IRAQ WAR 2004 - 2007

 camera  250073-01   00:00:00 - 00:09:20     COL   SD    2004  01/08/2004  Iraq  Tal Afar; Middle East;  [Iraq War - 2004:  Operation Sykes Hammer Broll, Dawn Patrol.  01Aug04]
Title:  1Aug04 Covering Bravo Co., 5th Battalion, 20th Infantry. Regiment  (Sykes’ Regulars) - 3/2 SBCT.  Infantry patrol Tal Afar alongside Iraqi National Guard for suspected insurgents from Syria.
00:00:20  Headlights on vehicles moving thru dark; silhouetted soldiers on foot.  Troops in column patrolling.  LS Helicopter across moon.  GOOD.
00:02:12  Thru metal door into auto garage (?) courtyard.  Soldiers wear cameras; Iraqi Guard wear face masks.  men searching bags of ??.  Search large ornate wooden cupboards in house.
00:03:45  Silhouetted soldier against morning light down metal steps from roof.  Leave; patrol along building walls.  Tank in street.  Patrolling narrow street, people watch from behind on roof.
00:05:08  Kneeling soldier adjusts glasses outside metal doorway.  MS soldier in tank hatch.  MCU troops waiting.  Troops outside metal gate, push open & enter.  Soldier to translator:  “Tell lady to come get her baby off the floor.”  Soldiers searching house w/ light; take identification papers.
00:06:48  Ext. looking at identification papers, women holding children in bg.  Translator explains.
00:07:09  Soldiers enter ornate gate.  Others in wide street plaza.  Inside courtyard of house.  MCU soldier checking cell phone.  Others watching street while house searched; pickup searched; stone pile searched.  Photograph album leafed thru.  Bag of ?? searched.     

camera 250073-02   00:09:20 - 00:16:19     COL   SD    2004 (?)          Iraq  Baghdad; Middle East;   [Iraq War - 2004 (?):  Rifle Qualification / Reflexive Fire.  6-8 Trains ING (Iraqi National Guard)]
Title card.  Sgt Abassi Brian & Lt Lateef Nahe ING soldiers.  Spc Kiareem Myers, Gunner for 6-8 CAV.
00:09:29  Men seated on gravel.  Men standing, firing from kneeling position & prone as US instructors & translators give orders.  MCU targets.  Soldiers reloading; CU firing.
00:10:44  Iraqi soldier or ?? speaking, English translator heard.  Blackened sections by censor (?). 
00:11:49  US soldier speaking about Iraqi’s qualifying describing training & how Iraqis are doing.  “They make a real effort to learn...”  “I’m honored to be here...”
00:12:57  [Unknown Staged Youth Group Raids]  Three young boys in black w/ balaclava masks & holding various weapons including RPG launcher in front of banner on white wall talking to camera.  Six outside stop man on bicycle.   Same outside of car w/ pistol to head.
00:13:56  Group / gan of boys inside w/ finger raised; one w/ cell phones.  Ext. boys running outside.  Run from van; move thru brush & into mud compound w/ weapons.  Instructions being given, climb over mud brick wall, thru metal gate & into empty home.  Staged attack w/ much yelling & pistols to heads of occupants.  Singing prayer.

camera250073-03   00:16:19 - 00:18:21     B/W   SD    2007  04/10/2007  Iraq  Middle East;      [Iraq War - 2007:  Operation Cold Harbor, Task Force Marne, Night, 04Oct07]
Title card.  While soldiers from 1-15 IN conducted an air assault raid on possible al-Qaeda in Iraq Safe House, a UAV spots 4 armed individuals moving towards the objective...
00:16:34  View thru nightscope in helicopter w/ voice over of soldier describing, firing machine gun & explosions seen among palm trees.  Repeated bursts.
Fighting; Night Vision;
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 camera 250073-04   00:18:21 - 00:21:55     COL   SD    2007  28/08/2007  Iraq  Middle East;      [Iraq War - 2007:  Operation Iraqi Freedom:  Conducing Route Clearing Mission.  28Aug07]
00:18:25  POV in column moving up narrow highway thru barriers.
00:18:41  Soldier & translator w/ Iraqis looking at paper beside large sandbagged & wire reinforced bunker or checkpoint.  View across desert w/ vehicles moving in distance.  Soldier walking & lookingover ridge.  Soldier looking into caves.  large army trucks across desert.
00:19:53  MS opening wooden crate of explosives & removing can, putting into cave.  CUs, wiring fuse; reloading case into truck & stringing out wire.  Large explosion.  GOOD.
00:21:45  LS & MCU of crater.
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 camera 250073-05   00:21:55 - 00:22:46     COL   SD    2007 (?)          Iraq  Middle East;      [Iraq War - 2007 (?):  Scimitar Vehicles On Operations]
00:22:00  MLS Scimitar tanks towards camera on desert road; passing in MLS  MCUs
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 camera  250073-06   00:22:46 - 00:31:46     COL   SD    2004        Iraq  Middle East; Samarra;   [Iraq War - 2004:  Operation Baton Rouge aka Battle of Samarra.  30Sep-02Oct04]
Titles.  1-26th Infantry during participation in Op Baton Rouge.
00:22:48  Night battle, POV from truck or ??
00:23:13  Camera following soldier w/ flashlight down steps into basement or ??.
00:23:52  Cutting ??.  Ext. silhouetted soldiers in morning light.
00:24:25  Black.
00:24:30  Tank passing outside iron fence; troops patrolling in dim light along wall & buildings.  Firing inside house or ??  Up staircase & onto roof.  View of Golden Mosque.  Setting up guns on rooftop wall.
00:27:06  View of graves in cemetery from roof.  Guns firing.  MCU rifleman.  Views from roof during shooting.
00:28:34  Troops inside house, prisoner against wall.  Soldiers looking at papers.
00:29:04  View of demolished house (?).  Soldier talking to woman reporter & cameraman.
00:29:23  Military vehicles moving in street w/ gunmen on turrets.  Iraqi troops arriving in trucks, cover faces & prepare to move out.  March off.
00:30:51  LS of tanks on road.  Large explosion & black cloud rising behind buildings w/ ziggurat turret.
00:31:12  Three men w/ bicycle, one waving white rag; others walking past Great Mosque w/ white flag on stick.  MCU
Battle of Samarra; Civilians; Fighting;

 camera  250073-07   00:31:46 - 00:34:10     COL   SD    2004  28/07/2004  Iraq  Middle East;      [Iraq War - 2004:  2-2 Infantry Train Iraqi National Guard.  28Jul04]
00:32:01  Staff Sgt Wray interview talking about training ING.  Video of ING running thru trees & laying down behind ditch bank & Wray says you must go “pow pow”. Wray lecturing to ING sitting in shade about need to stay in place, etc.
Military Training;

 camera  250073-08   00:34:10 - 00:39:29     COL   SD    2004  01/08/2004  Iraq  Middle East; Tal Afar;  [Iraq War - 2004:  Operation Sykes Hammer Broll, Nabbing Bad Guys.  01Aug04]
Titles.  Bravo Company, 5th Battalion, 20th Infantry Regiment.  3/2 SBCT.  Joint Patrol in response to anti-Iraqi forces from Syria.  Multinational Forces & Iraqi National Guard detain individuals who have tested positive for handling explosives &...
00:34:32  Soldiers kneeling behind stone wall, others silhouetted on rooftop.  Soldiers outside house breaking down metal door into house yard.  Come down from roof.  Picture of Khomeini on wall.  Soldier to translator:  “tell these National Guards not to fire unless we tell them to fire.”   ING searching pickup & large trucks. 
00:36:33  MCU ING soldier guarding outside doorway; US soldier guarding, gesturing people across street.
00:37:00  Questioning Iraqi thru translator.  Others w/ hands tied.  Men questioned; standing waiting, MCU rifle.
00:38:06  MS US soldier in doorway waving goodbye to group of young boys who mimic.  Teaching kids to “give me five.”
00:38:37  Opening hood of car & closing.  MCU tying hands behind back of detainees & walking along street between columns of soldiers.  Soldier on guard.
Patrolling; Searching; Capturing; Prisoners;

camera 250073-10   00:48:46 - 00:55:50     COL   SD    2002  04/03/2002  USA; Afghanistan; Pentagon;   [2002 - Military Briefing:  Secretary of Defense Rumseld & Gen Richard Myers, 04Mar02]  Pt. 1 of 14
00:48:55  Reporters seated, talking & waiting.
00:51:06  Rumsfeld & Myers onto stand.
00:51:15  Rumsfeld:  “Good morning; a few comments first on the operation in Afghanistan over the weekend.  General Franks will provide details from Tampa...
00:51:41  We need to all remind ourselves that thousands of Americans & other nationals were killed on September 11th.  When we began the attack in Afghanistan on October 7th, we made clear that our goals included removing the Taliban government & ending Afghanistan as a haven for terrorists, & we've made very good progress on both.  But as I've said repeatedly, the task is far from over.  Not all Taliban & al Qaeda forces have been defeated.  Substantial pockets of resistance remain.  They're determined.  They're dangerous.  They will not give up without a fight.  They are hiding in the villages & in the mountains & just across the borders, in a number of directions from Afghanistan, & they're waiting for their opportunities.  We have said that repeatedly.  Their goal is the opposite of ours.  Their goal is to reconstitute, to try to throw out the new interim government of Afghanistan, to kill coalition forces & to try regain the ability to use Afghanistan as a base for terrorist operations &, as a by-product, repress the Afghan people.  And we intend to prevent them from doing that.
The pocket of al Qaeda at Shahi-Kot area, where this operation is taking place, south of Gardez, appears to have several, a number of pockets of enemy forces, in reasonably large numbers.  They're obviously well organized.  They're dug in, they're well armed, & they're fighting fiercely.  We knew they would resist strongly, & anticipated a fierce fight.  That was -- that is exactly what's taking place.  Together w/ a number of coalition countries that include Australia, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Norway & some others, U.S. & Afghan forces are heavily engaged.
00:53:49  I deeply regret that a number of U.S. servicemen & several Afghan fighters assisting us have been killed in action.  At last count, there were nine Americans.  That includes those that were involved in the helicopter crash.  And there have been several Afghans as well.  There have been a number of wounded U.S. & Afghans, although close to half of those are already back in the battlel; & of the remainder, relatively few have life-threatening wounds.  All of the individuals who were killed & wounded have been fully evacuated from the area & are en route to appropriate locations to receive medical attention.
00:54:46  We also mourn the loss of the U.S. Navy pilot who was killed after ejecting from his aircraft in the Mediterranean Sea.  His battlegroup is en route to Northern Arabian Sea for service in Operation Enduring Freedom.  We're deeply saddened by the loss of all these brave men, & I extend my profound sympathies to their families.
00:55:12  The enemy forces have sustained much larger numbers of killed & wounded; & there will be many more.  We intend to continue the operations until those al Qaeda & Taliban who remain either surrender or are killed. The choice is theirs.  We have ground forces in position to check any large-scale effort to escape & we will continue to add pressure until they have been taken care of.  As I said, General Franks will have the current details on the operation at his briefing in the afternoon.  Continued...
Wars; Fighting; Military Propaganda;
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camera 250073-11   00:55:50 - 00:59:10     COL   SD    2002  04/03/2002  USA; Afghanistan; Pentagon;   [2002 - Military Briefing:  Secretary of Defense Rumseld & Gen Richard Myers, 04Mar02]  Pt. 2 of 14
Continued...  I should also add that the coalition forces are operating at somewhere between 8,000 & 11,000 feet, which is, it's cold, it's a difficult environment, & it is also a difficult environment not just for the human beings involved, but for the helicopters.  They weren't really designed to fly at those altitudes.  But coalition forces are well trained, they're professional, and they're doing an excellent job.
00:56:15  As intense as the activity in Afghanistan is today - & this will not be the last such operation in Afghanistan.  It's important to remember that we've been very clear that this is a global effort against terrorism.  As I have noted, some activities will be seen and other activities will not be seen.
00:56:35  Activities elsewhere in the world have received attention of late, & we are keeping the pressure on al Qaeda & other terrorist groups.  That's what we're doing in Yemen, the Philippines & elsewhere.  A global war on terrorism must be just that; it must be global to be effective.  The terrorists do not have countries, normally; they have cells in many, many countries, 30, 40, 50 countries.  As we drive them from Afghanistan, we must not allow them safe haven elsewhere.
00:57:10  We'll continue to train & in some cases equip forces in selected countries that face terrorist threats.  It is part of the global war on terrorism.  We'll establish, or in some cases reestablish military-to-military relationships w/ nations committed to the war on terrorism as part of this global effort, & we will w/ our coalition partners, intensify our efforts to identify & disrupt terrorist networks, activities, wherever they exist in the world.  This may include direct military attacks, as it has in Afghanistan, military interception of terrorists &  their weapons, as w/ the maritime interception effort, stepped-up intelligence gathering in specific countries, as we are doing in several now, training & in some cases, equipping, as in Yemen and the Philippines, and possibly at some future time in Georgia.
00:58:10  There must be no safe harbor for terrorists.  It's a threat that cannot be appeased.  And it cannot be ignored.  The power & reach of weapons today are too great & too lethal to do otherwise.
00:58:24  In addition to military force, coalition actions involve all of the broad instruments of national power -- diplomacy, intelligence, law enforcement, financial tools designed to stop the receipt or transfer of money to terrorists and their supporters.
00:58:3?  I've said from the first day that defense against terrorism requires that we go on offense & force terrorists to think about their defense as we take the battle to them.  That is the only successful defense against terrorism.  As President Bush said last November, we are coming to know those who have plotted against us.  There is no corner of Earth distant or dark enough to protect them.  However long it takes, their hour of justice will come.  General Myers?  Continued...
Wars; Fighting; Military Propaganda; Threats;
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 camera  250073-12   00:59:10 - 01:02:40     COL   SD    2002  04/03/2002  USA; Afghanistan; Pentagon;   [2002 - Military Briefing:  Secretary of Defense Rumseld & Gen Richard Myers, 04Mar02]  Pt. 3 of 14
Continued...  Thank you, Mr. Secretary.  As the secretary said, on Friday evening we started this campaign w/ Afghan, coalition & U.S. forces against what we thought was a large pocket of al Qaeda and non-Afghan Taliban fighters.  To put it in perspective -- I'll just piggyback on what the secretary said -- this is a very difficult environment.  This is like being out in the middle of the Rockies, the Rocky Mountains in the middle of winter. It's cold, ice and snow.  We have a map there that shows you some of the terrain they're dealing with.  And, of course, the higher you go, the air gets thinner for flight operations, so some of the helicopters are right up against their operational capability.  So it's some of the very toughest sort of conditions.  (Map)
00:59:56  As I said, we believe there are several hundred al Qaeda fighters holed up in the mountains, in the valleys & the cave complexes.  They're well dug in, well reinforced, & apparently have lots of weapons.
01:00:09  When we began this operation, we knew that the al Qaeda & their supporters there would have two choices: to run or stay & fight.  It seems they have chosen to stay & to fight to the last, & we hope to accommodate them.
01:00:25  While we've hit resistance, there should be no doubt about the outcome in this case.  The only choices for al Qaeda are to surrender or to be killed, & we're prepared to go on as long as that may require. We're using both ground & air forces.  And since the operation began on Friday night, we have dropped more than 350 bombs, using about 10 long-range bombers, two to four AC-130 gunships, & about 30 to 40 tactical aircraft each day.
01:00:53  And I would just like to end by adding my condolences to those family members who lost loved ones in the area of operations of the last few days.
01:01:05  Rumsfeld:  Questions.  Charlie?  Mr. Secretary, you said that -- I believe nine have been killed in the current operations.  We were told earlier that six have died in the helicopter shoot down; that one had been killed early on Saturday, & another was killed --
01:01:21  The latest count is nine.
01:01:24  But were there seven killed in the helicopter shoot down? We were told six --
01:01:27  General Franks will give details on that this afternoon.
01:01:30  Okay.  Well, could you comment on, then, reports from the area that Afghan forces are saying that perhaps U.S. Special Forces were not fully prepared when the operation started & were forced to retreat & regroup before they went back into the battle.
01:01:49  Myers:  “U.S. forces?  Can I address that?  During my trip to Afghanistan, now it's been almost two weeks ago exactly, I was briefed on this plan at Bagram by the commander who's running the operation in Afghanistan.  And at that time, they had great detail.  So any thought that they went in there unprepared or didn't know the terrain they were going into is just not true.  It's like we said before.  Look at the map.  This is very difficult terrain to operate in.  The enemy is a very determined enemy, willing to die for their cause.  Our brave men & women are over there to see that we take them out & we keep them from pursuing other acts of terrorism in the world.  That's what they do.”   Continued...
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 camera 250073-13   01:02:40 - 01:05:33     COL   SD    2002  04/03/2002  USA; Afghanistan; Pentagon;   [2002 - Military Briefing:  Secretary of Defense Rumseld & Gen Richard Myers, 04Mar02]  Pt. 4 of 14
Continued...  Rumsfeld:  “It’s conceivable that that story is - I don't know this, but as they moved in, some Afghan forces were - took heavy fire & a number of their trucks were destroyed & some of their people were killed & wounded.  And because they didn't have transport sufficient, they did go back, regroup, get additional equipment & then have moved forward subsequently, and it may be that that --
Myers:  “And there were U.S. Special Forces with them, so maybe that's how it got --
Rumsfeld:  “But that was a direct result of enemy fire.
Q:  “Mr. Secretary?
Rumsfeld: “Yes, Bob?
01:03:13  “Does this appear to be al Qaeda's last stand in Afghanistan, or are there similarly large & similarly well-organized groups elsewhere in the country?
01:03:23  Rumsfeld:  “I would doubt it.  I think that it would be an incorrect reading of the situation to think that this would be the last stand.  I say that because, as we've said repeatedly - & I hope it sinks in to everybody - that it is - in that country, it's, what, bigger than Texas, and with borders to four, five, six countries.  It is very easy to move across borders & then come back in.  It's very easy to slip into the mountains, into tunnels & caves & stay there for periods.  It's very easy to blend into the countryside, into the villages & then come back & reconstitute.  So the thought that all of the people, all of the Taliban who oppose the interim government that now exists, that Karzai is leading, all of the al Qaeda are gone & disappeared or changed their minds or gone benign, I think, is just unrealistic.  I think we have to expect that there are other sizable pockets, that there will be other battles of this type.
01:04:21  Q: To follow up on Bob's question, do you know an estimate on how many al Qaeda may be in the country as a whole? Several hundred, you're saying, non-Afghan al Qaeda south of Gardez, but --
01:04:32  Rumsfeld:  “It's not knowable, because in the country could be just across the border & in the country tonight & not tomorrow, or vice-versa.  In the country could be someone who changes their mind.  The stronger the interim government gets, the more effective the security situation in the country gets, the less likely that there will be substantial operations like this.  But that's some distance off.
01:04:54  Q: Has there been any intelligence that indicates al Qaeda is operating or planning things in Iraq, Kandahar, Khost, other specific places?
01:05:01  Rumsfeld:  “We don't get into intelligence gathering.  Yes?
Q:  Sir, what do you think the al Qaeda strategy is at this point in time?  Is it to seek refuges in inhospitable regions, lie low, & try to escape detection by the United States?  Or do they have a more active, offensive strategy to work against the Karzai government and the American forces there?  For General Myers --
01:05:24  Rumsfeld:  “I think both. I think it's opportunistic. I think to the extent they feel they can do the latter, they'll do that, and to the extent they can't, they'll wait for the time being.  Continued...
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camera 250073-14   01:05:33 - 01:08:30     COL   SD    2002  04/03/2002  USA; Afghanistan; Pentagon;   [2002 - Military Briefing:  Secretary of Defense Rumseld & Gen Richard Myers, 04Mar02]  Pt. 5 of 14
Myers:  “Well, I would just add on -- I mean, the secretary's absolutely right; I think it's both of those.  And we have indications that the folks that are under attack now were planning to do exactly --
Q:  Planning to --
01:05:47  Rumsfeld:  “We also know that the leadership of al Qaeda stated from the outset that their intention was to kill enough Americans so that we would flee & leave the country over to them, & that they had a series of terrorist attacks planned to create an environment that was sufficiently inhospitable that we would leave the country.  And we found information to that effect.  It's been said on videotapes.  And so we know what their strategy was, & we don't intend to let them succeed with it.  Yes?
Q: General Myers, just to complete a thought -- (inaudible) --
Myers:  “The secretary essentially did.  I mean, he's -- that's -- we're -- we have a mind meld in this regard. (Laughter.)
Q: I would hate to get in the middle of a "mind meld." (Laughter.)  Rumsfeld: (Laughs.)
Myers: I hope it's not illegal.
01:06:38  Q:  “Can you both talk about the role that American forces are playing here in terms of being at the cutting edge of this assault, as opposed to the earlier example in Tora Bora, where the Afghans were more forward & were allowed to do more of the direct combat?  There appears to be a lesson learned from there, w/ the size of the force & the way it is constituted.
01:07:03  Rumsfeld:  “Tora Bora was a very different situation, a different part of the country, a different terrain, somewhat, different time in the conflict.  We learn every day.  But the Afghans are very much involved in this effort today - this operation.  And they're doing a good job, as are the coalition forces & the U.S. forces.
01:07:26  Q:  “What is your feeling, Mr. Secretary.  Q: “But if I may follow up, was there an over reliance on local Afghan fighters in the Tora Bora campaign, especially when it came to cutting off escape routes?  And have you learned something from that?
Rumsfeld:  “Well, as I say, one hopes that one learns every day that life -- life is a learning experience for all of us.  I don't know that there's been a lessons-learned effort on the Tora Bora activities, specifically, so I really can't say.  But it was a different circumstance at a different time, and we're on.  Yes?
01:08:02  Q:  “General Myers, can you help us understand - if the military knew the threat & knew how entrenched these people were & knew how well-armed they were, why did you send in U.S. ground forces so quickly?  Why not more days of airstrikes, soften it all up, get rid of more of it before you sent in ground troops?
01:08:20  Myers:  Well, this is a -- that's the kind of tactical-level decision that's made by General Franks & his subordinate commanders.  And --
Q:  “But certainly you'd be aware of the answer.   Continued...
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camera 250073-15   01:08:30 - 01:10:55     COL   SD    2002  04/03/2002  USA; Afghanistan; Pentagon;   [2002 - Military Briefing:  Secretary of Defense Rumseld & Gen Richard Myers, 04Mar02]  Pt. 6 of 14 Continued...  Myers:  “I might be, but I don't think I'm the right one to tell people that.  That's - the last thing you want me to do is to second-guess General Franks & his folks, and I won't do that.  In this case, I think it's totally inappropriate.  I think the plan they have - like I said, we were briefed on this - I was briefed on it over -- about two weeks ago.  It was a sound plan.  It combined ground operations w/ air operations - I think appropriately so.  And --
Q:  “Can you help us better understand what role U.S. ground troops have been fulfilling in this campaign since Friday?
Myers:  “Sure.  They're trying to root out the al Qaeda & the other fighters in this.
Q:  “Certainly.  But what exactly -- are they going cave to cave?  Are they doing --?
Myers: They are --
Q: -- very short-range fighting, longer-range fighting?  What exactly are they doing?
01:09:15  Myers:  “Well, I think we'll leave that - General Franks is on at 3:00, & he'll talk a little bit more about the tactical situation.  And I personally feel more comfortable if he would do it.  He's the one responsible for executing the operations.
Q:  “General Myers, you said early on that the al Qaeda fighters had basically two choices:  to stay & fight or to run.  If they chose to run, are you confident there are enough U.S. forces on the ground to cut off their escape routes?  And was that part of the original plan that was briefed to you in Bagram -- to ensure that there were enough forces on the ground?
Myers:  “Yes.  And it's not just U.S. forces.  It's - Afghan forces play a large role in that, as well - not only on the assault itself, but to contain them - and coalition forces were a big part of that, as well.
01:09:54  Q:  “General, you talked about U.S. & allied forces hit some resistance.  Can you expand on that a little bit?  There were stories over the weekend that there was a retreat by U.S. & allied forces -- a withdrawal -- and also that the attacks stalled.  Can you sort of --
01:10:09  Myers:  “I think that the secretary covered that pretty well when he talked about one of the Afghan pushes where they lost most of their transportation, so they had to regroup, get refitted & went right back in.
Q:  “So the only time that was, you would say, a stall was --
Myers:  “Well again, it's a tactical situation that's evolving & we're not going to know all of that detail.  Only the folks that are on the ground will know.  But that's the only time that I've heard anything with --
Rumsfeld:  “The fact -- the fact that people are not moving may not mean that things have stalled.  You may be using airpower to deal w/ concentrations of al Qaeda while ground forces maintain position.  So I think that the word "stall" is a little like "quagmire," & it may be premature. (Laughter.)  Continued...
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camera 250073-16   01:10:55 - 01:12:56     COL   SD    2002  04/03/2002  USA; Afghanistan; Pentagon;   [2002 - Military Briefing:  Secretary of Defense Rumseld & Gen Richard Myers, 04Mar02]  Pt. 7 of 14
Continued...   Q:  “One last thing.  Is there any U.S. artillery up there?  And if not, why not?
Myers:  “I think the artillery is coming from the attack helicopters, from AC-130 gunships & from the bombers & fighters overhead.
Q:  There's no ground-based artillery, to your knowledge?
Myers:  “Not to my knowledge.
Q:  “Secretary Rumsfeld, is there any indication that Osama bin Laden is in w/ this concentration of people on the ground?
01:11:20  Rumsfeld:  “I have no current information that he's anywhere.
Q:  “To follow up -- Mr. Secretary, to follow up on that --
Rumsfeld:   “Why don't we get a few more hands here.  Go.  Go ahead.
Q:  “In the past, the United States has kind of judged the seniority of the leadership based on the fierceness of the fighting.  Is there any indication - not necessarily bin Laden, but that high- ranking Taliban & al Qaeda people are in charge of their forces in this particular battle?
Rumsfeld:  “I don't know what you mean by "high level," but there's no question that these people didn't just happen to all meet there.  There's large numbers of them.  They're very well armed, they're very well equipped, they're not milling around, they're engaged in a very fierce battle, so there's clearly leadership involved.
01:12:06  Q:  “Mr. Secretary, may I follow up on Bob's earlier question, you say that this is not - it would be wrong to say this would be the last operation in Afghanistan.  Could you just explain to the American people, do you anticipate other similar operations in other areas that would also involve large numbers of ground troops just in general?
Rumsfeld:  “You can be certain that as we find additional al Qaeda & Taliban forces on the ground, large or small pockets, that we will go after them.
Q:  “There will be large numbers of U.S. ground troops?
Rumsfeld:  “Whatever it takes.
Q:  “Your spokeswoman said this morning --
Rumsfeld:  “Could we maybe get a --
Q:  “ - that more than a thousand U.S. troops were involved.
Rumsfeld:  Could we --
Q:  “Are you calling in reinforcements?  There are reports that you're calling in reinforcements.
Rumsfeld:  “Why don't we try to get a few more hands from people who have not asked questions yet, just in fairness.
Q:  “How about right here? (Laughter.) 
Q:  “There you go!  Continued...
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camera 250073-17   01:12:56 - 01:15:56     COL   SD    2002  04/03/2002  USA; Afghanistan; Germany;    Pentagon;   [2002 - Military Briefing:  Secretary of Defense Rumseld & Gen Richard Myers, 04Mar02]  Pt. 8 of 14
Continued...  Rumsfeld:  “But in answer to your question, obviously, the longer things go on, the more you might replace some of the forces that are currently engaged & give them a rest.  But to the extent additional capabilities are needed, you can be sure additional capabilities will be provided.  But we're not going to get into speculating about what or might not be done in the day one, two, three, four, five days ahead, other than I am sure it will be a well-run & successful operation that will have an ending other than a stalling. (Laughter.)
Q:  “Mr. Secretary?
Rumsfeld:  “Yes?
Q:  “This area of Paktia Province has long been considered an al Qaeda stronghold.
Rumsfeld:  “True.
Q:  “Several weeks ago, U.S. forces seemed surprised when they found large caches of weapons & residual al Qaeda at Zhawar Kili. And now five months into the war --
Rumsfeld:  “I don't think they were surprised.
Q:  “Well, there seemed to --
Rumsfeld:  “We know there are caches of weapons all over that country. We've said it. It's one of the most heavily armed nations on the face of the Earth.
01:13:58  Q:  “And it took five months into the war to go after these al Qaeda here in -- around Gardez w/ ground troops.  Was there just a lack of intelligence, insufficient forces to go after these people?  Why, five months into the war, is the U.S. military now confronting this large contingent of al Qaeda, when that area has long been considered al Qaeda?
Rumsfeld:  “Well, I suppose - Dick, I suppose that's a good question for Tom, but it's a tactical question.  What he deals w/ is the entire country, & he goes about it in a way that is rational from the standpoint of a combatant commander.  And you don't go everywhere at once.  You tend to work in places where you have the most support, the most information.  And that, obviously, was the case.  You tend to go in places where you can use the capabilities that you've managed to arrange & array.  And that's generally been the case.  I don't find it unusual at all.
01:14:57  Myers:  “I would only add that there's a pretty good likelihood that these al Qaeda fighters & the others in there were fighting w/ the Taliban forces early on in this conflict, up north, other places in the country, the Kandahar region, and as the Taliban were driven out of power and destroyed, that they started to get together in a place where they could have enough mass to be effective.  And we've been following that, allowing it to develop until we thought it was the proper time to strike.  So I think that's probably --
Rumsfeld:  “Way in the back.
Q:  “A follow-up?
Rumsfeld:  “Way in the back.
Q:  “To what extent are German soldiers involved in combat action?
Rumsfeld:  “I'm going to have German & every other country characterize their roles themselves.  There are some sensitivities, & I would prefer to let coalition forces characterize what they're doing.
Q:  “Well, was it the first time they joined U.S. forces in combat?
Rumsfeld:  “He must not have heard me. (Laughter.)   Contnued..
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camera 250073-18   01:15:56 - 01:18:24     COL   SD    2002  04/03/2002  USA; Afghanistan; Pentagon;   [2002 - Military Briefing:  Secretary of Defense Rumseld & Gen Richard Myers, 04Mar02]  Pt. 9 of 14
Continued...  Q:  Do you have any indications the helicopter was brought down by a Stinger missile, the U.S. helicopter that went down?  Do you have any indications whether it was a Stinger?
Rumsfeld:  “We have no indication that it was a man-portable- surface-to-air-missile at all.  We have an indication that one of them was hit by a rocket-propelled grenade.
Myers:  “That's correct.
Rumsfeld:  “And I have not - I don't recall being told on the other, except that it may have been a hard landing.
Myers:  “I think it was machine gun fire or small AAA-type fire is what the first reports were.  But first reports, again, can be inaccurate.
01:16:32  Rumsfeld:  “That's important to remember, that what we're dealing w/ here is an ongoing operation, & the facts change every two or three hours - the reports change; the facts stay the same! (Laughter.)  But the facts are only revealed over time.  And so one ought not to be surprised that they see a number one time & then the number is somewhat different later, & we all ought to expect that & have a certain degree of tolerance for it.
Q:  “Could the general go into an explanation of what happened w/ the helicopter, how many people were injured, whether there was a firefight on the ground?  Whatever you know.
Myers:  “I'm going to leave that for General Franks at 3:00.  He can get into that as much as he wants to.
01:17:16  Q:  “General, this is the first use of this thermal barrack bomb we learned about in December, this kind of a silver-bullet kind of weapon.  Was this aimed at a large concentration of potential al Qaeda leaders in a cave where you wanted to incinerate them all in one fell swoop?
Myers:  “It was aimed at a cave complex that we thought was tactically significant.  Now -- but I have no indications they thought - it was just - we knew it was an active cave; that's all we know.
Q:  “Active meaning --?
Myers:  “People.
Rumsfeld:  “And it tends to be more pressure - a pressure effect, as opposed to an incineration.
Myers:  “Right. Yes --
Q:  “Explain that in layman's language. Pressure meaning --
Rumsfeld:  “Blast over pressure.
Myers:  “Blast over pressure.
Q:  “And you think it was active in terms of people or gunfire?
Myers:  “People.  Correct.  Right.  You know, the reconnaissance said this was an active cave; we'd like to take it out.
01:17:58  Q:  “A strategy question for either of you.  You said you've been observing them coalescing for some time in this place.  Was it an active strategy to let them coalesce & strike them as a large body, rather than to strike them in small pieces?  Because a lot of us have questioned you know, if you're seeing these people, why aren't you doing something before?  Was it an active strategy to do nothing, let them gather?
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camera 250073-19   01:18:24 - 01:20:49     COL   SD    2002  04/03/2002  USA; Afghanistan; Pentagon;   [2002 - Military Briefing:  Secretary of Defense Rumseld & Gen Richard Myers, 04Mar02]  Pt. 10 of 14
Continued...  Rumsfeld: I would ask General Franks that this afternoon.  But, I mean, the reality is, as you see small pockets of activity & you're in an area that has been reasonably hospitable to both the Taliban & the al Qaeda, you then begin to plan an operation.  And you have a choice; you can go after & pick off one person individually & ask him, would he please surrender, or you can plan a major operation knowing that it's an area that has been hospitable to those folks, & then do what we're doing.  It seems to me that the latter is preferable.
Q:  “Mr. Secretary, can I take to you another part of the world, for a change?
Rumsfeld:  “You bet.
Q:  “It's been six months since you had a CINC in SouthCom, & there are some reports that some of the Latin American countries are beginning to feel that they're being left out during the war on terrorism & that they're afraid that you're going to downgrade that position.  Do you intend to nominate - or recommend a new CINC for SouthCom, & will it be a four-star?
Rumsfeld:  “The answer is yes.
Q:  “It will be a four-star?
Rumsfeld:  “The answer is yes.
Q:  “Too?
Rumsfeld:  “Yes. (Laughter.)
Q:  “Is it tied in with the NorthCom commander?
01:19:23  Rumsfeld:  “We've got a lot of pieces on the board that we're moving, & we have a number that are coming up during this year.  We have one that's vacant.  We have a number that are coming up this year.  We have a number that are coming up early next year.  And this being a year when the Congress may very well not be in session late this year, it means we have to look at some six or eight or more key spots.  And we're looking at them together, & that has - the reason for the delay on SouthCom, & we intend to rectify that soon. Eric?  
Q:  “Mr. Secretary or General Myers, can you indicate whether you believe that this regrouping took place? Are they regrouping at a place that was predesignated, say, prior to October 7th?  Or does this indicate to you that there is some kind of ability among the al Qaeda & remaining Taliban fighters to communicate among themselves & find their way back to this concentration?
Myers:  “Oh, I think there's no doubt that the al Qaeda still has the - & the Taliban that are left still have the ability to communicate among themselves, certainly.  And this has been an area -- as somebody mentioned earlier, this is an area where they've gotten support from the locals, local population, for some time.  And so it's not surprising the area they picked.  The fact that they would be concentrated in a relatively small portion of that area was what was interesting, I think.
Q:  “How threatening is that capability, then, as you look in terms of their operations & the threats that they pose --   Contnued..
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camera 250073-20   01:20:49 - 01:24:07     COL   SD    2002  04/03/2002  USA; Afghanistan; Pentagon;   [2002 - Military Briefing:  Secretary of Defense Rumseld & Gen Richard Myers, 04Mar02]  Pt. 11 of 14
Continued...   Myers:  “Well, I think it's like we've said before.  The al Qaeda organization is - still has capabilities.  And all the work that's going on, not just the military work, but the law enforcement work, the arrest(s), disrupting their financial streams & so forth - all a piece of this, & it goes - it's going on around the world.  And a lot of that we don't see, we don't talk about, but it's just as important as this military operation.
Q:  Mr. Secretary, you alluded to this in an earlier question about ever-changing information in an ongoing operation like this, for example.  But what do you say to the argument that the American public has been denied an objective or unfiltered account of the war on terrorism because of Pentagon policies that tend to restrict reporter access to U.S. soldiers & their battles, as they're ongoing?
01:21:42  Rumsfeld: Well, I don't hear that from the American people, I hear it from very small numbers of people in the press.  And there are people embedded in this activity, as I understand it.  So I think it is not a fact.  That is to say there are press people who are embedded in the activities that are taking place.  This is one of the few situations where Special Forces are actually engaged in an activity where press people have been embedded with them.
Q:  “But are they allowed --
Rumsfeld:  “Just a minute, just minute.  Let me finish my thought.  And there have been press people embedded w/ other Special Force units but not particularly when they were actively engaged in a moving activity.  Second, there have been press people embedded in ships & other activities.  The - it seems to me that if - if I were trying to assess this in an objective, unbiased, "Rumsfeldian" way - (laughter) - I would step back & look at it & say, "Not bad."  This is a most unusual conflict.  It is not a set of battle lines, where Bill Malden & Ernie Pyle (sic) can be w/ troops for week after week after week as they move across Europe or even across islands in the Pacific.  This is a notably different activity.  It's terribly untidy.  We have bent over backwards to see that every opportunity that we could imagine that press people could be connected to that they were connected to.  And they have been.  And I think there are a notable number of firsts in this case, from the standpoint of the press.  Second, anyone who wants to in the press can get into Afghanistan & go anywhere they want.  It's a free country.  It's dangerous, & people are being killed, but it's a free country.  Now we have done a lot to see that they're involved.  Therefore, your question kind of surprises me, given the current situation.  Maybe you weren't aware that they are embedded in this operation.
01:23:57  Q:  “I was not. I was also thinking of the historical perspective of other wars, going back to both --
Rumsfeld:  “Right. Right.
Q:  “World War II and on up - and there was a lot of --
Rumsfeld:  “Yeah.
Q:  “- contention about this early on.  Contnued..
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camera 250073-21   01:24:07 - 01:27:23     COL   SD    2002  04/03/2002  USA; Afghanistan; Pentagon;   [2002 - Military Briefing:  Secretary of Defense Rumseld & Gen Richard Myers, 04Mar02]  Pt. 12 of 14
Continued...  Rumsfeld:  “Well, there's been contention in every war.  There's always been that series of questions that get raised, & that's fair.  How are you going to handle it?  And the answer is, if you know - if you said, "Are we going to fight World War II again," I'd tell you exactly how we'd handle it.  And -- there's a model for that.  There is no model for this.  So we've been reaching around, trying to find ways that people can report on things that are happening that are terribly important for the American people to know. I mean, the young men & young women that are engaged in this effort - not just from our country, but coalition countries - are doing a first-rate job.  And they're having a lot of success.  This has been a very successful operation.  And they deserve to be noted - and not just if they're killed or wounded.  They deserve to be noted if they're not killed or wounded, because they're doing --
01:24:56  Q:  “Mr. Secretary, are those reporters who are embedded currently allowed to actually report?
Rumsfeld:  “I would have to get briefed on precisely what their instructions & guidance was.  But I believe I am correct when I say what I said:  that there are Special Forces units - Americans embedded in Afghan forces. There are Special Forces units not embedded in Afghan activities.  There are American soldiers, infantrymen, engaged in this.  And there are coalition forces engaged in this.  And in one or more of those activities, there are press people who have been w/ them since the outset, I think even during the pre-conflict portion, when we had people for days located all around, doing reconnaissance & watching.  And I think that Torie undoubtedly was involved, & Craig Quigley, in what their instructions were, & I'm sure she or he would be happy to answer that question.
01:26:04  Q:  “That's an important point. If they're there, the question of whether they're allowed to report would make a big difference --
Q:  “What time frame.
Rumsfeld:  “Of course, obviously.  And I'm sure someone won't like it.  Whatever they may be, the guidance, I'm sure there will be somebody who won't like it.  But the fact remains they're in there & they will be allowed to report.  In what time frame & w/ what protection for the people's names or faces who are engaged in this, who are in units where their names & faces don't get reported - I can assure you of this:  anyone who's in there accepted the ground rules when they went in, & they decided of their own free will that they would rather do that than not, which seems to me to be not bad, pretty fair.
Q:  “Mr. Secretary?
Rumsfeld:  “Why don't we take two questions.
Q:  “Great.
Rumsfeld:  “That's one, and there's one.
Q:  “Both of you mentioned early on that the helicopters in the mission are being pushed to the limits of their capabilities, operating at 8,000 to 11,000 feet.  Can you elaborate on that a little bit?  And also does that make them more vulnerable to the types of RPG attacks & small-arms attacks that they came under?
Rumsfeld:  “Any time they're low, they're vulnerable, low to the ground.   Contnued..
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camera 250073-22   01:27:23 - 01:29:30     COL   SD    2002  04/03/2002  USA; Afghanistan; Pentagon;   [2002 - Military Briefing:  Secretary of Defense Rumseld & Gen Richard Myers, 04Mar02]  Pt. 13 of 14
Continued...  Q:  “What was it about - how were they being pushed to their capability w that altitude, that ordnance -- (off mike)?
Myers:  “Well, they just - it's the load you can carry at what altitude, so they have to - they can't - maybe they couldn't carry as big a load as they wanted or as much fuel as they wanted, & that would restrict them somewhat.  And just as you operate higher w/ helicopters, the control effectiveness starts to diminish a little bit.  So they're just against their operating envelope.
Q:  “What I'm saying is, does that make them more vulnerable, then, to the attacks that they came under?
Myers:  “I think the secretary's point, once they're low to the ground in enemy - where there's enemy, that they're vulnerable by virtue of that.  I don't know if there's any direct correlation w/ - w/ that.  There may be.
Q:  “The RPG hit the one that went down with seven casualties - or six casualties, or the --
Myers:  “No. No, that was machine gun fire or some kind of fire that took -- we think.  Now again, the first reports.
Q:  “So the RPG hit the second one that had the hard landing?
Rumsfeld:  “No.  Myers:  “No.  Rumsfeld:  “Hit the first one.  Myers: “Hit the first one.  Bounced off.  They recovered.
Rumsfeld:  “Apparently did not explode.  It was the first report; that the RPG hit it, but may not have exploded. And a person may have been knocked out.
Myers:  “What's important to note --
Q:  “Knocked out of the helicopter?
Myers:  “What's important to note -- we've been talking a lot about helicopters, & you can ask General Franks at 3:00.  But as I count them up, we've had one that's been disabled, the one on the ground.  It's not - it's intact, & whether they can repair it or not, I have no idea.  The rest of them have all been flyable, & some have been repaired & put back into the action.
Rumsfeld:  “And the one that hit - was hit by an RPG was flyable & was moved out.
Q:  “But the one w/ the casualties were mostly machine-gun --
Rumsfeld:  “There were casualties in both cases. 
Q:  “But the multiple casualties, the multiple deaths --
Rumsfeld:  “Why don't you save it for Tom Franks? (Laughter.)  Why don't you just trust us?  Three o'clock this afternoon he'll be on, right?
Myers:  “He'll have an update.
Rumsfeld:  “Bright-eyed & bushy-tailed & ready to go.  And here's a second question.
Q:  “I just wanted you to comment on reports that the al Qaeda & Taliban fighters have family members w/ them.
Rumsfeld:  "The reports." Who reported this?   Q:  “There are villagers in that region who had - in places that had previously hosted these people, are reporting that they did retreat up into this mountain stronghold w/ family members.  Could you comment on that?
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camera 250073-23   01:29:30 - 01:31:37     COL   SD    2002  04/03/2002  USA; Afghanistan; Pentagon;   [2002 - Military Briefing:  Secretary of Defense Rumseld & Gen Richard Myers, 04Mar02]  Pt. 14 of 14
Continued...   Rumsfeld:  We have assumed that where you find large numbers of al Qaeda & Taliban, that there may very well be non-combatants w/ them who are family members or supporters of some kind, who are there of their own free will, knowing who they're with and who they're supporting and who they're encouraging and who they're assisting.
Q:  “Can I ask a point of clarification for the general?  Earlier you said there were non-Afghan Taliban in this fighting force.  Are these Uzbeks or who are these people?
Myers:  “Again, ask Tommy Franks.  We think there are --
Rumsfeld:  “You mean the enemy or our side?
Q:  “Enemy, yeah.  I think you said there were non-Afghan Taliban.
Myers:  “Well, we think there are some IMU embedded in there.  But that - I'm just going to leave it at that.  Ask Tommy.
Q:  “And, Mr. Secretary, you said earlier that we're now training & equipment troops in the Philippines & Yemen.  Did you mean to say that that training & equipment of Yemeni forces has already begun?
Q:  “Okay.
Rumsfeld:  “We have indicated to the Yemeni government that we would assist w/ intelligence gathering & some training.  And actually, when it starts, I'm not sure.  But we have not gotten quite to that point w/ Georgia, despite all the stories.  There was an assessment team in Georgia.  It has made a report back. General Myers is awaiting that report & then will come to me w/ it & we'll have a discussion about it within the government & make a judgment as to what we might be - end up doing.  But Georgia, of course, is a country in the Partnership for Peace, a NATO country that we have provided some modest assistance to already as I recall, helicopters.
Myers:  “Yes, sir.
Rumsfeld:  “And I think there is one American there now who is assisting w/ helicopter - helicopter parts, or something, a military person.  But that also has not started.  The Philippine assistance has obviously started.
Thank you very much.
Q:  “Thank you.
The leave & reporters stand up to leave.
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           H1630-01     16:12:11 - 16:15:47            COL      SD        2005   mendon, New York;
Baghdad;          [Iraq War - 2005, Army National Guard Medic Survives Sniper Attack, 02Jun05]
National Guard member, PFC Stephen Tschiderer, Mendon, New York, Medic, E Troop, 101st Cavalry Division, 3rd Battalion, 156th Infantry Regiment speaks to camera, SOF:  “I live in a small town, not much happens.”  Cleaning rifle intercut w/ him talking about what keeps him going:   “one day closer to home, getting one day closer to getting out of here, that’s just about it.”
16:13:14  Gunner on vehicle, POV along Baghdad street / road.  Cut back to Tschiderer.
16:13:25  02Jun05  Tschiderer standing beside Humvee, suddenly falls after being shot.  “I’ve never been hit that hard by anything....knocked me right off my feet; everything stopped.”  He gets up & runs to other side of Humvee.  CU body armor that saved his life.  LS of Humvee.  Tells of being shown tape by his commander, then describes his unit going after the sniper & following blood trail of wounded sniper; then Tschiderer as medic treated him.
16:15:31  CU cleaning weapon.
2005; Propaganda; Military Film; Second Gulf War; Operation Iraqi Freedom;

            H1630-02     16:15:51 - 16:17:37            COL      SD        2005   Taji;
            [Iraq War - 2006, Small Arms Range for 9 Iraq Army Entry Level Soldiers, 04Oct06]
Instructor w/ rifle to soldier w/ Iraqi troops in camouflage clothing sitting watching; MCU.  MCU of US Army instructor Marcum.  CU finger on trigger of rifle.  MCU & CUs of trainees.
16:16:52  Trainees laying prone on firing range firing rifles; view of targets mounted in front of dirt bank from behind shooters. 
Propaganda; Military Film; Second Gulf War; Operation Iraqi Freedom;

            H1630-03     16:17:41 - 16:24:02            COL      SD        2005   Ramadi;           [Iraq War - 2006, Operation Iraqi Freedom:  US Marines Engage Insurgents w/ Iraqi Army Personnel, 20May06.]
CU profile of US soldier directing fire.  Soldiers firing rifles from corner of building; run alongside fence, into courtyard yelling “open up.”  Cameraman runs behind running troops w/ packs.  US Marine calling in information, talks to Iraqi soldier in English while another Iraqi soldier talks on radio.
16:19:41  Soldiers seen running down street, thru gate - seen from across street.  Smoke rising from behind complex of buildings, soldier firing from behind gravel mound.
16:20:02 Marine looking at map, runs down road in front of cameraman.  Marines behind tall wall.  Phone handed by radioman to marine describing squad-sized unit on rooftop.  Soldiers run across street under cover fire to get on roof.  More cross street.
16:22:05  Firing grenades (?) from rooftop.
16:23:28  Street-level, troops firing machine guns, others running down street w/ cameraman behind.
16:23:49  Sky & treetops w/ incoming fighter jet dropping bombs (no explosions seen)
Military Footage; Second Gulf War; Operation Iraqi Freedom; Street Fighting; Battles;

            H1630-04     16:24:05 - 16:27:01            COL      SD        2005   Camp Corregidore;      [Iraq War - 2006, US Marines & Iraqi Battle Insurgents, 13May06]
Soldiers run along town wall; tank w/ turret turning.  Soldiers & camera along street; CU marine firing while talking on radio.  Walking & talking to ?? about position.
16:25:04  Iraqi soldiers firing over wall; cameraman w/ troops on rooftop.  LS down & explosion from bomb.  Troops in street firing, others running.  Group getting instructions, go down street into yard; leader looking at map; on rooftop talking on walkie-talkie (?).  Soldiers firing from adjacent roof.  Purple smoke bomb in street giving cover to marines leaving.
Military Footage; Second Gulf War; Operation Iraqi Freedom; Street Fighting; Battles;

            H1630-05     16:27:07 - 16:34:12            COL      SD        2006   Tikrit  [Iraq War - 2006, Live-Fire Convoy Drive-By Training, 21Jul06]
Soldiers getting instructions alongside vehicle, getting 50 Cal. ammunition & open boxes seen.  3 Humvees w/ men standing in turret leaving; CU firing from top.  Soldier crouching firing from front corner.  CU firing from turret.  pile of clips.  Firing from slow moving Humvee (training?).  Men out, purple smoke flare set & firing against embankment while man standing in top.  Instructor pushes guys gun down.  Men run out & fire at targets at base of dirt berm.
16:31:42  CU smoke flare burning.
16:31:49  Spent cartridges on ground, Humvee past slowly.
16:32:15  Soldier firing across hood of Humvee thru yellow smoke grenade.  Various shots soldiers shooting, Humvees moving along slowly.  Stopping, men out & firing.
16:33:57  CU machine gun firing expending cartridges.  Other views of machine gun.
Military Footage; Second Gulf War; Operation Iraqi Freedom;
NOTE:  Unit covered Delta Battery, 1-94 Field Artillery.

            H1630-06     16:34:14 - 16:35:12            COL      SD        2006   Butler Range, Baghdad;           [Iraq War - 2006 (?), Butler Range, Baghdad Training Demonstrated]
Overhead of four marines crouched at corner, thru building on Butler training range; kick open plywood doors & fire on targets.  Marine talks to camera as to why its good training.
16:34:46  Soldier firing at target; CU firing bazookas machines, hit tank target.
Military Footage; Second Gulf War; Operation Iraqi Freedom;
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            H1630-07     16:35:18 - 16:40:37            COL      SD        2005               [Iraq War - 2005, M109A6 Palodin Self-Propelled 105mm Howitzer Demonstrated]
Soldiers on highway, directing traffic; M109 Alpha 6 Palodin self-propelled howitzer / tank parked behind.
SSG Jason Massey Howitzer Section Chief, Fort White, Florida explains their main mission is counter-fire.  CU powder charges (?).  Large ammunition shells.  Men climb into rear of Palodin; CU loading chamber & firing; M109 bouncing after fire seen from a distance.
16:36:38  Slate;  Sgt Teresa Coble 22nd MPAD 03Mar2005.  Palodin crew runs thru a rehearsal before receiving a mission firing six rounds.  Massey speaks describes wrap around of rocket assisted projectile.  Four man crew loads & fires inside & outside views.  Massey describes Army’s medium self propelled  Howitzer piece.  Counter-fire & provide illumination; crews can call for fire.
16:40:10   “I’m enjoying my job, its a lot of waiting around but it fun when we get the chance to fire...its a pretty good job.”
Military Footage; Second Gulf War; Operation Iraqi Freedom; Weapons;

            H1630-08     16:40:40 - 16:41:37            COL      SD        2006   Butler Range, Baghdad;           [Iraq War - 2006 (?), Butler Range, Baghdad Training Demonstrated]
Overhead shot of soldiers in camouflaged uniforms training for running into buildings, firing at targets.  Firing bazooka at tank target.  Firing machine guns at targets.  CUs.
Military Footage; Second Gulf War; Operation Iraqi Freedom; Weapons Training;
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            H1630-09     16:41:42 - 16:45:05            COL      SD        2006   Ramadi;           [Iraq War - 2006, U.S. Marines & Army Soldiers Engage Insurgents w/ Iraqi Army Personnel, 16May06]
Troops over rocky ground towards house; Tugman looking at map talks to ?? on field telephone.
16:42:05  Street & marines along wall waiting. 
16:42:49  Tugman w/ map tells about buildings on field telephone.  Soldiers at corner firing w/ rifles & machine guns, soldiers run across street & along w/ camera running after.  Much covering fire.  Firing from behind Humvee.
Military Footage; Second Gulf War; Operation Iraqi Freedom;

            H1630-10     16:45:08 - 16:48:11            COL      SD        2006   Baghdad;          [Iraq War - 2005, Terrorist Sniper Footage Shooting PFC Tschiderer, 02Jun05]
Baghdad street corner w/ traffic past, National Guard member, PFC Stephen Tschiderer, Mendon, New York, Medic, E Troop, 101st Cavalry Division, 3rd Battalion, 156th Infantry Regiment standing outside Humvee, traffic & pedestrians passing, voices of snipers heard of video shot by sniper.  Tshiderer hit, falls, gets up & runs to other side of Humvee.  Looks back & points in direction of camera.  Other Humvees towards camera, along w/ Tschiderer’s.  Sniper runs w/ camera.
Military Footage; Second Gulf War; Operation Iraqi Freedom; Oddities;

            H1630-11     16:49:01 - 16:50:55            COL      SD        2000s;                       [Iraq War - 20??, Marines Waiting On Ship For Pickup by Helicopter]
Helicopter landing pad on ship. 
16:49:15  Marines w/ weapons waiting, standing, lounging.
16:50:29  Helicopter w/ door gunner hovering, lifting off from ship.
Military Footage; Second Gulf War; Operation Iraqi Freedom; Oddities;
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            H1758-02     01:05:02 - 01 08:11            COL      SD        2006   ad Dawr           [Iraq War - Color, 2006:  2nd Squadron, 9th Cavalry on Ad Dawr Bradley Range, 13May06; ??]
01:05:04  Bradley tanks w/ gunners; scout cars preparing for exercises.  CUs. Moving in dirty & dust.
01:05:42  slug
01:05:46  Marines w/ cameras on helmets into house thru steel gate w/ guns pointed, woman comes out.  UP stairwell.  Yelling at man,woman & man out.  Checking closets, under tables, in dresser.
01:07:58  Lining Iraqi men up against brick wall.
Training; Searching; Military Promotional; Public Relations;

            H1758-03     01:08:12 - 01:10:19            COL      SD        2006   Muqdadiyah     [Iraq War - Color, 2006:  6 Sqd, 9th Cavalry Regiment in Muqdadiyah 29Nov06]
Tanks moving thru Muqdadiyah street, turret turning.  View inside tank; tank in street & knocking down cement block wall; alongside heavily damaged shops.  Blocked street.  Mosque in distance.  MCU of soldiers.
01:09:28  Tank firing; soldiers patrol streets.  Vehicles past concrete barriers.
01:10:06  Iraqi soldier w/ USA; patrolling.  POV thru street from inside vehicle.
Battle; Searching; Fighting; Military Promotional; Public Relations;

            H1758-04     01:10:20 - 01:12:04            COL      SD        2007 ca          Baghdad;          [Iraq War - Color, 2007ca:  Iraqis Train on Dzik / Wild Boar Armored Personnel Carriers near Baghdad]
01:10:24  SOF  Poland’s Dzik-3 aka Wild Boar aka Ain Jaria-1 parked; Iraqi at machine gun.  Soldier explains it carries 11, can be used as medical vehicle.  “Iraqis learning to train their own soldiers”.  Iraqi lecturing to others.  Iraq speaks to camera.  More of shots of vehicle & Iraqi soldiers.
Army; Military Promotional; Public Relations;
NOTE:  Dzik entered service w/ Poland army in 2004.  Iraq Ministry of Defence ordered 600 Dzik-3 in June 2005; delivery completed in 2008.

            H1758-06     01:13:25 - 01:14:13            COL      SD        2006   Diyala;            [Iraq War - Color, 2006:  82nd AB Training on Bradley Fighting Vehicle / Tank.  25Oct06]
01:13:29  Bradley tank used by 5th Squadron, 73rd Cavalry Regiment, 82nd Airborne Division, firing at targets.  CU of track & mechanic.  POV from moving tank. 
01:13:51  SOF to camera by Sgt Maj. Ray Edgar.  Tanks.
Army; Military Promotional; Public Relations;
NOTE:  nearly 100 soldiers of 330 troops of this unit were killed or wounded 25Dec06 - 01Oct07 in Diyala province during Diyala campaign.

            H1758-07     01:14:13 - 01:16:49            COL      SD        2006   Balad   [Iraq War - Color, 2006:  Balad, Iraq Patrol w/ Bradley Fighting Vehicles / Tanks.  11Jun06]
01:14:17  Crew of A Company, 1-8 Infantry, 4th Infantry Div. at rear of Bradley in field.  Bradley Tank on patrol in Balad street, one turns; turret turning, soldier in street as rear door opens, walks inside.  LS of vehicles & CU of 4x4 w/ bullet holes. Other patrol vehicles; CUs.  Bradley w/ soldier in turret hatch.
01:15:50  Soldiers searching heavily damaged concrete building in overgrown lot, exiting.  View into rubbled building.  Men patrol in heavy weeds.
01:16:24  Troops at rear of Bradley; Bradley in narow street.  LS explosions destroying concrete building w/ large cloud of dust. 
Army; Military Promotional; Public Relations;

            H1758-08     01:16:49 - 01:24:24            COL      SD        200?               [Iraq War - Color, 200?:  Patrols & Raids, Day & Night.  Break Down Doors; Prisoners.]
01:16:53  Soldiers w/ 3rd Platoon, Alpha Company, 1st Battalion 36th Infantry.  Soldier at door calling others to “take this door” & door kicked in, then leave.  Kick in another door.
01:17:28  CU hands tied w/ plastic behind backs of two men.
01:17:36  Men exit Bradley & run up street to house telling men to lay down.  Inside Bradley door closing.
01:18:05  Bradley along road next to soldier, turret turning, cars allowed to pass on shoulder; Bradley past camera, stops & turret turning.
01:19:12  Bradley following two soldiers up road past houses; w/ soldiers walking pointing automatic rifles (Iraqi soldiers?); gesturing to stop.
01:20:04  Bradley tanks on paved street, soldiers walking alongside; patrol in light of setting / rising sun w/ sound of Muezzin heard from mosque in distance.
01:21:05  MCU two Iraqi soldiers w/ rifles to shoulders, looking pointing.  USA soldiers.  Gunfire, soldiers around Bradley & moving up dirt residential street.  Kids crossing street; soldier watching w/ lowered gun.
01:22:48  Turret of parked Bradley turning, nice stone building behind.
01:22:58  Int. shot, CU of soldiers.  Helmet (?) night camera of soldiers crawling over wall onto roof; up stairwell.  Soldier looking thru night vision camera.  USA soldiers blindfolding civilian & walking him out & into Bradley vehicle.
Army; Military Promotional; Public Relations;

            H1758-09     01:24:24 - 01:33:26            COL      SD        200?               [Iraq War - Color, 200?:  Bradley & Other Vehicle Maintenance; POV Patrolling]
B Co 1-26 Infantry Reg. Maintenance
01:24:27  CU Bradley w/ soldier’s head; CU rear door closes & Bradley turns & drives off.
01:24:56  Bradley into large yard w/ other tanks, fuel truck. 
01:25:24  MCU legs of men sweeping yard w/ push brooms w/ reinforced walls in background.
01:25:44  Crewmen wearing armored vests on top of Bradley, cleaning (?), undo strap, working w/ wrenches.  Lift off part, remove vest & work inside dismantling.  Much dust.  Lift out ??; CU hands; CU Black soldier face.  Troops soldier adjusting gun barrel (?).  CU Hands of Black adjusting ??.
01:30:35  LSs men on top of Bradley w/ netting over building behind.
01:31:10  Mechanic working on motor of Bradley inside maintenance shop.  Mechanic working in rear of Bradley (?).
01:31:29  Mechanic working on patrol vehicle in garage, removing bolts.
01:31:44  Mechanics changing tire on large vehicle; hand jack under rear of ??.
01:32:20  Mechanics adjusting motor on Bradley (?).
01:32:33  POV from top of Bradley along roads, w/ turning turret.  Brief shot soldiers inspecting destroyed tank partially in mud.  Brief:  soldiers patrol between concrete supports of bridge.
01:32:48  Tank parked alongside road at end of bridge.  POV along road at sunset.  POV past small businesses in daytime. 
01:33:04  CU inside tank; CU gunner on top.
01:33:12  SOF crewman in turret:  “What we are doing is an IED sweep thru ??.
Army; Military Promotional; Public Relations;

            H1897-01     01:44:18 - 01:48:45            COL      SD        2004   MOSul; Middle East;    [2007 - Color, Iraq War:  276th Engineers Load & Haul Dirt For Hesco Barriers, 30Oct04]
01:44:29  LS, MS Bulldozer pushing dirt into pile.  CU driver at controls.  LS
01:45:37  Loader scraping w/ front bucket; CU operator.  HA dumping into truck.  CU loader operator thru windshield.
01:46:51  MS of dump truck driver driving along highway; CU shifting gears.  POV thru windshield down paved road.
01:47:48  Dump truck unloading dirt, pulling away. 
01:48:15  CU front end loader driver; MLS dumping load into row of Hesco Barriers.
Government Political Propaganda; IED Patrolling; Middle East;
NOTE:  Fardh al Qanoon (14Feb-24Nov07) aka Operation Imposing Law aka Operation Law & Order aka Baghdad Security Plan / BSP was to divide Baghdad into nine zones.

            H1897-02     00:08:43 - 00:21:00            COL      SD        2007;             Subayal; Samarra; Camp Arifjan; Middle East;         [2007 - Color, Iraq War:  Samarra Checkpoint & Camp Arifjan Base Construction Activities]
Slate: 06Mar  Lance Cpl, Randy Little.  1st Combat Engineers Battalion, Marines from C company.
00:08:47  Armored bulldozer moving rubble, pushing & pulling; next to building.  POV from bulldozer cab.
00:10:21  Slate:  20Feb07  Iraqi Engineers construct checkpoint w/ minimal coalition assistance.  4th Iraqi Army Div engineers near Samarra.  Camera:  Dave Edwards.  Other credits.
00:10:28  American soldiers w/ weapons on partially constructed brick & sandbag checkpoint. 
00:10:32  Int. w/ Iraqi officer pointing & explaining to American officer; discussion.
00:10:46  View out of checkpoint w/ earthmounds under construction to divide traffic passage; veiw of coiled wire; tractor moving; LS several civilian cars across desert.  MS Excavator digging.  View into future roadway thru checkpoint.  USA soldier, Bednarek: “Entry point here, where do you see the threat?”  Other talk.  Military equipment & American soldiers running out of checkpoint as Iraqis watch, shake hands.  Construction workers; dump truck dumping rock.  Fueling large tractor; other equipment moving & refueling.  US soldier guarding.
00:14:28  Title:  Camp Arifjan, Kuwait.  04Jan07.  863rd Engineer Battalion, Detachment 2 soldiers spreading gravel & operating construction equipment.   Raking & shoveling gravel out of bucket loader w/ sheet metal building behind.  Various size equipment. Bobcat; Heavy roller compacting. CUs.  GOOD.
00:19:51  CU revolving light on roof of vehicle.
Contractors; Allied Coalition; Workers; Middle East;
NOTE:  Sell entire at per reel rate.

            H1897-03     00:21:00 - 00:24:46            COL      SD        2006   Suniyah; Middle East; [2006 - Color, Iraq War:  Suniyah Security Earth Barrier Construction  14Dec06]
by 5/18th Engineer Support Co & 1st Bn, 505th Parachute Inf. Rgt., 3rd Bct 82nd ABN Div.
LS along dirt barrier.  MS D-12 (?) armored bulldozer pushing sand & dirt.  Armored vehicles & Iraqi guarding construction.  LS to village / town, reverse zoom to barrier.  Iraqi guiding bulldozer. 
00:22:46  LS of construction equipment & armored personnel carrier.  Silhouetted dirt barrier.
00:23:08  LA of soldier w/ binoculars looking out of top of personnel carrier.
00:23:23  LA of bulldozer w/ other construction equipment behind.  Soldier changing air filter.
00:24:26  Construction equipment begins working.
US Army; Military Construction; Earthmoving; Middle East;

            H1897-06     00:41:39 - 00:49:18            COL      SD        200?; 2000s;            Euphrates River; Tigris River; Baghdad; Middle East;          [200? - Color, Iraq War:  Bridge Building, Day & Night; Corps of Engineers Promo Film]
Night:  Construction, soldiers in armored vests attaching cables to large steel beam on roof (?) & hoisted into place for large Bailey Bridge.  CU hoist block w/ cables; cab of crane turning.
00:44:18  LS w/ dramatic lighting across bridge.  Men moving girder by hand, driving pin thru.  Women soldiers watching.
00:45:46  Title:  Dueces Build Bridge  Prod by Sgt Ray Kokel.  Soundbite:  PFC Chad Sandell.  21C Bridge Crewmember, 502nd Engineer Co.  Hometown Pearl City, Illinois.  Daytime of previous footage w/ crane moving steel over Euphrates River.
00:46:15  PFC Sandell “Come up as spur of moment thing...shipped us the bridge parts...”  Assembling bridge
CUs.  Tightening bolts.
00:46:55 Title:  Building Bridges Over The Tigris.  Producer PFC Jon Cano.  SB!:  Lts Jeffery Harrison 2BSTB Commander.  Night  Task Force 189 cordoned off area & re-routed work on bridge without worrying about safety.  Harrison speaking: a military bridge put in as a temporary measure.”  Night shots of working on bridge w/ crane & wrenches.
00:48:17  Title: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Gulf Region Division.  Narration promotional film.  US troops interacting w/ Iraqis  in street, streets, construction, new buildings.  Women in hijabs.  End Titles.
Government Military Propaganda; 2000s; Middle East;

            H1897-07     00:49:18 - 00:55:52            COL      SD        200?; 2000s;            Taji; Middle East;       [200? - Color, Iraq War:  Bridge Building on Main Supply Route Tampa Over Canal]
Flash title re Iraqi Army Engineers & US Army’s 502nd Multi-Role Bridge Co (MRBC) repairing bridge on Main Supply Route Tampa that crosses the ?? Canal near Taji damaged in suicide truck bomb 14Aug, etc.
00:49:24  Men working on steel Bailey Bridge (?); talk w/ Iraqis.  Moving steel sections in place by crane near bridge.
00:50:31  View of partially constructed bridge; section or equipment under water; Steelworkers wearing armor vest & w/ automatic rifles on backs on bridge attaching cables to beam sections.  CU moving sections; women & men working, pounding bolts, w/ wrenches.  Sledge hammer; CU ratchet wrench.  Moving section w/ crane, good CU lowering into place & signals being given.
00:55:43  Int. cab w/ operator.

            H1897-08     00:55:53 - 01:00:10            COL      SD        2007   Fallujah; Karma; Middle East;           [2007 - Color, Iraq War:  Operation Alljah Engineers, Pre-Fab Units Constructed & Moved.  08Aug07]
By Sgt. Ted Macdonald, Multi National Force West.
00:55:56  Night  Large wheeled tractor moving anti-blast section.
00:56:14  Officer briefing marines; CU drawing on board w/ green pen.  Shots of men in plywood lined space w/ map on wall & stack of plastic chairs.
00:56:45  Tractor w/ large front lift moving prefabricated room w/ glass rectangle windows place.  Unloading pallet of coiled steel (?) from truck, marine signaling directions as lifting large prefabricated room.  Moving stack of timbers.
00:58:51  Day, prefabricated rooms on trucks parked in convoy.  Interior of prefab room.
00:59:28  Large check point w/ room on top as check point observation tower, Iraqi flag on top.  Zoom in/out.
00:59:40  Night, Soldiers placing plywood sheets & nailing; man cutting w/ skillsaw - fabricating rooms.
01:00:02  Ext. Marine welding on vehicle, barrel of machine gun in foreground / FG.
2nd Battalion, 6th Marines; Support Operations; Middle East;
Operation Alljah 16Jun-14Aug07 divided the city to isolate each section limiting access points w/ each precinct having a building for base of operations for civilians to receive services & from which to issue identification cards.

            H1897-09     01:00:11 - 01:01:35            COL      SD        2007   Arifjan; Middle East;  [2007 - Color, Iraq War:  Arifjan, Kuwait, 863rd Night Project.  10Jul07]
01:00:22  CU hands w/ skill-saw power saw; carpenter’s face; marking wood & hammering.
01:00:43  Sgt Edward Smith, 863rd Engineer Battalion  “We’re building a deck for the Navy...”  “working at night is a huge benefit, right now its 95F and in the daytime its 125F...”
Military Construction Activities; Weather; Heat; Middle East;

            H1897-11     01:16:05 - 01:17:28            COL      SD        2007   Camp Speicher, Tikrit; Middle EAst; [2007 - Color, Iraq War:  MILCON DFAC, Camp Speicher. 03Jun07]
Steel skeleton of very alrge building under construction for dining facility.  CU sign in English & ??:  Hard Hat Area.  Views w/ workers.  Man speaks to camera saying it has 102 day schedule & will be full service dining area.  Corps of Army Engineers overseeing & soldier laying cement blocks, pushing wheelbarrow. 
Political Propaganda; Military Construction Activities; Training; Middle East;

            H1897-12     01:17:29 - 01:31:03            COL      SD        2007   FoRt Irwin, CAlifornia; Penn Yan, New York (not seen); Brookville, Pennsylvania (not seen); Medina Jabal;    [2007 - Color, Military Training:  Operation Sand Castle, 770th Engineer Company]
350th MPAD   770th Eng Co sets up Cedar Rapids 3012 Rock Crusher.
01:17:35  MCU large wheeled bucket loader w/ operator wearing breathing mask moving gravel & rock.  MCUs of crusher working, piles of gravel produced w/ much dust.  MLS.  Loading rock into dump trucks.  Various operators on crusher machine.
01:19:10  Wheeled front loader moving gravel; tracked shovel moving; bulldozer working.  LS across rock crusher. CU bin; crushed rock off conveyors & dust.  Dumping front bucket into crusher.  Various shots of working crusher conveyors, shakers, belts, dump trucks, operator on top of crusher w/ panel of buttons.  Rock being dumped.
01:21:17  Title:  458th Engineer Battalion, Brookville, Pennsylvania.  Operation Sand Castle.  Tasked w/ building several concrete & steel structures.
01:21:22  Sgt Jason Epperson:  “The only real safety factor is the heat...building PEVs...CMU / concrete masonery units...”
Lt. Eric Bowser  “Everyone has gloves on....for real-world deployment.”
01:22:36  Large wheeled hinged vehicle w/ bucket backing of trailer.  Other equipment moving things w/ bucket loader; crane; digging w/ bucket loader.  Taped markings for foundation outlines; surveying instrument.
01:23:41  Soldiers measuring long plank.  Soldiers cutting reinforcing rods w/ metal saw, CUs, LS.
01:24:15  Soldiers digging w/ shovels for foundation, other partially constructed buildings in background.  CU spray painting outline.  MS unloading plywood from army truck; cutting w/ skill-saws.
01:25:34  MS of concrete block house w/ window unframed; LS of several buildings.
01:25:44  Title:  854th engineer Battalion, Bullville, New York building structures for training purposes.   .  &  
01:25:52   MS & CU.  Soldier w/ skill-saw;  CU soldiers digging w/ shovel.  LS partially completed cement brick houses.  Equipment digging beside cement blocks on pallets.  Carpenters.  CU men stringing twine lines.  HA of partially constructed training buildings scattered on desert.  MLS workers; foundation forms put in place, cutting, leveling, CU bags of Portland Cement; nailing forms.
01:28:26  Aerial over many partially constructed buildings in desert.
01:29:00  SPC Christelna Nigrelli, A Co, 854 EN BN Now Potts (New Paltz ?), NY.  “I actually have never worked on the reconstruction of Iraq...we did a lot of repairs...and repair the improve conditions...”
01:30:03  SSG Nichole Bower, Beacon, NY.  “I think it is going to greatly benefit the soldiers that use this city...this setting is so close to being overseas in the box...its kind of creepy...”
Government Political Propaganda; Military Construction Activities; Training;
NOTE:  Operation Sand Castle is 10 year engineering project as part of Medina Jabal, a simulated Middle East city of several hundred buildings.               H1897-13     01:31:05 - 01:40:42            COL      SD        2007   Camp Fallujah; Middle East;   [2007 - Color, Iraq War:  Mine Resistant Ambush Protected / MRAPs Conduct Route Clearance. 02Jun07]
Officer talking to soldiers:  “Yeh, so good job getting everyone turned around so the dump truck did look a little suspicious...
01:31:41  Very large armored vehicle w/ rollers, other vehicle shots.  Soldiers walking along reed-lined dirt road, backing up; soldier w/ automatic rifle looking into reeds.  Large armored vehicle turning around. 
01:33:18  Large truck off road in swamp / wetlands, other vehicles working to get them out. k POV on vehicles along paved road.  View inside truck. 
01:33:42  Three Iraqi prisoners squatting on road under gun point; one ordered to stand up, walked forward to truck, ordered to look inside truck.
01:34:33  POV inside large truck.  Ext. armored truck; map on computer screen.  POV out of top of armored MRAP in convoy on paved road thru wetlands/
01:35:30  Large 6-wheeled armored truck (Buffalo ?) turning off narrow road, MCU driver thru window.
01:36:51  2nd Lt. George Saenz, Charlie Company 2nd CEB Platoon Commander.  Describes what happened, explains in jargon about route sweeping.  “Everyone of our mission is route clearing...”  tells a bit about the heavily armored vehicles & ability to deflect blasts.  Explains the good qualities of Cougars & Buffaloes.  Negative effect is they are so large & heavy they have no off-road capability.  We are limited mostly to roads.
Government Political Propaganda; IED Patrolling; Middle East;
              H1897-14     01:40:43 - 01:44:17            COL      SD        2007   Amariyah; Middle East;          [2007 - Color, Iraq War:  Operation Fardh al-Qanoon, 8th Engineer Support Battalion, 15Apr07]
Very large tracked bulldozer w/ sun behind it, moving out in front of earthmoving equipment.  Convoy w/ guard standing by truck.  Large wheeled tractor w/ fork-lift unloading pallets from truck, moved & placed.
01:42:30  Bulldozer w/ rear deep hook & earthmoving equipment moving across.
01:42:50  Patrol vehicle moving (brief).  Earthmoving equipment moving about & forklift moving large crates.  Trucks, soldier & officer talking, walk off past camera.
Government Political Propaganda; IED Patrolling; Middle East;
NOTE:  Fardh al Qanoon (14Feb-24Nov07) aka Operation Imposing Law aka Operation Law & Order aka Baghdad Security Plan / BSP was to divide Baghdad into nine zones.

            H1897-15     01:44:18 - 01:48:45            COL      SD        2004   MOSul; Middle East;    [2007 - Color, Iraq War:  276th Engineers Load & Haul Dirt For Hesco Barriers, 30Oct04]
01:44:29  LS, MS Bulldozer pushing dirt into pile.  CU driver at controls.  LS
01:45:37  Loader scraping w/ front bucket; CU operator.  HA dumping into truck.  CU loader operator thru windshield.
01:46:51  MS of dump truck driver driving along highway; CU shifting gears.  POV thru windshield down paved road.
01:47:48  Dump truck unloading dirt, pulling away. 
01:48:15  CU front end loader driver; MLS dumping load into row of Hesco Barriers.
Government Political Propaganda; IED Patrolling; Middle East;
NOTE:  Fardh al Qanoon (14Feb-24Nov07) aka Operation Imposing Law aka Operation Law & Order aka Baghdad Security Plan / BSP was to divide Baghdad into nine zones.

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