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220437          03:47:42 - 03:51:27            1945   B/W    Si        

Lebanon Scenics
LS of plain of Bekaa from mountains with winding road.  Archaeological remains Temple of Bacchus with columns of temple of Jupiter.  Cedars of Lebanon with mountains behind.  People working in field.  Women weeding.  Camels & box of locusts, man killing by stamping.


221244 22:43:45 - 22:47:15 1945 Lebanon SIL B/W [French Delegate General Beynet Press Conference, Beirut, Lebanon Jan45]
Delegate General & Plenipotentiary of France in Levant States gives press conference to war correspondents. In office behind large desk, journalists standing around room. Picture of De Gaulle behind him. MCU of reporters taking notes & listening; some military & some civilians.
22:44:51 Beynet sitting w/ another officer listening to military radio in office, talking. MCU & CU tuning radio.
22:45:57 Officer & ?? leaving large building. Into army car w/ Arabs saluting. Car entering compound past saluting Arabs. Arab w/ bugle announcing. Flag flying over building.
22:47:03 CU plaque re 01Sep20 Independence of Lebanon.

221244 22:47:27 - 22:52:48 1945 Lebanon; Syria; SIL B/W [Jebel Druze, Syria Meeting of Sheiks Jan-May45]
Covered porch of large building w/ sheiks sitting & standing; Emir Hassan (?) in western suit comes out & they all sit. He listens as man w/ worry beads talks to him. Two other men in robes come & shake hands. MCU of Hassan(?)
22:48:33 View of porch from in front. Variety of uniforms & men in various types of dress standing. Open square & men down stairs to where many other military standing w/ rifles etc. Rider mounts horse & leaves w/ others following on foot & horseback. People follow across desert w/ town behind. Riders up to & into fort. Man in fez walks w/ others. Flag raised on pole above building. Men saluting as though taking oath given by man in fez. CU of French; Arabs.

221244 22:52:52 - 22:57:34 1945 Lebanon; Syria; SIL B/W [Jerash Archeological Ruins, Trans-Jordan & Modern Jerash, Jan-May45]
View across ruins w/ columns, walls, etc.
22:53:28 View of ornate government building in modern Jerash. Men on steps & arrival of Prime Minister Ibrahim Psha Hashim & Foreign minister Pasha Abdul Houda, chairman of Transjordan delegation to Cairo Conference, in fez caps. Emir at desk signing paper, arriving men kiss his wrist & they sit and talk as they brief him on Cairo decision. Others arrive for cabinet meeting.


221244 22:35:45 - 22:36:46 1950s Lebanon ? SIL B/W [Selected Scenes - Middle East, Lebanon ?]
Arabic title. Military jeeps arriving & ?? reviewing troops. President Fuad Chehab(?) & others into building & Chehab at mic reading speech. Ext. ?? leaving building w/ other VIPs. Cars thru streets w/ military escort.


221108          17:00:03 - 17:01:22            1952   B/W    SD       

15 Perish On Yuletide Pilgrim Ship
French liner Champollion run aground near Lebanon - packed w/ people on Christmas pilgrimage to Holy Land.  Survivors brought ashore after being trapped for two days - ship breaking up.  Crowds of rescuers & spectators on beach - debris inc. life belt.


220796          16:21:52 - 16:22:42            1954   B/W    SD       

News In Brief - Beirut Student Riot
Violent riot with protesters trying to get through gate.  Police beating protester.   Firemen hosing demonstrators.  Police open fire on crowd. 
Protest over Turkey and Pakistan


220510          01:04:30 - 01:13:53            1958   b/w     Si        

Action in the Middle East
General Paul Adams and officer walk along dock at port. Troops carrying kit bags walk along dockside. Kit and soldiers loaded onto waiting buses. Troops watched by Brigadier General David Gray. Interior military helicopter - troops waiting for chopper run forward as comes into land - good shot shadow of copter descending.
01:08:40  Troops disembarking from troopship . General Adams and Lebanese General Chehab, chief of staff of Lebanese army walk towards McClintock, Robert Murphy standing in background. Adams shakes hands with Chehab - into car which is flying American and Lebanese flags and away - man with small movie camera .
01:10:47 Lebanese soldier on guard at airstrip. Airport control tower and buildings - sign Beirut International airport.
01:11:55 The USNS Upshur at pier area  - US soldiers looking from ship - disembarking. General Adams followed by  officer down ship'Ís ladder.


220511          02:06:40 - 02:12:57            1958   b/w     Sd       

Middle East Crisis. West Moves Troops, Calls on UN to act.
Top shot Beirut - American marines landing in Lebanon.  Local crowds - Troops in jeeps - fighter bombers of 6th fleet overhead. Local ice cream vendor.  Unloading ammunition - troops on beach - troops moving into Beirut - guarding Beirut airport.
02:07:54 Eisenhower explains Americas action in landing troops in Lebanon.
02:09:00 Military build up - night shots planes moving - 2nd Marine Division enplaning at Cherry Point. Clock - five to midnight. Troops loading planes for airlift. Day shots as more American troops board aircraft.
02:10:06 Airborne troops from Germany  at Adena airbase in Turkey.
02:10:29 British paratroops from Cyprus boarding planes bound for Jordan. RAF planes take off.
02:10:54 US aircraft carrier Leyte being loaded with supplies. US sailors in phone boxes phoning home after leave cancelled. Navy boarding ship.
02:11:34 UN building - interiors - Ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge calls for decisive action by UN and says US marines will be withdrawn if UN act.


220511          02:13:10 - 02:15:56            1958   b/w     Sd       

Mid East Crisis. Lull In the Storm Follows Troop Move
Demonstration outside US embassy in Moscow against the sending of American troops to the Lebanon. Signs, Hands off Lebanon. Plaque of the US embassy. Crowds gather outside embassy - people hanging signs on embassy gates - police trying to control crowd.
02:14:16 Lebanon coastline - US troops and tanks on beach - landing craft. Lebanese locals talking to American soldiers.
02:15:07 Jordan - British troops - unloading suplies from aircraft - military equipment.
02:15:30 Syria -  Cheering crowds for Nasser - Nasser waves from balcony.

220511          02:19:40 - 02:22:15            1958   b/w     Sd        Mid East Crisis - Area Quiet Pending UN Summit Talks.
Nasser walking in group, crowds cheering Nasser on 6th anniversary of the overthrow of Farouk. Nasser speaking from podium - microphones.
02:20:17 Lebanon - Robert Murphy, US negotiator,  meets President Chamoun.
02:20:37 Rome - American evacuees from Iraq arriving at airport - men women and children down aircraft steps
02:20:53 Jordan - street scene - flags flying at half mast for  King Feisal and government leaders killed by Iraqi rebels nine days previously. King Hussein addressing press conference. US airlift vitally need fuel to Jordan - unloading gas cans from globemaster plane.
02:21:50 United Nations - Khruschev calls for summit talks. Top shot New York - UN building

220511          02:19:40 – 02:22:15            1958   Sd        b/w    

Mid East Crisis - Area Quiet Pending UN Summit Talks.

02:20:17- 02.20.37  Lebanon - Robert Murphy, US negotiator,  meets President Chamoun.


220511          02:26:11 - 02:37:19            1958   b/w     Sd       

Action in the Middle East, Beirut, Lebanon
Two US officers chatting by jeeps, one boards.  Jeep in hospital tent area, soldier unloads film boxes - carries them to tented area and checks labels before covering with tarpaulin. Helicopter coming into land. Red Cross on tents - Man, Chaplain ? coming out of hospital tent. CU Chaplains insignia on hat. Group of Chaplains talking, one taking notes. Chaplain leafing through book.  Ambassador McClintok, Robert Murphy, Gen. Paul D. Adams and Gen. Chehab as they chat outside of the US Embassy. The AMLANFOR Honor Guard assembled in front of Embassy as a civilian takes a picture of them.
02:30:38 Soldier getting haircut in the field - boxes of coca-cola. Two lebanese men sitting by tree with dog
Bivouac area - old stone built house. Soldiers relaxing amongst trees, soda stand
02:32:53 Camouflage netting over ammo dump. Helicopter carrying crate lowers to ground. Soldiers unloading ammunition boxes. Small helicopter takes off. Another helicopter drops more ammunition which is unloaded and carried in boxes.
02:36:16 Beirut dock area - US sailors on quay. Troopship coming into dock

220511          02:37:40 - 02:47:40            1958   b/w     Sd       

Action in the Middle East, Beirut, Lebanon
L-19 plane warms up, taxis off.  Jeep tow H-34 copter. Sign "Aviation Det, TF 201".  Helicopter H-34 flies in hovers, picks up load of ammo on pallet.  Pallet comes loose.  The copter signals and man repeats hookup of ammo load. MLS, ground man hooks up pallet of supplies underneath H-34 copter.  Cut to the copter flying off with supplies. CU, ground man signals with his arm.
02.41.01 The transport USNS Upshur arrives at pier. LA, officer at rail at stern of vessel. Union Jack flies from staff. American seaman handle lines in securing ship. CU, secured lines. Tilt-up to lines secured on ship. CU face of Black soldier at porthole. An officer and a civilian walk up gangway.  They are an American Col. and a newsman. American soldiers of the Delta Force at rail.  Troops of the Delta Force debark from troopship, walk along pier. VS, men crowded pn pier, others coming off ship.  Troops as they come off the ship and walk along pier. (The last two scenes are soft.)

220511          02:57:05 - 03:00:30            1958   b/w     Sd       

Marines Disembarking at Beirut
Marines and jeeps on dock; USS Taconic (AGC-17) and USNS Col. Wm. J. O'Brien tied to pier in BG.
Light tanks on the pier; Marine standing guard; vehicles on the dock.Soldier cleans a 45 handgun.
Two marines sit on a platform to the rear of a tank; Soldier  works a field generator; pier. CU LVTP-5, with ramp down, on the pier.
02.58.28  Marine inspects civilians as they enter the gate.  Marine, with BAR mounted on small platform, guards the gate to dock area. Local  photographers takes pictures of Marines who are sitting at a table in a building.
American ships at the pier.   MS Mechanics (Marine) work on jeep transmission. Marines are briefed by an Officer.


221120          12:22:32 - 12:26:54            1958   B/W    SIL      

[Army Airlift Arrival, Beirut, Lebanon]
Beirut airport - US cargo planes land.  Sign ñWelcome to Lebanonî on airport building.  Marines disembark from cargo plane and unload crates.  MPs (Military Police) arriving.  Cargo plane opens its hatch.  More troops disembarking.  Jeeps unloaded from plane. 

220690          02:46:53 - 02:57:49            1958 / 1960 COL      SIL      

Summer Incident MN-8982 - Outtakes - Recreating the US invasion of Lebanon 1958
Landing craft moving in the surf toward the beach and onto it - ramp dropped and marines disembark in full battle gear.
Shots from inside landing craft as ramp is lowered marines move inland and over a sand dune.
Sand dune and beach area; lone marine moves up over the dune; he waves to his buddies.
CU Group of marines with rifles over shoulders  move over the dune.
Men being checked on the transport prior to disembarkation.  Enlisted man operating controls to lower LCVP from the davit; boat is lowered over the side
02:50:26  ECU Plotting in the CIC room writing information on glass board as he receives it through ear phones. Radar men on watch before the scope; room is dimly lit -  light reflects off their faces as they receive information and speak into phone.
CU Man working over a navigation chart in chart room aboard the USS Essex, CVA-9 (SV; different angles). 02:52:35 CU Beneath wing of aircraft on catapult as the cat. crewmember hooks bridle to aircraft.
Officer leaving the shipÍs message centre. Two junior officers in the communications center.  Teletypewriter CU Teletypers in communications aboard ship.
Beneath wing of jet as one of the catapult crew hooks it up to the catapult.
CU Radarmen on watch before the scope - Teletypers in the communication centre - two junior officers, enlÍd man walk into the room, look at the message received (deeply concerned) and tear the message from the machine; they leave quickly
02:54:51 AtoG  Destroyer  underway with other units of the fleet. AtoG  MS USS Muliphen, AKA-61 underway LSD in the fbg.
ECU Navy captain speaking with someone in a room aboard the aircraft carrier.
AtoG CU USS 1uliphen underway
CU Commander, leaning over desk, in serious study, listening to someone; he nods his head in affirmation.

220787          03:24:26 - 03:25:02            1962   B/W    SIL      

Armed Arabs pose for cameras.  Large group point guns and pose.

221245 01:56:19 - 01:57:13 1962 Lebanon SD B/W Lebanon Revolt - Fighting Carried To Streets of Capital
Men behind rifles & sand bags in streets; man w/ small binoculars looking shot behind rebel lines; prisoners taken by rebels & questioned. Pieces of torn picture fitted together. Man slapped twice in questioning.
01:56:59 Government check points w/ barbed wire & soldiers as traffic threads thru. View from car thru streets of tanks, jeeps etc.

220787          03:26:02 - 03:27:12           1962   B/W    SIL      

Middle East - Lebanon
Lebanon - tanks and troops take up positions in streets.  Soldier drinking Coca-cola. Shots through windscreen of local man searched by soldiers.  Reporter with Camille Chamoun in hotel room. 


220787          03:28:00 - 03:28:33            1962   B/W    SIL      

Lebanon - Departure of US Troops from Beirut
Troops on parade ground. US officers arrive and greeted.  Troops march away from camera.  US troops boarding UN transport plane.

220787          03:28:33 - 03:29:52            1962   B/W    SIL      

Middle East
Pan from armed trooper standing near jeep looking skyward to sign on theatre marquee reading "Crime in the Streets."  Travel shot, jeep patrolling streets.  Seq: Civilians are rounded up by guards, led into room and interrogated.  One of the men is slapped in the face several times during questioning.

221120          12:37:41 - 12:39:15            1967   B/W    SIL      

[Lebanon - Marines Landing]
Short stubby plane in flight and POV from plane over coastline and harbour.  Military commandment briefing with map of Lebanon and Israel. Marines landing.


220598          06:09:40 - 06:22:16            1968   col       Si        

Young boy with donkey in open countryside. Man talking to armed police and pointing.
06:11:00 Tent encampment - Arab men with children.
06:12:15 Two Arab men standing on street talking - street scene. Two men walking along hand in hand (gay.)
Back streets of city .
06:13:16 Archaeological remains. Pillars - carving - ruins
06:15:34 Sign on building Plan Vert - locals in street.
06:16:56 Unidentified man to camera  [mos]  

The following items are available on viewing tape – please allow 4-5 weeks for masters.

Group A


04.53.10        16Jun58         Sd.  Fighting in Lebanon, man slapped on camera, interrogation; London truckers strike; Queen's birthday and Trooping the Colors; Platypuses arrive at Bronx zoo; Portland Rose Festival parade; Fashion show in Italy; NCAA track meet at Berkeley, California.|


06.23.40        31Jul58 Sd.  Lebanon crisis, Israel gets French jets; Japanese freighter arrives with radioactive tea; Chennault burial at Arlington cemetery; JehovahÍs Witnesses in mass baptism; Fashion show in Mexico; Monkeys perform 'see no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil' at Frankfurt zoo.|


08.10.48        ??Aug58         Sd.  Ike addresses UN; US Marines leave Lebanon; US wheat arrives in Jordan; Nautilus arrives in Portland, England; Domenico Modugno arrives in US, singer of world's number one song 'Nel Blu Dipinto del Blu' (Volare).|


09.27.30        25Sep58         Sd.  De Gaulle Rallies France for new Constitution; General Shehab sworn in as President of Lebanon;  Alpine Lake blasted by Geophysical scientists; World's largest earthmover; 25 Years Ago:  Prohibition repealed; Corn surplus & alcohol for fuel; 1933 World Series & New York Giants over Senators|


01.43.50        05Jan59         Sd.  News Events of the year; Satellite Explorer into Orbit; Nautilus under the North Pole; Alaska becomes 49th state; Nixon tours South America; Charles De Gaulle; Nasser and Khrushchev; United Arab Republic; King Faisal killed; Lebanon; Communist China and Nationalist Formosa; Berlin situation; Pope Pius XII dies, Pope John XXIII crowned.



Group B


Si.        Knudson inspects aircraft plant, in office, shipyard.  Aluminum scrap metal drive. 3) ca 15Jun41  British Advance in Sidon, Lebanon & cross river, thru town, firing artillery day & night.  African troops.  POWs into holding pen.  Indian troops.  Burning equipment in city. At Mediteranean shore.  Building SIGN:  PALESTINE CUSTOMS.   Australians thru town in trucks.  4) Adm. King (?) visits shipyard (GOOD)#128  00:16:24|


Group C


Si.        Feb41  Aviation Minister Gen Bergeret in plane on inspection trip over Syria & Lebanon (or Libya?).  Various landings and greeted by colonial troops w/ camels. #113 00:00:00|


Si.        Jan-May45  Beirut, Syria & British Gen. Bernard Paget Commander-in-Chief in Middle East  leaving HQ.   HMS Aurora in Beirut harbor.  Children's party on British Cruiser Arethusa in Beirut harbor.  MMM) Jan-May45  Damascus press officer Dudley Marsack out of British Press Office, Beirut,  after being charged by French Gen. Roget as provoking agent.  Press Conference at Public Relations Office w/ Brig. Gen. Rennie telling press that French will have nothing to do with feeding Lebanon & Syria.  Time magazine correspondent Clara Hellingworth & others.  Jan-May45  Damascus, Syria & Barada River in front of Little Serail palace.  Shoemaker working.  Sir Edward Grigg & Gen Paget inspect damage caused by French.   Wrecked train.  British armored cars & tanks.  #150 00:00:00|


Si.        Jan-May45  Monument near Hotel Normandie, Beirut, Lebanon.  Senegalese guard at Grand Serail.  Lebanon plain of Bekaa & native troops.  Lebanese Foreign Affairs Committee & Lebanese Parliament w/ Chairman of Deputies Sabi Bey Hamade. Premier Abdul Hamaid Kerame. #150 00:19:24

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