220844          19:15:14 - 19:22:35            1900c Si         b/w    

Gold and Diamond Mines of South Africa
Conquest pictures
Johannesburg street scene w/ double-decker buses, pedestrians and shops.
The Joch mine: pan along buildings of gold mine. Weights up cables pulling cars.
The Tube Mill, which pulverises ore w/ cylinders turning. Black men shovelling pulverised ore.
Cyanide tanks with waste rock being conveyed in small cars  by men on cable railroad.
White miners coming out of mine.
Street scene in Kimberly with people hanging out, men and women and parked cars.
Diamond mine offices with ornate front, horse-drawn carriage passes by.
Premier Mine where Cullinan diamond was found, with large open pit.
 'Blue earth' (containing diamonds) brought to surface  by ore cars and left to weather for a year. Blue earth dissolved into 'diamond mud': LS ore cars across bridge.
'Pulsator',  large turning drums,  where diamond mud is separated. White man showing day's output.
Miner's compound where natives are kept: men shooting crap, cooking bread outdoors. Men washing clothes.

220672          02:00:12 - 02:05:01            191?   SIL       B/W   

WWI - British Newsreel Excerpts
BC - Gen. Smuts at aircraft factory - holding flag; S. Africa - aircraft t.o.  South African cavalry with saddles & horses.
02:03:43 Russian trade unionists in front of  Hamilton House with Col. John Ward  and W.E. Appleton of Federation of trade Unionists.
02:04:31 British troops constructing bridge in African forest - wounded carried over bridge.


220896          16:07:12 - 16:17:51            1917   SIL       B/W   

WWI - Newsreel Excerpts
 16:10:23  Troops or prisoners on horseback.  16:10:55 African chiefs? in amazing head-dresses.  Zulu? warrior performing native dance.  British royals? arriving by car for display.



220854          17:26:12 - 17:36:28            1931   SIL       B/W   

The Word of God In Africa
Map of Southern Africa, below equator.  Shows the size of the African continent by superimposing China, USA, India and other countries on map of Africa. 
Village with mud huts.  Missionaries?  arriving in village by train.  African workers building bridge over small river and car passes.  River forded by automobile with group of kids behind.  Bicycle on raft.  Line of men carrying boxes and suitcases - missionary follows them.
17:30:35   Village life: Pounding and crushing grain.  Mother with child on back.  Iron pottery and carving utensils.  War dance and other  traditional dances.
Polygamy - men bargaining.  Cow pen.  Bride escorted to new husbandŐs home.
African preacher.  Baptism dunking into water tank. Outdoors religious service for African Christians.   Christian marriage at mission church.  Husband and wife  in rocking chair in Western clothes with kids. Procession and offerings of bananas to priest.


220854          17:36:37 - 17:47:20            1931   SIL       B/W   

Medical Missions In Africa
re Sleeping sickness - CU mosquito & Tsetse fly.  Medicine man.  Sacrifice or ritual involving burning leaves. Women and children ill with sleeping sickness tottering and shaking.  Man with enormous growths / ulcers on  skin.  Village scene w/ women pounding manioc.  African doctor examines villagers at dispensary.  Sending patient to Protestant mission hospital in African ambulance (litter pulled by oxen).  Sick people on stretchers carried by relatives.  African doctors supervised by colonial look through microscopes.  Giving treatment for leprosy - injection.  Vaccination.  Patients in long line at outdoor clinic.  Operating room with surgeons. Outdoor hospital beds.  African nurse training. Bathing and spoon feeding babies.  African nurses in uniform wave goodbye to others sent to work in rural district.   Fat Black baby on scales.
Colonisation / colonial

221143          06:10:49 - 06:11:40            1931   SIL       B/W   

Diamond Diggers Rush To Prospect Newly-Opened Land (1931) Lichtenburg aka Lichtenberg, Transvaal, Africa
Pan across many sites of digging.  Black policeman w/ papers watches men in blankets walking past.  Men working shaker machines, cranking machine, standing in front of huts.  CU of dumping sieve & putting diamonds on tip of trowel into small cannister.


221230          19:20:11 - 19:20:42            1936   SIL       B/W   

C.W.A. Scott Wins Britain - So. Africa Air Race In 53 Hrs.
Single engine plane onto runway with two men balancing wingtips.  Crowd watching, Scott & G. Guthrie out of Percival Vega Gull airplane and walking w/ group of VIPs.
Long Distance 1936 Aviation Race; Pilots;


221018          13:33:04 - 13:35:29            1937 - 1955 SD        B/W   

[Montage: Princesses Margaret & Elizabeth Travelling]
[Mostly very brief shots - trims]  Princess Elizabeth talking to group of South American ordinary folk.  Elizabeth as child arriving at Highland gathering with family inc. Queen Mary.  With Margaret as children in Girl Guide uniforms.  Elizabeth as teenager with father King George VI.   Margaret reviewing colonial troops in Bermuda? 
13:33:56  Elizabeth with Margaret at Passing of the Equator ceremony during 1947 State visit to South Africa; playing tag on deck w/ crew.  Both princesses horse riding on beach.   Elizabeth as bridesmaid.   Coronation of Elizabeth.  Margaret visiting coal mine.  Elizabeth arriving at church in Windward Isles.  At fatherŐs coronation in 1937.
British Royalty.

221304          17:45:33 - 17:45:59            1939   SIL       B/W   

London, England
Ca. 20Feb39
Alex Henshaw Breaks England to Cape Town Aviation Record in Mew Gull.  Small single-engine monoplane G-AEXF pushed across field; pilot helped out.  Surrounded by people drinks from cup, shakes hands & is carried on shoulders accompanied by several police.

LN 501-642  01:26:53 - 01:31:50            1942   SIL       B/W   

[Kimberly, British South Africa]
Woman at fruit & vegetable stall in square, cars parked behind.  Policeman & man talking in shade, traffic behind.  People walking toward camera on covered sidewalk past stores.  LS to government building.  Two men w/ bicycles talking in foreground.
01:27:44  Looking down into crater-like open pit & tilt up to rim.  Tilt down into crater.  Tailings pile & hoist, men pass in foreground.  Pipe & away from buidings & across road.  Large pile of mine debris.  Inactive buildings & railroad.  Mine carts.
01:30:00  LS of Kimberly House, official entering thru main entrance seen from inside.  Gate closed.
01:30:18  Sifting machine shaking rocks or grit.  MCU of woman sorting out diamonds, sizing & weighing.   Pan over piles of various sizes.  Woman sorting individual diamonds.

LN 501-644  04:53:03 - 05:03:17            1942   SIL       B/W   

[South Africa Gold Mine; Weekend Military Encampment, 1942]
Black native miners w/ jackhammers in stope or underground tunnel, Kelly w/ lantern inspecting & leaving mine.  Electrical railway in mine passing on tracks.  CU Kelly at rock.  Men shoveling ore into cart.
04:55:07  Miners out of elevator & walk to Change House.  Kelly & other whites having coffee in changing room; clothes on hanging ropes, Kelly changing boots & leaving Change House.
04:55:55  Gold in bucket lifted out of furnace & poured w/ tongs into molds. 
04:57:12  Mold dumped & gold bullion brick carried to scale.  Miners walking home w/ mine in background.  Whites together & Blacks segregated together.
04:57:56  Kelly up gravel walk to house, greeted by two children.  Shot from inside of kids watching for dad, get up & go out to greet him.
04:59:12  Family at table having coffee & cake.  Kelly in uniform kisses family goodbye & leaves.  Out front door, down path w/ rifle & duffle bag en route to weekend camp.
05;00:09  Flag of Mines Engineering Brigade w/ jackhammer in center.  Men lined up w/ tents behind.  Empty duffle for inspection; men talking.  Kit being inspected.  Men put things back, at attention, leave w/ bags to tents.
05;01:37  Sign:  Middelvlei Camp  West Rand Battalion  Mines Engineering Brigade  SAEC and barbed wire fence.  Kelly instructing in handling the Bren gun, men listening; Kelly dismantling gun.
05:02:56  Man w/ blankets into tent; others out.  Several sitting reading, talking in front of tents.
WWII; Mining; British Colonialism; Dutch Colonialism; British South Africa;


220985          21:54:15 - 21:56:45            1946   Sd/Sil  B/W   

[Princess Elizabeth Visits South Africa, 1946]
MS King George VI of England w/ Queen Elizabeth hold umbrellas while greeting crowds on Royal visit to South Africa.  Princess Elizabeth makes speech from podium, windy day, holds hat; 'I have looked forward to this journey for so long...have read many books about South Africa...'.  Brief shot of Queen w/ umbrella and bunch of flowers greeting well-wishers. 
21:54:48  MS Princess Elizabeth prepares to go horse riding.  VS Elizabeth and aides on horseback on beach.  Princess exits car, reviews military.  Speech at podium again; presented w/ gift by President? and wife.  Princess raises Naval Ensign? flag alongside Union Jack and watches from balcony as Navy ship w/ sailors in white uniforms standing to attention passes through harbour.

221154          13:34:54 - 13:35:51            1946   SD        B/W   

Transport a la King  (1946)  South Africa
Covered railroad station platform and people looking at new train car to be used by King George VI on his visit to South Africa.  Interior shots of bedroom cars equipped w/ phones.  Rolls Royce car displayed, interior seen through roof showing opening divider w/ storage compartments.  Electric windows and blinds demonstrated.
Transportation, Royalty; Wealth; Expense; Colonialism;  Colonies;


220685          01:22:32 - 01:23:34            1947   SD        B/W   

Royal Family Sees African Grandeur
King George VI and Queen Elizabeth walk in gardens.  Victoria Falls - Royal family visit including princesses Elizabeth and Margaret.
01:22:51 British protectorate of Barotseland - King presents award to Chief.  Natives beating drums. King and Queen watch.  Natives in canoes - front oarsman calls rhythm.

220656          23:11:39 - 23:12:59            1947   SD        B/W   

Royal Family Arrives in South Africa
King George VI, Queen Elizabeth and princesses Elizabeth and Margaret arriving in Capetown - greeted by Prime Minister Smuts.  Huge crowds as royals drive in cortege through streets. 
23:12:17 Garden party held for visitors on the estate of Governor General Van Zion?  Fashionable women presented to Royal party.  Queen in ostrich feather hat.  Women with parasols.

220656          23:17:45 - 23:18:57            1947   SD        B/W   

Natives Welcome Royalty
Zulus some wearing strange headdresses doing traditional tribal dancing.   Mass of natives on horseback travelling to capital to see Royal visitors.  King George VI, Queen Elizabeth and princesses Elizabeth and margaret in cortege drive down crowd lined avenue.  Good CU royals.  Native crowds.

220989          02:43:28 - 02:44:43            1948   SD        B/W   

News In Brief: South Africa
Donald O'Connor sits in back of open-top car greeting crowds on visit to South Africa; cars w/ women competing in beauty contest, top prize trip to Hollywood; CUs women in hats smile and wave.  All-white crowd.  Black dancers perform in 'tribal' costume; 'the dark dancers of Darkest Africa put on their version of Hot Jive'; O'Connor conducts then joins in, holds spear and shield.

220272          03:39:42 - 03:40:37            1960   Sd        B/W   

News In Brief (Demonstrations against South African Government.)
Large crowds of blacks at Sharpsville demonstrate against new law requiring passes to be carried.   Men w/ placard for freedom.  Planes and troop carriers.   Wounded & dead tended. Troops and police.  Apartheid; segregation; freedom; civil rights. 


220646          09:46:26 - 09:47:07            1960   SD        B/W   

News In Brief - South Africa - Disasters
Rescuers attempt to reach coal miners trapped for a week.  People at top of mine waiting.  Women crying. 
Poor quality.


220919          02:38:35 - 02:44:03            1960   SD        b/w     News Highlights of 1960
02:39:07: Black South Africans demonstrating against apartheid
02:39:14: South African Premier survives assassination attempt by white farmer


220310          14:08:08 - 14:09:15            1961   Sd        B/W   

New Nation - South Africa Celebrates Independence.
Top shot city.  Military personnel or police on horseback with rifles  in parade to celebrate independence.  Limousine in parade.  Government house, New President Charles Schwartz onto balcony in top hat., crowds watching.  Prime Minister Verwoerd makes speech.  President  Schwartz to microphones. No natural sound.

X          221189          00:53:00 - 01:03:13           1973   SD        COL&B/W       

World Congress of Peace Forces:  Peace To You Our Planet Earth  Pt 1 of 5

00:54:56  War in Cambodia two young boys cover their ears.  Buildings on fire in Northern Ireland.  Protesters in masks, glasses.  Police w/ dogs in South Africa.  Scenes of atrocities from Rhodesia, South  Africa, Mozambique w/ arrests, kickings, fighting.  Police fire tear gas in protesting crowds.  Officers kick captured black guys.  Black woman screams, try to hit policeman.  Collapsed guy pulled by arms.  Injured Protesters.


The following items can be viewed on VHS, but please allow 4-6 weeks delay in obtaining masters.




03.22.50        25Jan30         Africa Rally from Cape to Cairo.|


            10Dec40         Sd. SS Robin   Doncaster launched for South African run


09.05.40        03Feb47         British royal family embark on the 'Vanguard' on tour to South Africa;


06.37.50        20Feb47         Sd.  England's King, Queen & Princesses on yacht enroute to South Africa & Queen shooting movie camera


08.29.30        21Nov47         Si.  South African Trade Comission.|


02.36.30        31Mar60        Sd.  South Africa crisis continues and is discussed at UN assembly;


02.55.40        11Apr60         Sd.  South Africa Premier Verwoerd shot;


11.33.40        13Jul61         Sd. Ostrich farming in South Africa;


10.13.45        14Dec61         Sd  Nobel Prize to South African Albert Luthuli


07.04.35        29Jan62         Sd The Transkei area to become independent, South Africa;


02.05.50        04Aug63         Sd. Fish swim ashore in Natal, South Africa;


01:22:52        08Sep66         Si. South African P.M. Verwoerd assassinated


07.27.50        08Aug67          (Sd missing on ref)   British South African Police Show




#19 01:01:16|          Sd.       South Africa (?) Cape to England flight arrival.


#42 01:36:40|          Sd        Pilots for race to South Africa named.


#179 01:06:38|        Sd.       King & Queen visit Cape Town, South Africa on HMS Valiant, batleship(?).  Receiving line.  Welcome (GOOD but printer ride).


#181 00:22:38|        Si.        Train arrival & King & Queen off, visiting ?? (probably in Cape Town, South Africa.


#181 00:51:00|        Si/Sd. 4 cars on road along side moving train.  King, Queen & Princesses in stadium receive flowers.  (GOOD)  Motorcade thru town.  African natives dance. Visit reptile garden.


#182 00:00:00|        Sd/Si               4) King Queen visit to Africa & arrests & cheering crowds. Royal family boards plain and taking off.  (GOOD)


#183 00:28:25|        Sd.       African tribe dancing.   Queen, King & family. Motorcade. (GOOD)


#183 00:34:31|        Si.        7) King & Queen & Elizabeth along unid. tropical coast.


#183 01:06:32|        Sd.       King, Queen & Elizabeth watch slow march.  King speaks. Motorcade, ball?. Johannesburg, South Africa. (GOOD) 


#254  00:31:34|       Sd./Si.  3) Three men signing ?? , speaks about 2 loans  to Union of South Africa that International Bank has made for electricity & tranport development.  Lending for first time in association with private capital, plus credits from private banks.  Others speak about splendid accomplishments of S. AfricaÉ 


#285 01:24:09|        Si.        Nurse & sailors in tropics.  Elizabeth & Phillip receiving ?? in Africa. 


#539?  #285 01:31:38|     ??       DBVT   Si/Sd. 2) Motorcade of Elizabeth in Africa.  4) France & ceremony.  Eisenhower reviewing troops, speaks (sd).


#285 01:44:48|        ??                   Sd.       2) King George obituary film.  Elizabeth & Phillip leave for Africa.  7) Africa & Princess Elizabeth & Phillip.  Viewing wild animals.


#378 01:15:10|        Si.       5,6) Queen & Prince Philip in Africa, into and out of courtroom or parliament.  Passing out certificates.  Africans in robes.  Ext. and crowds.  01:17:53  Queen & Prince out of building w/ Governor, shaking hands with natives.  Garden party.  8) Equipment to vacuum airport airstrip shown. 10) Africans on horseback in ceremonial dress and on foot parade for Queen & Prince.  Dancing (GOOD)


V29 #14         Si.        4) Queen & Prince driven past flag waving Africans.  Dancers.  (?)


#387 00:52:18|        Sd/Si. 6) Queen Elizabeth, Prince & children board BOAC & take off.   Landing arrival in Africa.  Dancing etc.  7) Motorcade thru ?? Formally dressed & posing.




#180 00:25:33|.       Si.        Jul42 (sic).  Union of South Africa horserace 


#180 00:29:26|        Si.        (card) Cape Town & North Rhodesians on docks, troops & Imperial troops; unloading fruit; Italian POWs searched and boarding ship.


#180 00:35:52|                    Si.        (card)  Munitions factory and manufacturing bombs and mines in South Africa.


#180 00:44:42|                    Si.        M) (card) Aug42  Port Elizabeth & Farmers Cooperative.  Wool buying, baling.  N) (card) Labor picking oranges.


#180 01:10:36|                    Si.        (card) Jun-Sep42  Pretoria & government buildings. See card for names.


#180 01:18:57|                    Si.        U) (card)  Sep42  Pretoria, Smuts receiving War Council.  V) (card) Aug42  Bloemfontein Appeal Court and other buildings.  Harvard University Observatory & giant telescope being operated by astronomer.


#180 01:30:46|                    Si.        (card)  Women's Auxiliary Army Service using telescope & other equipment at anti-aircraft post.  Air school & WAAF & RAF in class and relaxing.  Women mechanics working on Tiger Moth, British South Africa.


#180 01:40:21|                    Si.        (card) Jul42  British South Africa.  Men drop cards and into vehicles, moving cross country.  Gun crew of native soldiers firing.  Training under Gen. Botha & Du Prees.


#180 01:48:00                     Si.        (card) Jun42  British South Africa native recruits issued uniforms & equipment, drilling & training at Welgedacht.


#181 00:00:00|                    Si.        (card) Jun42  South Africa.  J.H. Hofmeyr watching natives learning to drive w/ dummy instruments and layout of vehicle.  Heavy vehicles driven, guns pulled & prepared for action & firing.


#181 00:09:20|                    Si.        (card)  Jun42  Eshowe(sp?) British South Africa.  Zulus drilling w/ 25 pounder guns.


#181 00:18:17|                    Si.        (card)  Jun42  Small Arms class drilling seen from roof.  South African Naval Forces drilling, signaling and at coastal defense post.


#181 00:25:56|        Si.        Jul42 (sic)  British South Africa, Zulus chiefs & warriors training, dancing, mock warfare.  Royal Kraal and family life.


            David Livingstone in Africa (1942) r3)  Son prays, discover Lage Ngami.  Discover Victoria Falls.  Si., B/W|



01.49.02        [Ford Motor Co. of South Africa] Port Elizabeth (1949)

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