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220732            10:28:38 - 10:30:37            1914 - 1917            Si            B/W
WWI - British War Reviews
Britain fights for democracy in Palestine.  Arabs and British troops load donkey carts with supplies.  Arabs drive off.  Soldier with camel, puts arm in mouth to show friendliness.  Herd of camels drinking at water trough.  Troops riding camels across desert. 
10:30:24  Long line of cars driving through the desert carrying water for the troops. 

220744            03:39:37 - 03:51:54            1914 – 1917            Si            B/W
WWI - British War Reviews
Remains of sabotaged / bombed railway bridge in desert.  Supply wagons, British troops walking with horses. 
03:41:09 Big guns dragged forward through the sand.  Indian troops from machine gun battery walking with pack horses
03:42:35 General Allenby  returns to Cairo - greeted at railway station.  Troops training in desert.
03:43:30 Bethlehem - British troops march through crowd lines streets. 
03:44:29 Desert of Mesopotamia - a spy of the Sultan’s in British hands.  Man questioned by Arab interpreter. 
03:45:29 Cairo - fresh horses and mules put onto freight trains for the front.  Troops and horses train in desert. 
03:47:27 Title “ The Desert Battleship - From the captured city of Jerusalem, General Allenby’s fighters move forward in camel caravans to repel the Sultan’s forces.” Camels through sand dunes.
03:48:07 Well, destroyed by retreating enemy.  British troops with Turkish prisoners of war.  Confiscated arms and supplies.
03:49:22 Palestine - engineers construct railway track, British and Australian?
03:50:14 Tractor pulling giant Howitzer across desert.  Troops in oasis.  Mosque and minarets in Jerusalem old city.  Good shot Mosque of Omar, troops visible. 
03:51:58 British troops question Turkish prisoner. 

220733            12:18:22 - 12:19:43            1917            Si            B/W
[WWI - Jerusalem Free - Captured by the Allies]
Allies enter Jerusalem.  Silhouette troops with bayonets marching in sand.  Allenby  watches horizon.

220729            07:31:43 - 07:38:31            1917            Si            B/W
WWI - British War Reviews Reel 6 - Allenby in Jerusalem
British convoy at sea  with zeppelin overhead.  Allenby with Commanders of Allied detachments before welcome ceremony.  Allenby enters Jerusalem.  Reading Allenby’s proclamation.  Allenby shakes hands with  religious and other dignitaries incl. Orthodox priest & Muslim.

220569            17:21:04 - 17:28:58            1914 – 1918            Si            B/W
World War One - Palestine
17:23:37 Allenby’s troops move out from Jerusalem.  Camel train through desert.  Title - The retreating foe has committed the greatest crime of the desert, destroyed a well.  British troops standing around destroyed well.
17:24:33 Title - Shining in the sun, mosque and minaret rise in a land freed from the bondage of the Turk.  Shots of buildings - British troops with camels in town.
17:25:30 Title - Overhead monster aircraft help to keep watch.  AV ships at sea.  Dirigibles.
17:26:58   Allenby with French? officer.  Gathering of officers.  Reception of religious and civic dignitaries following  Allenby’s entry into Jerusalem.

220466            02:33:25 - 02:34:15            1914 – 1918            Si            B/W
World War One material (WWI)
Title - In the Far East. The new star in Bethlehem - British forces enter old biblical city in their slow but sure advance into Mesopotamia.  British troops march through Arab lined streets. Building high lookout post with sandbags.

220671            00:31:55 - 00:47:46            1917?            Si            B/W
WWI - British War Reviews - Palestine & Naval
Including: Camel train; Turkish POWs rounded up; Gen. Allenby; British troops march into Jerusalem with Turks.

221497            11:33:35 - 11:36:34 1918c            B/W            Sil
[WWI - Rickenbacker, German Plane Crash; Wilson & Pershing; Middle East, Jerusalem, Allenby, Turkish]
Field Marshal Allenby w/ David Lloyd George & others behind.  Posing w/ Lawrence of Arabia & ??.
11:33:49  British troops marching up street w/ crowds, Bobbys, men alongside.
11:34:05  Men, women civilians & military officer outside entrance way  to stone building (Jerusalem?) w/ banner w/ Hebrew.
11:34:11  British troops marching past large building, saluting.  Well dressed people standing between pillars.
11:34:21  CU Allenby as British two-star general w/ ribbons talking to ??.  Standing w/ group of other Generals.
11:34:34  LS looking down on large crowd of cheering men & women outside of ??  Bald military man on low balcony above crowd turning & stepping back into columns.  Reverse shot w/ Lloyd George (?) on balcony.


221497            11:36:58 - 11:44:04 1918c            B/W            Sil
[WWI - Rickenbacker, German Plane Crash; Wilson & Pershing; Middle East, Jerusalem, Allenby, Turkish]
11:40:07  Flash intertitle:  “the Man who liberated Jerusalem, General Allenby, returns to Cairo where more troops are made ready for a desert campaign.”  Line of military officers w/ Allenby formally shaking hands w/ Egyptian civilians on railroad platform. 
11:40:24  Mounted on horse, others around, riding off w/ British pennant.  Troops mounted sitting on sand waiting.
11:40:45  Intertitle:  “In Bethlehem of Judea the streets ring w/ the tramp of men...”  Arabs & others watching British troops marching out of Old City or along street.  Troops marching in opposite direction.
11:41:22  Intertitle:  “A strange scene...where a spy of the Sultan has fallen into British hands.”  Troops sitting on ground by trench w/ machine guns, slow pan to man sitting on back of armored truck & arab (?) translator.
11:41:57  Intertitle:  “At Cairo, fresh mounts...”  no pix.
11:42:01  Intertitle:  “Over the gleaming sands in the early hours...”  LS riders in lines doing drill (?). 
11:42:30  Troops riding through shallow water & up sandy shore past windmill.
11:42:44  Intertitle:  “The Desert ‘Battleship’ - From captured city of Jerusalem, General Allenby’s fighters...”  Riding thru very dry desert w/ eroded streambeds.
11:43:11  Flash Intertitle:  “The retreating foe...destroyed a well.”  Men inspecting wooden broken parts, pose beside jumbled stones.  View down shaft.
11:43:25  Intertitle:  “As the British press forward here, prisoners & supplies of war are taken...”   Soldiers w/ rifles marching large group of prisoners (Turkish?) past.
11:43:53  British into house w/ rifles & debris stacked & laying outside.  Pan over guns.
Middle East; WWI; Heroes; Celebrities; 1917 - 1918 (?); Palestine;

220658            03:00:45 - 03:10:47            1918            SI            B/W
British troops assembled in street - camels moving out.  Street scenes - Arabs and troops.  Army horses.  Troops with turbans on horseback.  Horse-drawn ambulances up and past.  Street scene, Australian? troops.
03:07:45 Essex Battalion, Royal Horse Artillery and 5th Cav. Div. crossing the River Jordan at Jisr Benat Yabub.
Mayor of El Kuneitra surrenders the town to 5th Australian Light Horse, Maj. General H.W. Hodgeson arrives as CO of the Australian Mounted Division.  Brief shot soldier on field telephone.

220733             12:18:22 - 12:19:43            1917                        Si            B/W
[WWI - Jerusalem Free - Captured by the Allies]
Allies enter Jerusalem.  Silhouette troops with bayonets marching in sand.  Allenby  watches horizon.


220569             17:03:04  - 17:03:38            1920s            Si            B/W
Dr Chaim Weizmann, Leader of the World Zionist Movement greeted by thousands of Jews
Crowds as car arrives.  Weizmann and others walk down steps through crowd. Good CU.



LN 501-718            18:49:00 - 18:56:21            1930s            Sil            B/W
[Israel - Misc. Shots Industrial & Agricultural Workers, 1930s]
Four men driving or pulling drilling point w/ large timber.  CU faces.  Tractor w/ belt drive operator oil or water pump.  Men climbing metal powerline tower & attaching wires.  CU Sign:  High tension, Danger To Life.  Attaching lines from tower. 
18:49:54  Man w/ jack-hammer; rock quarry, men working, moving larges stones on cart.  Camel caravan past electric lines.  Man drinking water from jug.  Men & women w/ pic axes & sledge hammers breaking stones.  Quarry shots.
18:50:45  Man working, irrigation ditch in citrus grove.  Man w/ hand air pump; Men watching, taking notes.  People working in textile factory, spinning thread; women sewing in garment factory.
18:51:26  Packaging soap.
18:51:30  Construction:  excavating, power line tower.  Railroad ore cars; slurry.  Filliing & stitching large bags.
18:52:01  Int. textile mill, looms; CUs women working.  Grinding wheels & slurry.  CUs.  Pipe & liquids.  Man putting blocks of soap (?) into machine.  Bars of soap (?) on conveyer?
18:52:47  Construction;  excavating, power line tower at mine.  Man & woman in library (?) w/ large books taking notes.  Chemical laboratory, pouring chemicals.  Man at microscope.
18:53:22  Large domed building below ridge, people entering. 
18:53:34  Man at large drill in factory; kids w/ chickens.  Women grinding ?? CUs in farmyard.  sheep, equipment.
18:54:04  Street scene, pedestrians w/ men looking in window of Kechizky hat store. 
18:54:07  Women w/ hay feeding cattle.
18:54:10  Window of Pharmacy w/ Hebrew & English, traffic past.
18:54:12  Sheep & barnyard.  Kids & chickens.  Woman grinding ?.
18:54:34  Oranges (?) on conveyor; men sorting, men & women wrapping & boxing into packing crates. Packing prunes (?).
18:55:01  Sheep.  Straw pile, combine.
18:55:20  Women & men working breaking rocks.
18:55:30  Misc. shots of working, library, typing, studying. Jewish men, irrigation pump & ditch, relating to above.

220718             19:42:37 - 19:54:18                        1932            Si            B/W
The City of David
Jerusalem - Damascus Gate - locals walking in street.  Arabs street market and camel train outside Old City walls.  Entrance Jaffa Gate from inside and outside city walls.  Natives in narrow streets.  Two men in uniform.  Top shot David Street / market in Christian Quarter.  Mosque.  Arab selling something in street, good CU faces, including young girl.  Man wearing fez working on leather.  Man softening sheep hide.  Camel through narrow street.  Merchants loading camels - camel feeding - donkey passes.  Street market - natives carrying sacks of oranges.  Silversmith - polishing with feet.  Using bellows on fire.  Al Aqsa mosque.  Jews at Wailing Wall.
Locals out of gate.  Arab on donkey.  Top shot and pan over City.  Jewish suburb in Western Jerusalem - windmill in distance. 
19:54:00  King David Hotel.

LN 501-719            20:27:52 - 20:36:17            1938            B/W            Sil
[Royal West Kent Regiment - Sahnin & Qaqun Villages, Palestine, Mar38]
Two Arab police stop truck to make up convoy for evening traffic.  Army truck past w/ mounted gun in back; car parked waiting.  British (?) soldiers out of base in camouflaged vehicle, trucks past.  POV from truck n convoy along road from Haifa to Tel Aviv.  View of military driver. 
20:28:43  Camels & woman or boy on burro along road.
20:28:50  POV w/ military officer driving, turning off road.  View of military vehicles on eroded road, in village, driving across field.  Arab giving directions in field; British officer & men by vehicle w/ Sahnin village on hill.
20:29:53  Villagers w/ loaded donkeys walk in field past parked army trucks; back onto dirt road.  Soldiers unload donkeys from truck.  Soldiers standing by trucks, eating & drinking.  Load bombs on donkey.  Officer looking at map & pointing route.  Soldiers back in truck.
20:31:35  Men digging entrance ramp & trucks up.  Arab plowing w/ two oxen & wooden plough.  Soldiers watch from vehicles in field.
20:32:33  LS of Qaqun Village (?) on rocky hill. 
20:32:54  Soldiers w/ rifles march along dirt road toward village.  Group of soldiers looking. 
20:33:27  Greek priest, Arab VIPs & Major Travers talking on hillside w/ soldiers.  MCUs.
20:33:58  Soldiers into Arab village.  Soldier searches Arab on hllside.
20:34:24  Soldiers in vehicles past village on hill.
20:34:38  Soldiers run & set up mortar in front of village house.
20:34:55  Arab men sitting outside house making tea (Tulkarm ?).  Soldiers sitting in ruins of adjacent house.  Arab serving young soldiers tea.
20:34:26  Soldiers signalling standing in front of trucks.
20:35:31  LS village women walking w/ jugs on heads toward village.
20:35:44  Soldiers filling water cups from bucket; standing drinking.
20:36:02  Soldier signalling w/ mirror / heliograph
20:36:08  Troops returning across valley floor; trucks down rutted road (brief).

LN 501-719            20:18:42 - 20:27:42            1938            B/W            Sil
[Palestine Arab & Jewish Daily Life, 1938]
Dirt street of Ness Ziona & Ben Shemen w/ people walking, standing.  Arabs on left of road, Jews on right side.
20:19:04  Two Jewish women & Arabs walking.  Women w/ jugs on heads; men on bicycles & walking past.
20:19:28  Ben Shemen, Junior agriculture village, w/ Jewish young people folk dancing in two lines as others watch.  MS facing line.
20:20:17  Young boys & girls at side of clearing playing flutes, drums & orchestra instruments for dancers. CUs.
20:20:32  Boys running & jumpng in swimming pool, various angles.
20:21:00  Girls & boys editing newspaper & printing on mimeograph machine.
20:21:21  Palestine Orchestra in concert lead by Dobrowen conducting last movement of Tchaikowsky Fourth Symphony.  MCU violins.  Bows, musicians stand.
20:22:58  Pipes at docks of Iraq Petroleum Company, workers eating. 
20:23:20  Storage tanks in tank farm.
20:23;37  Workman taking oil sample, measuring oil.  Men working on top of tank polishing (?).  Man opening  large valve.  Man filling bottle w/ sample.
20:24:30  Two men walking toward camera, tank form behind.  Terminal Superintendent’s chart or board.
20:24:52  Cranes on dock; oil pipes on dock w/ men working.
20:25:12  Int. Tel Aviv City Hall City Council meeting w/ Mayor Rokach.  Members listen to speeches.
20:25:59  MS  George Wadsworth, American Consul-General, in Jerusalem office talking on telephone, writing. talking on phone.
20:26:24  Exterior, leaving office & into large chauffered car.
20:26:37  MS  Gen. Wavell greeting Sir Charles Tegatr.  Others standing talking.
20:26:58  Soldiers drill in kilts (brief).
20:27:02  MCU Sir Charles Tegart, terrorism expert w/ soft hat, talkign w/ Intelligence Officr.
20:27:08  MCU  Mrs. Rose Halpern, ex-president of Hadassah & Dr. H. Yasaky, director of Hadassah in Palestine.
20:27:15  POV from car thru Tulkarm street.
20:27:25  Sheep grazing w/ Arab shepherd; camels & burros along road.
1938 Daily Life; Zionism; Settlers; Near East;

[Palestine - Tel Aviv & Jaffa Dock Scenes, 1938]
View of dock, cranes & warehouse buildings from sea.
20:14:14  View from dock across water to small barges & ships.
20:14:26  Men working on small fishing boats under shed roof; workmen walking about.  Man running crane.  Customs officers beside stacks of flour bags; men sliding crates of fruit down ramp onto lighters or barge at dock.  Packtrain of burros across dock.
20:15:27  View of small boats along dock being loaded.  Lumber being unloaded.  Men carrying burlap bags on backs up steps of docks.  Arab men stacking crates onto boat, police watching.
20:16:39  Arab squeeezing juice at stand on dock. 
20:16:47  Small boats at dock.  View from crane on dock moving or repositioning.  Man at controls.  View of Jaffa on hillside from crane.  LS of crane, men below loading crates onto wagons.  MCU of small boats w/ men on board working. 
20:18:09  CU Arab..  MCU of man on boat wearing Corthon Lines Jaffa sweater.


221543            06:39:53 - 06:48:00            1938            B/W            Sil
[Labor Federation, Tel Aviv; Pioneer Movement, construction of Hanita Settlement, ca March, 1938]
Ext. Labor Headquarters in Tel Aviv, Palestine w/ large group entering.
06:40:10  Int. men & woman working w/ cabinet of card drawers, making notes, checking records.
06:40:35  Over shoulders of man at desk checking workers passbooks.  CUs. men, passbooks w/ photographs.
06:41:12  Men & woman reading notices in hallway.
06:41:32  Men entering Labor HQ building seen from inside.
06:41:49  Labor hall restaurant, people seated at tables, waitresses.  man eating from plate of sausages.
06:42:06  Large Executive Committee of Labor Federation meeting.  David Remez (born David Drabkin, 1886-19May51) presiding w/ Eliyahu, Golomb standing & gesturing as he reports on attack on Hanuta. 
06:42:44  MCU Israel Mereminsky, in charge of labor disputes, nodding.
06:42:50  LS of table w/ woman member on left.
06:43:18  Ext. LS Hanuta Settlement men outside of buildings.
06:43:27  View from top of hill, people & cars on road; men lined up, milling about.  Loading donkeys; men & women carrying surveying tripod, picks, barrels & fencing materials up hill; pounding fence posts.
06:44:59  Policeman talking to l. to r. David Stern, head of pioneer movement; Julius Simon, President of Palestine Economic Corp, an American company; Moshe Shertok, head of political department of Jewish Agency; Leo Hermann, Dir. Palestine Foundation Fund.
06:45:18  MCU Stern & Simon talking.
06:45:30  Asst. Supt. of Police James Ring w/ British & Jewish policemen.  Men carry fencing.
06:45:41  Man signalling w/ flags.  Settlers preparing ground for tents & stockade.
06:45:52  MS Abraham Hartsfeld, Director of Labor Federation Settlement Department,  digging.  Men & women clearing brush.
06:46:07  LS Many small open boats in Jaffa harbor, one unloading.
06:46:13  Rabbi carrying Torah w/ others.
06:46;15  Men building first house in Hanita settlement.  Men & women working on barbed wire fence; tents behind.
06:46:58  Previous night before leaving to build Hanuta.  Int. of dining hall; people at long tables.  People clapping, singing, folk dancing in circles.
06:47:44  Loading small delivery van of Arab Dairy Farm, Jaffa.  Close rear doors.
Zionism; Settlements; Expansionism; Near East; Arab Lands; Conflicts; Politics; Jewish Political Leaders;
NOTE:  Filmed March 1938.  Hanuta was attacked 12 hours after initial building, resulting in one death & one wounded.

camera 220437-01            03:00:00 - 03:11:51            1945            Si            B/W
Palestine - Arrival of Jewish Refugees - January 1945
Ship docking, people wave from deck; ambulance arrives. Military supervising people off gangway. View from within, people past & loading of baggage wagon. Young people on deck passing camera & down gangway. 03:03:51 Truck past; people dancing Hora on deck. People leave dock area. 03:04:38 Train backing up past people along tracks, many wave from filled freight cars. Sign on freight car with Baghdad + Star and Crescent on car as it stops in Athlit. People hugging & greeting. Nurses helping some. Men carry stretcher to ambulance w/ Star of David. LS of people walking up road from train. Soldiers checking woman & men past and through gate. LS of refugee camp with barbed wire. 03:08:36 Interior: doctor & nurse getting children to strip for disinfection. Washing kids & scrubbing hair. Showering. Examination. Feeding at washtubs outdoors, soup kitchen.

220437            03:21:58 - 03:32:58            1938            Si            B/W
Jewish Colonization - Esdraolon or Jezreel Plain
Trucks & cars past camera.  LS of arid land with horse team, fences, weeds & settlement along stream or gully.  High shot of farm buildings.  03:23:17  People working in garden setting bananas & digging for orange trees.  Hay baler (Mftr CASE) & pitching brush into it.  Young riding on it & tying bales.  Watchtower in Ginegar settlement. Chicken coops.  District govt. offices at Affule.  Ein Harod (kibbutz) & kids / children out of school--lecture about irises in school garden.  Living houses in Ein Harod.  Laundry; children's house; CU 2 girls.  Woman milking in Beth Alpha.  CU of various kibbutz members.  Constables (ghaffirs) line up for inspection, with rifles, ride around settlement.  Goats. SIGN Ein Harod-Telyosef (crossroad).  Settlement in ls.  Ploughing with horse & mule teams in Balfouria settlement.  LS Emek (Jezreel plain)  from Galilee mts.  Nazareth.

220437            03:33:06 - 03:39:08            1938            Si            B/W
Palestine - Agriculture
Ploughing with horses developing wasteland in plain.  Hedera, largest settlement in Samaria showing homes, gardens, fields etc with sand dunes. Tractor ploughing field. Top shot orange plantations in Samaria.
03:35:07  Farming scene at Arab farm - ploughing among orange trees, weeding in orange grove, digging irrigation channel.  Cows feeding from byre.  Cows trot out of shed.
03:36:25 Women picking oranges in one of the largest plantations in Rehoboth (Rehovot).  Oranges packed into crates. Yemenite boy packing oranges.
03:37:28 Children saluting flag in Ramat Rahel (kibbutz).
03:37:50 Young people clearing ground for planting of trees.  Arab shepherd with flock of sheep.



220656            22:59:32 - 23:10:32            1941            Sd            B/W
The Holy Land - From Abraham to Allenby Reel 3
R.3: Animated Map shows Israelites' travel from Kadesh to the Promised Land
Aerial views Akabah ? village of mud huts - railway track through desert (commentary says it is this railway that was blown up by Lawrence of Arabia) Petra.  Shot of hills of Judea across the Dead Sea.  Avs Valley of Shittim - volcanic plain.
23:01:19 Nomads on horseback - camp beside River Jordan.  Bedouin cross river  - horses, camels and sheep.  Herd of camel crossing river and drinking at rivers edge.  Bedou transfer sheep across river by holding onto their ears and swimming with them.  AV Oasis of Jericho.  Camels at fairly fast speed across desert.  AVs Remains of the walls of Jericho.
23:04:24 Waterfall - Arabs ploughing with camel and oxen.  Tribal settlement at Mt. Tabor.   Camels and sheep.  Women gleaning wheat.  CU woman laughing.  Camels laden with hay.
23:06:39  Village built of mud huts - horse and cart.  Agriculture - plowing.  Almond blossom.  Vines.  Man using pickaxe on ground.  Street scenes , market - Arab buying wool.
23:07:46 AVs. Plain of Jezreel , Mountain Gilboa,  Mount ? and Mount Tabor.  Camels sitting.  Bedouin preparing camels. AV Fortress of Megiddo.
23:08:57 Bedou and camels.
23:08:54 Closer shot Mt. Tabor.
23:09:14  Many Arabs riding camels.  Cloud formation.  Many Arabs on horses riding at speed.  Rivulets of water following storm.  Desert turned to mud.
23:10:11 Mt Gilboa AVs.

220881              17:11:41 - 17:18:44            Jan45            Si            B/W
The Grand Council of the Rabbinate of Tel Aviv
Two Grand Rabbis are preceeded according to custom by a Kowas who opens the door and leads them to their seats.  Other rabbis stand as Grand Rabbis enter room.  Grand Rabbi Amiel speaks (mos) . Rabbis listening and taking notes.  Two grand Rabbis Amiel and Toledano talking to each other during discussion. 
17:14:05 CU Grand Rabbi Toledano speaking, Rabbis listening
17:14:54 Talmud School of the Grand Synagogue of Tel Aviv under the direction of the Grand Rabbi David Prato.  Grand Rabbi David Prato and Rabbi Trop (black beard) enter, pupils rise.  Pupils opening Talmud on desks.  Pupils listen to Rabbi Trop. Young Yemenite pupil asks question.  Lesson finishes, children closing Talmuds and praying.
17:17:46 Court of Appeals.  The President, the Grand Rabbi Amiel, gives permission to speak to heavily bearded lawyer.  Modern, clean shaven lawyer speaking.  President taps on table.  Lawyers and accused men leave.  Grand Rabbi and other leave.

LN 501-719              20:46:32 - 20:55:23            1945            B/W            Sil
[Arab Legion Training Camp & British Officer, Head of Training, ca 1945]
Men on firing range lying down, practicing shooting rifles.  Others standing behind; military vehicles in background.  MCU firing, reloading rifle.
20:47:41  British officer in Arab headgear talking to Bedouin soldiers.  CUs.
20:47:50  Bedouin soldier radioing message from truck transmitter.  
20:48:00  Light tank maneuvering; other tanks.  Two long rows; men run & climb aboard, drive out.
20:49:34 MCU  Colonel Fallon, camp commander, giving orders to Bedouin.  Bedouins in front of tanks; turn & climb aboard.
20:50:13  Road & tanks passed.  Arab family w/ camel walking along road.  Tanks & trucks past.
20:51:15  Arab Legion’s Infantry in full uniform w/ rifles w/ marching band leading along road.  LS on road.
20:53:22  Arab sign.  Troops marching thru entrance gates into headquarters.
20:53:42  Int. Army Legion HQ.  Commanding officer’s office w/ name above door.  CU sign.  Sheik Dahir Diab Alfaiz, Chieftain of Beni Sakhar enters office; MS of Alfaiz & unid. British officer.  CU Sheik.
20:54:16  MS  J.B. Glubb Pasha at desk; his assistant Colonel R. Broadhurst comes in & they talk. MCU.
20:54:57  Glubb Pasha & Broadhurst down building steps & Glubb Pasha into car.
British Mandate; Arabs; Palestine; Military; 1945ca; Near East;
NOTE:  Glubb Pasha formed the Desert Patrol in ca 1931.


220881                17:18:56  - 17:28:04            Jan45            Si            B/W           
Palestine Problem - Announcement of the Sabbath in Tel Aviv
Friday night at dusk in Tel Aviv - Bearded Orthodox Jew playing trumpet to announce beginning of Sabbath.  People at sidewalk cafe dispersing.  People leaving shops and shop keeper putting up shutters. Wedding party coming down steps.
17:20:31 Morning prayer.  Jewish man prepares himself for prayer - puts on shawl - Tefilin.  Interior synagogue.  Religious men at prayer  - rites and ceremonies.
17:22:05  Jewish Passover week in Jerusalem.
Crowds at meeting in front of Hurva Synagogue.  Various shots  different orthodox Jews and Yemenites. CU speaker at microphone.  Three rabbis singing / chanting and praying for their murdered brothers. Pilgrims walk towards the Wall of Lamentations / Wailing Wall.  Omar Mosque and minarets are visible.  Top shot Jews at Wailing Wall.  Various shots men and women at wall.
17:27:31  Morning Prayer - Tel Aviv. - Torah displayed to congregation. Religious ceremony.

220881            17:28:13 - 17:31:45            1945            Si            B/W
Palestine - Collective Settlements. Banana  Agriculture - Kibbutz
Desert landscape, foreground young man working on irrigation ditch. Two young women watering young trees for settlement.  Men adjusting sprinklers for field of carrots.  Sprinklers in action irrigating farmland. 
17:29:44 Irrigation of Banana Groves in Jordan Plain.  Girl in rubber boots and man irrigate banana grove. In Foreground, workers finishing the building of cement canal for irrigation. In background, Ashdot Jacob settlement (kibbutz).
17:30:20 Cooperative settlement of Shiravim. - men planting banana trees.  Erecting sprinklers.
17:30:58 Banana Groves in Jordan Valley - Bananas being loaded onto cart.

220881            17:31:47 - 17:36:56            1945            Si            B/W
Palestine - Water Company Office
Exterior office building.  Men entering.  Sign re Palestine Mortgage and Credit Bank - second sign Palestine Water Company.  Interior offices - men at drawing boards, woman looking at plans.  Men round desk discuss plans.
17:33:27 Ruthenberg Electric Plant at junction of Yarmuk and Jordan rivers.
LS plant. River.  Sluice gates.  Engineer opens gates and enters, danger sign.  Head race canal sluice gate opening.  Yarmuk dam, gates opening and water flowing into river Jordan.  Canal.

220881             17:37:08 - 17:45:39            Jan-May45              Si            B/W
Palestine - Draining Flooded Areas
Cars along flooded road between Haifa and Tel Aviv.  Trucks down flooded road.  Bulldozer and scraper operated by British soldiers deepening drainage canal.  Engineers rowing boat at mouth of River Jordan and traveling up river.  05:39:56 Engineers surveying ground, using theodolite.  Men digging channel with spades.
17:41:02 Draining operations in Hula Plain (swamp). Men laying pipe in drainage canal.
17:42:11 Machinery used to clear undergrowth.  Ploughing land. 
17:44:06 Jordan River source.  Two engineers measure flow.  Labourers remove rocks from source. Settlers washing and swimming in river (Arab / Palestinian man watching).

220881              17:45:56 - 17:54:47            Nov44             Sd.             B/W
War Emergency Conference of World Jewish Congress - Cuts
Man opening meeting. Dr. Stephen S. Wise speaking re reparations - says Jewish people must inherit Israel.  Says Jewish terrorism must be uprooted.  People listening.
17:50:30 Dr. Nahum Goldmann making animated speech re WWII being avoidable.  Talks of the rights of European Jews to be allowed to settle in Palestine and start a new life.  Speaks of Jews who will choose to go back to European homes after the war and restitutions. 

220881              17:55:07 - 18:06:39            Nov44            Sd.             B/W
War Emergency Conference of World Jewish Congress - Cuts
Dr. Nahum Goldmann making animated speech re 5 million Jews massacred in Europe because they had no homeland.  Calls for Palestine to be given to the Jews and helped by the United Nations to establish a Jewish state.  Calls for Jewish representation in governments. Wide shot conference.  Various shots delegates.  18:01:15 Dr. Bernard Joseph speaks - presents resolution on Palestine.  Calls for the establishment of Palestine as a free and democratic Jewish Commonwealth.  Appeals to the UN to aid in the transfer of Jewish survivors of the holocaust to  Palestine. 
18:02:55 Second take re resolution.  Calls on the British government to open Palestine to unrestricted Jewish resettlement.  Shots of delegates applauding and listening as told by director. Women delegates.  Delegates from Chile. 

220436            02:15:03 - 02:18:52            25Jan45            Si            B/W                       
Palestine Problem - Art and Music
25Jan45  People entering concert hall. Poster - The Palestine Orchestra with Michael Taube and Pnina Salzman.
Shots of Pnina Salzman at piano and Michael Taube.  Good shots hands playing on piano keys (Bechstein Grand) .
Several shots people entering Katz art gallery - Poster re inauguration in Tel Aviv by Herbert Howarth of exhibition of sculptures by S.C. Stutzer.   In foreground bust of Lord Gort.  Howarth and Stutzer stand by sculptures of Hort and Marshall Montgomery.

camera 220436-09            02:18:53 - 02:25:50            25Jan45            Si            B/W
Palestine Problem - Newspapers
Type setting room of Jewish paper Haaretz.  Workers composing type using Hebrew lettering overseen by foreman. Proof of first page.  Newspapers coming off presses.  Editor in Chief and two assistants in office is brought news flash re the death sentence passed on the assassins of Moyne.  Passes news flash to secretary who translates on typewriter into Hebrew.  Exterior building - newspapers given to street distributors who ride off on bicycles.
Interior of offices of Press Club of Tel Aviv,  journalists being briefed by Moshe Shertock (Sharet), Head of Political Department of Jewish Agency.  Press leaving building, CU sign Press club.
02:23:22 Conference of Arab - Jewish Press.  Messrs. Scott, Clyde and Lodge enter room. Journalists take their seats. Scott starts meeting. Shots of journalists taking notes, in front row are seated an orthodox Jew and an Arab. Journalists asking questions - W.M. Clyde answering.  CU sign Public Information Office.

220436            02:25:54 - 02:32:32            25Jan45            Si            B/W
Palestine Problem - Art and Music
25Jan45  People entering concert hall. Poster - The Palestine Orchestra with Michael Taube and Pnina Salzman.
Shots of Pnina Salzman at piano and Michael Taube.  Good shots hands playing on piano keys (Bechstein Grand) .
Several shots people entering Katz art gallery - Poster re inauguration in Tel Aviv by Herbert Howarth of exhibition of sculptures by S.C. Stutzer.   In foreground bust of Lord Gort.  Howarth and Stutzer stand by sculptures of Hort and Marshall Montgomery.

220512            03:00:00 - 03:11:22            Jan-May45            Si            B/W
Palestine Problem
LS Tel Aviv taken from Jaffa. Top shots Tel Aviv showing residential houses. Young men wearing armbands stop car, driver gets out and shows his papers, scenes repeated, closer.  Clock showing 11 am.  Street scenes including Allenby Avenue, soldier directing traffic.  Pedestrians crossing Rothschild Boulevard.  Bus terminal, people waiting, people boarding bus.  Men chatting on streets.  Bus for Haifa, Hedera, crowd waiting for Haifa bus, including British soldiers.  People waiting for Jerusalem bus. Buses pull out of terminal.  Synagogue in Tel Aviv .
03:06:50 The Cornice (promenade) of Tel Aviv on Sabbath Day.  Motor traffic is forbidden here for 2-3 hours on Sabbath and is traditional place for walking. Crowds walking along, sea in background.  Street cafe.  Large building.  Dizengoff Square, families sitting on benches, fountain.  Arab Jewish street  market in Jaffa street at the junction point of Jaffa and Tel Aviv.  People buying eggs / flowers / vegetables.
Arabs and Jews mixing freely on streets.
03:09:11 Construction of Cinema / Movie theatre. Group of actors from Habima Theatre coming down staircase.
03:10:18 Pales bookshop on Allenby Road which specialises in Hebrew translations of classical books.
people looking at books on tables in garden of bookshop.
03:10:47 Top shot poor area of Tel Aviv, Neve Shanan district where Jews live in wooden huts. Modern school.

220512            03:11:30 - 03:19:40            Jan45             Si            B/W
Palestine Problem - Jewish Brigade
Young men and women, some still wearing Yellow Stars, sign up for Jewish Brigade - old man at table going through card file.  After registering at outdoor table they enter building, sign Recruiting Department, The Jewish Agency Palestine.
03:13:40 Mobile Jewish Brigade of Tel Monte.  Little Police force drilling with arms.  Members of this police force wear soldiers uniforms with Australian type hats. Police force and six mounted police march out across fields, in the background is the village of Tel Monte and an Arab working / ploughing with his camel.  Police force training / manoeuvres as they run from woods and take up firing positions.
03:15:50 Jewish Brigade inspected by British army sergeant.  Cadets on parade ground, CU inspection by British Sergeant. Cadets on firing range, fall onto mats and take up firing position.  In the background in Rishon Le Zion.
03:17:19 Parade in Sarafand of new Jewish recruits.  CU Major W.R. Thomas saluting parade.
03:18:18 Synagogue used as watch tower.  Magdiel on edge of Sharon Plain.  Jewish policeman patrols on roof of synagogue, looks through telescope.  Ground shot of synagogue with policeman visible on flat roof.

220512               03:19:47 - 03:28:05            Jan45            Si            B/W           
Palestine Problem - Schools
Exterior shots of Herzlia Secondary School in Tel Aviv, pupils leaving school. Ceremony in memory of Nazi holocaust. Top shot playground as pupils formed in ranks - ranks move sideways to form corridor for choir Children  salute the flag, Choir singing Hymn of Faith (MOS). Young male pupil walks into centre of square and reads the message of Faith and Revenge. CU of oath in Hebrew “ Palestine Will be Reborn “. Top shot pupils perform Callisthenics / exercises and formation marching in courtyard.
03:23:30 Bialik School in Neve Shanan - exterior school with children coming out.  Girls doing Callisthenics / exercises in playground.  Interior classroom, children about 7 years old, female teacher writing on blackboard, children listening and putting hands up.  Kids writing in exercise books.
03:25:46 Hebrew class for new arrivals. Shots from back of class as male teacher writes a phrase from the Bible on blackboard.  Pupils, older - more like teenagers, repeat phrase in Hebrew ( MOS ).  Shot of teacher in front of blackboard with portrait of Henrietta Szold framed in crepe and decorated with flowers on wall.
03:26:57 Tel Aviv Teachers school for Girls. Girls walking and talking in school yard.

camera 220512-04            03:28:11  -03:36:37            Jan45              Si            B/W
Palestine Problem - Future Development of Tel Aviv
Municipal Council meeting to discuss the future development of Tel Aviv. The Mayor, followed by the secretary of the Mayor’s office enter room where councilors are seated. Mayor opens meeting and turns toward plan showing development areas.  Madam Doctor Goberskowsky speaking. CU three councilors, Mr. Pinkas is in centre wearing skull cap.
03:30:00 Commission of Engineers study plans for new beach, standing on beach  - camels walk behind carrying sand for redevelopment projects. Commission and surveyors walk along sand. Trucks arrive carrying workmen and surveyors. They meets up with planning engineers by sand dunes. Commissioners cross temporary bridge over River Yarkon where it meets the sea.  Measuring depth of River Yarkon at the point where the Sir Arthur Waucope Bridge will be built - engineers study plans. Bulldozers / diggers leveling sand dunes.
03:33:52 Construction of new homes. Various shots pleasure villas being built in orange grove. Builders working. Finished house, women hang out washing. Making breeze blocks / Sipona Raffinb Blocks used in construction of houses. Laying water pipe. Bulldozers preparing road.

220512             03:36:42-03:47:08            Jan-May45             Si            B/W
Palestine Problem - Revivim Settlement (kibbutz)
General view of settlement which consists of bell tents.  Mail van arrives and young men and women pioneers run to meet it - post distributed.
03:37:28 Drilling for Water.
Shots of drill, Jewish workers overseen by wealthy Arab employer.  Closer shots drilling operations.  Pump house and well - water gushing out which is saline.  Well is surrounded by barbed wire.  Working on reservoir and dam.
Aqueduct in Ashdot Jacob Settlement which brings water from the river Jordan to the settlement.  Man in aqueduct cleaning it, shots of Jordan valley behind. Arab with flock of sheep near Roman Aqueduct. Water tower - camel train passes.
Pumping Station - interior pump house - workers open sluices. Pipes which take waters to a canal going to evaporation basins. Water flowing into canal. Opening canal - men swimming in reservoir. Irrigation of fields.

LN 501-718            19:06:41 - 19:16:45            1945            Sil B/W
[Palestine town life & Arab market, 1945]
Road junction toward Syrian & Transjordanian borders, sign.  Buses past, arabs walking.
19:06:55  LS Cattle across desert.  City, St. John of Acre, across water (?).  People on beach in swimming suits.  Street, women walking toward Abdullah Pasha Jazzar Mosque, men w/ carts.
19:07:49  Jazzar mosque w/ old market square in foreground.  MCU Teachers walking & talking in yard of mosque (educational center); students past.  Closer shots of same repeated.
19:09:01  High angle of street w/ people walking about.  Arab cafe, men seated in shade; CU laying backgammon, aka trictrac.  Young Arab reading mail as others watch.
19:09:51  Camel caravan thru street, boys, men.  Narrow street of stalls & activity buying & selling.
19:10:16  Arabs listening to large consol radio in coffee shop.  CUs.
19:10:54  LS crowd watching sports by wall of city, people sitting & standing on ramparts.  Closer shots of people moving about.
19:11:29  Sports groups parade, marching in uniforms behind band in street.
19:11:55  Woman in heavy black veils w/ childen walking past, some w/o. 
19:12:05  Sports groups parade by partially collapsed ramparts.  Heavily veiled women & girls.  CU groups of women & men standing, talking; some beside bus.
19:12:57  LS Small town of Djenin w/ valley beyond & hills in background.
19:13:19  Pedestrians in entrance to town, car past.
19:13:35  LS cattle grazing in distance; town of Nablus on hillside.  Scenics from hilltop.  Several shots  of men walking on hillside, Nablus beyond.
19:15:09  :S Khalissa Arab cattle market.  MS earthenware pottery sellers on ground.  CU woman & children w/ jug, talking.  Sheep & goats, men talking.  Meat hanging outside butchers stall.  Cooking.  People eating from skewers.  CUs.
Near East Daily Life; 1940s; 1945; Food; Islamic Religion; Moslem;


220593             02:44:00 - 02:51:08            Jan45             Si            B/W
Palestine - Arrival of Jewish Refugees
Ship docking, people wave from deck; ambulance arrives.  Military supervising people off gangway.  View from within, people past & loading of baggage wagon.  Young people on deck passing camera & down gangway. Truck past; people dancing Hora on deck.   People leave dock area.  Train backing up past people along tracks, many wave from filled freight cars.  Sign on freight car with Baghdad + Star and Crescent on car as it stops in Athlit (Atlit).  People hugging & greeting.  Nurses helping some.  Men carry stretcher to ambulance w/ Star of David.  LS of people walking up road from train.  Soldiers checking woman & men past and through gate.  LS of refugee camp with barbed wire.  Interior: doctor & nurse getting children to strip for disinfection.  Washing kids & scrubbing hair.  Showering.  Examination.  Feeding at washtubs outdoors, soup kitchen.

220438               05:02:10 - 05:09:10                         Jan45              Si            B/W
Palestine Problem - Jewish University in Jerusalem
Ludwig A. Mayer, Jewish University Rector and Prof of art & archaeology in office.  Dr. D.W. Senator, administrator, and Ibn Sahaw, registrar, confer.  Physics class, students listening, taking notes - teacher writing on blackboard.   English literature class.  Students touring exhibit.  Prof. G. Weil director of Hebrew Univ. Library and others.  Math class & manuscript with Einstein's signature.  Cancer Research laboratory.  Lab technicians working with slides and microscopes (one of the girls has been in concentration camp).  Students entering the lab buildings which are dedicated to Dr. Chaim Weizman as per inscription.

220438            05:09:15 - 09:20:49                        Jan45  Si            B/W
Palestine Problem - Mikveh Israel Agricultural School
Cows in cowsheds - crossbreeds of Dutch cows and Arab bulls. Cart arriving with fodder.  Students going to work in the fields after morning courses - traveling in open cart.  Students in botanical gardens - gardening flower beds - sprinkler for irrigation.  Teacher lecturing students re tropical plant.  Teacher and students at monument to Charles Netter, founder of the school.
05:14:55 Newly arrived refugees at the agricultural school at Magdiel.  Students walking down road after leaving Athlit where they had a brief stay.  Students walking through orange grove carrying suitcases and belongings. Other students rush out to greet them.  Sign in English and Hebrew Educational and Agricultural Institute.
05:15:50 Avanoth School - agricultural school where girls are taught household management. Top shot gardens - students working gardens - tending flowers.  Field - student with horse drawn plough.  Girls tossing hay which will be used for fodder.  Refugees taught how to milk cows.  Three older students take new on tour of school - stop at chicken hutch and feed.  Kitchens where students are taught cookery skills - cooking for large quantities.

220438            05:20:51 - 05:31:20            Jan45             Si            B/W
Palestine Problem - Settlement in Palestine Mountains
Men and women clearing rocks from field - rocks removed by donkey cart - large rocks placed on improvised sled pulled by donkeys. Drilling rock and placing explosive in holes to break up. Small puff of smoke as rock explodes. Two men removing rock by means of a jack.  Workers uprooting tree stump. Yard with agricultural machinery - this is factory where farming implements and machinery are made for other settlements.
05:24:52 Meeting of the executive committee in charge of the reparation of work in the settlement.  Meeting during chairman’s speech.  Discussions - woman asks questions - members taking notes.  Smaller group meeting. The executive committee in every kibbutz distributes the following days work schedule.  Workers names being put on board, workers come to look at board
05:26:41 Women taking in clothes from washing line - laundry room. New members being given working clothes. Grain elevator in the settlement, cart with hay drives past in foreground.  Water tower in Afikim
(collective settlement) - workers walking to dining room - washing hands - kitchens / servery  - women preparing food. Tables during meal, eating
05:30:07 Children  in playground - kids on climbing frame. Children seated at tables  - settlers relaxing in garden area.

camera 220439-22            07:27:08 - 07:33:53            Jan45              Si            B/W
Palestine - Collective Settlements.  Agriculture - Kibbutz
LS of Jezreel Plain, in foreground in yard of Ein Harod settlement (kibbutz) young men and women, leaving for work in fields, jump into trucks.  Truck drives off down road.  Carts, trucks, tractors and flock of sheep driven down road of settlement.  Nablus Plain which is owned by Arabs and where Jews are forbidden to buy land.  Nablus Plain with Arabs walking across field with cattle.  Long shot of Jezreel Valley - this was once swamp land but is now land of rich settlement.  Harvest in Jezreel Valley - combine harvester in wheat field.  Sacks of wheat arriving at settlement. Arabs winnowing wheat.  Vineyards in Jordan Valley  - workers weeding around vines.
Arab workers tending Jewish vines under direction of owner.

220863            07:09:19 - 07:12:00            Jan-May45             Si            B/W
Palestine Problem - Funeral Service of Henrietta Szold
Various shots exit of procession from the School of Nurses founded by Henrietta Szold and which was built on Mount Scopus, near the Hebrew University.  Sign over door Hadassah Medical Organisation.  Henrietta Szold Hadassah School of Nursing. Two nurses leave building followed by man carrying wreath.  Funeral cortege going down to Jewish cemetery at the Mount of Olives.  Body arrives at grave, not in coffin but on board. Body lowered into grave.  Crowds gathered on hillside around grave.

220863            07:12:03 - 07:18:35            Jan-May45             Si            B/W
Palestine Problem - Jerusalem
Various shots Jerusalem showing valley  - walls Old City - Temple Mount.  LS Modern Jerusalem - Hebrew University - students walk under arches.  Top shot Old City.  Various surrounding countryside - trees. Two tombstones.
06:14:27 Walls of Jerusalem at Jaffa Gate - people coming and going.  Selling oranges from stall.  Arabs and Jews present.  Crowds getting on bus including Arabs, Jews, Nuns.
06:15:18 Jewish Agency building ? . Closer shot doorway .  Man leaving building.
06:15:47 Crowds of young people entering building.
06:16:06 Doors of Jewish Agency Building - nameplates The Jewish Agency for Palestine and Palestine Zionist Executive.  Street scene - mosque and minaret - army truck down street.  Large building - Rockefeller Museum ? Sign YMCA services club. Shot of old Jerusalem with Arabs in foreground
06:17:02 Interior offices - Mr. Lowell Pinkerton, Consul General of the United States talks with one of his consuls Mr. Christian /steger.  Secretary enters and gives letter to Pinkerton for signature. Two men continue discussion in front of large wall map of Palestine.

220863            07:18:41 - 07:27:22            Jan-May45             Si            B/W
Palestine Problem - Nabi Moussa / Amman, Transjordan
Nabi Moussa Mosque, pilgrims coming out of mosque after praying on tomb of Moses.
06:19:17 Fete - Crowds arriving at Omar Mosque - Flags of prophets - Arabs escorted by police ?  British army officer in crowd.  More shots Arabs carrying flags.  Crowds gather outside mosque.  King Faisal gate area.  Crowds, children, eating and drinking.  Top shot dancing.  Women and children.  Good shot Mosque
06:23:17 Transjordan, Amman
LS Amman, camels in foreground.  Marketplace, overexposed.  Street scenes.  Police detachments arrive at mosque where Emir prays every Friday .  LS Arrival by chauffeur driven car of Prime Minister Ibrahim Pasha Ashim and Minister of National Education Sheikh Fihmi (white turban)  Arrival of Emir Abdullah Ibn El-Hussein - armoured car and four Cheress cavalry men as escort.  Soldiers present arms. Interior courtyard of Mosque, men washing.  Muslims (Moslems) kneeling at prayer.  Emir leaving mosque following prayers, kisses  ministers, smiles and salutes at camera and into car.  Ministers leave.

220470            06:21:00 - 06:21:29            1946            Sd            B/W
Foreign Affairs - Palestine
Jan46            Aftermath of police headquarters bombing in Jerusalem.  British policemen patrol.  Empty street.

camera 220656-03            22:13:17 – 22:20:54            1946 / 7            Sd            B/W
Jewish Refugees in Palestine
British soldier lying on beach - grounded Jewish refugee boat - beached belongings.  Jewish refugees, some huddled in blankets.  Dancing Horah on beach watched by British soldiers.  Checkpoint - “Nobody allowed beyond this point”  Refugees queue.  British army officers
22:14:19 City Tel Aviv shots - CU faces - people selling belongings on the streets.  Pedestrians - bicycles.  Many close shots smiling faces.
 22:14:59 Refugee camp / compound ? crowds watched by British army.  Dancing Horah.  Armed troops.  Young men walking through sand escorted by armed British troops.  British officers on beach - grounded ship.  British soldiers lying on beach in formation, guns ready. Cuts. Line of refugees watched by British guards.   Man folding clothing.  Headlines of The Palestine Post Newspaper.  “Tel Aviv Outlawed - Martial Law” and “25000 Isolated in Jerusalem Quarter”.  Barbed wire on streets - British army presence (Jerusalem?).  Queues stretching down street.  British soldiers smoking. Man helps blind refugee.
22:18:52 From here to end - similar to first section (complementary shots) More city scenes (Tel Aviv) - horse drawn carts - street traders.  Woman gets shoeshine. Shops - Arab woman flower seller. Tracking shot through street lined with crowds.
22:19:56 Army checkpoint - army officer giving orders ? Officers into building

220656             22:29:25 - 22:30:05            1947?            Si            B/W
Israeli Army Troops Reviewed
Exterior building / barracks? Troops on parade ground - drill - present arms. Inspected by ?.  Soldiers at checkpoint, civilians have papers checked.  Jerusalem? Aftermath terrorist attack?  bomb damaged building, crowds as rescue workers bring out body.

220656                 23:10:39 - 23:11:38            03Mar47            Sd.             B/W
Martial Law in Palestine
Top shot Jerusalem.  British armed forces patrol streets (Tower of David outside Old City in B/G) - military vehicles - armoured personnel carriers. No Entry sign with barbed wire.  (the security zones were nicknamed Bevingrads by the local population). Soldier checking identity.  Woman allowed through barricade.  Soldier from South Lancs. regiment searches man.  Car stopped at roadblock.  Soldier with gun in sandbag gun emplacement.  Silhouette sentry by barbed wire. Troops at dusk.

221403            04:55:56 - 05:03:46            Mar1947            Sil             B/W
[Palestine & British Troops, Jerusalem]
LS of Jerusalem, Arab up hill past camera.  High angle, British armored vehicles along street past Old City.  CU sign:  No Entry & barbed wire. Mixed group of people waiting behind barbed wire.  CU British soldier & checking woman’s paper.  MS searching man.  View thru barbed wire, soldiers stopping car.  Soldier w/ machine gun behind sandbagged observation post, view from inside.
04:56:41  Night & checking papers.  LS Jerusalem w/ Arab up hill past camera.  MS donkey on path, tilt up to Jerusalem across valley w/ YMCA tower & King David Hotel.  Telephoto shot.  Road alongside Old City.  Arabs & trucks alongside road; standing & kneeling beside base of wall praying to Mecca.  Entering Old City thru Jaffa Gate.  View inside.  Overhead shot of British military vehicles thru street below.
04:58:33  POV from on top of military vehicles thru streets toward Old City.  Ground shot w/ vehicles past.  Vehicles down road; up road in opposite direction.
04:59:32  MS Arabs sitting drinking tea, smoking hookah pipes on rocky ground. Talking.
04:59:50  LS out archway of Scottish marching bagpipe & drum band.  British troops marching single file past.
05:00:13  MS people single file past British soldiers at barbed wire check point, (security zones aka Bevingrads) people waiting.  Men searched, frisked.  CU checking papers.  Soldiers checking under hood of car & inside.  Policeman directing car thru checkpoint.  POV from checkpoint; cars waiting.
05:02:11  CU sign:  No Entry; Entrance to H.Q. 9 Inf. Bde HQ E. Pal (East Palestine).  CU soldier checking papers.  British soldier w/ machine gun behind pile of rocks next to road, joined by rifleman who knocks over some of the rocks.
05:02:35  View from inside revolving door.  Army vehicle thru street in Jeruslaem.  Dusk & patrolling, checking papers, frisking.  Military vehicle w/ headlights; troops patrolling.
camera 220656                23:12:59 - 23:16:06            06Mar47            Sd            B/W
Sd. Terror Grips Palestine
Jews leaving Palestine - papers checked - boarding trains at RR station - smiling as train pulls out.
23:13:31  Beached transport ship carrying Jewish refugees near Haifa (name on banner - Chaim Arlozorov).  Soldiers watching from beach.   Immigrants on board ship, injured removed on stretchers.  Immigrants transferred to other vessels to await deportation to Cyprus. 
23:14:14 Exterior Barclays bank in Haifa after bomb attack. FX explosion - immediate aftermath of terrorist bomb attack on Officers club in Jeruslaem (Goldschmied House).  (narration says it’s Haifa - incorrectly). Rubble - men helped from building - wounded on stretchers.  Sign on ground NAAFI Goldsmith.  Bomb damaged building.
23:15:05  Leaders of extreme groups including Stern gang and Etsel (Irgun) arrested by British soldiers.  Jerusalem -Prisoners searched by troops before being put in compound to await deportation.  Troops laying barbed wire - troops on balcony.  Deserted street.

221403            05:03:56 - 05:15:10            Mar1947            Sil            B/W
[Palestine & British Troops, Jerusalem; Bombing Aftermath]
Bomb explosion wreckage on street w/ troops getting people out of rubble; into ambulance truck.
05:04:07  View up deserted streets.  British troops stringing barbed wire; military vehicles patrolling.  British troops walking; military track vehicle down road.  Convoy of track vehicles w/ troops up, past camera.  Pedestrians watch; soldier w/ rifle follow two men down street.
05:05:34  Bulldozer moving debris from building after explosion.  Good CU.  LS of building w/ corner demolished.  Soldiers behind rock wall w/ rifles.  Laying on ground w/ rifle.
05:06:21  Ladder against demolished wall, man in shorts climbs down.
05:06:35  Man, not Yadin, off ladder.
05:06:41  Military vehicle below bombed site.  Treating wounded; removing from wreckage.  Troops into building; Orthodox Jews & others walked out & arrested.  People lined along sidewalk watching.  Searching men; checking papers.
05:08:06  Railroad & people hurry along platform.  Sign:  El Kantara.  People boarding train, looking out window as train leaves.
05:08:28  Grounded ship w/ soldiers watching from shore; view from boat on water w/ people filling deck & banner Haim Arlozorov (ship name).  Soldiers on board.  Medics carry stretcher along dock w/ injured; others walked w/ bandages.  MCU from landing craft to dock. 
05:09:06  Building w/ troops around it.  CU sign:  Barclays Bank (Dominion, Colonial & Overseas).  Troops guard doorway.  Graphics for explosion.  Wreckage on street.  Injured & dead removed.  Ladder against building.  Soldiers searching; arresting; men walked in group by soldiers thru street.  Searching men at check point.  Troops on balcony, thru streets.
05:11:04  People in line at railroad station.  Men saying goodbye to wife & children on train.  Baggage on platform.  Train leaves.  European men walking along streets, VIPs, Arabs shake their hands.  Enter orphanage.  Girls in uniforms, small children around table; European man in double-breasted suit arrives w/ woman in nun (?) scarf.  Overhead shot of kids.  CU sign:  Department of Health, Infant Welfare Centre.  Men leaving onto street & into car as people watch.  Motorcade leaves.
05:13:57  Arab shepherd w/ goats, military truck convoy up hairpin turn on hillside.  People riding in back of truck.  Sandbagged observation post w/ passenger train behind.  High angle people getting out of back of army truck.  MS People coming & going thru barbed wire check point outside railroad station.  MCU.  Boarding train car.  People into station. 
05:14:54  People waving to camera inside very crowed train.  CU woman looking for papers in purse at check point.  CU kids & mothers on train at window; photographers taking their picture.
Immigrants; Blockade; British Occupation; British Mandate; Terrorism; Refugees;
Note:  Ship Haim Arlozorov forced aground near Haifa 28Feb47.  Sent to Cyprus.

220656                23:16:13 -  23:17:43            24Mar47             Sd.             B/w
Martial Law Lifted in Palestine
Aftermath of terrorist attack on train outside Jerusalem.  Derailed carriages on hillside. Armed crewmen inspect hole where explosion occurred.  Train off tracks.  Exterior Hadassah hospital in Jerusalem where Jewish leaders are gathering.  Men arriving by car - members of the Jewish Agency Executive including Rose Halpern, US representative. Dr. Abba Silver waves to camera.  Delegates seated round conference table.  President Ben Gurion in wheelchair at meeting.
23:17:07 Jerusalem Martial law lifted - British soldiers remove barbed wire.  Crowds on streets.

220685                  01:17:18-01:18:33            28Apr47            Sd.             B/W
UN Ponders Palestine Problem / Cairo Haifa Express Blown Up
Flushing Meadow - exterior of building.  Interiors - United Nations meeting in progress.  Dr. Oswaldo Aranha, President of the session. Assembly seated.
01:17:47 Palestine - Terrorist attack at Rehovoth - Cairo to Haifa express blown up and derailed. British soldiers looking through wreckage of train.  Eight dead and 41 injured.  Injured Turkish woman mourning over body of her 3-year old son.  Injured carried from train. Wreckage.

220656                  23:19:05 - 23:20:44            11Aug47            Sd.             B/W
World Focus on Palestine
British troops on street following terrorist bomb attack on Department of Labour building - injured removed from building.  Unsafe walls torn down.  Troops search amongst rubble.  Small crowd civilians watch.  Jewish men searched on streets before passing through barbed wire roadblock.  Narr refers to Jewish extremists (re Stern Gang and Etsel (Irgun)) hanging 2 British sergeants (on 30Jul47).
23:20:00 Refugee ship Runnymede Park returning illegal immigrants to France.  DPs removed from the Exodus on ship refuse to disembark - emergency food rations, French baguettes, wine etc. sent to ship.   Women and children in need of medical attention taken ashore.   Injured on stretchers into ambulances.

220656            23:20:54 - 23:22:54            13Oct47            Sd.              B/W
US - Russia Back UN Plan for Holy Land
Two former US vessels carrying Jewish refugees arrive in Haifa (Hagana ships).  Immigrants on board ship hold up dead baby which had suffocated on over-crowded ship.   Refugee being deloused.  Jews disembark including women and small children. Sick carried on stretchers.  Refugees transferred to other ships which will deport them to Cyprus detention camps. 
23:21:56  Lake Success, New York, United Nations meeting in progress.  Herschel Johnson (sync) states US  backs UNSCOP majority partition plan - calls for UN assistance.  Meeting in progress. Narration mentions Russia’s support for the plan.

221032               05:14:49 - 05:16:40            26Feb48             Si            B/W
Strife & Death in Palestine - U.N. Headache
VS ship at sea w/ Jewish refugees packed onto deck and in bunks - smiling faces - people brush teeth, shave etc.  Man looks through binoculars - refugees run to hide below deck, man puts child under tarpaulin.  Refugees look up as British planes fly over.  Navy warship approaches.  Refugees climb out of cargo hold; sick women lay on deck, wrapped in blankets.  Warship alongside, British personnel climb aboard.  Refugees fix banners to ship  - ‘Hagana Ship Unafraid’.  Ship in dock - refugees taken off.
Middle East.

221032            05:16:42 - 05:18:08            26Feb48            Si            B/W
News In Brief: Palestine
VS city street (downtown Jerusalem) filled with smoke - firefighters at work among rubble of bombed buildings - civilians help search for survivors and salvage possessions.  Bombed out cafe w/ sign ‘Brazil Coffee’.  Injured baby w/ bandaged head in hospital cot.  Men and women form human chains across road leading to bomb site.

220026            12:56:56 - 12:58:44            Mar1948?            Si            B/W                       
[United Nations Meeting]
GVs UN Security Council meeting with Israeli man listening.  NY,

220579            03:32:41 - 03:35:38            19Mar48            Sd            B/W           
United Nations - Austin Reads Letter re Palestine
Warren Austin  (US ambassador to UN) at table talking about proposals that have not yet been submitted to Security Council.  ...statement adopted by Jewish Agency for Palestine & National Council of the Jews of Palestine which meet on March 23rd.'   Express concern with US actions in UN re Palestine.  Says Jewish state will be glad to cooperate with Arab neighbours. (re proposal for UN trusteeship of Palestine)

220684              22:29:24-22:36:23            `Mar1948            Sd.            B/W
[United Nations Meeting On Palestine]
Walter / Warren Austin speaking to United Nations Security Council on Palestine partitioning and problems; Security Council urges UN to take steps necessary to bring about cease-fire.  US wants temporary trusteeship established until Arabs & Jews can solve their problems.  Wants Security Council to call for special session of UN.  1.  All parts of plan must be carried out.  2.  Further steps must be taken immediately, towards this end establishment of UN trusteeship.  Calls for special session.  3.  Security Council should instruct Palestine Commission to suspend its efforts to impose the partition plan.

221543            06:13:51 - 06:16:09            Mar48            Sd            B/W           
World Affairs - Palestine & Europe Centers Of Unrest  (Czechoslovakia & Hungary, Mar48)
06:13:55  UN Security Council meeting.
06:14:05  MS  US delegate Warren Austin.
06:14:08  LS & MS removal of woman spectator objecting to use of American troops.  Others listening.
06:14:21  MS  Canadian delegate, General McNaughton speaking (Ralph Bunche behind):  ...these recommendations & these appeals have not had the effect of bringing peace & order in the Holy Land.  The threats uttered during the General Assembly have now turned into acts of violence purging on Civil War; and the sparks which were ignited by intense emotion & by conflicting fashions now might at any moment, unless they are quenched, cause a conflagration which would certainly result in a breech of international peace.


X            221235            04:40:52 - 04:49:44            1930s – 1965            Sd            COL/B/W
Israel:  The Story of the Jewish People  Pt 2 of 3
[Animation gives way to footage & stills.]  Photo montage:  early Jewish immigrants to Palestine 1910s. Zionist leader Theodor Herzl.  Large group photo.  Growth of Jewish community in Tel Aviv following British mandate - Balfour. 
04:41:41  Footage montage:  street scenes Jerusalem.  1930s? - Arab woman in burkah, Jewish men.  Bodies lined up outside WWII concentration camp - emaciated survivors -
04:42:09  Jewish refugees packed onto boats; riots against restrictive British immigration policy in Palestine.
Illegal immigrants forced to turn back by British Navy & at check points.
04:42:38  Refugees in detention camp on Cyprus.  British installation bombed by Jews in Palestine.
04:42:59  United Nations meeting, November, 1947 - resolution for partition of Palestine.  British withdrawal from Palestine:  military ceremony & lowering of Union Jack,  troops onto boat.  Stills of Ben Gurion proclaiming Israel as Sovereign state. 
04:43:32  Jews celebrate in streets.  Arab militia firing machine guns - Arabs surrendering after ceasefire.  04:44:04  Feb49 Chaim Weizmann sworn in as President.  Immigrants arriving by boat.
04:44:39  Modern-day Israel - luxury liner ‘Shalom’ in dock, passengers off - street scenes showing new wealth. Street scenes.  El Al Israel Airlines plane loaded w/ exports.  Artist & scientist at work, churches, ethnic minorities - group of Arabic-speaking Druze people. 
04:45:34  Nomadic Bedouins in desert “who cared only for their sheep & watering holes”.  Road construction thru desert. 
04:46:19  New town of industrial community of Arad under construction (founded 1962) on site of ancient Canaanite city.  Worker comes home to wife & young child - VO re importance of educated European refugees w/ “idealism of pioneers”.  Top shot Haifa.  Docks & loading & unloading ships.  Reliance on imports until Israeli crops sufficient.  Farm workers; combines harvest grain - farm laborers pick crops in border territory under armed guard - bananas cut & carried.  Kibbutzes & agricultural success - collective workers on truck & picking fruit - VO re decline in numbers of Jewish workers.  Indian man working on Kibbutz, wife helping in kitchen but “not used to the concept of communal sharing”.  Continued...
Religion - Judaism; Palestine Police; Farming / Agriculture; Politics; Economics; Terrorism; Class / Caste System; Social Problems; Travelogues - Middle East; Post-WWII; 1960s; Colonialism; National Indpendence;



The following film is sold on a licence fee basis:

220514            06:01:46 - 07:18:02            1913            Sd            B/W
The Life of Jews in Palestine Pt 1
Film title in French, English & Hebrew.
06:02:00 -Odessa Port - Jews boarding ship with heavy luggage. Crowd wave from pier. Tracking shots from aboard ship along Bosphorus, Constantinople in background. Very good details of boat traffic in canal, and towns alongside  ti.  06:07:32 Hagia Sofia from ship.
06::08:00 - Jaffa & Tel Aviv. - Pan over rooftops of new town of Tel Aviv, newly planted trees. Many empty plots.  Sand dunes.
06:09:25 - Mayor Dizengoff with dignitaries.
06:09:39 -  teachers (women) seminary in Jaffa - coming out of school.
06:09:55 - Girl's school, Jaffa. - girls march in lines.
06:10:44 - Agriculture lesson for girls. Digging in school garden. Marching with spades past camera. Male teacher in white suit and hat supervises.
06:11:32 Girls marching in schoolyard. - very disciplined.
06"12"40 - Gymnasia Herzliya - teachers coming out, then pupils marching in schools yard  - boys dressed in Cossak type uniform. Gymnastics. Pupils come out of school, including Moshe Shertok (06:14:11 (later known as Moshe Sharet).
06:15:17 - pupils celebrate on sand dunes of Tel Aviv.
06:16:23 - Petah Tikva - overhead pan over settlement Ein Ganim - farmyard feeding chickens.
06:17:15 - Harvesting oranges - grove with supervisor in 3-piece suit and workers.
06:18:32 - Orange sorting and packing in "Pardes" Cooperative.
06:19:40 - Train of camels delivering oranges to Jaffa port.
06:20:02:15 - Hadera settlement ("colony"). Main street - farmers riding horses and donkeys. "Farmers & Yemenites" working in fields (Yemenites wear kippa, yarmulke).
Busy Main Street of Hadera - horses, carriages, camels, dusty "wild west" feel. Cattle mix in.
Harvesting and threshing grain. Children dance in fields.
06:24:08 - Settlement (colony) of Zikhron Ya'akov (named after Baron de Rothschild) - GVs rooftops and countryside. coming out Synagogue. Harvesting and threshing carts with hay. Spaying the vineyards.
06:27:29 - Haifa Technion and "Reali" school under construction - Jewish and Arab stonemasons.
06:29:23 - Kinneret farm (settlement). feeding chickens, women pioneers working in garden, (in dresses), 
Young Yemenite singing to filmmaker
06:31:03 - Tiberias, Sea of Galilee (lake Kinneret) - tracking, Rabbi Meir Baal Haness tomb. Yeshiva - studying torah.  Rambam grave - orthodox Jews praying.
06:33:31 - Migdal agricultural farm.
The Life of Jews in Palestine Pt 2
Film title in French, English & Hebrew.
06:34:10 - Yosef Trumpeldor & comrades plowing field. Harvesting.
06:35:27 - Rosh Pina settlement in Galilee - HA pan across countryside.
06:36:05 - Jews & Arabs picking almonds. Children working in the school garden. workers returning from agricultural work.
06:37:35 - Tracking from train on way to Jerusalem.
06:38:29 - Samson burial cave. Olive groves on terraced mountains.
06:39:48 - Panoramic view of Old City of Jerusalem. Pan of new city. Tower of David at Jaffa Gate.
06:42:02 - Wailing Wall - Jews walking along. Pan Jewish Quarter.  C/U Praying at Wailing Wall.
Burial Caves of the Sanhedrin and Shimon Hatzadik.
06:47:10 - Dome of the Rock (Mosque of Omar)
06:47:45 - Pupils of Ezra school, procession of pupils with teacher David Yellin.
06:50:34 - Bezalel school of Art (Jerusalem) - building, Principal Boris Schatz and pupils.
06:51:43 - Rachel's Tomb  - women crying. Pan of Hebron, schoolchildren swimming in Solomon's Pool, Cave of the Patriarchs (Hebron) - Jews praying. Wadi Kelt (Judean desert).
06:57:06 - Pan along Jericho, Dead Sea, rowing along Huleh lake (Galilee)
07:01:37- spraying vineyards with sulphur. winery of Carmel Mizrachi. wine barrels
Nes Tsiona settlement - pan across houses - Lehrer family bee-keeping. beehives, extracting honey. Tasting honey from jars.
07:07:28 - "Bilu" (name for first wave of immigrants in 1882/3) celebrate in Gedera their 30th anniversary - march past camera. Gedera "main street" (another Rothschild colony). Cows in field, farmers with hay, dairy, train arriving in Jerusalem, Rehovot -Rishon LeZion Orchestra marches at head of procession. first fairground. Gateway with Star of David., exhibition of locally produced  goods Maccabi members from abroad marching and athletic events. crowds. END


221543            06:48:05 - 06:50:28            1947/8            B/W            SD/SIL
 [Attlee Opening Remarks At Conference Attended by Arabs On Palestine]
Ext. Tilt down columns of stone buliding to parked limousines of delegates; people walking.
06:48:10  SOF  Int. w/ Attlee, Bevin, Arabs & others entering room; large circular table w/ papers.
06:48:22  Attlee:  Your royal highnesses, your excellencies, welcome to this conference, the representatives of the Arab countries of the Middle East...have watched...the Arab National revival.
06:48:57 is my ernest hope...a way may be cleared toward some acceptable solution of this intractable problem.  I need hardly tell you how much His Majesty’s Government deplore the state of unrest & disturbance into which Palestine has been plunged to the detriment of the interests & happiness of every community, and indeed of every individual there.  You as statesmen know, that no conference can achieve anything if those attending it have made up their minds in advance & are determined to adhere to preconceived opinions.  And a matter of this kind, where a great cache of interests are involved, there must be give & take.  It is only along the path of negotiations where all views are respected, weighed & taken into consideration, that we can hope to emerge into the daylight.
06:50:00  You & your peoples w/ us & the peoples of the British Empire.  (Applause.)
06:50:13  Shots of speech & CUs.
NOTE:  May be 24Jan47.


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