(see also related lists: Civil Rights; Black Panthers; Segregation; Harlem)



Please be aware, although the footage of Martin Luther King is in the Public Domain the King estate claims copyright in some of his speeches.

     220579     04:17:28 - 04:27:32     1963          B/W     Sd     The March Reel Three  (March on Washington. Civil rights march)
Martin Luther King on podium in front of microphones makes speech re emancipation of slaves - civil rights
04:19:54  - “ I have a Dream .....”  Good sound.  Rapturous applause and singing - Good shots audience of protesters, blacks and whites, high angle LS crowd with Washington monument in bg. LS Martin Luther King speaking. Crowd rises up and cheers then sings gospel song, swinging.
Leaving, picking up chairs. Masses of litter flying. Bathing feet in water. “We shall Overcome’ by solo singer on soundtrack. High angle shot people forming large circle by pond.
04:26:25 Bank of Television cameras and press.  A. Philip Randolph (head of train porters union) interviewed by press “ I think history was written today”
Night, demonstrators sleeping on bus.
A Philip Randolph (head of train porters union) speaking.  Night shots buses going home - interiors blacks  sleeping.

     221405     09:11:44 - 09:17:39     29Aug1963     B/W     SD     The March On Washington
Aerial over mall in early morning & Lincoln Memorial from ground.  Statue.  Arrivals by train along platform; buses arrive along Mall.  Walking across street  past camera.  People at foot of Washington Monument some w/ banners.  View from blimp overhead. 
09:14:10  Slowly marching Roy Wilkins, A. Philip Randolph, Martin Luther King, Walter Reuther.  Cu feet.  Arriving at Lincoln Memorial.  Crowd shots.
09:16:11  Martin Luther King to podium to applause. 
09:16:31  JFK & LBJ meeting & posing w/ leaders.
09:16:51  King speaking “I have a dream...”  MCU shots of people listening. 
Civil Rights; Newsreel Coverage;

     220307     08:58:12 - 09:01:10     9Jul1964     B/W     Sd     Civil Rights - President Signs Historic Bill.
Washington -  stockshots of Lincoln Memorial.  White House  - interior President Johnson signs Civil Rights act of 1964 surrounded by legislators from Congress  and Civil Rights leaders.  Johnson speaks (sync) re purpose of law.  Applause from audience.  Johnson signs with nearly 100 pens which are given out as souvenirs.  Hubert Humphrey and Dirkson get pens.  Martin Luther King receives pen.  J. Edgar Hoover receives pen.  Robert Kennedy given six pens.

     220919     02:26:02 - 02:32:28     1964     01/01/1965     b/w     SD     News Highlights of 1964
02:30:49: Civil Rights Bill signed by LBJ in presence of Martin Luther King

     220297     20:14:10 - 20:17:37
     1965     15Mar1965     B/W     Sd     The Selma Story  - President Seeks End to Civil Strife - Civil Rights
GVs Capitol;  GYs Congress  LBJ - President Johnson addresses Congress on voting rights ; GVs marchers  on the streets  Black and White;  various shots Brown Church  in Selma - crowds gathered to demonstrate Martin Luther King talking to people;  King leads march through town stopped by Troopers on bridge ; Marchers kneel to pray; marchers Black and White leave.

     220297     20:17:41 - 20:19:23     15Mar1965     B/W     Sd     Push Rights Bill - Open Hearings on Vote Legislation
President Johnson and the Attorney General ; Attorney General briefs the press on Bill of rights; March through Montgomery Alabama led by Martin Luther  King.
(Longer version of Selma story)

     220523     19:01:45 - 19:03:27     1965     18Mar1965     b/w     Sd     Push Rights Bill - Open Hearings on Vote Legislation
White House - President Johnson signs letter to accompany bill to be sent to Congress to reinforce the right to vote.  LBJ seated with Attorney General Nicholas Katzenbach. Press conference.
19:02:23 Montgomery Alabama - civil rights demonstrators. Martin Luther King leads peaceful march.  Parade passes County court house. King on steps, waiting crowd.

     220307     08:55:20 - 08:56:57     22Mar1965     B/W     Sd     Selma March - Troops Guard Rights Marchers.
Freedom March Selma to Montgomery
Crowds addressed by Martin Luther King from porch of church at start of freedom march - Marchers over Edmund Pettus bridge - state troopers - signpost Montgomery  47 - marchers in Negro farmer’s field for the night.  March continues.
civil rights; anti-racism; segregation;

     220297     20:19:30 - 20:20:49     1965          B/W     Sd     Selma March - Troops Guard Rights Marchers
Crowds addressed by Martin Luther King at start of freedom march - Marchers over bridge - state troopers - signpost Montgomery  47 - marchers in field for the night  (cropped - part of item only)

     220919     02:32:36 - 02:38:24     1965     31Dec1965     b/w     Sd/Sil     News Highlights of 1965
02:33:05: US Civil Rights marches north and south; Martin Luther King
02:33:37: Martin Luther King at White House

     220467     03:32:48 - 03:35:31     1967     18Apr1967     b/w     Sd     Peace March - Thousands Oppose Vietnam War
Anti-war demonstrators marching with protest banners - crowds in Central park  - shots showing hippie fashions - draft card burning.  Argument between soldier and peace protestors.  Anti Anti-war march - signs “Let’s bomb Hanoi - Anarchy cannot be permitted in the USA”. Civil Rights leader Martin Luther King leads procession to United Nations - police arrest demonstrators - dragging off.
03:34:12 San Francisco demonstration - parade with banners along Market Street - Rally in stadium - scuffle.
03:34:47 Rome - night peace demonstration outside US embassy  -  turns into riot - police - fighting - sit down protest - using water cannon.

     220800     22:34:43 - 22:47:38     1968          COL     SIL     White House and Riots in D.C. following assassination of Martin Luther King
South side of White House, fountain in foreground, flag flying at half mast on White House.  Various shots White House. Looking up driveway to front of White House.  Press setting up lights, cameras and Television cameras near West wing of White House in circular drive.
22:36:14 CU Lush Cherry blossoms and tulips in full bloom.
22:36:35 CU Police, some wearing  army  helmets, and civilians passing camera
Park policeman in middle of street directing traffic.  Riot police standing on sidewalk across street,
22:37:03 MLS Smoke rising from burning buildings in far BG somewhere in Washington, DC during 1968 riots; several small shops seen in FG.
22:37:08 Filmed off television screen - riots and aftermath.
22:39:05 Two firemen standing on fire truck next to smoking building.  Firefighting on smoking building  Rear view, riot policeman standing on street corner, Black children  leaning against lamp post .
22:40:24 CU Save More Supermarket burned out and gutted.  Cash register sitting out in street.
S Fire hoses strung across street, policeman wearing gas mask walks past, police car drives around corner.  Fire engine with CU red lights spinning.
22:40:46 Interior view, burned out building still smoldering;
22:41:08  Rear view National Guard jeep with patrol aboard moving down street.  Nationial Guard jeeps with armed guards in back up and past.  
22:41:20 Tall ladder extended from fire truck, two firemen in FG; one man seen hold ing guy line, smoke.
Several National Guardsmen grouped on sidewalk outside Safeway Store.  Tracking shot past military vehicles and National Guard marching down street.  Tracking shot past buildings, empty street.
22:42:06 Firemen fighting severe blaze inside paint store in shopping district.  Second fire truck moving L to R past camera, smoke pours from front of building.
22:42:50 National Guardsman standing in middle of street with rifle. Riot policemen with riot guns standing near group of black people.  Good firefighting scenes at various locations.
22:44:38 MS 6X truck loaded with National Guardsmen moving off, burned out buildings seen across street, National Guard ambulance moves and trucks down street.  Various shots aftermath of fires, gutted shops and buildings, some still smouldering.
National Guardsmen standing at crossroads.  Various shots round streets showing National Guard in evidence and aftermath of riots.  Shopping area with traffic and pedestrians, guard in evidence.

     221353     14:09:52 - 14:22:41     COL     April 1968  Pt. 2 of 4
Plane interior & reading Daily News w/ headline:  LBJ to Hawaii on Peace Trip.  Washington Post:  King Assassinated in Memphis. 
14:10:14  Fire truck down Washington DC street, heavy smoke rising at end; looter out of broken store window.  Heavy smoke, fighting fires, flames, cash register in street, smashed car windows,  Small boy.
14:10:43  LBJ standing w/ Clark Clifford & other men.  Meeting w/ large group of Black and White men; group included DC Mayor Walter Washington, Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall, VP Humphrey, Sen. Mike Mansfield, Rev. Walter Fauntroy, Whitney Young,  John McCormack, Roy Wilkins, Bayard Rustin.
14:12:05  National Guard troops marching along sidewalk.  Chalk on plywood:  Sole Brother aka Soul...  Soldier w/ rifle guarding firemen fighting fire flames.  Trucks arriving, hosing.  Voice over of LBJ speech.  Smoking ruined building.  Arresting youth & men.  LBJ speaking (out of sync) w/ men from the meeting watching & listening in MCU:  “The dream of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. has not died with him...” 
14:14:15  National Guard & army soldiers patrolling past ruins; army trucks thru deserted streets at dusk.
14:14:41  Lady Bird Johnson beside plane w/ European journalists touring Texas out of Alamo, she speaks of the time of anguish of the time at lectern.  People listening, interrupt w/ applause.  “Man’s basic problem, how to live in peace.”

     221433     18:00:04 - 18:09:31     1968          COL     Sd/Sil     [Riots - Chicago, Illinois - Martin Luther King Jr. Assassination Aftermath, 07-09Apr68]  Pt. 1 of 2
MS Chicago Tribune headline:  US Troops ?? Here, newspaper blowing on ground, tilt up, sign:  Welcome to Chicago in median divider, light traffic both directions.
18:00:55  Base entrance sign:  O’Hara 928th Tactical Airlift Group Air Force Reserve.
18:01:11  Soldiers eating from fender of jeep ambulance parked w/ others.  Rinsing mess kits in galvanized buckets of soapy water; MCU.
18:02:21  Black soldiers in helmts eating at wooden tables outdoors, daytime.  Inside mess tent, white soldiers serving others.  CUs.
18:05:04  Ext.  Officer speaking into loudspeaker briefing troops standing by jeeps (dark).  End of sound.
18:06:33  Int.  Large gymnasium w/ mattresses on floor & people standing around.  MCU polishing boots; reading Chicago Sun-Times newspaper w/ headline:  The Worst Appears Over in Chicago...”  Soldiers on blankets; playing cards, sleeping,
Military Riot Control; National Guard Reserve Units;
Note:  all sound wild & not related to picture.  No rights to radio broadcasts.  Clearance responsibility of users.

     221433     18:09:30 - 18:19:20     1968          COL     SIL     [Riots - Chicago, Illinois - Martin Luther King Jr. Assassination Aftermath, 07-09Apr68]  Pt. 2 of 2
10:09:30  Knealing at church service w/ priest & others.
18:10:44  Slate:  09Apr68.  POV from vehicle past troops on pavbement in parking lot near lake w/ jeeps, trucks & standing.  Large domed building behind.  Troops boarding trucks w/ rifles & ponchos.  In jeeps w/ whip radio antennas.
18:14:00  Convoy thru Chicago intersection w/ skyline behind. 
18:14:27  Band shell in park; civilians standing around, sitting on grass.  MS crowd in sun, Black man at microphones.  Traffic on expressway in background.  Man applauding, walking up to camera.  Field Museum in background.
18:15:37  Police in jeep by street (dark).  With binoculars looking down wide street.
18:16:19  Firemen, fire trucks & heavy smoke.  MS of burned out apartment building smoking heavily & flames visible in roof.  CU fire hydrant & leaking hose connections.  Firemen under entrance awning.  Soldier w/ rifle on street, fire trucks visible (brief).  Smoking burned out three-story house, pan across others.  Kids playing in street & yard (brief).
18:17:33  Building burning, fireman in raised bucket but far away.  Tilt down to people (very dark, unusable).
18:18:04  Night - Soldiers talking on sidewalk, traffic behind..  Talking on radio; rifle at ready.  Neon lights across street. 
Military Riot Control; National Guard Reserve Units; Fires; Arson;
Note:  No sound this part.

     LN 501-682     06:00:10 - 06:10:30     1968     COL     SIL     [Chicago, Illinoise - Martin Luther King Rioting Aftermath, 07-08Apr68]  Pt. 1 of 2
Slate:  08Apr68  Cameraman H. Bowen.  CU painted brick wall sign:  Entrance  Open Sunday & pan to show burned out building; pedestrians on sidewalk & man in BG sweeping street.  Smoking rubble of collapsed tenement buildings.  Street signs:  N. Roosevelt & Spaulding Av (?).  No Right Turn.  Tilt down to smoky view of burned, destroyed houses; pan across smoking bricks. 
06:01:36  Soldiers up sidewalk w/ rifles, Black pedestrians behind; past burning building remains.  CU flames and iron reinforcing, rebar.  Army truck w/ troops past, semi-truck following on deserted street w/ some parked cars.  Pan w/ jeep & soldiers past burned out blocks.  POV riding in jeep past military sentries.  VERY GOOD.
06:04:00  Blacks walking past burned out building.  Boys throwing stones into rubble.  View looking at boys throwing stone from from across smoking rubble; others walking past; soldiers patrolling.
06:05:13  Low angle of soldier w/ rifle on rubble, others marching past.
06:05:38  LIne of soldiers of 2nd Bn, 129th Inf from Elgin, Illinois on grass at edge of Douglas Park (?).  Reverse angle & traffic passing, including jeep w/ wire protection & truckload of soldiers.  Black teenagers etc playing baseball & or softball in park, traffic behind, no soldiers visible.  GOOD.
06:07:14  Jeep & army trucks w/ troops past.
06:07:30  Modern First Methodist Church building, tilt up & pan over plaza w/ US, County & State flags at half mast.  Large sculpture.  Tall buildings surrounding square & pedestrians.
06:08:22  CU of sculpture & flags behind (overexposed?).  Pan around buildings from center of square.  Flags on poles, waving in breeze.
06:09:45  Street signs:  E. Wacker Dr., N. State St., Route 20 & buildings behind.
0610:30  Slate:  07Apr68.  Troops of 4th Bn, 46th Armored from Fort Hood, Texas patrol streets in late afternoon outside stores & ??  Police car under elevated, pedestrians.  POV walking behind patrolling soldiers.  CU face of soldier w/ rifle walking.  Black soldier standing chewing gum; another patrolling. 
Military; Riot Aftermath; Poverty; Race; Ethnic; African-Americans; 1968; 1960s;

     LN 501-682     06:10:30 - 06:21:23     1968     COL     SIL     [Chicago, Illinoise - Martin Luther King Rioting Aftermath, 07-08Apr68]  Pt. 2 of 2
Slate:  07Apr68.  Troops of 4th Bn, 46th Armored from Fort Hood, Texas patrol streets in late afternoon outside stores & ??  Police car under elevated, pedestrians.  POV walking behind patrolling soldiers.  CU face of soldier w/ rifle walking.  Black soldier standing chewing gum; another patrolling opposite damaged buildings.  Group patrolling past stationary camera; jeep w/ soldiers down street.  MCU of shiny boots, rifles w/ bayonets.
06:12:33  CU sign:  S. Dorchester Ave., E. 63rd St, below elevated railway.  Black teenagers walking, on bicycles; White policeman directing traffic as others watch.  Windows of burned out brick building.  View from inside burned out building.  Black men standing on street outside.  Kids look at camera.  CU Black policeman or fireman w/ insignia on hat.  Soldiers patrolling; black women w/ Black policeman outside store w/ cans on shelf but windows broken out.
06:14:08  Black policemen w/ batons walk up street in front of police truck; White policeman w/ rifle alongside.  Stores w/ lights on on opposite side of street.  POV up street following policemen, past soldiers in doorways, Blacks on sidewalk walking.  Helmeted white police moving them along.  White soldiers outside burned out storefront. 
06:15:42  View from inside thru grates of soldiers patrolling.  Still photo of Martin Luther King in window w/ reflection.  Pan from photo to soldiers.
06:16:27  CU hanging sign:  Woodlawn Urban Progress Center.  CU two Black men in elevated w/ soldier standing guard behind.  CU movie sign:  Joan Crawford “Berserk”, pan down to soldiers on street w/ rifles lining up.  Soldier in jeep w/ radio microphone, another standing eating c-rations (?).  CU talking, opening C-ration can.
06:17:46  Large group of Black youth marching under elevated tracks toward camera on vehicle.  Black photographers.  Group into Joyland.  Firetrucks past, police cars.  Joyland sign re available for parties.
06:19:00  Blacks on balcony of buildign w/ ornate carved stone decorations.
06:19:15  Graffiti on brickwall:  Blackstone Prince Killers.
06:19:26  Dusk & shots of 4th Bn. 46th Armored troops encampment area, tents, water trailers.  Troops standing smoking by pup tents blowing in the wind.  Beside jeep w/ bayonetted rifles.  POV past tents near dusk.
Military; Riot Aftermath; Poverty; Race; Ethnic; African-Americans; 1968; 1960s;

     220309     12:05:48 - 12:06:33     1970s          COL     Sd     About the FBI  section
Brief crime compilation - robbery,  plane explosion at night in the sky, aftermath of bomb?
Ku Klux Klan ceremony with torches and burning KKK cross
Martin Luther King interviewed (no sound).
Gambling tables, dice, roulette.
Portrait of Edgar Hoover, former head of FBI 1924 - 1972 in office.

     221021     18:28:56 - 18:38:16     1982          COL     SD     [Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi’s State Visit to America 27-31Jul82.] 
INCLUDING:18:35:24  Dinner hosted by PM Gandhi at Madison Hotel, Vice President George Bush and Barbara greet arrivals.  Former ambassadors inc Daniel Moynihan.  Gandhi speech at dinner table; proposes toast.  George Bush makes speech; “our shared faith in human dignity is a central part of our relationship...our societies have been enriched by the influence of each other...Martin Luther King was inspired by Mahatma Gandhi...India is important to the United States, and the United States are important to India”.

     220612     10:33:55 - 10:35:32     1983          COL     SD     [President Reagan Signs Bill For Martin Luther King Day]
02Nov83  Ronald Reagan speech at podium outside White House commemorating Martin Luther King - President sits at table - signing bill to create Martin Luther King Day - Coretta Scott King present & starts to make speech [cut off].

     221255     20:33:51 - 20:35:27     1983          COL     SD     [President Reagan Signing Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday Bill, Rose Garden 02Nov83].
Reagan at podium speaking quoting King.  Coretta King only occasionally visible.  Reagan sits & signs bill, stands & shakes her hand giving her the pen.  Coretta King’s response begins but cut off.
1980s American Government; Presidency; Daily Life; National Holiday Bill Signing Ceremony;

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