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220655      21:43:19 - 21:51:43                  1939 - 1941             USA England Germany  Burma Russia     B/W   SD     War Comes To America - Compilation film.   R6
21:48:14 - 21:48:55 Lease-lend imports unloaded at London? docks  and at Red Sea ports for British in Africa.  Trucks travelling down Burma road towards China.  Brief shot materials stockpiled Murmansk and Iran.  Sign on box from America says Hammer and Sickle 'em.  Montage shots war goods being stored and used.

LN 400-260       01:29:10 - 01:35:14          USSR Russia Germany Iran
Finland       B/W  SD                European Tragedy  Pt 3 of ?
01:30:42 - 01:31:21   1943  Poles sent from Iran to Siberia return to Iran; church service to celebrate their liberation, various pictures of starved bony children.


220929      17:21:37 - 17:23:29                  1941-45 c                Iran    B/W   Sd/Sil Polish Exodus to Persia!
VS arrival of refugees at camp in Iran.  Greeted by Polish countrymen.  Eating in food tent.  Religious service.  Camp Commandant enlists refugees for army. Parades of male and female troops marching. Ends abruptly.


220929      17:08:40 - 17:17:07                  1941-45 c       23Oct44      iran    B/W   SIL     Tehran Setting, Iran
VS streets of Tehran, traffic and pedestrians. Traffic lights.  AVs Tehran. Caravan of camels loaded with belongings through desert.  PoV Tehran street, shopfronts. Women in burkas.   Women at fabric stall.  Camel loaded with wood. ´Irantour═ building.  Singer store (sewing machines?). LS petrol/ gas station. VS women in western dress walking down street.  LS building in countryside/ large grounds.  CU sign: ´Shahriar═.  Man waving arms (American?). 17:16:09: CUs ancient stone carvings.  LS man by truck on clifftop.


220929      17:18:26 - 17:21:34                  1941-45 c                Iran    B/W   SIL     Iran
VS Iranian men in traditional dress, some with rifles and ammo rounds.  Desert outpost. Lookout with binoculars. Armed militia. VS desert airfield, British RAF plane and personnel? with Iranians.
17:20:34: British? soldier wearing middle eastern headwear cleaning guns with Iranians.  Loading machine guns onto trucks. Soldiers with rifles laying in dugouts in the sand.


200558      11:13:07 - 11:14:18                  1943              iran    B/W   SD     Red Cross In Iran Aids Polish Refugees
VS Polish refugees walking into Iran. Arrival at camp, greeted by fellow Poles. Red Cross food and supplies distributed, attend religious service, women working fields.

220794      13:52:23 - 13:59:08                  1943? 1944? 1945?  Iran    B/W   SD     [Lend-Lease Planes to USSR via Iran]
post 1943
Persian Gulf. Aerials Iranian refinery producing oil used for allied Air Force.  Abadan Airfield and planes (which are assembled on site then piloted by Russians to USSR).  Unloading large crates containing plane parts.  Fuselage is uncrated.  Planes in hangar.
Russian pilots out of DC-3 type Russian passenger plane & posing for camera.  Col. Charles Porter, Commanding Officer of Abadan military base with Russian general & Brigadier General Macmillan.
Activities on airfield: refuelling and checking planes.  Planes towed to Russian side of airfield.  Russian pilot tests gun.  Russian and American pilot working together fixing plane.  American paints over star on plane to turn it into Soviet red star.  Russian pilot in P-40 takes off for Teheran and Russia. GV and pan airfield.

220662      10:24:08 - 10:30:52                  1944     21Mar44      Iran    B/W   SIL     Convoy Route Iran to Russia
Tanks on hoist?   Tanks arriving at docks on transporter.  Large crates unloaded from cargo ships onto waiting transporter.  Second crate unloaded onto truck. 
10:28:20 Railway freight yard.  Train slowly up and past carrying small tanks.  Freight train past loaded with crates and oil? 


220746      06:50:10 - 06:59:28                  1944              Iran    B/W   SIL     Iran -  Malaria Prevention
Soldier handing out spades to long line of natives.  Soldier handing out flit insecticide sprays to children who run home to spray homes.  Funny sequence where small boy stops to spray calf.  Kids surround group of men sitting under palms and spray with insecticide. 
06:52:36 Man spraying irrigation channel.  Spraying fields and putting insecticide into irrigation gully. 
06:54:13 Surveyor.  Man testing water.  Laboratory - water tested (Slate 1944)
06:56:32 Tanks and military equipment unloaded at docks.  Food supplies unloaded and checked. 


220788      04:57:39 - 04:58:56                  PD        1945 & 1950                  Iran    B/W   SD     Russian Troops Leave Iran & Street Riots
Girl puts flowers on poster of Stalin.  Russian troops march.  Russian women soldiers.  Russian soldiers leave parade ground.  Line of military vehicles - locals give flowers. Crowd lines streets as military drive past
04:58:30 Various top shots street riots in Iran in 1950.  People running in streets.  Troops on horseback herding rioters.

220746      06:07:09 - 06:14:37                  1946              ??Oct46       Iran    B/W   SD     Red Army Out of Iran - Russians leave after WWII
Handover ceremony at military base?  Russian and Iranian officers shake hands.  Newspaper headlines and being printed.  Flags.  Young women picking flowers in garden.  Woman decorates poster of Stalin with flowers. 
06:08:14 Iranian troops parade down street carrying flowers.  Russian troops board line of military vehicles - drive through streets, locals throw flowers.  Cheering crowds line streets.  Unid. man using microphone.  Ceremonial dagger presented.  Cheering crowds.  Russian tanks through streets.  Women and children waving - veiled women.  Russian troops on horseback ride through streets.  Young kids waving flags, some Russian.  Traditional ceremony ? involving pouring ? from pitchers and  man holding large mirror.  Mounted troops parade through streets, given flowers by veiled women.  Old man speaking animatedly.  Crowds line street. Russian soldiers distribute communist information / propaganda leaflets thrown into crowd.
VIPs on dais - officer making speech.  Gifts given.  Pages turned with writing and picture of Stalin.  Flag depicting Stalin.  Engraved picture with Russian Generals depicted.  Iranians waving and clapping.  Russian military vehicles parade through streets - POV driver going down street lined with Iranian soldiers.  Russian soldiers pass in trucks and have flowers thrown at them.  Various shots military parade and locals.


LN 400-288       13:57:48 - 14:08:16          PD                 1946           USA    B/W   SD     Petroleum
Encyclopaedia Britannica Films - World Energy Resources Series  [Erpi announcer]

14:05:10 - 14:06:58   Map of world showing how yearly production of petroleum would encircle earth almost four times if put in rail wagons - world petroleum producing fields located - Eastern Hemisphere Netherlands East Indies, Russia, Romania, Iraq, Iran, oil reserves in Persian Gulf.  Western Hemisphere - Caribbean coast of South America, US.  VO re unequal distribution - Western Europe dependant on other countries.

220685      01:23:56 - 01:31:31                  1947              Egypt; Iran
                B/W  SIL                Search for Oil in Iran
Desert; river boat / paddle steamer on Nile.  Mosques, burros & Arabs through streets.  Smoking hooka, working leather, street scene.  Desert canyons & valley w/ pack stream.  Camels along rocky valley.  European man w/ pipe on horseback posing for camera.  Rides off.  Bubbling oil dipped into skings.  Building outpost w/ stones. Digging well by hand.  Assembling drilling tower. Drilling pipe.  Surveying.  Pulling pipe.  CU of letter.  Sun, drilling.  Dust.  Smoke at well.  Letter re striking oil in Iran.  Camel caravan. Archaeological remains / carvings.  Fire burning off oil by base of well. 


220746      06:39:11 - 06:50:00                  1948 ?           Iran    B/W   SIL     Iran - Native Market etc.
Street market, men in Arab dress.  Young boy at watermelon stall.  Flies crawling over food.  Women and children washing in communal wash hole.  Woman scooping water from river into container.  Boy drinking from river.  Men and children washing, drinking and swimming in same river.  Cows bathe in river.  Wide shot native boats in river with mosque behind.  Tradesmen unload pitchers from boats at quayside. 
06:42:11 Natives by date palms - village life, oasis.  Cooking unleavened bread on open fire.  Boy washing.  Man cutting meat.  Water collected.  Natives on horseback herding sheep.  Native with Iranian officer.  CU flock of sheep.  Nomads driving sheep down mountain road. 
06:46:15 Line of military trucks blocking road. 
06:46:53  Native dancing.  Arab encampment - cooking on fire.  Oxen ploughing field.  Young men threshing corn.  Ruins of fort?


220719      20:15:20 - 20:16:18                  195 ?             Iran    B/W   SIL     Iran - Street Demonstration
Young men and women (students?) parade in street with placards and banners.  Military past in trucks.  Policemen lined up outside ? palace? Young man arrested and thrown in back of truck.  Stones in road after demonstrations.


220508      23:57:32 - 23:59:18                  1951              Iran    b/w    Sd      Crisis in Iran - Nationalists Seize British Oil Fields
Oil refinery. Map of middle east. Demonstrators on trucks - demonstrators in Abadan and Iranians take over the British Petroleum Company Offices - tearing down signs and raising Iranian flag. Demonstrators jubilant. Printing office in Abadan - British Publisher barred from entering - Iranians enter office. British cruiser HMS Mauritius anchored in port. Refinery closed down, valves shut. Women and children evacuated by air. Person on stretcher carried up aircraft steps. Huge crowds gathered.

220604      01:03:24 - 01:12:19                  1951              Iran / Persia  b/w    Si       British at Iran Oil Field
BOAC prop aircraft landing on desert airstrip.  British politician ? in white suit of plane and greeted. Second plane lands - US Air Force plane ? Averill Harriman ?  out of aircraft and greeted. Harriman and British party pose for cameras - tour of oil installations (Abadan?).  Iranian VIP with party pointing out things over oil fields. Workers opening up pipelines - storage tanks - oil pump house. Oil installations. Dock area


220604      01:00:10 - 01:01:58                  1951              Persia / Iran  B/w    Sd      Persia and the Oilfields - pan over desert - oil drilling rigs of the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company.  Construction of oil refinery.  Benefits of oil money - bridges - farmer driving sheep over bridge - brick houses under construction - school, Persian children educated for the first time - interior classroom - adult education as students taught about oil technology - workshops.  Abadan oil refinery and pipeline stretching across desert. Oil bubbling up - power plants - oil tankers in docks Umaria - British Guardsman - British Virtue. Tanker leaving port.

220604     01:19:05 - 01:20:58                  1951              USA    b/w    Sd      UN meeting on Iran
Pan round meeting CUs of delegate from United Kingdom. Man calls Security Council to order. British delegate Sir Gladwyn Jebb  says his government wants to bring to the attention of the Security Council the dispute re removal of Anglo-Iranian Oil Company concessions. Russian ? delegate speaks. French delegate. Voice says Russians have protested.

220604      01:24:18 - 01:27:32                  1951              USA    b/w    Si       UN meeting re Iran
Various shots conference room - observers / press listening with headphones. Arrival delegates. Security Council in session - shots various delegates - Sir Gladwyn Jebb UK representative speaking -
01:26:47 Mossadegh speaking ( mos ) . Flags flying outside United Nations.

220604      01:39:25 - 01:40:30                  1951              USA    b/w    Si       UN Meeting re Iranian Oil.
US representative and ? in discussion. Interior Security Council chamber . Mossadegh takes his seat. Shots of room.
United Nations


220604      01:44:03 - 01:45:20                  1951              USA    b/w    Sd      UN Meeting re Iranian Oil
Wide shot security council room. Arrival Mossadegh. Mossadegh speaking over shots UK rep Sir Gladwyn Jebb. Mossadegh reading from paper in French. Jebb speaking says he hopes new provisional scheme will allow flow of oil to be resumed. Mossadegh listening intently through headphones.
United Nations


220701      17:00:13 - 17:09:25                  1951              Iran    B/W   Si       Oil Crisis in Iran - Riots
Demonstrators on trucks - demonstrators in Abadan - Iranians take over the British Petroleum Company Offices - tearing down signs and raising Iranian flag.  Demonstrators jubilant. Printing office in Abadan - British Publisher barred from entering . British cruiser HMS Mauritius anchored in port.  Refinery closed down, valves shut.  Women and children evacuated by air. Person on stretcher carried up aircraft steps. Huge crowds gathered. Demonstrators on streets.
17.02.01 British? women leaving - boarding aircraft with children.  People waving them off. BOAC plane.  Iranians? boarding TWA plane.  Stretcher loaded onto plane.  Newspaper The Daily News,  headline scratched out. Men in room going through papers, one at typewriter - reporters?  British naval ship at anchor.
Valves closed on oil pipelines.  Large crowds - demonstration.  Many shots repeated.


220701      17:09:42 - 17:11:29                  1951              Iran    B/W   Sd      Oil Crisis in Iran  - Persia and the Oil Fields
Pan over deserts of Iran - oil seeping into ground.  Drilling for oil - derrick.  Construction of refinery in Abadan. Native taking cattle to waterhole.  Goats crossing newly built bridge.  Construction work carried out with money from new oil wealth.  Brick built houses for Persian employees of oil company.  School - interior, Persian girls and boys  in class.  Students in lecture - physics and learning to use machinery in workshop. Pipeline across desert - oil bubbling on ground.  Smoking chimneys at refinery.  Ports - tankers Umaria , British Guardsman and British Virtue.


220701      17:11:30 - 17:12:38                  1951              Iran ?  B/W   Si       Oil Crisis in Iran  -  Meeting
Unidentified men in conference around table. Dean Rusk ?


220701      17:19:36 - 17:28:30                  1951              Iran    B/W   Si       Oil Crisis in Iran  - 
BOAC plane taxis on landing and unidentified man met off plane.
17:20:45 Harriman arrives on USAF plane and is met. Harriman and other s tour refinery.  Valves closed on pipes. Sign Gas Oil pump house - machinery running down.  Panning shots over refinery.  Tankers at anchor, in port.


220701      17:28:47 - 17:34:53                  1951              Iran    B/W   Si       Oil Crisis in Iran  - 
British oil workers being evacuated by Royal Navy - boarding ship. Courtyard crowded with workers and suitcases.  Ferry carrying them out to ship.  On board ship - passing naval ship at anchor.  More boarding - waving as leaving.


221015      08:33:48 - 08:48:15                  1951              USA    B/W   SD     Longines Chronoscope with Max W. Thornburg
Baseball at Yankee stadium - Sponsors advertisement for Longines-Wittnauer watches. 
08:35:35  TELEVISION INTERVIEW:  Introduced by Frank Knight; Henry Hazlitt political economist and William Bradford Huie talk with Max Thornburg, Petroleum Advisor, Department of State, on his experience in the Middle East oil industry and credentials as petroleum advisor, causes of the oil nationalization crisis in Iran, British interference in Iranian politics and failure of effective Anglo-Iranian oil policy.  Longines ads on wall in BG.
08:41:15  Lack of US corporate initiatives in developing realistic oil agreements in the Middle East.  Comparison between US and Anglo-Iranian approaches.
08:45:50  Brief discussion of Shah of Iran═s role.
08:46:26  Sponsors advertisement for Longines wristwatches inc. CU vars watches pass camera L-R.

221085      11:36:59 - 11:39:13                  1951     1Jul51         B/W   SIL     [Iran Oil Dispute Meeting w/ Harriman]
Large picnic table under trees outside country house - politicians meet for a signing or negotiating.   MCUs Averell Harriman.  Mossadegh ? Arrival of two men in suits and hats [dark suit is Harriman].  Talk to reporters.   Police & VIPs touring, shaking hands.  British man boards BOAC plane.
221107     16:49:19 - 16:56:04                  1952     B/W   SD     Top News Stories Of 1952
16:52:34 - 16:53:07   Nationalisation of British oil in Iran - demonstration - Mossadegh at the Hague.

220540      15:29:41 - 15:40:00                  1954     col&b/w       Sd      The U.S. Overseas Information Program Reel Two
15:37:09 Man threading film projector.  Montage various nationalities watching films.  Excerpts from USIS films - UN Report on prisoners of War.  Chinese POWs in US prison camps - Locust plague in Iran 1951, American aircraft brings small crop spraying planes to combat plague.  


221273 06:05:10 - 06:18:29 1954 Col Sd
Iran: Between Two Worlds (Title Missing)
Encyclopaedia Britannica
Mountains, desert & car along road. Map showing placement of Iran.
06:05:40 Ruins of Persepolis from high angle. Carved statues in bas relief showing various ethnic people, animals & chariots etc coming to pay taxes. Statue of ruler. Columns.
06:07:29 Mosque & tall minarets. Large dome w/ ornate architecture. Royal Blue Mosque. Early painting of polo match. Palace gateway & porch overlooking square. Pool, irrigation system.
06:08:25 Statue of Reza Shah; footage of young Reza Shah Pahlavi. Modern architecutre of Tehran. Palace interior w/ peacock throne. View of mountains beyond Tehran seen from above.
06:09:24 Religious college w/ muslim students; street scenes w/ western & Iranian dress. Buildings under construction. National University w/ students walking under fall foliage.
06:10:04 Isfahan bazaar, coppersmithing by hand. Silverworking by hand in small room w/ many silversmiths working. CU elaborate work & products, miniature paintings. Persian rugs woven in CU w/ women sitting in row. CU of woman. Children tying small knots. Textile mill ext. w/ pollution; int. & men at looms.
06:12:57 Shiraz gates & palace. Citrus & oranges; pools, fountains & monument to poet w/ ornate tile. Camel caravan & grain elevator. Technical school exterior. Medical school ext. & int w/ women students. Rural village w/ people walking; man at well drawing water w/ goatskins. Sheep & goats at well, women taking water & carrying on head & w/ jugs. Woman making bread outdoors.
06:16:00 Int. Boy folding carpet, other family possessions shown. House shown. Woman baking bread over hearth. Man walking to fields; plowing with oxen as others working in distance. Wooden plow w/ steel tip.
06:17:28 Aerial over very large oil refinery complex at Abadan; technicians on ground & men working at pipe handles. Changing shift & men walking, bicycling. Smoke stacks at sunset. Statues at Persepolis. The End but abrupt.


220540      16:05:30 - 16:14:50                  1954              b/w    Sd      America Presents America - Work of the USIA- Reel 3

In Iran - plane takes off, aerial views of American technical assistance project. 





220746      06:15:30 - 06:16:24                  1940s or 1950s                 Iran    B/W   SIL     Shah of Iran walks down steps into gardens followed by entourage.  Shah greets various unid. VIPs, guests at garden party.  Reporters taking notes as Shah speaks. 



220929      17:24:36 - 17:25:10                  1941-45                  Iran    B/W   SIL     News of the Day: Iran
MS palace gardens. Shah of Iran and wife? by fountain. Nurse brings out baby girl. MCU parents and child.
VS military parade with horses, carriages, troops and tanks.  Crest/ emblem on tanks.


220748      10:50:55 - 10:51:19                  1943              Iran    B/W   SD     Latest Films of Iran═s Royal Family at Home
Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi walking in garden with wife and daughter.  Daughter playing with pet dog.  Couple and daughter pose.


220746      06:22:47 - 06:29:17                  1948?            Iran    B/W   SIL     Shah of Iran and Shots Tehran.
Shah and wife at US military review.  American officer greets royal couple on arrival at US base.  Shah and wife leaving building and getting into jeep.  Shah and wife leaving service club.
06:24:31 Street scenes Tehran - horse carriages parked at side of road, monument in BG.  Close shots monument.  Royal palace with soldiers on sentry duty.  Various other modern buildings.  Mosque.  Camel caravan crosses main road - traffic.  Streets with traffic and pedestrians.  Women wearing veils outside shop.  Women dressed in western clothes.  Market place, camels and natives. 


221098      01:00:04 - 01:02:16                  1948 c           England        B/W   SD     Royal Diary
Shah Pahlevi of Iran arrives at Northolt airfield - greeted by Duke of Gloucester - reviews RAF personnel.  Shah reviews Guard of Honour outside Buckingham Palace.  King George VI & Shah of Iran into Palace.  King George, Queen Elizabeth & Shah of Iran on rear terrace of Palace, into garden.  Review & decorate Palestine Police to mark end of service. 
01:01:35  George VI inspects King═s Own troops at Chatham Dockyard.  Royal Navy Cadet Corps. line up for review - little kids in uniform.

221019      14:00:09 - 14:05:55                  1949     16/11/1949 USA    B/W   SD     [President Truman Greets Shah of Iran, 1949]
Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi of Iran greeted by President Truman at National Airport - State Visit 16-20Nov49.  Truman reads speech, still photographers in FG.  Shah speaks in English off the cuff. 
14:02:21  MCU men shake hands.  ˝I bring you a message of warm regard and work with the United States for peace in Middle Eastţ.  VS Shah arrives on Presidential plane.  US colour guard.  Shah and Truman into open limo.

220746      06:29:25 - 06:39:01                  1951              Iran    B/W   SIL     Crisis in Iran
Exterior large building in mountains, Shah of Iran enters luxurious office and takes seat at desk.  Closer shots Shah dealing with paperwork.  Shah talks with man in office. 
06:32:33  Gardens of palace, leopard cub chained up.  Shah and wife exit building with four dogs.  Dog playing with cub.  Shah and wife take drinks in gardens.  Good CUs Shah and Wife.  Rolls Royce car parked.  Rolls driven out of gates.  Royal flag flying. 
06:35:44 Oil drilling rig in operation. Close shots natives with drill. 


220719      20:13:21 - 20:15:01                  195 ?             Iran    B/W   SIL     [Shah of Iran & wife leaving hospital, greeted by Mossadegh]
Men lined up outside building.  Mossadegh & others.  Shah & wife out of hospital.  Mossadegh shakes hands with Shah.  Wife looks very unhappy,  carries gladiolas through crowd.  Rolls Royce & motorcycle escort.  High angle of streets.  Army truck through.  Excavation in street.  Large building with buses & other traffic outside.  Palace?  Large statue.  US Embassy


220701      17:12:58 - 17:19:20                  1951              Iran    B/W   Si       Oil Crisis in Iran  - 
USAF plane taxiing Harriman met off plane. Press gathered round Harriman.
17:13:55 Harriman meets with Mossadegh - interiors and walking in grounds.
17:15:19 Demonstration on streets - flags - students.  Top shots riot police on horses break up demo.  Harriman with Mossadegh. Demonstrations.
17:17:57 Harriman meets with Shah of Iran (Mohammed Reza Pahlavi ). Harriman and other talk.
17:18:29 Rioters on streets.

220604     01:49:53 - 01:51:47                  1953              Iran    b/w    Si       Iran  - Shah ousts Mossadegh
Crowds gathered outside government buildings. Crowds applaud, celebrations. Damaged buildings - burnt out car. Armed guards outside building and searching interior.  Group of VIPs including cleric.  Mohammed Reza Pahlavi,  Shah of Iran in military uniform.  Out of building and into car - cortege down street, military escort.  Tracking shot through crowds - army - tank with armed troops.


220700      16:57:57 - 16:59:05                  1953              Iran
                b/w  SIL                [Shah of Iran]
Shah of Iran in full dress uniform enters very ornate room in palace.  Shah presents medals & meets with ambassadors.  Shah and wife visit school ? - large hall with children seated at dining tables, some stand up as Shah passes.

220746      06:16:25 - 06:21:46                  1953              Italy   B/W   SIL     Night shots Shah of Iran surrounded by reporters.  Shah reading statement - holding newspaper in Italian re Mossadegh.  Newspaper headline the American - ˝Mossadegh Flees Iran Riots.  Shah prepares Flight Homeţ.  Other papers on desk.  Exterior building, traffic passing.  Shah and entourage leave building.  Shah boarding plane, gives interview from aircraft steps .  Car arriving at airport.  Shah surrounded as he enters building. 
06:20:02 Shah and others leave airport building.  Shah boarding KLM Constellation passenger aircraft, waves from steps.  Good shot plane standing on tarmac with props going round.  Plane down runway. 


220747      08:49:08 - 08:50:47                  1959              Iran
Greece       B/W  SD                Peace Mission - Ike Returns to Mediterranean
INCLUDING: 08:49:08 - 08:49:45 Eisenhower riding in open top car in motorcade - crowds line street - police motorcycle outriders.  Sign ˝Welcome Ikeţ suspended from clasped hands monument over road.  Ike with Mohammed Reza Pahlavi, Shah of Iran inside palace. 

221107      16:28:59 - 16:35:33                  1959              Russia; USA; Cuba; Canada ?; Norway; Iran; Japan; India; Laos         B/W   SD                News Review Of 1959
INCLUDING:  16:33:13- 16:33:26  Shah Pahlevi of Iran after marriage to Farah Diba.

220919      02:38:35 - 02:44:03                  1960     b/w    SD     News Highlights of 1960

02:42:30 - 02:42:36 First male heir for Shah of Iran

220747      08:58:28 - 08:59:23                  1962              USA    B/W   SD     News in Brief - Washington DC
Mohammed Reza Pahlavi, Shah of Iran on official visit. Shah tours Washington mosque.  Shah presented with memento of visit. 
08:59:01 Night shots - Shah and wife arrive at White House for State dinner.  Greeted by President John F Kennedy and wife Jackie with new hairdo.  Queen Farah wearing diamond tiara and furs.  Party enter White House.

221256 23:31:20 - 23:39:08 1963 USA SD B/W The World Mourns - John Fitzgerald Kennedy 1917 - 1963
State Funeral - JFK coffin on gun carriage up Pennsylvania Avenue to Capitol w riderless horse. Jackie Kennedy & children out of limousine w/ President Lyndon B. Johnson & Robert Kennedy. Capitol Rotunda ceiling; coffin on display, LBJ lays wreath. Jackie & daughter Caroline kneel at coffin.
23:33:06 Lines of mourners outside; in & past coffin to pay respects. Crowds keep night vigil.
23:33:56 Kennedy family & other dignitaries follow coffin on caisson. Coffin carried into St Mathews Cathedral, VIP mourners file in. De Gaulle, German Chancellor Erhard, Mikoyan, etc. Coffin carried in to choir singing Ave Maria, Cardinal Cushing conducts service.
23:36:15 Ext. Coffin carried to gun carriage; Kennedy family watching, John junior salutes coffin. HA shots of procession to cemetery & ceremony - last post, taps, played. Close shot de Gaulle & Shah of Iran saluting. Honour guard fold flag - presented to Jackie. Eternal flame lit - CU coffin and flame.

220637          15:03:58 - 15:04:41            9Jun67           B/W    Sd

News In Brief - Berlin

Demonstrating students outside Opera house - riots - protest against Shah of Iran who is attending performance of Magic Flute. Police scuffle with demonstrators.  Police beating students.

221244          22:32:23 - 22:33:10                        1960s Iran, Saudi Arabia      B/W    Si         [Selected Scenes - Middle East - Iran]

King Saud visiting Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi of Iran.

Guard of Honor at airfield. King Saud & Shah at airport reviewing military.  Palace interior in formal dress wearing many medals.  Arab princes seated watching.  Shah & Saud on thrones talking.  Arab talking on knees at their feet.

221257 01:14:04 - 01:21:38 1972 Iran SD COL A Time For Peace Rl 2 Pt 2
State visit to Iran, President Nixon and Shah Reza Pahlavi of Iran in open top car. Top shot Tehran. Good shots motorcade with police outriders through streets. Irnian and US flags. Locals reading newspaper reports of visit
01:14:56 Evening reception, President Nixon and wife Pat arrive in evening dress greeted by Shah and Empress Farah. Int, reception and guests seated at dining table. Wealth. Next day Nixon at wreath laying ceremony at tomb of the Shah’s father. Architecture, mosques, street scenes with traffic, road signs. Nixon hosts lunchtime reception for Shah, Empress and other Iranian dignitaries. Top shot Tehran with mountains in background.
Section ends: 01:16:49


Iranian personalities outside Iran

220588          15:50:57 - 16:00:43            1936   B/W    Sd

League of Nations - Sixteenth Assembly

 (July, 1936).

On invasion of Ethiopia by Italy.  Assembly President Van Zeeland (Belgium), Massey (Canada) & Bruce (Australia) speak on possibility of withdrawal of sanctions against Italy.  De Graef (Netherlands) & De Velies (Hungary) speak.  Sebahbodi (Iran) says his nation cannot participate in motions which will abrogate the rights of nations." 

15:56:30 Man speaking in French re League - mentions United States of Europe..

15:58:10 Various unid.

15:58:24 Haile Selassie in London  - crowds at railway station. Selassie arriving in Geneva  - surrounded by crowds as he leaves railway station. Makes statement. Selassie at League of Nations - heckled by Italian journalists.


220875      07:29:08 - 07:32:16                  1945     1Jun45         USA    B/W   SD     San Francisco Conference
Top shot San Francisco - street and buildings.  Delegates arriving for conference, Saudi Arabian delegation,  Field Marshal Smuts, China, Philippines, Arabs pose for cameras. 
07:30:02 Eden arrives.  Molotov stands talking with Lord Halifax, Anthony Eden and Stettinius. Oriental man with camera.  CUs various delegates including Masaryk, delegate from India, Netherlands, Mexico, Lebanon, Iran, and others.
07:31:40 Conference opens, Stettinius on podium.
07:31:47 Dorr opens to the Associated Press HQ.  Reporters, typing, telephone operators.  Conference, Madame Chiang Kai-Shek.


220853      16:30:26 - 16:30:55                  1950              France B/W   SIL     News in Brief - Paris
Princess Fatima of Iran in Paris with American husband - browsing booksellers on banks of Seine.   Fatima wears fur coat.

220779      17:00:07 - 17:07:39                  1957              USA    COL    SD     King Saud visits President Eisenhower
17:04:52 Blair House - Dr Charles Malik from Lebanon enters - Greek Ambassador enters.  Iranian ambassador enters. Interior  - King seated on sofa with Iranian Crown Prince


LN 400-247       20:23:45 - 20:33:52          1959              USSR; USA    B/W   SD     Russian News of The Day  1959  #17  April
20:28:22 - 20:28:59  LS Kremlin.  Deputy Chairman of the Presidium of Supreme Soviet of USSR Poleckis meets Ambassador of Iran M. Ansari.  Ansari & Poleckis read their speeches & exchange papers.

220788      04:52:20 - 04:53:11              1960s ? B/W   SIL     Central Treaty Organisation Meeting
Iranian representatives pose for photocall with Lord Mountbatten.  Mountbatten signs ? at meeting.  Lord and lady Mountbatten welcome guests to reception.  Various shots guests at reception




Iran-related events


221102      07:00:05 - 07:11:10            1940s - 1951        USA    B/W                SD    In Defense Of Peace  [Part 1 of 2]
07:09:27  Gromyko walks out of UN Security Council debate on the Iranian question.


220746      06:14:48 - 06:15:29                  1940s ?                   France ?       B/W   SIL     Various shots unidentified VIPs walking in gardens of chateau?
Shah of Iran related?


220637      15:03:58 - 15:04:41                  1967              Germany       B/W   SD     News In Brief - Berlin
Demonstrating students outside Opera house - riots - protest against Shah of Iran who is attending performance of Magic Flute. Police scuffle with demonstrators.  Police beating students.


220347      11:01:03 - 11:05:44                  1979? 1980?            GERMANY     COL    SD     Air Force Now - [Stars and Stripes European Edition]
Presenting officer looks from behind newspaper w/ headlines re Iran and Khomeini US hostages.


220852      15:00:00 - 15:10:44                  1980     23Jan80       USA    COL    SD     President Jimmy Carter State of the Union Address 1980 - Part One
Carter enters Congress with others.  CU Members of Senate.  Applause.  Carter  in crowd.  Carter family on balcony. 
Behind Carter during speech are Speaker of the House O'Neill and Vice-President  Mondale.
Speech topics:  Iran hostage  Crisis, Soviet invasion of Afghanistan
'... Three basic developments have helped to shape our challenges: the steady growth and increased projection of Soviet military power beyond its own borders; the overwhelming dependence of the Western democracies on oil supplies from the Middle East; and the press of social and religious and economic and political change in the many nations of the developing world, exemplified by the revolution in Iran.'
re Iran: 'In response to the abhorrent act in Iran, our Nation has never been aroused and unified so greatly in peacetime. Our position is clear. The United States will not yield to blackmail.'
'We continue to pursue these specific goals: first, to protect the present and long-range interests of the United States; secondly, to preserve the lives of the American hostages and to secure, as quickly as possible, their safe release, if possible, to avoid bloodshed which might further endanger the lives of our fellow citizens; to enlist the help of other nations in condemning this act of violence, which is shocking and violates the moral and the legal standards of a civilized world; and also to convince and to persuade the Iranian leaders that the real danger to their nation lies in the north, in the Soviet Union and from the Soviet troops now in Afghanistan, and that the unwarranted Iranian quarrel with the United States hampers their response to this far greater danger to them.
If the American hostages are harmed, a severe price will be paid. We will never rest until every one of the American hostages are released.'
NB            We can provide complete transcript of speech.

221132      11:42:05 - 11:54:34                  1981     20Jan81       USA    COL    SD     [Inauguration of President Reagan - Part 5 of 5]
11:46:54  INT Capitol - luncheon in House Wing - Reagan announces that US prisoners held in Iran are on planes bound for home - gives 'thanks to Almighty God.'  applause. 


221221      02:56:22 - 03:06:14                  Tape 2 of 3     1991; 1990; 1989                     COL    Si       Shuttle Earth Views  Pt. 3 of 5
03:00:00  STS-41  06-10Oct90  Discovery.  Sunrise earth limb view of Persian Gulf, Somalia, Iran, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Iran.  VERY Brief

221221      03:06:14 - 03:16:27                  Tape 2 of 3     1994; 1995; 1993;                    COL    Si       Shuttle Earth Views  Pt. 4 of 5

03:06:14  STS-60  03-11Feb94  Discovery.  Russia, Caspian Sea, Turkmenistan, Iran, Arabian Sea, Pakistan, Indus River Delta & Gulf of Kutch.  Caspian sea with light clouds & tilting down.  Camera moving about though smooth.  Tilt up to show curve of earth.  Cut to straight down and sea.  Zoom in.  Good river beds and delta & silt deposits moving in water, brown thru blue-green.

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