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21:00:07-        UFOs:  Documentary "Of Saucers & Believers" Reel 1

21:12:??-        UFOs: Saucers & Believers" Reel 2?

21:24:43-        Sighting:  15Aug50 Great Falls, MT R1

21:25:15-        Sighting:  02Jul52 Tremonton, UT

21:26:20-        Sighting:  15Aug50 Great Falls, MT R2

21:27:14-        Sighting:  28Jul59 Corpus Christie, TX

21:28:52-        Sighting:  29Jul52 Osceola, WI

21:30:03-        Sighting:  16Nov52 Landrum, SC

21:30:57-        Sighting:  03Mar53 Luke AFB, AZ

21:31:52-        Sighting:  05-10Dec57 Cincinnati, OH

21:34:59-        Sighting:  12Dec57 Duncansville, TX

21:38:01-        Sighting:  01-10Jan59 River Forest, IL

21:38:23-        Sighting:  25Apr60  Shelby, MT

21:41:25-        Sighting:   09Aug64  Colorado Springs, CO

21:42:29-        Sighting:   06-09Mar67 Galesburg, IL; Moline, IL

21:45:24-        Sighting:  07Jun60  Champaign, IL

21:45:42-        Sighting:  Jan67    Camarillo, CA

21:46:45-        Sighting:  19Mar67  Yonkers, NY

21:48:12-        Sighting:  18Nov67  Covington, IN

21:29:24-        Sighting:  01Dec57  Montebello, CA


221057          11:00:10 - 11:09:05            1940s - 1997           SD        COL      Washington DC; Roswell, NM The Roswell Reports  [Part 1]
Newspaper headline - Roswell Daily Record - 'RAAF Captures Flying Saucer On Ranch in Roswell Region'; VS many books on the 'Roswell Incident'; 'UFO Museum'; brief shot of bogus 'alien autopsy' film; 'New Mexico' magazine cover.  VO 'despite the vested interest a questionable credibility of all sources involved in generating the media hype, the US Air Force is routinely accused of concealing a deep, dark secret from the American people'.  Newspaper clippings inc. 'Busting the Balloon of a Real-Life 'X-File' re case reopened in 1994 by NM Congressman Steven Schiff to determine whether US govt. held information regarding alleged crash of UFO & alien crew in Roswell in July 1947.
11:01:30  AV Pentagon.  INT man & woman opening file in records vault - shelves.  Cover of completed report; map of Roswell; pages of report w/ VO describing finding: not remains of alien craft found, but wreckage from top secret 'Mogul' research project 'to accoustically detect suspected Soviet nuclear explosions & ballistic launches'.
11:02:25  Good LS nuclear test explosion & mushroom cloud [col].  US WWII battleship burning after Pearl Harbor attack -  Early Warning System then main priority.  VS equipment used in Mogul tests - attached to weather balloons - launched by two men.  Newspaper headline as before re discovery by rancher of 'flying disc' - actually Mogul equipment.  Stills of US airmen w/ debris - identified as radar targets & weather balloons.  Headline 'Gen. Ramey Empties Roswell Saucer...Excitement Not Justified'.
11:04:00  Intertitles: 'Alien Bodies and the Roswell Incident' - no claims of alien bodies made when wreckage found in 1947 - titles summarise claims made by UFO enthusiasts from 1970s onwards re transportation of alien bodies to Roswell AAF hospital, intimidation of civilians by military etc.  Graphic showing documents  found after publication of 1994 report - more info to explain theories of alien bodies - second report written to take them into account.
11:06:39  Air Force activity of type misunderstood by witnesses c1950s [col] - balloon unit - pilot into test balloon.  Military funeral 1980s - 'exploitation of air force members killed or injured in the line of duty'.
11:07:13  Rest of film devoted to Five Main Conclusions of 2nd report.  First conclusion:  military operations misinterpreted - AV crash site in desert; 'aliens' actually anthropomorphic dummies - stills of military dummies in use - shows 1980s TV commercial w/ talking crash test dummies w/ slogan 'You Could Learn a Lot from a Dummy - Buckle Your Safety Belt'
Extra Terrestrials.  UFOs.  Flying Saucers.  Aliens.  Hoaxes.  Legends.  Myths.  Conspiracy Theories.

221057          11:09:06 - 11:17:40            1940s - 1997           SD        COL      Holloman afb, Roswell, NM    The Roswell Reports  [Part 2]
Colour shots of 1950s military dummies in use - good shots of dummy out of plane in ejector seat, launched on high-altitude balloons & parachuted to ground; test pilot Joseph Kittinger [?] who made three bail-outs from high altitude balloons after dummy tests; CUs magazine covers National Geographic, Life & Time.
11:10:46  Poster of 1956 film 'On the Threshold of Space' - stills of Air Force collaborating on the movie - dummy seen in BG.
11:11:10  Report conclusion 3 - military units seen in Roswell area were on the scene so quickly because they were recovering high alititude balloons & test dummies.  Entrance sign Holloman Air Force Base ; AVs balloon recovery; b/w shots of balloon unit preparing balloon & stills of experimental payload inc. satellite equipment; entrance Roswell Industrial Air Center; map of White Sands missile range near Roswell where balloons recovered; good colour stills of balloon payloads / satellite equipment landed in desert.
11:13:54  Entrance to 'Holloman Air Development Center' - 1950s? - b/w stills of AAF recovery vehicles - 'the exact vehicles described as having been present at the crashed 'saucer' sites'.  Further colour shots of balloon experiments 1960s.  Stills showing AAF Balloon Branch personnel posing w/ local people - good relations, no intimidation.
11:15:12  Downed balloon in trees - crowds of locals.  1980s local news footage showing balloon in sky & in desert after coming down; news crew film parachute w/ payload coming down & unmarked silver box on ground - AAF personnel pull up in truck - explain purpose of balloon to interviewer - 'thank goodness it was one of ours'.  Larger tethered balloons in sky launched from Holloman - looks like blimp - drawing of 'alien' craft in UFO book similar to tethered balloon.
Extra Terrestrials.  UFOs.  Flying Saucers.  Aliens.  Hoaxes.  Legends.  Myths.  Conspiracy Theories.

221057          11:17:41 - 11:24:43            1940s - 1997           SD        COL      WALKER AFB. Roswell, NM    The Roswell Reports  [Part 3]
Report conclusion 4 - red-headed Captain said to have intimidated civilians in 1947 was probably balloon test pilot Col. Kittinger.  Colour shots of Kittinger climbing out of balloon module after high altitude flights in 1957 & 1962; no evidence he intimidated civilians - still of Kittinger w/ Eisenhower; shots of Kittinger making record parachute jump from 20 miles up, 16Aug60 - in cockpit of fighter plane during Vietnam War; still of Kittinger making first solo balloon crossing of Atlantic,1984.
11:19:20  Report conclusion 5 - exploitation of dead personnel ˝to perpetuate the alleged sightings of alien bodiesţ - 1980s military funeral - bodies in Roswell AAF Hospital were result of vars air accidents - 1956 newspaper headline ´11 Walker Airmen Die In Tanker Crash═ - b/w shot KC-97 tanker aircraft in refuelling flight - stills of Walker Air Force Base [Roswell renamed in 1948] where burned bodies taken. 
11:20:46  Still of crew in manned balloon involved in accident 1959 near Walker AFB; USAF chase helicopter in flight; Kittinger; Walker AFB Hospital; stills of injured Capt. Fulgum w/ swollen head & injury record sheet - later stills of Fulgum as NASA test parachutist & F-4 pilot in Korean War.
11:22:35  Conclusion - VS balloon experiments, dummies etc. - ˝Incident exposed as a conglomeration of many eventsţ.  Stills of early US flight & AAF leaders through the years.
11:23:32  Black F-117A Stealth bomber  flying wing fighter take off; in flight at night - infra red air to air shots - CU weapons guiding screen.  Space rocket take off.  Fighter jets fly over. VO re dedication of USAF staff.
Extra Terrestrials.  UFOs.  Flying Saucers.  Aliens.  Hoaxes.  Legends.  Myths.  Conspiracy Theories.

221060          02:21:02 - 02:32:21            1950s SIL       COL      Roswell area, NM?     The Roswell Reports  [Unedited Balloon Footage]
[Unedited footage of high-altitude balloon tests - part of film footage collected by USAF in the process of gathering research materials to prepare "The Roswell Reports" in 1994 and 1997, examining alleged UFO crash at Roswell, New Mexico in July 1947.  Material also used in final edited video report made in 1997 to accompany publication of second report.]
USAF Balloon Unit personnel preparing high-altitude balloon for flight at air base; balloon inflated, man almost lets go of balloon & has to be helped by others; balloon released.  Larger silver weather balloon inflated outside hangar.  Payload equipment attached to balloon; several servicemen holding ropes before releasing balloon - vars pieces of equipment attached to ropes.  High-altitude balloon released - flies away,
02:26:50  AVs above desert - balloon flies past.  More AVs showing New Mexico ? desert, air base, & balloon landing site.
02:27:31  VS Balloon Unit personnel inflate large balloon laid out across airstrip; crew run across airfield as balloon launched.
Very good colour.

220708  05:33:51 – 05:38:43        Major General John A Samford's Statement on Flying Saucers    31Jul52 Sd.

         MS, doughnut shaped piece of cloth suspended by a wire. CU, Gen Samford, USAF Intelligence Chief, discusses the "flying saucer" because he says it is an obligation of the Air Force to investigate anything in the air that might prove a threat to the nation.  His findings are that the bulk of the 12,000 reports received are hoaxes.  He credits others as being the result of aircraft or meteorological and astronomical phenomena.  He reveals that there is a certain percentage of credible observations but there is not pattern or measurement for analysis.  His conclusions are that they represent no threat to us.  He adds that flying saucers are not the result of a secret development by any US agency.  A civilian seated at the desk is addressed by off-screen interrogator as Maj Kehoe (?) and queried on the origin of his book, "Flying Saucers Are Real".  Kehoe states his belief that "flying saucers are of inter-planetary origin and cites a report of pilots who encountered the objects.


221016  10:06:08—10:20:35         04Aug52 Longines Chronoscope With Willy Ley

         Television Interniew:  Introduced by Frank Knight; William Bradford Huie, Editor of American Mercury and Henry Hazlitt, Newsweek Contributing Editor talk to Willy Ley, scientist and author of 'Rockets, Missiles and Space Travel' about Flying Saucers.  Ley details vars explanations he considers obsolete inc. secret army experiments and secret experiments of Russians.  Talks about spacecraft of interplanetary origin - 'I am not principally opposed to an Alien spaceship landing tomorrow and teaching us something [but] I don't think they have visited us yet'; 'flying saucers' not a new phenomenon; often lost USN observation balloons.

         10:14:38  Asked what percentage of sightings are hoaxes; 'Right now, if you report seeing a flying saucer you open yourself up to ridicule...'; public should contact military not press.

         10:15:48  Space travel problems 'solved' except for financial implication. Asked if he expects to see space travel in lifetime; 'Yes, I hope so. As a matter of fact I am practically certainţ; urgency of advancing space travel developments for military defence purposes.   

         10:18:02  Sponsor's advertisement for Longines-Wittnauer wristwatches inc. CU vars watches on revolving stand.


221092   16:00:21—16:11:04  R1  Color  Sd         Disc Flight Development: Avrocar 1 Progress Report  [Part 1 of 2]

         01Feb58-01May59.  Aerial Avro Facility at Malton, Ontario; MS main building facade w/ Avro sign.  INT engineers consulting plans - draftsmen at drawing boards.  Prototype of the Avrocar, a saucer-shaped hovercraft vehicle, wheeled out of hangar; VO re capabilities of Avrocar design.  Series of shots of full scale Avrocar mockup being constructed of wood - engines & fuel tanks fitted.  Scale model of Avrocar being built and tested in Avro wind tunnel.  1/5 scale model of Avrocar being tested in wind tunnel at Wright Air Development Center.  Full scale 20-foot segment of the peripheral nozzle and outer portion of wing being constructed and tested for propulsion and control - includes control room scenes and automatic recording equipment.  Man operating a skeleton hovering Avrocar model.

         16:08:33  Analog computer and oscillograph.  Several shots of men working at drawing boards.  Series of shots showing manufacture and assembly of first Avrocar and installation of associated equipment.


221092  16:11:05—16:19:17  R2   Disc Flight Development: Avrocar 1 Progress Report  [Part 2 of 2]

         Avrocar construction scenes cont═d.  Shell removed from assembly jig.  Turbo-rotor assembled & installed by Oranda Engine Co.  Series of shots of aircraft systems test [noise of tests & engineers═ voices heard].  Final construction process.  First Avrocar being weighed and moved from manufacturing area to test area - two months ahead of schedule.


220746  06:05:40—06:07:09  B/W  Sd. ca1959  Avrocar Flying Saucer Unveiled

         Scale model of vertical take off and landing research vehicle, looks like flying saucer.  Two men with model at drawing board.  Avrocar in flight with two pilots.  Hovers above ground.  Various shots making manoeuvres a few feet above ground.


221093  18:00:01—18:10:09  Color Si. 01Jun60-14Jun61  Avrocar Continuation Test Programme & Terrain Test Programme  [Part 1 of 2]

         01Jun60-14Jun61  Coverage of the Avrocar, a saucer-shaped hovercraft vehicle with new transition control.  Flight demonstrations displaying its ability to operate from ground cushion to in-flight over unprepared terrain and ditches.  Modification of the Avrocar control system at the Avro facility.  Series of shots of Avrocar being installed in static test rig and testing new control system.  MLS aircraft in tethered flight over ramp.  Series of shots of Avrocar being fueled; vertical takeoff; hovering; free flight over concrete, gravel and grass surfaces; ditches and landing.  Shows Avro test pilot operating aircraft over various types of terrain and natural obstacles before a contractual group of engineers, and USAF pilot flying the aircraft.


221093  18:10:10—18:19:50  Color Si. Avrocar Continuation Test Programme & Terrain Test Programme

            [Part 2 of 2]

            Continued as per Part 1 - Avro test pilot operating hovercraft over various types of terrain etc.            CUs USAF pilot.


220792  10:10:10—10:20:41  Color Si.  16Aug60  Project Excelsior - Part 1 of 3 - Kittinger's stratospheric balloon jump

         Coverage of Project Excelsior including scenes of high altitude parachute jumps, dummy drops from balloon, jumps from C-123 and C-130 aircraft, preparations for flight and Capt Joseph Kittinger jumping from balloon.  Gondola and balloon above the clouds. Capt Joseph Kittinger stepping out of gondola and free falling away from the camera. Horizon from camera carried by Capt Kittinger during jump. 

         10:11:21 Dummy drop - Inflated balloon ready for launch. Frame with two parachute dummies hanging from crane hook.  Launch of balloon and release of frame with dummies.  Balloon and payload rising. MLS & LS from camera on dummy on framework looking up at balloon and  of release and fall-away of dummy.  Horizon from camera on falling dummy. 

         10:13:15 Camera on dummy showing deployment of parachute.  Dummy and parachute landing in desert.

         10:14:03  Dummy being dropped by C-123 in flight to left.  Dummy falling away from camera and deployment of parachutes.

         10:15:24 Preparations for actual jump - Capt Kittinger's equipment.  Kittinger putting on jump clothing and equipment. Kittinger entering altitude and temperature chamber.  Kittinger in gondola in temperature chamber & coming out.


220792  10:20:42—10:33:07  Color Si.  16Aug60  Project Excelsior - Part 2 of 3 - Kittinger's stratospheric balloon jump

         Coverage of Project Excelsior including scenes of high altitude parachute jumps, dummy drops from balloon, jumps from C-123 and C-130 aircraft, preparations for flight and Capt Joseph Kittinger jumping from balloon.  Man jumping from C-130, free fall and parachute deployment.  Horizon from camera carried by jumper. Jumper falling with stabilisation chute and landing.

         10:23:00 Capt Kittinger walking out of transfer van.  Night - Kittinger breathing oxygen, putting on equipment and getting into gondola on a truck.  Preparations for attaching gondola to balloon.  Sign: THIS IS THE HIGHEST STEP IN THE WORLD. Inflation of balloon.  Crane lifting gondola off of truck.  Release of balloon and lift-off of gondola.  CH-21A (H-21A) helicopter in flight over launch area.  Balloon and gondola rising.   Kittinger in gondola.  Balloon and gondola rising.

         10:30:29 Kittinger stepping out of gondola and falling away from camera.  Horizon from split-frame camera carried by Capt Kittinger during jump.  Kittinger on parachute. 


220792  10:33:07—10:45:36  Color  Si.  16Aug60  Project Excelsior - Part 3 of 3 - Kittinger═s stratospheric balloon jump

         Coverage of Project Excelsior including scenes of high altitude parachute jumps, dummy drops from balloon, jumps from C-123 and C-130 aircraft, preparations for flight and Capt Joseph Kittinger jumping from balloon.  Night scene of technicians working on gondola.  Kittinger talking with MSgt G.A. Post.  Kittinger having picture taken near gondola.  Technicians unrolling plastic balloon.  Kittinger getting into gondola.  Dawn - Inflation of balloon.  Release of balloon.  Kittinger in gondola.  Release and ascent of gondola.  Balloon and gondola rising above clouds.  Kittinger in gondola.  Balloon and gondola rising.

         10:39:40 Kittinger stepping out of gondola and falling away from camera towards clouds. Horizon from camera carried by Capt Kittinger during jump.  Parachute deploying and Capt Kittinger landing in desert.   USAF personnel helping Capt Kittinger out of heavy clothing and equipment.  Kittinger getting into CH-21A (H-21A) and takeoff.


220792  10:00:03—10:10:00  Color Si.  16Aug60  Excelsior III, Kittinger's Jump - Reel 2

         Coverage of Operation Excelsior III in which Capt. Kittinger parachuted from a stratospheric balloon gondola at 103,000 feet for a world's record.  Gondola starting to rise.  H-21 helicopter circling descending parachute.  Earth seen from gondola camera during descent through clouds.  Blanket of clouds seen from above.  Capt. Kittinger jumping from gondola. (quite small and at edge of frame)  Canister and reel of wire dropping from gondola.


221015  08:19:17—08:33:37         Longines Chronoscope with Milton Rosen

         01Dec54 Television Interview:  Introduced by Frank Knight; CBS News Correspondents Larry Leseur and Lou Chuffey interview Milton Rosen, Head of Rocket Development for Naval Research Laboratories in Washington.  Talks re possibility of space travel.  Model of Viking rocket on desk described.  Explains difference between rockets and missiles.  Explains satellites and uses in scientific studies, says he thinks military uses of potential satellites has been overrated.  Practicality of sending men up in rocket.  Mostly MCUs and CUs; bookshelves in BG and plaque on wall ´Longines: The World's Most Honored Watch'.

         08:28:18  Talks of problems re possibility of going to the moon.  Asked re benefits of going to the moon. 

         08:30:07  Asked re flying saucers (UFOs) following sightings in Italy: sceptical.

         08:30:55  Wrap up and Sponsors advertisement for Longines-Wittnauer wristwatches inc. CU vars watches pass camera R-L.


221059  01:25:58- 01:30:07         UFO Interview

         Interview with USAF officers Lt Col Lawrence J Tacker & Major Hector Quintanella Jr. re Project Blue Book - objectives 'to try to determine if the UFO phenomenon presents a threat to the security of the United see if the UFO phenomenon exhibits any technological advances which could be channeled into USAF research & development'.  Mentions unsolved cases at Wright-Patterson AFB.  Deny USAF hiding information from American public 'nothing in the records to indicate we have been visited by any advance civilisations'.  Most UFO sightings from 'patriotic citizens who have been mystified by what they have seen'.  Suggest astronomers best placed to interpret what they see.  'Other countries place the burden of truth on the observer and not on the Air Force'. 


Other, Related items on master

220728     09:10:52 - 09:11:15  Yesterdays big story:  1936 Pancake Plane Sd.

220509     01:33:50 - 01:34:42  Oct38 Orson Welles War of Worlds Press Conference, edited.

220509     01:08:35 - 01:15:45  Oct38 Orson Welles War of Worlds Press Conference outtakes.

221016     10:02:04 - 10:02:39  11Aug52  Flying saucers made to order. Sd.

221016     09:29:03 - 09:32:26   ca 1953  Space fashions & food.|

220778     16:22:45 - 16:23:29  19Apr54  Seattle pock-marked windshields.

220290     06:23:44 - 06:24:18  08Nov56  Santa Arrives By Flying Saucer, Pennsylvania  Sd. B/W

220747     08:51:46 - 08:52:25  17Dec59  New Jersey flying hovercraft scooter demonstrated. Sd.

220523     19:33:10 - 19:35:52  11Nov65  Power blackout in NE US.  Sd. B/W




Items availble on preview cassettes – please allow 4-5 weeks for masters


16Aug54  Participants:  J. Gordon Baethe, space researcher, Office of Naval Research, interviewed by Larry Lesueur and Kenneth Crawford.  Topics:     Building a space platform, developing rockets, space survival and travel, and Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) sightings.  Film is heat damaged from the fire.  Track is mostly out of sync.  Audiotape available and might be a solution for sound.|

1r     UFO Sighting|

r1,2 1952-1975  USAF UFO sightings, California.|


Other related:

03.04.50                        1936 Pancake Plane

11.11.50                        1947  Navy Flying wing plane from 40mph to 400 miles per hour.|

04.17.20                        22Aug49   Air Force finds Flying saucer.|   

05.37.50                        11Aug55  Navy saucer plane

01.00.                         23Aug56  Super Constellation w/ 30ft  disc.|

                              195? Saucer car fire.

02.10.55                        Flying Saucer-Hovercraft|

NAR 8609                        00:30:00--28:36:08  Who's Out There|

FRIEND, FOE, OR FANTASY, 1966,  Sd. B/W. Covers review of the Flying Saucer controversy with interviews of eyewitnesses to suspected UFO's, and opinions of military and scientific authorities concerning UFO's (narrated by Walter Cronkite). (Shot list to follow.) 1) Developments in aviation showing flight/hover of Bell Rocket Belt, Avrocar (Canada) US astronaut EVA, Hawker P.1127 (Great Britain), Dassault Mirage III-V (France), EWR-Sud VJ-10lC (West Germany), XV-5A (USA), M-2 lifting body (USA), Lunar Landing Research Vehicle (USA), and XB-70A (USA). 2) Shows Walter Cronkite speaking. 3) Interviews with eyewitnesses to suspected UFO sightings in Michigan, and with UFO enthusiasts at convention who claim to be in contact with the UFO's and/or their crews. 4) Military and scientific authorities giving their opinions concerning UFO's, including Dr. J.A. Hynek, Maj Donald Keough (USMC Ret), AF Secretary Harold Brown, Lt Col Lawrence J. Tacker, Dr. Lyle G. Boyd, Dr. Donald H. Menzel, and officers on duty in NORAD COC and space tracking center. 5) Scientist creating illusion of UFO in laboratory experiment. 6) Series of still and motion pictures of alleged UFO's.|

22min.         29-30Oct75  Ground Electro-Optical Deep Space Surveillance System, White Sands Missile Range, NM|


57min   Foreign Press Center Briefing with Bruce Maccabee, Navy Physicist & Chairman of the fund for UFO research, Lawrence Koss, Jamie Shandera & Budd Hopkins author of Missing Time & Intruders on topic "The 40 Year History of Unidentified Flying Objects from a Worldwide Perspective"  (1987)  3/4"|



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