220515          08:08:01 - 08:09:07 26Jul56                    Sd        B/W   

Suez Canal seized by Egyptians.
Nasser speech to announce nationalisation of Suez Canal. Crowd cheers.
Views Suez Canal with ships.


221088   16:09:24 - 16:10:22        16Aug/1956    Sd     B/W

Arabs Back Nasser On Suez Grab

Egyptian President Nasser at press conference after refusing to attend Suez Conference in London - Arab support for seizure of Suez Canal.  India's Krishna Menon & Soviet delegation headed by Foreign Minister Schebrelov [?] off plane in London for talks.  Newest British luxury airliner, BOAC 'Britannia', drafted to airlift extra troops to Mid-East bases as UN mediators - soldiers pose as they board plane.


220808          13:42:29 - 13:43:29 13Sep56           Sd     B/W

The President - Says US Won't Go To War Over Suez

Ike press conference -  opposes force on Suez Canal crisis.

Says the US would only go to war if Congress declared war, which could only be '... in the case of an unexpected and unwarranted attack on this nation where self-defence would dictate a quick response...'. Eisenhower rules out military action.


220684          22:37:44-22:38:30   1956 ?             Si     B/W   

[Cairo Meeting - Nasser]
Telenews: Cairo title.  Gamal Abdul Nasser & others out building; salutes & cameramen.  Sitting at long table; into car outside building & clasping hands in victory sign before driving through waving crowd. He stands in open top car with body guards in front.


221055          08:57:03 - 08:58:07 29Oct56            Sd     B/W

Near East Raid: Israeli Troops Attack Egypt

INT Israeli Parliament after attack on Egypt.  Israeli troops marching in review past PM David Ben Gurion - soldiers in jeeps & truck pulling torpedoes past camera - female soldiers march w/ rifles.  Egyptian Army parade w/ tanks through city.


220808          13:35:44 - 13:37:12 1956                 Sd     B/W   

Suez Crisis Eased By Conference
Tanks and military equipment stockpiled by British in Cyprus for shipment to Middle East and loaded onto ship in prevision of armed conflict with Egypt.
IndiaÍs Ambassador Krishna Menon off plane in Cairo.  PM  Robert Menzies of Australia.  Nasser with group.


220515          08:14:48 -  08:17:42               31Nov56     Sd        B/W   

War in Egypt - British and French Bomb its key cities. French and British prepare to move troops to Suez Canal. Egypt bombed by British jets.
Suez Canal with ships. President Nasser interviewed.
French units embarking at Marseilles. British troops embarking in Cyprus.
British troops board plane, wave goodbye.
War ships on  Eastern Mediterranean. British war planes flying, British bombers .
White House Eisenhower and Sec of State Dulles talking at desk. Ike speech declaring no US involvement in conflict & matter to be brought before UN.
Exterior UN building. Inside UN assembly.


220657          00:30:48 - 00:35:06 1956                 Si     B/W   

Suez Crisis
00:30:45 Exterior and interior United Nations building with delegates. Interior council chamber - delegates from Finland, Thailand, Greece, United Kingdom, Egypt, Abba Eban from Israel.  Various shots round chamber and previous shots repeated - cuts.
00:34:03 Aerials Suez Canal area  - Naval ships in port. British soldiers marching (Scots ?) Streets with British soldiers and native Egyptians.


220808          13:22:14 - 13:23:37 1956                 Sd     B/W   

Full-Scale War Looms In Middle East
Mid-east war looms on Gaza Strip / Negev Desert - vehicle wreckage on border area after fighting.   Bullet holes.  Captured weapons.  Sabotaged Yoshivya - Tel-Aviv railroad line.
UN Secretary General Dag Hammerskjold off plane (Egypt?), surrounded by journalists at airport and  talking with Nasser.  Soldiers carry dead body on stretcher after fighting.


220579          03:29:24 - 03:32:33 1956                 Si     B/W

Middle East War

Israeli tanks down street to cheering crowds.  Artillery  fired , smiling Israeli officer ends at 03:30:25.  Clip repeated twice more  (Suez)


220515          08:22:44 - 08:24:25 12Nov56           Sd     B/W   

Near East Crisis - Invasions Complete, UN Will Take Over
French, British and Israeli forces hold their positions as UN discussions go on re Suez Canal. Russians hint at volunteer forces being aired.
Port Said in smoke after bombing, sunken vessels in harbour. Sign ïPort Said Aerodromeî. Aftermath of attack: walls with bullet holes, destroyed buildings with people in windows smiling. Anglo-French forces in streets, shot from tank patrolling.


220515          08:29:31 - 08:31:01 15Nov56           Sd     B/W   

UN at Suez - Hammarskjold flies to head peace drive
UN secretary general Dag Hammarskjold boards plane. Devastated Port Said in aftermath of French - British bombing.  Burning buildings.  Man in street pulls two corpses on cartwheel.  Bodies lying in street, sheep next to bodies.  Egyptian troops walk by with military escort.  Tanks in streets as local population watches.
Canadian General E.L.M. Burns out of plane, to command UN forces.  Troops in jeep.  Sunken ships on canal. Farmers with donkey and cart.


220290          06:36:19 - 06:36:51 1956                 Sd     B/W   

News In Brief : Egypt UN Troops
Port Said - UN troops march through streets - soldiers mobbed by happy Egyptians. British soldiers attempt to bring order to crowd forcibly - UN troops and welcoming crowds.


220290          06:40:30 - 06:41:35 10Dec56           Sd     B/W   

Crisis Eased as UN Troops Occupy Suez

General Burns, UN Commander arrives in Port Said to confer on British evacuation - British troops, fusiliers on board boat. Docks - British troops boarding ship - ships blocking canal - salvage surveys - diver in deep sea gear lowered into canal - salvage operations.


220808          13:48:20 - 13:49:11 4Mar57            Sd     B/W   

Deadlock Ends - Israelis To Quit Egyptian Territory

Crowd outside Knesset awaiting decision re Gaza and Egypt.  Golda Meir at United Nations and others from Israeli delegations; Egypt delegation. 


220579          03:25:10 - 03:26:56 ??Mar57                   Si         B/W

UN in Gaza, Arabs Riot.  Demonstrator on rooftop - Egyptian flag.  UN troops.  Demonstration, crowd.  UN officer.  Arab demonstrators - man on rooftop with flag.  03:25:40 UN soldier looking through binoculars standing in front of UN flag.  Israeli army officer  - Chief military rabbi Goren.  Jerusalem - Israeli anti government demonstration (anti retreat) by Herut party (Begin's party).  Interior Israeli Parliament (Knesset) - oÍhead shot Prime Minister Ben Gurion speaking.  Night riots - man arrested. UN officers. Jeep with Israeli flag. Troops - tank.  Arab demonstration.

Middle East. [Suez invasion - retreat]



Background & Related Items


220780          18:15:20 - 18:18:27            Jan-Feb45  Color 

King Ibn-Saud on deck of President's cruiser, coffee served.  Ship thru Great Bitter Lake, Suez Canal.  Ibn-Saud transferred to cruised from President's cruiser.  Banks of canal.  President Roosevelt & civilians on deck.  Alexandria, Egypt.  Churchill coming aboard.  USS Gleaves (DD-423) escorting Presidents cruiser.  Algiers.  Gibraltar.|


220914          19:26:50 - 19:38:01  Sd. 1950s     Ike on Arab-Israel relations.

Press conference where Ike answers question re prevention of warfare in the Middle East. Re Russian influence in Middle East - says US has tried to befriend every nation in Middle East - that Arabs and Israelis need each other for trade etc. Asked question re Texas. Answers question re ' Modern Republicanism '  political philosophy - free enterprise - leadership. Asked whether there is knowledge of Russian moving arms to Mid East. Questions re economy.


220088          16:14:29 - 16:15:24   03Sep56            Si     B/W   

Answer to Suez: Venezuela Steps Up Oil Production. Aerial Venezuelan oil fields. Worders ont boats & drilling for oil. Aerials oil tankers in harbour.


220914          19:38:18 – 19:42:34            Sd        1957   Eisenhower Doctrine to Congress

Eisenhower Doctrine to Congress

Applause as Ike takes stand before Joint Session.  Speaker presents President - Ike thanks Vice President Nixon and Speaker. Ike speaks on Middle East situation - international Communism - Russia's desire to control Middle East - not oil but World domination.

Suez - Israel - Egypt




The following items are available on viewing tape. Masters can be obtained with four to six weeks delay approximately.


10.56.40            25Jun56   Sd. Egypt parades new red weapons;.|


12.10.40            06Aug56    Sd.  Fleet units to Suez;


12.33.05            09Aug56    Sd. Ike urges peaceful approach to Suez Canal seizure;


12.53.35            20Aug56    Sd. Nasser acclaimed by Egyptians and London conference on Suez impasse;


01.21.10            10Sep56    Sd. Suez deadlock;


01.33.50            17Sep56    Sd. Egyptian Suez crisis; Ike on farm;


01.40.30            20Sep56    Sd.  Dulles plan for Suez Canal approved;  


03.14.45            05Nov56    Sd. Egypt Cease-fire; |


03.42.30            19Nov56    Sd. UN Troops Take Posts Along Suez;


03.49.20            22Nov56    Sd Ships clutter Suez; UN at Suez;


04.04.00            29Nov56    Sd. British start Suez withdrawal. British warships enter partly-cleared Port Said harbour. Israel displays large stocks of modern Russian arms captured by Egypt.


04.17.40            06Dec56    Sd. UN troops in Egypt;


05.03.10            24Dec56    Sd. Highlights on 1956. Suez Crisis. Egypt's seizure of Suez Canal and purchase of Red Arms brought war in the mid-East.  Israeli forces attacked the Sinai Peninsula and Anglo-French troops attacked to seize the canal – halted by the UN action in which US and USSR joined. A UN emergency police force emerged from thecrisis.


05.52.30            17Jan57    Sd. Suez clearing rushed;


06.40.20            11Feb57    Sd. Israeli demonstrate against UN order to evacuate the Gaza Strip


06.47.10            18Feb57    Sd.  Israel-Egyptian impasse & Suez nearly opened


07.23.20            11Mar57   Sd.  U.N. in Gaza; Arabs Riot;


07.30.00            14Mar57    Gaza crisis;|


07.44.35            21Mar57   Sd.  US & GB meet in Bermuda after Suez crisis;


 07.51.20           25Mar57  Sd. Mid-East tensions;|


07.58.00             27Mar57  Sd. Tug Edgar Bonnet cleared from Suez Canal





Si.                                 John Foster Dulles visiting ?? in Middle East w/ Nixon. Egypt(?).  Nasser #328  00:12:42|


Sd./Si.                           1) Dulles at desk speaks about trip with Stassen, talks about demonstrations & welcome.  Talks of Egypt as serious trouble spot, want to get British out of Suez.  Talks of visit to Israel; visit to India.  4) Eisenhower at airport  boarding plane.  #328  01:14:04|


Si/Sd.                            1) Dulles arrival home from Geneva.  In Geneva.  Delegates arrive w/ Eden, Dulles, Mendes-France,. 8) Egypt & Nasser w/ ?? signing.  355  01:04:25|


Si.                                 5) Nasser receiving ?? military VIPS.  Nasser presents medals to Saudi Arabian sheiks (?) 10) USA exhibit at Ethiopia international fair.  Police beating people for taking posters


Si.                                 7) Egypt, Nasser at airport boarding & inspecting new plane. #382 00:00:00|


Si.                                 4) Cairo Egypt & military parade reviewed by Nasser. 13) Cairo, Egypt.  Plane arrival w/ USSR representative.  #383 00:24:15|


Si.                                 Nasser speaking to large crowd.  MCU.#384 00:21:23|


Si.                                 7) Nasser speaking.  8) Large empty street w/ buses parked, stores shut.  #384 01:49:06|


Sd. 3) Sd.  Crowd and Nasser speaking.  Arab civilians & military listen. Cheering crowd.  Suez crisis time. POV from train.  #385 00:45:51|


Si.                                 7) Nasser at night up steps into ?  American (?), Indian and others to meet re Suez crisis. Leaving.  Women boarding British European Airways plane. #385 01:28:48|


Si. 3) Nasser w/ others & US or British, hand shaking.  5) Israel, crowd of  Orthodox Jews carrying body through street


Si.                                 Suez canal, ship, Egyptians, pilot boat.   London demonstration & street parade.  Meeting.  Canal.  Ship Statue of Liberty thru. #386 00:07:34|


Si. 11) Suez canal & liner, tanker & pilots board. #386 00:19:16|


Sd. 1) 6) Cairo, Egypt  United Nations delegation arrival.  Arabs and others around table re Suez. #386 01:06:37|


Si.                                 12) Cairo, Egypt VIPs arrive & greeted by Nasser.  Others arrive on TWA flight.  Cairo, canal pilots in office (Universal Suez Canal Company?).  Ships in canal. #387 00:00:00|


Si.  4) Egypt & troops through streets, field.  General.  Prisoners.  Guns along Suez Canal.  5) Egypt troops, border checkpoint.  Captured Egyptians, hospital & wounded.  Repairing railroad.   6) Egypt & border of Rafa.  Barbed wire, destroyed vehicles.  Dead.  Israelis (?) & prisoners.  UN vehicles. 8) #388 00:43:46|


Si.                                 3)  Israel or Egypt (?) Plane low over tents of military.  Soldiers cleaning weapons, load accordion, cross border. #388 00:51:15|


Si.                                 1) United Nations w/ CU of delegates Canada, New Zealand, USSR & general assembly shots.  Lodge at podium. Others.  Egypt delegates.  Abba Eban of Israel.  Paraguay rep.  Ext. & more interior.  2) Israel & girls reading newspaper.  Sorting ?? into military packs.  6) Suez Canal w/ ship flying New Zealand flag.  Military VIPs off plane.  Troops w/ packs & gear.  English?  9) Delegates in General Assembly.  France, Egypt, Israel, UK, USA. Dulles at podium.  #388 01:03:41|


Si/Sd.   Sunken ships in Suez canal.  Burning buildings.  Troops along edge.   British unloading trucks from LST Empire ?  Royal Navy helicopters taking off, landing. Wounded. People on streets.  Tanks in streets & destroyed buildings.  Dead.  Fires.   Troop ship Empire Ken docked, troops & prisoners. #388 01:27:00|


Si.   Checkpoint and troops Egyptian (?) patrolling.  Town and POV from car.  Arabs by bus, kids mug for camera.  Destroyed camp.  Israel flag flying on pole.    UN plane & military VIPs off.  Golda Meir at mic in Knesset (?).  Swissair and troops off plane. #388 01:55:38|


Sd.  UN Security Council, French spokesman sends warning to Israel and Egypt that they will join forces with the English to protect freedom of passage through Suez Canal.  Soviet rep speaks in Russian. Shots various members.  Egypt speaks in French.  UK rep re possible fighting and warning to Egypt and Israel. US rep reads resolution calls on Israel to withdraw from occ. Territory. #389 00:17:45|


Sd.          2) #389 00:45:55| Security Council voting. 

           3) Aba Eban speaks. #389 00:27:53|         Si. UN Security Council, Yugoslavia speaking in French re Suez problem.  US rep speaking re EgyptÍs sovereignty and Suez Canal problem.  Suez is international waterway and Egypt does not have right to prevent passage.


Sd.             UN Security Council.  Australia rep speaks re Middle East, Israel / Egypt.  Vote on Draft resolution.  Secretary General re duties of S.G.  Yugoslavia reports that British and French have bombed Egypt.  Says that there are joint acts of aggression against Egypt by Israel and British with French.  Says Anglo-French aggression endangers World peace.  France speaks re Middle East.  Yugoslavia calls for emergency meeting of General Assembly. #389 00:57:15|


Si.              #389 01:22:39 Internment / prison camp.  Egyptians behind barbed wire.  Sick on stretcher carried from hut.  Prisoners roll call.  Guard towers.

01:26:45 Suez ? British officer?  French? Soldiers at train station with kit laid out.


Si.             #389 01:28:57| Captured Arms displayed. Telenews Egypt : AV Canal.  Troops on landing craft – march past. 


Si.              #389 01:31:22| Suez crisis : ? troops in camouflage waiting at airport.  Troops boarding transport plane.  Interior plane with paratroops.  Parachutes as jumping.  VS Naval task force at sea.   On board, soldiers with equipment, climbing down landing nets.   Troops in landing craft head for shore.  Port Said?  VG shots as troops wade ashore.  Smoke rising from bombed shoreline.  Tanks down street.  Egyptian prisoners.  Troops in jeeps in streets.  Warships in canal.  Plane bombs ?.  Sunken ships in canal VG.


Si./Sd. Anthony Eden presser before leaving on sick leave / Night shots Eden and wife out of car, through press and to plane.  Eden and wife leave No.10


Si.               4) Grounds of hospital, Israel ambulances.  Stretchers loaded and put into American Red Cross ambulances w/ stretchers.  Airport.   6) Israel flags flying, Arabs sitting outdoors and listening as Israeli and Arab speak from behind table. 11) United Nations plane arriving and UN military officers off.  Moshe Dayan talking to reporters on airfield, UN plane arriving (repeat of before) Greeted and walked to ??  Meeting w/ Dayan at sandbagged building.  Leaving. #390 00:12:31|


Si.                 Egypt, UN troops at canal, filling

sandbags.  UN Troops arrive in trucks and tanks Moshe Dayan at airport, greets UN VIPs. Dayan with VIPs discuss over map. / John Foster Dulles arrives by plane. #390 00:42:24|


DBVT             Si. UN troops march down Suez? Or Port Said? street.  Various troops different nationalities wandering round town.  Woolworths.  Street scenes.  British soldiers stencil box.  Brits on board troopship Dilwara.  Boarding ship. Unid high-ranking VIPs met from planes – off in UN jeeps and cars. British soldiers loading troopships. Sunken ships in Suez Canal. Blockade, frogmen. Troopship.  #390 00:45:28|


Si./Sd              Possibly Israeli troops crossing border, Sinai desert Israeli airforce , crew boards jets Jets in flight. #390 00:59:03|


Si./Sd.               UN taking vote on draft resolution. Speaker reads out roll call of countries votes. Reps milling around and leaving / Opening new city – high rise flats – ribbon cut by VIP crowds entering Caracas Venezuela???? / Tracking shot down country road lined with old cannon. Brief street scenes? / Egypt, mass Israeli? funeral, mourning . #390 01:05:31|


Si.                 #390 01:23:05| Suez? Frogmen. VIP on board ship. British troops in raided? newspaper office? Looking at photographs and pamphlets.  Weapon demonstration of flame thrower.  Poor quality unid. Conference arrivals and departures possibly Greece? Nehru leaving building – where?


Si.                  [British soldiers stencilling boxes; boarding  ship; arrival in Cyprus or Egypt ??? past Casino Palace Hotel;  Aircraft carrier in harbour;  Jeeps along roads w/ United Nations troops; Port Said sign, troops on train.  Freighter out of harbour; Tanks thru Egypt street.  Break down door and arrest men. #390 01:31:12|


Si. Desert, camels, drilling for oil / St Peters, Pope Pius gives blessing, meeting with cardinals, speaks from Vatican throne.   #390 01:40:44|


Si. #391 00:00:00|  Egyptians on streets cheering as UN troops march down street.  Officer inspects. Troops entertained.  Crowds on streets.  Monk into launch, landing craft.  Trucks with refugees.  Red Cross ship at anchor.  British troops pack kitbags.  British troops on board ship – thumbs up.  Troops leaving.  Night scenes . 00:09:53 Sunken ships in Suez Canal, blockade.


Si. #391 00:13:19| Steam Train. Telenews: Egypt VS ships in canal.  Collapsed bridge?  Frogman prepares to dive. 

00:14:42 News from abroad.  AV mountain range.  Anti-aircraft gun.  Israeli flag run up on ship.  00:15:29 Egypt : Sunken ships in Suez Canal.  Ship Nameplate Tyne / Rotterdam


Si. #391 00:28:52|  Unid. Man takes oath.  00:29:40 Telenews Egypt.  Troops patrol street, question civilians.  UNRWA Milk and Supply feeing centre.  Daraj.  Kids leave with cans of milk.  Unid. Men in office.  Signing. Ext. building?

00:31:36 Telenews – Egypt.  Suez Canal, Liner Kyoto.  Tug pulling liner.  Damaged buildings. Dead buried??


Si. #391 00:32:58|  Civilians leaving Egypt.  Queue on dockside to register with British army, inc. kids and women.  Injured carried on stretcher. 


Si.               #391 00:47:08 Telenews : Egypt / Suez  British troops boarding transport ship.  Street demonstration.  Egyptians welcome UN troops. 

Egypt: Effigy hung in street, under portrait Nasser.  Street demo.  Cartoons.  Press briefing by UN Army officer.  Troops at Pyramids.


Sd.                #391 01:03:35|  Ike speaks on role of United Nations re Hungary and Middle East. Speaks re relations between US and France and Britain over Suez crisis.


Si./Sd.             #391 01:15:05| Treaty room, PresidentÍs seal. Press and cameramen. Ike speaks re Middle East


Si.                  #391 01:19:11| 5) Toops in camouflage advancing across mud flats, prisoners taken.  Large cartons w/ bodies (?) taken off on landing craft.  UN vehicles.  6) Patrolling deserted Cairo (?) streets.  United Nations vehicles through streets.  Military VIPS shake hands in street.  Into building.


Si.                  #391 01:35:49 Pilot signs?  VS Fighter planes in flight and firing over desert. 


Si.                  #391 01:42:44 Plane in flight.  Slo-mo firing multiple rockets.  Pilot pulls canopy over cockpit.  Other planes in flight.


Sd.                   #391 01:50:46|  Ike Addresses Congress – State of the Union. 


Si.                   11) Egypt w/ Nasser, Sheik, ?? around Arab leaders around table signing. 12) Nasser greeting Saudi Sheiks at airport. #392 00:50:54|


Si.                   5) Israel flag raised.  Border & convoy arrives and prisoners released or exchanged w/ UN guards watching. #392 01:43:04|


Si. 8) Demonstrators march filling streets w/ English & Hebrew banners demanding free passage thru Suez to Eilat. (V30 #15?) #393 00:10:16|


Si.                     4) Israel  Prisoner release or exchange.  10) Tanks, soldiers riding grain combines.   #393 00:23:54|


Si./Sd.  2) Saudi sheik arrives  and greeted by Arabs.  Motorcade.  On throne, reception w/ others Arabs.  3) Saudi sheik greeted by Nasser. 11) Hussein of Jordan present.  #393 01:51:36|


Si.                   6) Israel  Harbor and ships unloading goods from Germany, England. Swish pan to Saudi Sheik, Nasser, King Hussein and others signing ?   #394 00:15:17|


Si. 9) Egypt Arabs past camera on train cars waving and yelling.  UN soldiers.  Arabs unload bags from freight cars.  Camels loaded with goods.  #394 00:41:42|


Si./Sd.                 3) Egypt ships moving in Suez.  Nasser & press.  4) Aerial over ??.  Tunis Airlines Plane arrives & VIP Arabs off.  Reviewing troops. Into palace grounds.  Banner Miramar.  Beach & off helicopter.  Flags.  (GOOD) #395 00:11:14|


Si.                7) Egypt & President Jackson on Suez  #395 01:01:08|



Background items on viewing tape. (Masters can be obtained within 3-5 weeks).


10.56.40        25Jun56         Sd.       Egypt parades new red weapons;




            Si.        2) Troops at dock moving large bags as ship unloads timbers.  Small ship Veritas being loaded.  Freighter & tanker thru Suez canal w/ troops on shore.  Native dhows.  Searching cars & Arabs. Troops off plane. Street scene.  4) Checking press credentials at Key West, Florida press conference. Journalists taking notes.  Truman in casual shirt. (GOOD) #281 00:53:05|


            Si.        7) Moroccan head & other Arab leaders at formal table, Saudi Arabia (?).  8) Demonstrators march filling streets w/ English & Hebrew banners demanding free passage thru Suez to Eilat. (V30 #15?) 10) Austria and police pushing demonstrators.  People in windows shaking fists.  Burning ??  #393 00:10:16|


01:28:45                    0224 A            Pierre's Cairo material

Daily activities, Port Said, Cairo and the Suez Canal include King Faruk I and other officials review a funeral service procession; people at a horse race; Italy's Army troops arrive and march through streets. First Battalion, Seaforth Highlanders of Great Britain Army's Scottish Regiment and Third Battalion, Grenadier Guards in reviews.


01:40:58 - 01:52:51            0224 B           Pierre's Cairo material

Italian troop transports `Piemonte,' and `Pozzuli'in Suez Canal and `Saturnia' at Port Said. Waterfront activities. Statues. Cotton field workers. Irrigation pump powered by oxen and camels.

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