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220726          07:37:48 - 07:59:44            9 Aug90          SD        COL     

Press Conference on Middle East Situation in Press Room  -
Re Iraq's invasion of Kuwait and US sending troops to Saudi Arabia
Bush doesn't / can't reply re troops numbers sent to Saudi.  Troops only on defensive mission.  Doesn't know for how long.
Re other nations involved - Britain; Egypt; Morocco. Re Americans choosing to leave Saudi. 
07:41:33  re Chemical weapons being used on US troops.  Rumour re Saddam Hussein being dead.
Re Saudis cutting off pipelines & oil situation.
Presence of reporters in Saudi & whether to send Pentagon pool. 
07:44:20 re King Fahd's request for support.  Soviet's response.
Re whether to use more than economic  sanctions.  Possibility of Arab component in Force.
Re American hostages???
Re how economic sanctions will affect Saddam regime.
Not preparing for long ground war; military objective is defence of Saudi Arabia and overall objective is that Iraq leaves Kuwait.
07:50:22 re attempts to improve relations with Saddam Hussein.
Reporter questions adequacy of intelligence and Bush defends it saying move was too swift to foresee.
Re cost of intervention.
Re Vulnerability of oil fields in Middle East.  Budget agreement; risk of oil prices rise.
07:56:54  re teaching Saddam Hussein to behave well in future. 
Re embargo to be all-encompassing.


220716          17:09:14 - 17:14:07            16Aug90         SD        B/W   

Arrival of Saudi Arabian Foreign Officials   

Secretary James baker welcomes officials out of helicopter.  Saudi Foreign Minister Saud Al-Faisal statement re Middle East crisis re Iraq invasion of Kuwait.  ReporterÍs question re Port of Aqaba & Jordan; solving conflict peacefully; UN resolutions.
Bandar present

221024          21:11:41 - 21:21:15            1990   SD        COL     

Into The Gulf - Desert Storm  [Part 1]
5-reel documentary on US Coast Guard activities during First Gulf War.  Sunrise on sea and muezzin call to prayer on soundtrack.  Coast Guard on motor boat speeding off.  Saudi Mosque.  Fishing boat.  Dammam, Saudi Arabia - big black transport plane taxis after landing and troops disembark.  Map of Gulf shows American bases.  Briefing outdoors.  Checking motor boats on dry land. 
21:13:26  Training in camouflage gear in USA incl. target practice; men in gas masks or biological weapon protection.  Coast Guard at port supervising loading of ships.  Captain Ibsen explains safety measures for loading cargo.  Supervisor checking safe loading of vehicles.  Cargo ships at dock. 
21:16:47  - Coast Guard boarding team carry out enforcement of merchant ships embargo in Red Sea - Gulf. of Aqaba -  actual inspection of cargo ship & team members describing their job. 
[NB Picture quality poor.]


221024          21:21:16 - 21:31:15            1990   SD        COL     

Into The Gulf - Desert Storm  [Part 2]
Coast Guard activities during First Gulf War.  Protection of Persian Gulf Ports.  Coast guards in 'Raider' motor boat patrol harbour.  Coast guard explains patrol job.  Fishing floaters out of water.   Inspecting small motor boat with Arabs on board. 
21:24:57  Guarding the shore - patrolling on breakwater - looking through binoculars -  camouflage surveillance shelter on beach.  CU putting gun in holster. 
CU  serviceman's Identity card and zooms back to show soldier holding it up for control at checkpoint.  Army camp entrance guard describes his duties.   Checking under vehicles with mirror and searching vehicle.  Black soldier re occasions when he gets nervous or scared  working at checkpoint.  Guarding coast with gun at dusk.  
21:28:30   Morale and recreation - Soldier pets dachsund mongrel dog.  Men at base play ball.   Men relaxing and watching TV show.  Mail distribution and reading letters - men say how they look forward to getting mail. Letters and drawings from children supporting troops displayed on board. 
[NB Picture quality poor.]


221024          21:31:16 - 21:40:52            1990   SD        COL     

Into The Gulf - Desert Storm  [Part 3]
US Coast Guard activities during First Gulf War.  Morale issues ct'd from Pt 2.  Chow.  Coast Guards on boat describe their diet.  Packet of Cheerios w/ name in English & Arabic.  Food containers.  Soldier eating and  joking about food quality  to camera.  Cook  hands out plate.  Men in canteen eating.  Opening and eating vacuum-sealed MRE rations and serviceman jokes to a TV crew about MREs being disgusting.  Coast Guard refectory.
21:34:14  Supplies and vehicles unloaded at dock - fork lift truck - briefing.  Christmas decorations in dorms and offices.  Greeting cards sent by families.  Men in dorm talk about being in Saudi Arabia for Christmas & support from people back home.  Christmas tree outdoors.  Christmas dinner at army base with some reporters.  Santa Claus distributes presents.  Christmas Carol on ghetto blaster.
21:38:06  Christmas night - Coast Guard team checking ships.  Christmas day - checking packages.  Men clown about and wear silly umbrella hats.  Soldiers say they miss their family but happy to make sacrifice.
21:40:12  Joke road signs 'Phoenix, Arizona 11,915 miles', 'Playboy Mansion', 'Baghdad: 18 minute SCUD time'.  Brooke Shields with troops, signing autographs and giving Xmas gift packs. 
[NB Picture quality poor.]


220716          17:14:08 - 17:16:41            19Oct90          SD        [President Bush & Staff Meet with Saudi Arabian Foreign Officials in White House]
Foreign Minister Saud Al-Faisal & Prince Bandar entering the Oval Office; three staff sit on couch opposite.  Shaking hands & photographers moving around.  Talking quietly off mic as photographers cameras clicking.
Helen Thomas (off camera) asks question re diplomatic solution to Middle East crisis in the Persian Gulf.

220716          17:16:53 - 17:31:11            17Dec90         SD        President Bush Meets with Coalition of Ambassadors on Desert Shield
In Roosevelt Room of the White House
Bush circles room shaking hands & starts speech.  Seated w/ Dan Quayle & Bandar on either side of him.  Photographers take pictures, President begins to make comments asking Ambassadors to thank their governments.  Says Coalition is holding together very well; ambassadors are doing their part well to contribute to this.
17:19:22  Color bars.  Coalition Ambassadors posing for photographers in White House Rose Garden - Bush speech or statement re coalition against Saddam's aggression remains deep & wide; some 28 countries...  'Every country represented agrees that the twelve Security Council Resolutions make clear....''  ...over 200,000 individuals have been contributed...  It is really Iraq against the world...'  We welcome Security Council Resolution 678...
17:22:40   ..there can & will be no negotiations for concessions & no rewards for aggression.'   Questions shouted.  Bush talks about Hussein should withdraw from Kuwait.  'I think he will realize...or all available means will be used.'  Discusses Amnesty Report to be released in next few days....  talks of unacceptable brutality that is now going on.
17:29:20  'I'm satisfied that the Coalition...when we prevail we have the promise of a new world order; you have a revitalized United Nations, whose peace-keeping function up till now has been rather dismal...'
Handshaking on the steps with some of the Ambassadors.


221024          21:00:12 - 21:10:38            1990 - 1991 SD        COL      Into The Gulf - Desert Storm  [Compilation]
[Documentary re US Coast Guard activities during First Gulf War using material from the 5-reel film Into the Gulf]  Fast montage - individual shots may not be usable:  Coast guard 'Raider' motorboat.  'Wanted' poster of Saddam Hussein.  USA - Troops embarking in plane & takeoff and other pre-departure preparations.  Trying on gas mask.   Sign ñBaghdad - 18 minutes SCUD timeî.  Gulf - Troops in desert.   Battleship firing gun.  US Coast Guard flag.  Coast Guards on boats.  
21:02:09  USA Port Operations - loading and inspecting supplies bound for Gulf incl. tanks, weapons, explosives. 
21:04:01  Maritime Interception Force - Gulf - Helicopters silhouetted in front of sunset;  US soldier in front of sunset.  Mosque.  Oil ship.  President Bush [very brief].  Member of Maritime Interception Force explains how they intercept cargo ships in Persian Gulf region to enforce embargo & sanctions; images of actual inspection of merchant ship.
21:05:39  Port Security and Harbour Defence - re protecting safety of cargo transport.  Cargo ship.  Checking with mirror under  vehicle.  Harbour patrol motor boat.   Forklift truck at port.   Commander praises Coast Guard.  
21:07:08  Camouflage shelter by sea.  Soldier behind heap of sandbags looks through binoculars.  Troops briefing in tent.  Officer recounts seeing a SCUD missile.  Actual SCUD seen.  Motor boat on sea at dawn.  Coast Guard flag.  Montage:  Coast Guard men at various everyday tasks in Gulf [no combat].  
21:09:00  Boarding transport plane and servicemen inside plane. Families of servicemen waving goodbye at airport & waving flags.  Returning servicemen reunions with families at airfield - lots of hugging and kissing - slow motion.
[NB  Picture quality poor.]

221024          21:40:53 - 21:49:59            1991   SD        COL     

Into The Gulf - Desert Storm  [Part 4]
Coast Guard activities during First Gulf War.  Montage: preparations prior to 15Jan91 ultimatum for withdrawal from Kuwait - Tank unloaded.  Fighter? in flight.  Guard with gun.  Building tent city.  Sequence re repairing Raider motor boats.
21:44:20  Tank unloaded with crane.  Tanks in desert.  Men digging in desert.  Loading bombs on plane and signalling for takeoff.  Headlines re start of war.
21:44:55  President Bush speech extract 'no nation will be allowed to brutally assault its neighbour.'  Night footage - firing of missiles.  Coast Guards recounts reasons for going to war with Iraq.  Camouflaged Patriot missile launcher.  Harbour patrol.   Night footage SCUD missile.  Officer recounts seeing SCUD missile.  21:47:57  Salvaging sunken carcass of SCUD from sea.   SCUD launched.  Other officer re other scary SCUD experience.
[NB Picture quality poor.]


221024          21:50:00 - 21:58:04            1991   SD        COL     

Into The Gulf - Desert Storm  [Part 5]
Coast Guard activities during First Gulf War.  VO re no casualties amongst Coast Guards.  Coast Guard repair & maintenance workshop.  Piling sandbags.  Coast guard re doing great teamwork.  Weapons repair and maintenance workshop.  Administration department - woman soldier wearing guns talks to men in office. Army office workers on phone etc.  Peeling potatoes. 
21:52:32  Battle footage - Battleships firing guns.  Tanks advance in desert.  Ground troops running and in trenches 24-28Feb91.  Firing big gun. 
21:53:02  President Bush speech to Congress re end of Gulf war -  '... as President, I can report to the nation: aggression is defeated. The war is over.'  Applause . 'This victory belongs to the finest fighting force this nation has ever known in its history'.  Soldier on tank.  Other says he thinks the war is properly over.  Combat unit crawling in Florida training 'desert' with guns.  303rd replacement troops arrive in Saudi Arabia.  Exchange of command ceremony.  Royal Highland Fusilier plays bagpipes. 
21:54:53  President Bush speech re troops returning 'We're coming home now.  Proud, confident, heads high'. 
21:55:00  Troops return from Gulf - transport plane lands and families with flags and balloons at airport.  Servicemen reunions with wives and kids - much hugging and kissing.  Uncorking and drinking champagne from bottle.   
[NB Picture quality poor.]


220727          08:00:15 - 08:09:39            29Jan91         SD        President BushÍs State of the Union Address  - Part 1 of 5
(entire speech)
Barbara Bush enters.  George Bush enters; introduced by Speaker of the House, Tom Foley.
08:01:52  Persian Gulf War - re twelve United Nations resolution demanding Iraq's immediate withdrawal from Kuwait.
08:04:42  End of Cold War & Soviet - US cooperation; importance to the world.
American responsibility for world leadership; good vs. evil (re Kuwait).


220727          08:30:11 - 08:40:21            29Jan91         SD        President BushÍs State of the Union Address - Part 4 of 5
(entire speech)
08:30:11  Tribute to servicemen in the Persian Gulf.  Standing long ovation.  Mentions negotiations to avoid conflict with Iraq; & Saddam Hussein having rejected diplomacy; report on current situation in Gulf & purpose of action.
08:37:40  re control of oil resources & American public opinion - dissent.  Applause.
08:38:54  Commitment to strong defense.  Patriot missile defense to missiles; SDI program to be refocused.


220727          08:40:21 - 08:50:08            29Jan91         SD        President BushÍs State of the Union Address - Part 5 of 5
(entire speech)
Praise for families of servicemen in Gulf.  Introduces Mrs. Norman Schwarzkopf.  Long applause.
08:41:26  Praises Schwarzkopf; introduces Alma Powell.  Acknowledges RAF & other pilots from various coalition countries and economic contribution from coalition countries for Desert Shield & Desert Storm.  United Nations.  Long applause.
08:45:35  New World Order.  US leadership.
ñOur cause is just. Our cause is moral. Our cause is rightî

220727          08:50:21 - 08:56:46            27Feb91         SD        Address to the Nation About Iraq War Ending)
Oval Office (entire speech)  - President George Bush (Sr)
(Date wrongly idented by cameraman - says 1990)
'Kuwait is liberated.  Iraq's army is defeated.  Our military objectives are met.  Kuwait is once more in the hands of Kuwaitis, in control of their own destiny...' '...people of Iraq are not our enemy...'

220716          17:31:25 - 17:37:33            28Feb91         SD        President Bush Meets with Saudi Ambassador to the United States, Prince Bandar
In the Oval Office
Bandar thanks Bush re sending US troops to Saudi Arabia.  Bush talks about being grateful to your Majesty...  Photographers clicking.    'What's the mood at home on all this?'  'Well the mood is excellent Mr. President & I'm here to help His Majesty & the Saudi people...  (thanking US & its military and to be proud of them)
Bush:  'I think we did the right thing back in August...kept your loss of life, our loss of life way, way down...'
Bandar:  'We have a healthy respect for the Iraqi people & the Iraqi Armed Forces...they didn't really believe in their cause.'  Shot of cameramen & VP Quayle, James Baker & ?? on couch.  Cameramen leaving.

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