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Battleship Maine

220203           Apr 1898.  Havana Cuba harbor & view from boat circling wreck of Battleship Maine partially sunk.  Salvage barge is near it.  Fair to poor picture quality.


220573           Wreck of the Battleship 'Maine'
copyright 21Apr1898 Edison
Havana, Cuba Harbour.
View from ship in harbour, tracks sideways around the submerged hulk of the battleship 'Maine', sunk in 1898.  Ships and salvage barges.


220757           Remember the Maine
Military parade

War – chronological by original copyright date where known (now in the public domain)


220846           Morro Castle, Havana Harbor
copyrighted 21Apr1898
Circling track shot from ship showing round the castle at harbour entrance.


220844           Secretary Long and Captain Sigsbee
copyrighted 21April1898
Captain Sigsbee commanded the 'Maine' until it sunk.
Men walking down stairs outside building and towards camera.  Woman in BG w/ bicycle.


220573           US Battleship 'Indiana'
copyright 21Apr1898 Edison
Camera tracks parallel to anchored battleship, starboard side.  Men visible on deck and ''stores'  lighter alongside being unloaded.  US flag on stern.


220844           War Correspondents
copyrighted 21April1898
Men running down street towards and past camera, carriage goes past.  Wooden fronted buildings and wide unpaved street, may be Cuba.


220573           Burial of the 'Maine' Victims
copyright 21Apr1898 Edison
Men and children walk along a sunny road, horse-drawn carriages and hearses pass by with marching  sailors alongside.  A procession of men on foot follows.


220846           Coloured troops Disembarking
copyrighted 20May1898
Black soldiers disembarking from wooden-hulled ship tied to dock through gangway, carrying rifles and bedrolls.


220851           US Cavalry Supplies Unloading At Tampa, Florida
copyrighted 20May1898
Unloading by hand of military supplies in wagon from freight train car by men in US cavalry uniform.


220846           Military Camp at Tampa Taken From Train
copyrighted 20May1898
Tracking shot from moving vehicle with hundreds of tents and building in background. troops in foreground.


220846           10th US Infantry, 2nd Battalion, Leaving Cars
copyrighted 20May1898
At railway station, troops in formation march out  of railroad cars, carrying rifles and bedrolls.  A few civilians watch.


220851           9th Infantry Boys' Morning Wash
copyrighted 20May1898
Group of soldiers washing shaving, watching camera in clearing under trees.


220867                 Troops Embarking at San Francisco

copyrighted 22Jun1898

Shot from behind spectators, including women  in hats, soldiers  embark at Embarcadero shed in full pack via the gangway.

Spanish - American War


220844           Transport 'Whitney' Leaving Dock
copyrighted 20May1898
Walking beam engine  on side - wheel ship  leaving dock and getting further and further from camera.  Some men on deck wave.


220573           Cuban refugees Waiting for Rations
copyright 20May1898
Women in large hats and veils and men in white suits with bandoleers wander around in a compound.

220573           Pack Mules With Ammunition On The Santiago Trail, Cuba
copyright June (?)1898 Edison
About fifty  to a hundred mules loaded with boxes led by  cowboys through  landscape, trees in background some walking, others astride mules, some in military uniform.


220573           Cuban Volunteers Embarking
copyright 22Jun1898 Edison
Men carrying rifles and bedrolls boarding ship via gangway.


220844           Soldiers Washing Dishes 
copyrighted 22June1898
Some men in military uniform, others in civilian clothes, bringing cups and cutlery to wash, tents and building in background.  Actual washing not shown.


220573           Troops Embarking At San Francisco
copyright 22Jun1898 Edison
At Embarcadero shed, crowds in foreground watch as soldiers climb aboard a ship via a gangway.


220573           US Troops Landing At Daiquiri, Cuba
copyright 22Jun1898 Edison
Dry dock close to large harbour and can be seen in background, as can part of the ship.  Soldiers disembark, walking across a bridge towards camera.

220867           Troop Embarking at San Francisco

copyrighted 22Jun1898
Shot from behind spectators, including women  in hats, soldiers  embark at Embarcadero shed in full pack via the gangway.


220851           Trained Cavalry Horses
copyrighted 22Jun1898
In clearing, mounted horses doing exercises, falling to ground and getting up. Horses part of troop F, 6th US Cavalry.


220573           Roosevelt's Rough Riders Embarking for Santiago
copyright 22Jun1898 Edison
Soldiers in Spanish - American War uniforms, moving boxes towards a steamship on the dock.

220844           Packing Ammunitions on Mules, Cuba
copyright 5Aug1898
Loading boxes on mules, ships visible in harbour.


220846           Cuban Ambush
copyrighted 05Aug1898
Troops appear through thick foliage in front of damaged stone building.  Rifles are fired from building's.  One ambushers in building is shot and falls out.  He is shot by soldiers on ground.

220851           Major General Shafter
copyrighted 05Aug1898
Military bivouac, 5th army commander general Shafter wearing white helmet on horseback with escort on foot past camera.

220573           The Fleet Steaming Up North River
copyright 20Aug1898 Edison
New York City's welcome of Admiral  Sampson's fleet after the Battle of Santiago Bay.
Naval Battleship and cruisers followed by tugs steaming  up river, awaiting permission to act as mooring aides.
Detail of ships from side with troops aboard  as they moves past camera.


220573           Troops Making Military Road In Front Of Santiago
copyright 03Sep1898 Edison
Troops with pickaxes and shovels in jungle, about a dozen men, two supervise on horseback.

220846           General Lee's Procession, Havana
copyrighted 20Jan1899
High angle of parade with crowd watching in tree-lined avenue, probably in public park. Mounted troops followed by foot soldiers.

220846           Troops at Evacuation of Havana
copyrighted 20Jan1899
Shot over the heads of crowd watching, troops in formation pass in formation on front of stone building, leaving Cuba for the USA.  US and Cuban flags are visible.  Spectators also on roof of building.

220573           Astor battery On Parade
copyrighted 27Jan1899 Edison
On wide avenue, mounted policemen  followed by marching band, then soldiers carrying rifles.  Crowd watching from pavement and windows of building.
Spanish - American War

220573           Advance of Kansas Volunteers at Caloocan
copyrighted 05Jun1899 Edison
Troops in white uniforms waving flag and firing rifles through thick foliage.  American soldiers move  towards them, carrying US flag.  One US troop carrying flag  is shot, another picks up flag and waves it triumphantly as they move forward.

220573           Capture of the Trenches at Candaba (Canda Bar)
copyrighted 10Jun1899 Edison
Men in white uniform in trench surrounded by foliage firing rifles.  They retreat and American troops move into the trench, one soldier holding US flag, one on horseback.

220573           Skirmish of Rough Riders
copyrighted 10Jun1899 Edison
Rough riders lying on road next top downed horse, occasionally firing a pistol.  Mounted American officer in full regalia, carrying US flag, with other Rough Riders behind.  Mounted men move forward and fire, followed by infantry men who kneel and fire.

220576           President Roosevelt's Rough Riders
President Roosevelt leading about 50 rough riders galloping.  They reach camera and turn left of frame.


220844           Raising Old Glory Over Moro Castle
copyrighted 04Aug1899
Miniatures and painted backdrop of Moro Castle.
Replacing flag with US flag.


220632           Colonel Funstan (i.e. Funston) Swimming the Baglag River
copyright 23Sep1899
Colonel with other men on raft takes off  shirt, boots and dives into river towards rebels in white on river bank. Both sides fire rifles.  US soldiers on raft unfurl US flag and wave as Spanish leave.  US soldiers disembark. Staged


220537           Admiral Dewey  Receiving the Washington and New York Committees
 copyrighted 27Sep1899 Edison
Probably aboard Cruiser Olympia.
On deck of anchored flagship.  Admiral Dewey and aides awaiting arrival of dignitaries.
Same as 'Admiral Dewey on Deck of Flagship (?)

220537           Admiral Dewey  Taking Leave of  Washington Committees on the US cruiser 'Olympia'
copyrighted 27Sep1899 Edison
Admiral Dewey saying goodbye to VIPs on deck of anchored flagship.

220846           'Vizcaya' Under Full Headway
copyrighted 24Apr1903
Hull of ship with crew visible, going at great speed past camera.  Shot from dock ?

220846           Wounded Soldiers Embarking In Row Boats
copyrighted 24Apr1903
Short pier extending into sea, on which approx.  30 men in military uniform attempt to board a small boat, with difficulty as there is some surf.


220576           Wreck of the 'Vizcaya'
copyrighted 24 Aug 1903
Pan across a sunken ship's hull  can resting on the bottom of shallow waters.
Could be miniature with painted backdrop.

220846           US Battleship 'Oregon'
copyrighted 12Sep1903
Pan across large battleship moving on waters, some crew visible.

220851           Aguinaldo's Navy
View from river bank of Sampans and outrigger boats going back and forth carrying max 10 passengers, mostly poled along.  Most have masts and furled sails.  Building and palm trees in BG.


220851           Governor Roosevelt and Staff
Land parade honouring Admiral Dewey, NYC
Theodore Roosevelt leads military parade on horseback, buildings visible in BG.  All officers and military on horses.
Dewey Homecoming

220844           Historic Feat, An
Pack of mules swimming in river to shore, being herded by wranglers.

220573           Reviewing the 'Texas' At Grant's Tomb
Aboard vessel going North on Hudson River.  Grant's Tomb in foreground, tugboat.  Track to stern of large  anchored battleship with US flag on Flagstaff 'Texas' visible, we track alongside with sailors on deck gathered to look at camera.  Excursion steamer passes between camera boat and 'Texas' 

220573           Close View of the 'Brooklyn', Naval Parade
Side view of battleship with sailors on deck.
Spanish - American War.

220748           [Spanish American War - Mule Pack Train Past Camera]
Spanish American War.  Cowboys driving string of pack mules past camera left to right in fairly close.


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