camera 220581-04   07:31:15 - 07:41:09     col   Sd    1950s ?     Penicillin in Medicine and Surgery  Pt. 1 of 3
Presented by H. Sidney Newcomer, M.D. Medical director E.R. Squibb & sons. New York
Bust of Louis Pasteur.  Reconstruction in laboratory of Alexander Fleming discovery of penicillin.  Pages of journal re penicillin  - still of professor Florey.
07:32:57  Vial containing penicillin - laboratory  procedures.  Construction work on factory.  Mass production line.  Fermentation tanks for penicillin.  Graph showing production of concentrated penicillin.  Laboratory procedures - scientific testing.  Penicillin into vials - frozen.  Now ready for use.  Small boxes off production line.
07:34:58  Dr Harrison Flippen ? at desk speaks re knowledge and use of penicillin.
07:35:58  Swab / smear test of organisms.  Microscope shots of organisms.  Cutaway model of human body showing internal organs.  Cutaway of head showing brain & skull.
07:37:30  CU healed over infected abscess on man head.  Doctor & nurse w/ medicine trolley visit male patient in ward.  Different doctor taking blood from patient.  Penicillin prepared in syringe & injected by nurse.
07:39:04  Oral / tablets of penicillin.  Man in hospital bed given breakfast by nurse.  Man feeling better sits in chair reading.
07:40:13  Doctors & nurses round bed in isolation ward.  Patient examined.  Graph re dosage.
Antibiotics; anti-bacteria; drugs; Medical Treatment; Diseases; 1950s;

camera 220581-05   07:41:10 - 07:51:07     col   Sd    1950s ?     Penicillin in Medicine and Surgery  Pt. 2 of 3
Graphic showing administration of penicillin in Meningitis.  Various graphs re importance of dosage of penicillin & how it must be continued after visible signs of infection have gone.
07:43:00  Urticaria - a possible side effect of medication.
07:43:33  Doctor at desk speaks re principles of penicillin therapy.
07:44:16  Naval Doctor speaks re use of Penicillin in the treatment of Venereal disease / VD.
07:45:07  Doctors surgery waiting room - women reading magazines.  Disheveled man waiting.  Symptoms of Syphilis CU penis weeping. Lip lesion -  swelling of facial areas.  Doctor examining patient - sore throat - lesions on tongue - loss of hair - skin eruptions.
07:46:16  Woman patient being examined - scar on back - patient has advanced syphilis.
07:46:25  Doctor performing spinal tap on patient.  Test tubes in racks.  Graph re spinal fluid tests.
Symptoms of advances syphilis.
07:47:20  Horrific penile lesions.  X-ray showing aneurysm.  Deformed joints.  Ocular atrophy.  Central nervous system tested, reflex action.
07:48:15  CU head of penis which is undergoing penicillin treatment - graph re healing process.  Medical journals etc. thrown down on table; leafing through Public Health information booklet - re treatment of Gonorrhoea.
07:49:42  Back view as patient walks slowly up steps to clinic.  Doctor in laboratory w/ microscope.  Scope shot of Gonorrhoea slide.  Further slides.  Syringe and medical instrument lying on trolley.  Warnings re patients need for testing at regular intervals.
Antibiotics; anti-bacteria; drugs; Medical Treatment; Diseases; 1950s;

camera 220581-06   07:51:08 - 08:02:05     col   Sd    1950s ?     Penicillin in Medicine and Surgery  Pt. 3 of 3
Naval Doctor at desk speaks re use of Penicillin in the treatment of Venereal disease / VD.
07:51:35  Doctor from Columbia University, New York City speaks to camera re surgical infections & medical infections.  Doctor visiting woman patient in hospital ward.
07:53:24  Treatment of facial boil / carbuncle w/ local application of penicillin.  Woman w/ boil on neck treated with injection.  Boil under eye treated.  Young child w/ infected buttocks, surgical incision made to remove pus; penicillin administered by packing cavity w/ gauze soaked in penicillin solution.
07:55:50  X-ray photo of arthritic knee joint.  Chest x-ray.  Graphic re chest infections.
07:57:45  Injection in which tube is inserted within leg muscle to allow repeated administrations of penicillin. Leg bound. X-ray of leg.  Surgical removal of diseased tissue / bone.  Packing of wound w/ penicillin gauze.
Doctor to camera re use of penicillin.
Antibiotics; anti-bacteria; drugs; Medical Treatment; Diseases; 1950s;

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