Fleet pay friendly visit to Spain.  Battleship, Spanish naval officer boarding & welcoming Americans.  Marines in formal dress on board.  Sailors leaving ship for shore leave.  Officers & VIPs including Franco and wife at bull fight.  Bull tosses matador. Others rush in and surround him.  Matador walks off.


221155          15:21:39 - 15:22:44            13Apr50         Si         B/W

News in Brief - Spain  [Franco═s Daughter Weds Christobal Martinez]  (1950)

Ceremonial procession, General Franco w/ daugher Carmen in bridal gown, followed by others.  Interior church & march down aisle; marriage ceremony, register signed.  VIPs.  Couple pose after wedding.


221156          16:02:40 - 16:03:30            18May50        Si         B/W

Italy  [Madame Franco & Daughter Carmen Polo Visit Vatican]  (1950)

Rome, Italy

Madame Franco, Carmen Polo, her daughter & son-in-law, Christobal Martinez, enter the Vatican with others.  Inside the library Pope Pius XII meets w/ Spanish visitors.  Party leave escorted by Swiss Guard. 


221155          15:29:26 - 15:29:59            3Jul50                        Si         B/W   

News in Brief - Spain  [Franco in Military Parade]  (1950)

Crowds watch military parade from balconies & sidewalks as Spain celebrates thirteenth anniversary of liberation.  Franco salutes, crowds with Franco banners.  Franco makes speech from balcony to cheering crowds.


221156          16:02:40 - 16:03:30            18May50        B/W    SI

Italy  [Madame Franco & Daughter Carmen Polo Visit Vatican]  (1950)

Rome, Italy

Madame Franco, Carmen Polo, her daughter & son-in-law, Christobal Martinez, enter the Vatican with others.  Inside the library Pope Pius XII meets w/ Spanish visitors.  Party leave escorted by Swiss Guard. 

Ceremony; Catholic Religion;


221156          16:17:09 - 16:17:58            14Jun54 B/W            Si

News in Brief  [General Franco & President Trujillo]  (1954)

Military manoeuvres watched by General Franco & President Trujillo of the Dominican Republic.  Anti-aircraft gun raised.  Bombers fly overhead, VIPs watching, aircraft bombing, paratroopers jumping from planes, sky full of parachutes.  Military equipment.  Military Exercises;



220848                 09:16:42 - 09:24:06      1959 Si         b/w    

Visit of President Eisenhower to Spain - December 1959
Top shot Honour Guard and dignitaries at the Torrejon AFB.  Group of Spanish Officers and dignitaries arriving and walking past the Honour Guard.
President's plane taxiing on the runway after the landing at the Air Force Base. President Eisenhower out of aircraft and is greeted by General Francisco Franco.
The President standing on the speaker's platform. Ike reviewing the Spanish troops
09:19:32 US Army, H-34 helicopter taxiing on the runway at Torrejon, AFB, bringing the President and General
Franco  -  parks in front of the Presidents plane.  General Franco and Eisenhower stops before a large group; the President removes hat during the salute;  US and Spanish troop lined up.
LS President Eisenhower giving a farewell speech at the AFB; large crowd of Spanish Officers surround President.  Ike standing at the top of the ramp to the aircraft waving to the large crowd.
Plane taking off
09;21;11  LS Street scenes in Madrid; spectators awaiting the President- official cars on the moves- Spanish soldiers lining the street.  Motorcade.
Franco delivering speech as the President looks on from the speaker═s stand. President Eisenhower giving speech  The President and the General into car .
NB This material is all shot from distance - poor coverage


220319                 04:44:46 - 04:45:06      1961 Sd        B/W   

News in Brief - Spain - War Games ( incomplete )
Spanish naval manoeuvres, Franco in naval uniform on launch.  Landing exercises.


221097                 10:45:26 - 10:46:19      1961 B/W    SD       

News In Brief: Madrid
Parade to mark 25th anniversary of Spanish Revolution - Generalissimo Franco in open top car saluting - cavalry troops - crowds applauding - Franco waves from balcony as tanks pass in review - MCU Franco salutes - aircraft fly over.  Revolutionary veterans march in civilian clothes w/ medals - day & night shots.  Low angle shot Franco waving from floodlit balcony. 
Fascist Dictators.  1960s.


220687                 20:01:40 - 20:02:38      1962 SD        B/W   

News in Brief - Spain
23rd anniversary of Franco coming to power - Franco reviews military parade - tanks - military vehicles.  AV parade. Franco on platform takes salute.  Franco and other officer into open top car.



REFERENCE TAPES (Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery of masters)




05Mar51               Sd.           

New US Ambassador to Spain, greeted in Madrid, Moorish Guard and Franco present.|


23Jul51                Sd.           

Adm Sherman dies in Naples, last images of meeting with Franco in Spain.|


28May53               Sd.           

Generalissimo Franco welcomes president Lopes of Portugal and both review army parade, Madrid.


08Nov54               Si?          

Stassen visits Franco in Spain.|


08Apr57               Sd            

Franco & Spain celebrate 18th Anniversary of Civil War end. Parade in Madrid with U.S. tanks and jets.


12May58               Sd.           

10.000 workers in Madrid participate in Spanish callisthenics (synchronized exercises) for Franco.


04Jan62                Sd            

Spanish Dictator Franco recovering from injury in his hand from shotgun accident, but attend bullfight in his honour.


01Dec66                Si            

Franco presents Spain's new constitution to Parliament. (not verified)






US ship visits Spain, sailors in town & bullfight w/ Franco?



Franco and Duce Meeting, w/ General Moscardo and others (Italian narration)



Spain w/ tower & Franco on it, car thru streets.   Franco marching thru crowd, on balcony.  La Felguera  visits steel mill, crowds. (VERY GOOD)



Espana & Franco.  Newspapers. Barcelona port & city.  Pro-Franco demonstrators up Rambles.  Franco on balcony to crowd.  (GOOD) (repeated at 01:22:20.)



1) (Spanish)  Franco greets Eva Peron to Spain. 2) (Spanish) Franco in Barcelona (?).  (GOOD)



6) Priest into ?? courtyard of Moorish w/ Franco on throne (?).  Standing with military generals etc. 8) In building handing out bundles of  aid (?) to kids. (VERY GOOD)



Spanish narration about Franco & Peron in Argentina.  Peron speaks from balcony of Argentina embassy.



Spain, Franco & his Navy.  Aerial over ??  Navy ships of all types. (GOOD).



Franco shaking hands and greeting many formally dressed VIPS.



?? arrives on 4-motor plane; arrives at large palace Franco (?) shaking hands, meeting.



4) Ornate carriage & procession ??  Franco (?) receiving ??.



Arab troops riding in review;  Franco & ?? in carriage in Madrid during official visit.



2) Spain  Arab riders before military VIPs, Franco?



Actualidad Espanol  Japanese prince arrives, sees military.  W Franco.



5) Franco in San Sebastian in military uniform w/ military VIPs.  Watching kids doing group calisthenics in stadium.



4) Franco meeting with Stassen & others.



Franco (?) in Palace with man & woman interviewing.



6) Franco in Germany.  Visits mine(?).



Spain.  Dulles & others meet in ornate room.  Franco & Dulles.  Estate w/ guards.



8) Massive crowd at rally in Spain w/ pro Generalisimo banners.



11)  Spain Franco greeting Morocco leader & Arabs.  Motorcade, palace, airport.



Spain  Grace Kelly & Prince Rainier arriving ?? past tapestry & meeting Franco.  Dinner.



5) Spain & sheik arriving to meet w/ Franco.  W/ Franco in palace.  (GOOD)



Madrid Spain  Arabs arrive on Alitalia plane greeted by Franco.   Air France arrives w/ Saudi Sheik. Motorcade thru streets.



1) Spain, Franco & military. Men swearing oath.



9) Tunis & Spain.  Tunisian VIP arrives.  Meets Franco.  (GOOD)



Serrano Suner greeted-crowds- Morocco Chief-interiors palace -- Franco(?).1940s?



Franco & Shah (?) present.



Franco (?) receiving VIPs in hilltop castle overlooking river.  (GOOD)



3) 24Sep57  Franco in Asturias visits steel mill & dam, start of furnace.  Housing for fishermen dedicated by Franco.




11) Franco en Tarragona, new housing dedicated (?).  Speaking (MOS) from balcony to large group w/ banners. 



2) Eisenhower w/ press saying goodbye after conference.  3) Tanks across sand.  Troops working on them and dressing for ??  Foreign legion.  Meeting with arabs or ??  5) Bishop Spellman in Antarctica and ??  7) Eisenhower w/ Eden and others at NATO table for photographs.  8) Dulles off MATS plane, w/ Franco.  11) Eisenhowers greeted by Santa Claus & Nixons.  Christmas tree lighting.  



1) 1943 (?) Spanish Blue Division troop train returning & greeted by crowds at Barcelona Spain.  Nazi salutes, Franco poster.  Thru streets in trucks.


Si.                          Apr43 

3) Serrano Suner (brother in law of Franco) greeted-crowds.  Morocco Chief-interiors palace -- Franco.

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