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220511          03:00:45 – 03:02:46            1926   Sd        b/w    

Special Inquiry into the Mosul Affair
League arbitrators visit Mosul, Iraq, to investigate border dispute between Turkey and Iraq. Representatives view military review and cavalry manoeuvres.
03:01:34 Shots of street scenes, market places, people on camels, hillside dwellings, river crossing cars onto pontoon. Group of European ? men / inquiry team. Housing and streets. Harbour


220508          23:33:35 – 23:46:08            1929   Si         b/w    

Date Culture in Iraq
Harvesting dates, native climbs tree / date palm, dates are picked and transported from the gardens by boat. Scenes in shed where dates are graded and packed by mostly Arab women. Roller slide for moving boxes. New primitive machine for packing  seeded dates. Dates  pressed and boxed. Natives carrying boxes then break into traditional Arab war dance. Loading dates on native boat for transportation to the steamer which will carry them to America. . In Basra experiments with more modern machinery in more factory like conditions with small production lines. Arab women working. Tigris river near Baghdad. Tracking shot along rivers edge. BP sign ( British Petroleum ) .
23:42:03 Harvesting dates near Baghdad. Native climbing tree and lowering dates down on tray. Natives handpick fruit from branches. Packing dates at Bacuba. Loading dates into sacks.

220508          23:46:20 – 23:57:04            1929   Si         b/w    

Date Culture in Iraq
Date palms are pruned at Beled Ruz - native up tree trimming leaves. Native climbing tree with small bag, collecting dates for immediate consumption. The oasis of Mandali on the Persian border - shots of entrance to village - housing. Transporting dates from garden to village of Mandali - donkeys with packs.
23:50:27  Bags are plaited from the date leaf pinnae. Arab men sitting round plaiting. Blind native sewing strips together to make bags.  Dates are transported on camels to Persia ( Iran ).  A Charad - native water lift for irrigation operated by native and bullock.  Cultivating a date garden near Basrah. Groups of natives digging. Cutting off shoots from mature trees. Packing shoots for shipment to US Department of Agriculture. 


220515          08:36:19 – 08:38:41            1941   Si         b/w    

Iraq revolt. James Roosevelt visits.
June 1941
Soldier stands next to sign ˝Royal Air Force Habbaniyaţ . Sign ˝London 3287 miles - Baghdad 55 milesţ.
Planes bomb city or plant.
Soldiers sitting on tank going at fast speed. Building damaged by fighting, two soldiers look out of hole. View of coast with explosions.
Troops on shore embark on dinghy. Aiming at targets with guns. Look at destroyed cars on bridge. Destroyed, abandoned field guns. Deserted camp.
Arab men in keffiyeh (head scarf) by destroyed cars.
Troops  dig  ? from soil amidst waters. Iraqi ? soldiers with Abdul Kassim? stand in garden.

220516          09:00:03 - 09:00:55            Jan 48 Sd        B/w

Anglo-Iraqi Treaty

Jan 1948

Old ˝Victoryţ preserved ship shown. Service chief Bevin & Iraqi Prime Minister Laiyid Saleh Jabr review troops. Board ˝Victoryţ and dining inside ship.


220515          08:40:00 - 08:46:18            Jan52  Si         B/W

Basra Oil Fields

Cars by roundabout in Iraqi city, policeman directs traffic.

Houses under  construction in desert, workers sifting gravel.

Water extracted by contraption with donkeys pulling.

Big gathering in warehouse with European dignitaries and wives in fur coats, board plane.

Oil field with tower.  Pipelines.  Iraqi men in drilling unit at work. Many good and detailed shots of pipelines, containers,  machinery and extraction process.

08:44:39: Ship at dock with bunting. Town with mosque in BG, river with long oars boats lined up, bridge with busy pedestrian traffic.   European dignitaries walk past.


221088          15:59:39 - 16:01:06            7May53          Sd        B/w

Two Kings Crowned In Near East

Top shots crowds running through streets of Baghdad celebrating crowning of new King Faisal II; King & Prince Regent arrive wearing ceremonial military uniform to take Oath of Office - away in horse-drawn carriage - VO re problems of dissidents & illiteracy in Iraq.

16:00:25  19-year-old King Hussein reviewing troops after crowning in Amman, Jordan; arrives at Basman Palace to present himself to government officials & royal family - reads Royal Proclamation.  Amman street scenes - crowds & cavalry surround royal motorcade.


220511          02:47:57 – 02:56:46            10-11Jun56  Sd        b/w    

US MAAG and military missions, Baghdad, Iraq
Off-duty military family visit architectural ruins of ancient Baghdad. VS, studies of military assistance group Headquarters building in Baghdad. MCU, Iraqi soldier standing guard at front entrance to Military Assistance Advisory Group Headquarters building. ECU, sign in brass: "Military Advisory Group Headquarters".
02:51:04 Two American wives shop for earthenware jugs in downtown marketplace. VS, crowded streets in native quarter.
02:52:32  LS, radio transmission towers outside Baghdad. Statue of Arab on horseback.
02:53:27 American Army instructor supervises technicians demonstrating Mutual Defense Assistance Program signal equipment to class of Iraqi Signal Corps students. Outdoor class of Iraqi Army students practice assembling antenna of African SCR 399 and PRC 10-radio. MCU, Iraqi Army officer demonstrates technique of connecting cable and headphone assembly on SCR-10 handie-talkie set. VS, Iraqi officer demonstrates method of buckling on head set assembly of a PE-210 unit.


220515          08:00:04 – 08:08:01            7-14Jun56    Si        

US MAAG and military missions, Baghdad, Iraq
LS equipment unloaded from freighter by Iraqi dock workers, US ordinance officer checks arrival of military assistance equipment with two Iraqi officers in uniform. CU crate with sign ţfrom USA for Mutual Defenseţ.
LS aerial views Baghdad.
Military Assistance Advisory group officers seated with wives and children by swimming pool at the Alwujah Club in Baghdad.
Off-duty army officers play tennis at Alwujah Club.
LS trucks out of Ministry of Defence building. LS Kadhiman Mosque.
American army instructor holds class on mobile 40mm anti-aircraft  gun for Iraqi soldiers.
Administrative activity in Military Assistance Advisory Group office building in Baghdad. Maj. D.L. Price at desk typing.
LS air views city of Baghdad showing river Euphrates and large bridge spanning waterway.


220511          02:00:05 – 02:01:13            14Jul58         Sd        b/w    

Pro Nasser Revolt in Iraq
Anti Western revolt in Iraq topples King Faisal═s pro-US government on the eve of the Baghdad Pact meeting.
Shots King Faisal at earlier meeting with his uncle Prince Ilah who was also killed. Amman airport, King Hussein welcomes Nuri Said and King Faisal on an earlier visit to Jordan. Kings Hussein and Faisal kiss. Tanks in parade.


220510          01:25:05 – 01:39:35            1959   Si         b/w    

Military Parade in Baghdad
Top shots Iraqi soldiers trying to keep crowd under control - skirmishes. Crowd surrounding car which is moving forward slowly. Officers and officials including Premier Abdul Karim Kassem take places in stand. Various shots VIPs in stand. Parade - flags carried - children - guides ? in parade. Troops march past stand. Civilian men and women dressed in white and carrying flags march past. Kassem presented with model boat. Crowds waving and cheering. Short shot chariot in parade. Girl guides march past.  Arab with sabre on horseback. Sign reads Babylonian Mathematics lead to Russian Sputnik. Tanks drive past - crowds cheering. Soldiers in trucks carrying flags drive past - more good shots tanks.  Troops past in military vehicles with weapons.  Trucks towing artillery. Truck carrying inflatable assault boat. Soldiers on guard on rooftop. Wall murals.


220510          01:24:05 – 01:24:45            1962 ?           Si         b/w    

Iraqi Airlines plane taxis. King Hussein of Jordan down steps with others. Greeted by King Feisal II of Iraq. Two kings review honour guard.
01.24.38 Brief clip from next item ? Sign Amman airport - King Hussein and others come through airport doors.


220294          14:22:57 – 14:24:09            14Feb63         Sd        B/W   

Iraqi Revolt - Pro Reds Ousted in Military Coup
Top shot Baghdad - Military through city. General Abdul Kassem on review stand etc before his execution. Damaged buildings and cars in Baghdad following revolt. Military on streets - tank.
Cold War


220510          01:00:43 – 01:01:52            14Feb63         Si         b/w    

The Revolt in Iraq. - Out of rack at start.
Top shot Baghdad - Military through city. General Abdul Kassem on review stand etc before his execution. Damaged buildings and cars in Baghdad following revolt. Military on streets - tank.


220613          12:56:04 - 12:59:50            1981   Col       Sd

Material from Israel of attack on Iraqi nuclear plant (IDF) - F-15 (?) F-16 (?) various shots  from ground, air and of bombing of nuclear reactor. Planes in formation, above mosque, above clouds and shot so reactor Bombs falling, explosion of reactor. END 12:59:50

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