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200092                      SIL       COL      02:00:44 - 02:06:57            Atomic / Nuclear bomb montage
Various different nuclear / atomic mushrooms following explosion. Shot on land and at sea. Some aerials - very spectacular shots.
No further info on locations etc.

220534                      Sd        col       03:12:50 - 03:15:17            Undergound Nuclear Tests
Aerial views test site - voice off camera countdown - slight explosion seen above ground.
03:14:11 Side view of test area - NB data / code visible on screen -voice off camera countdown - camera shakes as bomb detonated. Smoke rising from ground

220534                      Sd        col       03:15:25 - 03:17:29            Undergound Nuclear Tests
Aerial views test site - voice off camera countdown - slight explosion seen above ground.

220345          1940s; 1970s            SD        COL&B/W        09:20:18 - 09:29:51
[Air Force Now - Birth and History of the Air Force - Part One]
Fast Montage USAF from pre WWII early flight  to Vietnam through to NASA Space Program, rockets launched.

Incl. - Paul Tibbets re dropping nuclear bomb on Hiroshima - 1940s and 1970s interviews.   Hiroshima atomic  bomb explosion.  Enola Gay.  Tibbets and others by Enola Gay B-29.  Plane═s bomb hatch opening seen from inside then below and bomb dropped.  Atomic blast.
1945? Test pilot Frank Everest  re speed of sound and Yeager.  Yeager in X-1 plane (breaking altitude record).

220634          1930s SD        B/W    12.00.00 - 12:14:24            Spirit of Nobel 2 Reels - Includes many atomic scientists who left Germany when Hitler came to power.
Reel 1 -  Dramatic reconstruction - Edward Nobel with invention - stick of dynamite.  Explosions as dynamite used for progress  to create railway tunnels, clear dams -  cars driving through tunnel.  Actor playing Nobel superimposed over images of WWII. 
12:01:55 CU Nobel prize medal.  Nobel ceremony  1938 - Pearl Buck receives Nobel prize for literature.  CU Hitler gesticulating during speech - Goering - Rosenberg - Julius Streicher - Goebbels - 
Reconstruction ? Nazis burning books,  identity parade.   Hitler speaking, Mussolini with crowds - torchlight parade.  Prisoners of the Nazis.  Refugees and DPs on road.
12:04:10 Reconstruction - Nazis throw Carl ? into prison.
12:04:27 Various unid. building.  Interior office, Nobel Peace Prize winer in 1936 Carlos Saavedra Lamas sitting in chair reading.
12:05:10 Columbia University -  Harold Clayton Urey in chemistry laboratory.
12:05:29 Irving Langmuir in chemistry laboratory - oil on water experiment.
12:05:49 Clinton Davisson winner of Nobel prize for Physics 1937  in lab.
12.06.00 Arthur Compton in lab.
12:06:13 Ernest Lawrence sitting at desk with dials. Cyclotron.
12:06:23 Robert Millikan and Carl Anderson. 
12:06:34 AVs Observatories in mountains ?
12:06:42 Otto Loewi in lab. Chemistry.
12:07:22 Victor Hess - physics. In lab.
12:07:49 Sigrid Undset - Literature - sitting at desk reading
Reel 2 -  12:08:28 Chicago - Enrico Fermi working in lab. 
12:08:50 Maurice Maeterlinck  with dog.
12:09:02 James Franck - atomic physicist in lab.
12:09:24 Thomas Mann walking down street.  Man seated on couch with unid. woman. Seated at desk rading book. 
12:10:25 Albert Einstein in library - walks to bookcase - smoking pipe in front of fireplace.
12:10:51 Nobel prize dinner. ?  Four men in dinner suits including Carl Anderson, Otto Meyerhof, Norman Angell (Ralph Lane) . Harold Clayton Urey with Hess.
12:11:56 Montage shots to signify political freedom - science - hospitals -  young children at school, open air class. Kids at play .  Students. Church. Interior library. FDR  making speech.  Pilots with aircraft.  Crowd walking down steps of Capitol.
12:13:17 Montage Nobel winners.

220310          1930s             Sd        B/W    15:06:03 - 15:07:18            Jewish refugees - poor quality
Short sequence Nazi build up.  Jewish refugees leaving Germany.  Italian Scientist Enrico Fermi who fled to America with his Jewish wife.  Stills of Fermi. Niels Bohr, nuclear scientist arriving New York

200513  + 170006  1940 c            si         B/W    10:00:00 - 10:11:27            [Radio Listening]
CU of man; woman & child; radios; man in suit.  Family.  Group of well dressed adults in a sitting room.  Working class men talking; nuclear family by fireplaces - women & girls in CU.  Men in tuxedos (same well-dressed people). Cuts back & forth between groups.  Women knitting.

220336          1940s Sd        b/w     21:26:14 - 21:33:33            Army Air Forces - Pacific - Atomic bomb section film shrunk.
Army Air Forces contribution to victory in Pacific
Include. - B29 flying to Hiroshima (picture jumps and sound is damaged over this section).  Atomic cloud.  Plane flies off.

220344          1940s - 1980s          SD        COL      08:11:25 - 08:14:43            [Air Force Now - Tonapah Nuclear Test Range]
Officer at newsdesk presents.
Tonapah Test Range, Nevada - home of F-117A Stealth Fighter and nuclear test site.
Maintenance work on airfield. Control tower.  Officers talk re secrecy of operation and officers not knowing what mission was before they went.  Bags X-rays for security.
Plane on airfield at sunset.

220289          1944   sd         Colour 07:39:12 - 07:55:42           
including -
07:54:57 Atomic explosion New Mexico (B/W)
07:55:32 Sunset
NB Pix end at 07:55:49, Sound out at 07.56.25

200541          1945   SD        B/W    15:11:23 - 15:16:20           Berlin Conference 1945 Reel 2
Incl. - 15:15:05 Newspaper headlines Russia declares war on the Japanese.  New Bomb Frees Atomic Energy, Stalin, Truman and Atlee pose. 

220303          1945   Sd        B/W    04:41:03 - 04:42:06            Atom Bomb 10Jul1945
Full screen shots of explosion of first Atomic bomb at Alamogordo New Mexico

220306          1945   Sd        B/W    07:00:00 - 07:04:49           

Incl. -Atomic explosion - mushroom.  USS Missouri, Sunday September 2nd 1945  Japan surrenders Battleship Missouri.  3rd fleet.  Sailors aboard ship.    Japanese foreign minister Shigamitsu signs for Japan - Douglas  MacArthur signs  - Chinese  General Chang? signs.

220306          1945   Sd        B/W    07:04:55 - 07:07:21            Victory - Atomic Bomb
Oakridge & other plants. Desert.  Trinity explosion.  Explosion from 6 miles. Atomic mushroom. View from 8 miles in air  of explosion.  Same explosion ground level 6 miles.

220306          1945   Si         Col       07:18:26 - 07:30:34            Assembly & explosion of Atomic Bomb - Trinity Test - Colour 16Jul945
Pan over countryside, hills.  Truck w/ A-bomb under tower, lifted out.  Canvas lifted to shade.  CU of bomb.  Men working on top of bomb, wiring.  Oppenheimer watches.   Lifting & moving bomb & putting tyres under as raised to top of lift.  Pan over surface of bomb showing wires and equipment.  Explosion & mushroom cloud boiling up; CU of brown  cloud roiling.  Explosion & cloud.  Exploded on 16Jul45.

220436          1945   Sd        Col       02:06:15 - 02:14:54            The Last Bomb, Part 3 - colour
Fighter plane making run over dock area, strafing  ships in harbour and at sea.  P-51s in formation flight. Fighters returning after mission, coming in to land  making Victory rolls on airfield at Iwo Jima.  Ground crew waiting.  B-29 Bombers  land. Cloud covering airstrip on Iwo Jima - bale out,  parachute coming down, bomber crash lands in sea just off beach, plane in water.  Bomber lands and immediately bursts into flames - firefighting by ground crews.
02:10:34 Interior bomber and crew. Operations room as wait for returning planes.  Bomber landing.  Shots from front of plane as taxiing.  Landing on Guam.  Crew out of plane - talking to ground crews.  Aircraft  burning on field, injured man on stretcher.  Night shots fire blazing.
02:13:44 Bombers in formation flight. Single bomber in sky - mushroom as atomic bomb explodes over  Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  Bombers in flight

220446          1945   Si         B/W    13:46:58 - 13:53:24
US Take over Japanese Atomic Research Laboratory
Exterior Sixth Army HQ - jeeps pull up outside building, military personnel exit building, into jeeps and drive off. Same shots closer angle. Jeeps arriving at Imperial University of Osaka. Military officer and others inside atomic laboratory, scenes show cyclotronic and other atomic equipment.  Dr Kikuchi, leading physicist of Japan, going over papers with US officer.  Exterior - electricity pylon and power lines going into laboratory building.  More shots Dr Kikuchi with military officers. US soldier using acetylene torch on sections of the cyclotronic equipment. Various shots soldiers attaching winch cable to atomic equipment through hole in wall. Cable pulling Cyclotron apart

220448          1945   Sd        B/W    15:10:51 - 15:13:09            Prime Minister Attlee Addresses US Congress
Clement Attlee gets standing ovation from Congress as takes stand.  Attlee makes speech praising America and saying that she will never use her power for selfish aims or territorial gain.  Talks of Atomic bomb and the need for all men to feel secure. President Truman meets with Attlee and Mackenzie King.  Talks have been about atomic energy being used for industrial and humanitarian purposes.

220468          1945   SD        B/W    02:21:19 - 02:27:20            Navy Day - President Truman Leads the Nation In Tribute To Our Victorious Fleet
Carrier Franklin D. Roosevelt  dedicated by Truman.  Forrestal with Mrs. Truman, Mrs. Woodrow Wilson and Mrs. FDR (Eleanor).  Truman speech incl. - Re atomic bomb: 'the possession in our hands of this  new power of destruction we regard as a sacred trust... that trust will not be violated...  we hope... world cooperation for peace will soon reach such a state of perfection that atomic methods of destruction can be  outlawed for ever.'


220468          1945   SD        B/W    02:31:55 - 02:36:49            President Truman - Atomic Bomb
Truman speech announcing atomic bomb blast on Hiroshima. Refers to 26Jul45 ultimatum to Japanese at Potsdam. Threatens more destruction ˝the like of which has never been seen on this earthţ
Early electrical experiment to smash the atom conducted in Britain.
Dr. Ernest Orlando Lawrence and his cyclotron.  Dr. Harold Urey.  Italian physicist Enrico Fermi.  Dr. Arthur Compton. FDR and Churchill talking.
02:34:54  Aerials Oak Ridge Atomic plant.  Workers going into work.
General Leslie Groves with Vannevar Bush and Dr. Richard Tolman. Groves speech describes 16Jul45 first atomic bomb explosion '... it is a universal hope of all present that no American citizen will ever witness it on United States soil again'.
Aerials Hiroshima before the bomb. Bombers in formation
Titles: Buy That Extra War Bond Today.
Manhattan Project

220471          1945   SD        B/W    07:40:01 - 07:40:38            World Events: Yanks Smash Jap Cyclotrons
Japanese atomic laboratory taken over by Americans as part of weapons destruction program.   Equipment thrown out of windows, Japanese scientists? watch.  Equipment blown up in field. Explosion.

220473          1945   SD        B/W    12:01:03 - 12:02:27            President Truman Dedicates New TVA Dam In Kentucky (Tennessee Valley Authority)
Truman with Lillienthal at dedication. Crowd.
Incl. - Truman speech re atomic energy: "... We've just discovered the source of the sun's power: atomic energy... We had to turn it loose in the beginning for a destruction... but that tremendous source of energy can create for us the greatest age in the history of the world. "

220474          1945   SD        B/W    13:26:55 - 13:28:50            Utter Destruction Of Japanese Cities By Atomic Bombs
Aerials devastated Hiroshima or Nagasaki; Yokohama; Kure Naval Base with sunken cruiser; Tokyo ruins.
B-29 Superfortress in flight.  New Mexico Trinity atom blast test (Los Alamos).
Hiroshima ruins and aerials;  charred trees; bent steel girders; occasional person walks amidst devastation.

220475          1945   SD        B/W    15:00:52 - 15:02:15            Actual Atomic Bomb Hit On Nagasaki
Crew  poses in front of plane before mission to drop Nagasaki atom bomb:  Brigadier General Thomas Farrell; Commander Ashworth; pilot Major Sweeney;  bombardier Captain Kermit Beahan.
B-29 takeoff and in flight.  Aerials Nagasaki atom blast - many views mushroom cloud.

220481          1945   SD        B/W    04:16:45 - 04:18:00            Problem of Atomic Energy Given To UNO Commission
Byrnes speech at United Nations (UN) re atomic energy
'We won the war by fighting together. We must now preserve the peace by working together.  Peace and reconciliation require common action...   problem of devising the necessary  safeguards to ensure that atomic energy will be used for the benefit of humanity and not its destruction.  We have fought together for freedom. Let's now show that we are worthy of the freedom that we won.'

220643          1945   SIL       B/W    04:00:07 - 04:09:49            B-29s on Iwo Jima
Aircraft lands and taxiis. Lookout post in sand dunes, tents and military vehicles along side of airstrip. Tent with sign re coffee shop.  Interior men drinking coffee.  Plane making emergency landing. Injured man helped to jeep.  Ground crew looking at damaged aircraft.  Wounded crew removed and taken on stretcher.  Bullet holes in fuselage.  Another plane lands.  Bullet holes, ground crew.
Airmen standing next to B-29.  Various shots B-29s landing for emergency repairs, service and refuelling after missions to Japan.  Serviced by detachment A, 21st Bomber Command provisional unit.  Plane landing - nose art glamour girl and writing A-Broad Eleven Yanks.  Chow time, men digging hole.  Crew working on engine of B-29.  Various shots repairs.
NB This reel includes 10 second shot of ˝Silver Plateţ B-29, type used in atomic drop with turrets removed taxiing past.

220643          1945   SD        B/W    05:27:37 - 05:31:09            President Truman Tells the World About Hiroshima
President Truman aboard ship sits at table with microphone. He says a short time ago an American plane dropped one bomb on Hiroshima and destroyed its usefulness to the enemy. Talks of the power of the atomic bomb.  Says he is prepared to destroy any enterprise the Japanese have in any city.  Will completely destroy Japan═s ability to make war.  Says Japans leaders rejected the Potsdam ultimatum.  Says US has spent more than 2 billion dollars on the greatest scientific gamble in history.  Praises scientific brains - industry and labour in the manufacture of the Atom bomb.
Nuclear and atomic

220644          1945   SD        B/W    06:00:09 - 06:10:00            Crew of Enola Gay
Officers and men standing in front of the aircraft which dropped the first atomic bomb - B29 - Enola Gay. Brigadier General Thomas F. Farrell ? Farrow ? , theatre commander of the atomic bomb project gives interview re responsibility of seeing that the atom bomb is always used for good and never for evil. Captain William Sterling Parsons, USN - scientific head of the atomic bomb project.  Recounts his journey on the Enola Gay.  Colonel Paul Tibbets - commander of atomic bomb group and pilot of Enola Gay.  Tells of experience in dropping the bomb on Hiroshima. Commander Frederick L. Ashworth USN  tells of experiences over Nagasaki. Major Tom Fairby ? - bombadier of Enola Gay - tells of bombing.  Major Charles W. Sweeney, pilot of the second B-29 which dropped its bomb on Nagasaki.  Says they failed to reach primary target and dropped bomb on secondary target of Nagasaki.  Captain Kermit Behan? - Bombadier on second plane.  Captain Theodore J. Van Kirk ? - navigator of the Enola Gay. Talks of going over coast of Japan.
Shots of Enola Gay  - CU name

220644          1945   SD        B/W    06:41:44 - 06:50:33            Radiation Sickness - Japanese film on Atomic bomb damage on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  Radiation Sickness and Pathology. 1-20Oct1945
Damaged buildings.  Shack on site of hospital designated for infectious disease.  Japanese doctor and nurse changing dressings on burns caused by nuclear fallout. Various shots patients suffering from radiation sickness - skin discolouration - bleeding gums / teeth.
Animated map showing position from ground zero.  Soldier showing loss of hair.  Two children who were 2km from epicentre of bomb - have developed loss of hair and other symptoms. Other patients.
Woman survivor caught near bomb - only survivor of family. Patient suffering with anaemia.
06:46:12 Title - Pathology - Human femur bone - bone marrow - blood cells.  Spleen - lymph nodes.  Ulcerated skin - testicles with no sperm - Ovaries in atrophy - necrotic inflammation of digestive tubes. Bleeding in lungs.  Swollen liver. Pathology of other internal organs.

220644          1945   SD        B/W    07:17:55 -  07:25:30           Air War in the Pacific Reel 2
Incl. -  B-29 in flight (Enola Gay ?) zoom in on bomb.  Atomic explosion in New Mexico during tests.  B-29 in flight.

220645          1945   SD        B/W    08:01:13 - 08:06:09            Atom Bomb and Reds Doom Japs
Potsdam conference. Official portrait.  Bombers, aircraft carriers, fighter bombers & Japan harbor.  Diagram with atomic bomb compared to huge bombs, diagrams of explosions,  Dr. Ernest Lawrence & cyclotron, Gen. Groves, Vannevar Bush, Dr. Richard Tolman.  Mining uranium ore.  Bags moved while soldiers guard.  Richland Washington plant & workers coming off bus & into plant. Col Mathias head of Hanford.  Oak Ridge workers look at newspaper headline.  Pre-fabricated homes & trailers with women hanging wash.  Shopping mall of merchants.  May Day Parade in Moscow.  Truman speaks:  'We are now prepared to destroy more rapidly and completely...their docks, their factories, their communications... it was to spare the Japanese people from utter destruction... behind this air attack...

220645          1945   SD        B/W    08:06:39 - 08:16:56            President Truman after Potsdam
Makes report re his trip to Berlin and the conditions there.  Thanks God that America has been spared - re maintaining military presence for World peace - talks re United Nations Charter.  Tells of decisions made at Potsdam re the future government of Germany.  Talks of Soviet Union declaring war on Japan.  Says the Allies had given Japan adequate warning of what was in store for them - warnings unheeded - atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima. Says he realises the tragic significance of the atomic bomb - says will continue to use the bomb until Japan's power to make war is destroyed. 'Atomic bomb is too dangerous to be loose in a lawless World'  .. awful responsibility.. thanks God bomb not in hands of enemies.  Talks re Victory in Europe.

220815          1945   SD        COL&B/W        03:18:36 - 03:21:11            [Inside The Enola Gay]
Crew incl. Paul Tibbets outside Enola Gay on airfield.   Enola in silhouette.  Night preparations and propeller  turns - taxies and takeoff.  Aerial Iwo Jima.  Enola Gay  in flight.   Inside cockpit;   CU instruments and dials.    Little Boy  nuclear bomb dropped.   Aircraft backs away.  Hiroshima ? Nagasaki ?  mushroom cloud explosion (colour).

220836          1945   SD        B/W    04:00:35 - 04:10:32            Surrender In Pacific - Reel 1
Allied warships in Tokyo bay.  Hoisting American flag in Tokyo with MacArthur .   U.S. troops marching down a Japanese road.  A bulldozer clears rubble from Tokyo's streets.  Japanese civilians read occupation bulletins .  Man pulling cart with Singer sewing machine.    American planes above Tokyo and Imperial Palace.
Japanese bow to Emperor Hirohito.  Hirohito and Tojo.   Blood of American Sergeant administered to  Tojo after suicide attempt.   Hiroshima mushroom cloud nuclear blast. 
Hiroshima aerial before atom bomb and aftermath.   Nagasaki aftermath and rubble - aerial. 
15Aug45  Allied fleet in Pacific.  
30Aug45 Occupation begins - troops land in Japan from LSIs, raise the US flag, and inspect Japanese war materiel at Yokosuka Naval Base.   Battleship Nagato surrenders. 
Atsugi airfield -  Japanese labourers clearing up strip - Gen. MacArthur deplanes from a B-29 and  greets Eichelberger. 
USS Missouri and Japanese surrender.  MacArthur speech.  Shigemitsu signs.  MacArthur signs with five pens. 
04:09:42  Map of Asia shows allied zones of occupation.

220900          1945   Si         B/W    22:10:05 - 22:18:39            Red Cross Activities Tinian Island
Incl.   22:16:26 Enola Gay - Painted on nose, First Atomic Bomb August 6, 1945. Ground crew working on aircraft. B-29 landing.
Pacific War

220271          1945c sd         B/W    01:00:00 - 01:02:29            United States Navy Combat Bulletin No. 7 - Victory
Oakridge & other plants. Trinity explosion. View of explosion from 8 miles in air. Explosion from 6 miles. Atomic

200091          1946   SIL       col       20:03:26 - 20:12:14            Hiroshima Aftermath
Injuries to civilian Japanese after atomic explosion on Hiroshima. Woman carrying baby on back, burns to face. Woman is undressed to show radition burns on body and damage caused to skin of baby.
20:04:46 Another victim turns to show hair loss.
20:05:12 Male victim stripped to waist to show burns. Young woman with hair missing. Japanese doctor and nurse looking at extensive burns on mans back. Doctor removes bandage from mans arm - shows burns and deformity. Burns shown on young girls back.  Burns on hands and chest of man. Woman with burnt and deformed face. Young woman with deformed arms. Young men with various burns and deformities.  Woman with scars on breasts.

200554          1946   SD        B/W    01:08:30 - 01:15:20            Winston Churchill in Fulton Missouri
Winston Churchill off train with President Truman and into open top car. Car down street lined with schoolgirls.  Motorcade, Churchill and Truman ride on back of car.  Truman and Churchill enter university.  Truman wearing cap and gown intros. Churchill.  Talks re danger of atomic bomb and how glad he is that the knowledge etc is not yet in the hands of ˝some Communist or neo-fascist'
01:11:01 Talks of the 'Special relationship' between Britain and America.  (some sound breakup) Crowds in audience. Talks of goodwill towards Stalin.  Welcomes Russian contact.... however, talks of fifth columnists, calls them a threat to Christian civilisation.
01:14:29 Truman awarded degree.  Truman makes speech.  Churchill gets degree and makes speech (very short)

220296          1946   Si         B/W    18:54:57 - 18:55:52            Einstein Letter to FDR (President Roosevelt)
CU typewritten letter from Einstein to the President, subject of letter is atomic bomb and nuclear research.

220306          1946   Si         Col       07:30:35 - 07:39:26            Hiroshima Aftermath 29Mar1946
Various shots devastation following explosion of Atomic bomb. Flattened buildings.  Shells of buildings left standing.  Part of statue -  07:34:57 Japanese with boxes of ashes, interior shots - exterior  Japanese men, women and children scavenging in ruins for bricks and tiles bowls.  07:37:37 Japanese woman places flowers on grave - shrine ? Japanese girl walks by with bandaged head.  Locals entering and leaving building.  Man pulling hand cart loaded with ?.  Cameraman Harry Mimura

220362          1946   Si         b/w     09:10:25 - 09:17:38            [Atomic Power - Einstein home etc]
Exterior of Einstein home, trees, vines.  112 Mercer St.  Doorway & various angles.  Einstein with pipe in study.  Looks around.  CU equation.    Einstein w/ Leo Szilard on porch looking at letter as Einstein smokes long-stemmed pipe.  Good MCU.  (09:14:52)  Typing Einstein address on letter. Einstein Letter to FDR (Roosevelt).
CU typewritten letter from Einstein to the President, subject of letter is atomic bomb and nuclear research.

220362          1946   Si         b/w     09:17:39 - 09:25:00            [Atomic Power - University of Chicago]
Metallurgical labs, Eckhart Hall in foreground, entrance to Eckhart hall. Entrance to Institute for the study of Metals (sign) Squash court containing graphite pile.  On right is Dr Enrico Fermi and two assistants testing for radioactivity  09:22:17 CUs  Fermi and assistants.  Geiger counter with flashing lights.  Fermi making notes in laboratory book. Good shots Fermi.

220362          1946   Si         b/w     09:25:01 - 09:27:26            [Atomic Power - Desert Re-enactment]
Night shots two soldiers talking.  Actors reconstruction Oppenheimer ?  Soldier (Groves ??) on field telephone - re-enactment.

220468          1946   SD        B/W    01:01:55 - 01:02:17
News Flashes - Woman of the Year
Atomic scientist Lisa Meitner awarded Women═s National Press Award for Woman of the Year

220474          1946   SD        B/W    13:34:11 - 13:34:57            News Of The Nation [Ships in Pacific Atom Test]
German cruiser Prince Oygen arrives in Boston - to be used in atomic bomb experiment in Pacific. Other ships to be used in experiment shown - American and one Japanese.  USS New York; USS Arkansas.
Trinity atom test blast.

220657          1946   Si         B/W    00:10:52 - 00:17:25            [Nuclear & Atomic - Working Uranium]
First pictures of uranium used by scientists to develop the Atom bomb.
Lathe grinding machine w/ operator wearing respirator.  Inspects work. MCU.  CU.  Milling uranium block.  Man & woman technicians using pantograph to handle radioactive fluids.  CU of microamp meter.  Woman using quartz fibre micro-balance to measure to 1 billionth of a gram.  CU of machine. 16:14:30 Argonne officials holding brick of super heavy uranium. L/R Col Arthur Frye, Dr. Hilberry; Dr. Zinn. 16:15:01 Measuring radiation.  Technician w/ panel, needle registering.  Technician scaling glass tube w/ blow torch to measure gasses.  Woman w/ Geiger counter measuring radiation.  Woman wearing tubes to measure exposure to radiation; handheld geiger counter checking for radiation on clothing.  CU of microamperes.

220721          1946   Si         B/W    22:12:18 - 22:19:33            [Einstein Home]
Exterior of Einstein home, trees, vines.  112 Mercer St.  Doorway & various angles.  Einstein with pipe in study.  Looks around.  CU equation.
22:14:21  Einstein w/ Leo Szilard on porch looking at letter as Einstein smokes long-stemmed pipe.  Good MCU.  22:16:42 Typing Einstein address on letter, then to FDR, CU of letter concerning Atomic Bomb.

220836          1946   SIL       COL      04:32:12 - 04:43:18            [Nagasaki - Damage Pt 1]
Wrecked temple.  LS razed city with tall chimney still standing.    Timber yard? with  nuclear burn marks on wood.   Oil tank?   Japanese writing on tree trunks.   Wrecked factory?   LS ruins of Nagasaki.   Church exterior.   Telegraph poles and / or electric towers - some standing, some downed.   Ruin of house with slippers still in entrance.   Cemetery - damaged tombstones. Shadows burnt in ground. 

220900          1946   Si         B/W    22:21:57 - 22:32:34            Operation Crossroads (nuclear and atomic) Reel 1
Film coverage of Project Crossroads, a project of the two atomic bomb tests in the Pacific in l946 and including Able Day test of an atomic bomb drop from a B-29 on 1 July 1946, and Baker Day test, the underwater detonation of an atomic bomb on 25 July 1946. Included are B-29 operators, damage to the target fleet, and personalities including Maj Gen Curtis LeMay, Gen Joseph W. Stilwell, Vice Adm S.H.P. Blandy.
Aerial shots of Bikini Island. Air to air  B-29 No. 354 (Atom bomb drop aircraft) in flight to the left while opening and closing the bomb bay doors. B-29 No. 7354  (Daw's Dream) in take off to the left.
Crew putting on their Mae West vests and parachutes and boarding the aircraft. Placing and removing a shroud around the bomb bay door of the B-29.  Starting engines and closing bomb bay doors of B-29 No. 354.

220900          1946   Si         B/W    22:32:43 - 22:43:18
Operation Crossroads Reel 2 (nuclear and atomic)
Civilian and military VIPs walking  down steps of C-54 aircraft. Ground crew - Firetruck hosing down plane which will carry atomic bomb. Interior cockpit - CU pilot, bombardier and co-pilot.
22:39:17 Major General Curtis LeMay talking to reporters / press. . Interior shots crew in plane looking out of windows
22.42:11  C-54 Transport plane taxis - General Stilwell and party off plane

220900          1946   SD        B/W    22:43:27 - 22:50:57            Operation Crossroads Reel 5 (nuclear and atomic)
Flyover and landing of B-29. Crew members off plane .  Interviews with members of crew and Major General Curtis LeMay after mission.

220900          1946   SD        B/W    22:43:27 - 22:50:57            Operation Crossroads Reel 5 (nuclear and atomic)
Flyover and landing of B-29. Crew members off plane .  Interviews with members of crew and Major General Curtis LeMay after mission.

220900          1946   Si         B/W    22:51:08 - 23:02:07
Operation Crossroads Reel 7 (nuclear and atomic)
Coverage from three cameras of atomic blast and cloud on Able Day - 1st July 1946.  Aerial views mushroom cloud - long thin column of smoke. Blast from other angles.
22:56:14 Eniwetok - Removing Air sampling equipment.  Men remove cameras  and air sampling equipment from DB-17. Man carrying cage of rats / mice which had been in observation plane.  Instruments from belly of plane removed using trolley on ropes - carried by forklift - men using some safety procedures re contamination.

220900          1946   Si         B/W    22:51:08 - 23:02:07
Operation Crossroads Reel 7 (nuclear and atomic)
Coverage from three cameras of atomic blast and cloud on Able Day - 1st July 1946.  Aerial views mushroom cloud - long thin column of smoke. Blast from other angles.
22:56:14 Eniwetok - Removing Air sampling equipment.  Men remove cameras  and air sampling equipment from DB-17. Man carrying cage of rats / mice which had been in observation plane.  Instruments from belly of plane removed using trolley on ropes - carried by forklift - men using some safety procedures re contamination.

220934          1946   SIL       B/W    02:00:07 - 02:06:39            [Scientists Testing Machined Uranium]
MS worker in mask operating heavy machinery.  VS machinery shaping Uranium for atomic bomb.  Scientists making tests at Argonne lab, University of Chicago.  Three men, one in military uniform, handling block of uranium.  More lab tests.
02:05:17:  Piece of uranium in Petri dish.  Scientist checking for contamination.

220901          1946  1955   SIL       COL      00:00:05 -00:12:03             Atomic Blasts
Aerial shots atomic blast - bright white - mushroom cloud.  Smoke rising.
00:03:02  Closer shots seen from lower level, good shots roiling clouds
00:04:27 6th April 1955 (Operation Teapot) High Altitude atomic test, vapour trails in sky, blinding flash, mushroom cloud in sky. 
00:07:24 Atomic test at sea.  Aerial several ships, blinding flash, mushroom cloud
00:09:23 Bikini Atoll - Operation Crossroads -  1946.  Huge atomic explosion.  (Baker)
00:10:48 Bikini Atoll - Operation Crossroads -  1946.  Aerials of atoll. Huge atomic explosion.  (Able)

220917          1946 - 1963 SD        B/W    00:32:31 - 00:42:10            Pursuit of Peace Reel 2 pt 1
B/W War Graves  - blowing up aircraft after WWII.  Demobilization in US - fleet in mothballs - scrap jeeps.  Production of household / white goods, irons, electric cookers. Whiz-pan.
00:33:15  1946 - United Nations - Bernard Baruch - proposal for international control of all atomic energy.
00:33:40 Aerial views Berlin post WWII,  bomb damage.  US aid  / Marshall Plan / Cargo ships unloading.  Montage shots European countries benefiting from aid - construction work - laying new RR tracks - steam train - agriculture - haymaking.
00:34:24 AVs Berlin 1948 - ground shots empty railway stations and roads - travel restrictions - blockade. Berlin airlift  - planes flying in low - supplies unloaded. Blockade lifted - border gates opened.
00:35:11 North Atlantic Treaty Organisation. Flags flying - montage military - naval - aircraft - troops marching.  Scots guards. (NATO)
00:35:31 Korea - Night shots artillery barrage. Day, Korean refugees.  United Nations Security Council.  Battle scenes Korean war.  Injured soldier carried on stretcher.  Blood transfusion given in the field.  Korean peace talks - delegates arrive - sign.
00:36:40 Rocket fired - space race - Russian experiments with weightlessness etc.  Missile launched. Nuclear powered submarine.  Russia - Military parade in Moscow's Red Square - montage shots Russian and US Military hardware intercut.
00:38:12 USAF Reconnaissance plane landing. Still pix missile bases on Cuba.  Brief shots re missile crisis - press. President John F. Kennedy addresses the nation re crisis - announces Cuban blockade - speech continues over shots Recon. planes landing - film removed, developed and studied.  operations rooms.  B-52 bombers taking off.  Brief shot JFK on small TV screen, people watching. 
00:40:02 Adlai Stevenson speaks at United Nations -  asks USSR delegate if they are putting missiles in Cuba.  Russian delegate refuses to answer.  AVs Russian ships approaching Cuba  - UN Navy ship running parallel.
00:41:26 Averell Harriman with Dean Rusk arrive at Kennedy holiday home after negotiating atmospheric atomic test ban treaty in Moscow. Press - photocall with President.
00:41:45 Moscow - Kremlin - treaty signed by US, Soviet Union and Great Britain. 
Cold War

220362          1946 ?           Si         col       09:05:33 - 09:07:56            Aftermath Hiroshima - Population
Close up shots of radiation burns on face and hands following the atomic explosion on Hiroshima. Boy turning slowly  to show radiation burns on head. Various shots burns on body. Boys face. Woman with radiation burns on upper body .

220717          1946 ?           Sd        b/w     18:00:11 - 18:09:23            Duck and Cover - Civil Defence / Defense Film - some animated cartoon
Cartoon - Turtle walking down road - taking cover inside shell.
18:01:34 Actuality - children in school classroom practice what to do in the event of a nuclear / atomic attack - Duck and Cover under desks. 
18:01:50 Other dangers -  Fire department - men down pole and into fire engines. Traffic - policeman on traffic / point duty -  cars - Crossing signal lights.
18:02:22 Children listening to teacher  - effects of atomic bomb - animation shows aftermath of bomb.
18:02:59 Mother putting ointment on boys sunburn - children in class taught to duck and cover.  Teacher explains about atomic attack with warning - pix radar dishes  civil defence offices, men on telephones, spotters on rooftops.  Air Raid drill, children playing in school yard, siren sounds - kids into building to take shelter.  Children playing at home when siren sounds - kids go into house.  Girl walking along street when alarm sounds, asks older person where to go for shelter - Sign re Public Shelter.
18:05:01  Simulated atomic explosion without warning.  Suburban houses - film flashes.  Animation turtle Duck and Cover.  Older children in school teach young ones how to Duck and Cover in corridors, away from windows.  Duck and cover under tables.
Mother kisses children goodbye as they leave house.  Brother and sister  walking along street - show how to duck and cover.   Boy on bicycle - shows how to duck and cover.  Civil defence  worker helps boy.
School bus - duck and cover under seats.
18:07:50  Family on picnic - flash - all duck under tablecloth.  Farmer on tractor shows how to Duck and Cover.
Children in school.  Turtle animation.

220901          1946 +           SIL       COL      00:23:45 - 00:34:44            Atomic Blasts
Bikini Atoll - Aerial group of ships.  Huge atomic explosion.  (Baker)
00:27:10  Night shot test  x  2
00:30:08 Desert area  - explosion and mushroom cloud
00:32:14 Desert area - cactus plant in foreground, flash and nuclear explosion, mushroom cloud

220972          1947   SD        B/W    09:00:00 - 09:09:22            [Howard Hughes Testifies At Congressional Hearing]
MS Howard Hughes seated behind microphones answers question from Senate War Investigating Committee, c.Nov47.  MCU General ? seated behind microphones under questioning.
09:02:18:  MCU and CU Hughes seated behind several microphones, holding receiver to ear; speaking about Roosevelt, military procurement bureaux and aviation kickbacks:
'Let me tell you something senator.  If TWA does anything wrong I get blamed for it, if TWA does anything right then I had nothing to do with it. That's like Hollywood, when it's a good picture Sam Goldwyn made it, when it's a bad picture Willy Wyler made it...'
'I think the atomic bomb was procured through channels that were not normal...'
09:05:55:  MS and CU General Bennett Myers under questioning.  Ends abruptly.
'Spruce Goose'.

220900          1947 ?           Si         COL&B/W        22:00:10 - 20:02:04            Explosion of H-Bomb (Nuclear and atomic)
LS Explosion of H-bomb. LS Same; showing shock waves (slow motion). LS Looking toward explosion site as shock waves travel over water (camera shakes). LS Aftermath of explosion showing red sky and smoke; as explosion recedes, scene darkens; smoke continues to rise into air. LA LS Top of huge smoke mushroom. LA MLS PAN Mushroom of smoke and base of smoke cloud. LS Base of smoke cloud; PAN to top of smoke mushroom.
Very little colour on this item

220661          1947 ?           SIL       B/W    08:46:38 - 08:49:56            Union and Communist Parade
Crowds on pavement watch Trade Union parade. Banner with Members of ALGWU.  Women with placards re Raise Wages, Roll Back Prices.  Some people carry anti-atomic bomb placards. Men carrying New York Communist Party banner.  Servicemen marching in parade.
08:47:45 Crowds line street watching demonstrators walk past with American and other  flags.  Furriers women's committee in protest march, banner demanding better conditions and wages. Police tussle with man.  Group of teenagers shouting at demonstrators. from behind barrier.   Placards with Save Willie McGee, Repeal the McCarran Law,  End Police Murder.  Small disturbance / riot - police intervene and crowd settles.  More disturbances in the crowd - anti-Communist hecklers.  Servicemen in parade. Art students for peace in rally.

221016          1947 c            SD        B/W    09:37:13 - 09:47:54            [United Nations - Australian Delegate & Austin Speeches on Article 27]
Incl. 09:39:54  American delegate Warren Austin speaking, refers to speech made the day before by Russian delegate.  'In war we gave our allies all the help and cooperation a great nation could ... In peace will support the United Nations with all the resources we can send...I shall not participate in any exchange of recriminations'.  Speaks of disarmament and regulation re atomic weapons.  'World society and world rule of law...where the veto withers away...'
09:47:18  Session closed - speaks in French. 

220776          1948   Sd/Sil  B/W    13:02:11 - 13:14:14            [Zipper - Let's Bomb the Soviets - Movie Theatre]
NY Times moving sign (zipper) re Cold War:
'Stalin blames Britain US and France for failure to solve Berlin dispute  - charges West follows warmongering policy but discounts possibility of new world conflict.  Stalin flays former British Prime Minister Churchill as 'Chief Instigator of war'.
Then: 'Read the New York Times.'
Western diplomats describe Stalin's attack on Allied powers as propaganda statement.  Britain US and France halt heavy flow of Western marks out of Berlin.'
People in street looking at moving electric sign. 
13:08:17  Men in bar talk about bombing USSR with atomic bombs;  newspaper headline ˝European peace bid rejected by Soviet'.

LN 501-017  1948  Si         B/W    00:49:40 - 00:54:31            Bob Ripley Visit Hiroshima. Mr Ripley arrives at FEAF Operations, poses with soldiers and boards plane. Shots taken from aircraft window - Mt Fujiyama in distance. Interior plane - Ripley and PIO Officer seated. Aerial views from plane.  Ripley with RAF officer and others out of plane. Visit to site where centre force of atomic bomb struck  - damaged buildings - Peace shrine. Ripley poses with Japanese girl. Ripley with microphone broadcasting over radio (mos) Children and other civilians watch. Ripley with flag of the Adventurers Club, New York City. Shot from inside plane as Ripley and officer board.

220585          1949   Sd        B/W    12:01:34 - 12:08:11            Senator McMahon announces USSR  Russian Atomic Bomb Test
McMahon outdoors at microphones waits.  'The President (Truman)  has announced the dropping of an atomic explosive in Russia.  This comes as no surprise to those who have been involved in our own...over 3 years ago we offered the whole world...unfortunately the Russians...there is yet time if we use the kind of ingenuity that the problem demands...masters of the Kremlin.'
12:03:45  President Truman has announced the perfection of an Atomic Explosion by... 
3rd take interrupted by cloud.
12:07:13 says Stalin should be able to talk to our people as Pres. Truman should be able to talk to the Soviets. 
12:07:53 Walks out of brush to mics.

220606          1949   SIL       B/W    03:45:40 - 03:46:46            Headlines - Reds Explode Atom Bomb
Headline 'Truman Says Reds Exploded Atom Bomb', man reading.  Other newspapers with same headline & man with cigar reading re Russian Nuclear blast.  Other men reading.  Henrich's Homer Ties Count.  POV walking past stoop / doorstep.

220657          1949   Si         B/W    00:00:06 - 00:10:41            [Nuclear & Atomic - Los Alamos AEC Views]
Aerial over housing & multi-story buildings w/ snow on ground.   Canyons & mountains, summer.
Security Sign:  Keep Out.  Cars along road; security checkpoint w/lines of cars stopped & workers checked thru.  Passes checked seen from in car & out.  Workers walking in past soldiers. Trailer park.  Trading post. CU of signs.  US Post Office.  Large home.  Workers to cars.  Street scenes.  Fire Dept.  Schools.  Kids run to camera.  Los Alamos Times sign & printing press.  North American Indian man running press. HQ of security. MPS march. Observation tower & police.

220777          1949   Sd/Sil  B/W    14:45:27 - 14:53:38            [French Atomic Energy Commission]
Sign in doorway for Atomic Energy Commission (Commissariat). Sign 'Haute Cour de Justice'.  
Mrs. Joliot-Curie & Bertrand Goldschmidt talking;  French Scientific Committee meeting w/ Frederic Joliot-Curie, Irene Joliot-Curie, Lew Kowarski, Francis Perrin.  F. Joliot-Curie makes speech in English on France's progress in Atomic Energy.
Pierre Biquard seen?

220777          1949   Sd/Sil  B/W    14:53:46 - 15:04:46            [Joliot & Szilard at Columbia University]
Columbia University Physics Department - Pierre Joliot testing uranium disintegration; using Geiger-Muller counter. Dr. Leo Szilard in lab with George Pegram operating oscillograph.  Dr. George Pegram calling Navy Dept. on phone telling them Fermi will explain to them the military possibilities of uranium fission.
Studio reenactment:  Navy Commander Office - scientist leaving office and interviews with Commander and Lt Commander - Atomic bomb theory being turned down by Navy. 

220887          1949   SIL       B/W    05:14:08 - 05:18:57            [Argonne Lab;  Atomic Pile; Uranium Lathed?]
May 49
Scientists at machines in atomic lab.  Performing experiments?

220361          1949 / 1950s            Sd        B/w     04:07:00 - 04:08:22
Soviet Atomic Scientists
Kulchatov and other scientists relaxing - Kulchatov home movies with family and friends. Interior Worlds first atomic power station

220361          1949 & 1953 Sd        Col       04:04:35 - 04:05:10
First Soviet Atomic Bomb and First H-Bomb
Atomic explosion - debris flying around - some tape damage. 1953 Testing of first Thermo Nuclear bomb tested. Loading on aircraft - plane takes off

220361          1949 & 1953 Sd        Col       04:05:26 - 04:06:44            First Soviet Atomic Bomb and First H-Bomb
Atomic explosion - debris flying around . 1953 Testing of first Thermo Nuclear bomb tested. Loading on aircraft - plane takes off.  Spectacular nuclear explosion. Russian speaker Anatoly Alexandrov President Soviet Academy of Sciences. with American voice dubbed over
Ends abruptly

220362          1949 & 1953 Sd        col       09:08:30 - 09:09:57            First Soviet Atomic Bomb and First H-Bomb
Atomic explosion - debris flying around . 1953 Testing of first Thermo Nuclear bomb tested. Loading on aircraft - plane takes off. Spectacular nuclear explosion. Russian speaker Anatoly Alexandrov President Soviet Academy of Sciences. with American voice dubbed over
Ends abruptly

220271          1950               B/W    01:21:57        Truman at press conference.  Atomic explosion seen, night.  Narration about use in Korea.  Dead & refugees in Korea.  Saint Peter's & pilgrims in Rome praying.  United Nations as symbol.

220655          1950   Si         COL      21:31:32 - 21:42:32            Atomic / Nuclear Tests - Explosions
Aerial view - spectacular underwater explosion - mushroom cloud.
21.34.48 Flash from nuclear explosion in desert  - mushroom cloud
21.37.20 Nuclear test in desert.
21.38.00 Desert test - long column of white smoke - mushroom cloud
21.40.04 Desert test - cactus in foreground - flash and mushroom cloud

220789          1950   SD        B/W    05:27:01 - 05:30:02           Red Menace - It Happened in Europe It Can Happen At Home
May Day parade - Crowd marching with banners against atomic arms & placards re Joliot-Curie in France.  Joliet & Curie marching (?). 
05:27:29 Swish pan to Berlin, East and West, and large parade w/ flags.  Very large crowds.  Male & female soldiers marching, people watching.  Crowds running & chased by police in area of WWII damage. 
05:28:33 Swish pan to Mosinee, WI.  Staged anti-communist propaganda -  Empty street & policeman arrested by soldiers, other city officials 'arrested' including newsmen.  Censoring paper 'The Red Star'.  Hammer & Sickle being hung; notices in windows.  Soup kitchen; checking i.d.s.  People marched to assembly point to listen to speeches.
Communism; Cold War; Peace demonstration.

220361          1950s Sd        col       05:23:07 - 05:34:09            Atomic Weapons Orientation Part 5 - Effects of Atomic Weapons
Air burst, nuclear weapon explosion - ball of fire - mushroom cloud. Graphic of fire ball showing thermal or heat radiation. Mushroom cloud from various angles. Shots destroyed military vehicles after test.  Impact of atomic blast on buildings recorded by remote control cameras - shock waves. Graphic explaining shock waves etc. Hiroshima aftermath ? Blast test on buildings. Men watching nuclear explosion. Explosions in desert. Tests on fuel storage containers.  Army uniforms pinned on wooden sheets to test effects of flash fires. Wooded areas - forest fire. Mushroom cloud in desert.  Precautions against Gamma radiation. Soldiers in trenches in desert sheltering from nuclear blast. Air burst explosion.
05:33:30 Underwater explosion - test near target ships - mushroom cloud - continued on 220362
NB Poor quality - bad signal problem at 05:27:34

220362          1950s Sd        col       09:00:00 - 09:05:30            Atomic Weapons Orientation Part 5 - Effects of Atomic Weapons
Continued from 220361
Precautions against Gamma radiation. Soldiers in trenches in desert sheltering from nuclear blast. Air burst explosion.
Underwater explosion - test near  target ships - mushroom cloud.  Column of water thrown up by explosion. More underwater detonations.
09:02:20 Underground detonation - smoke cloud containing radiation. Crater following underground detonation
09;03:43 Surface explosion - crater following surface burst. Nuclear explosion with mushroom cloud.

220464          1950s Sd        col       10:38:30 - 10:47:35            The Atom Comes to Town Pt 1
Interior Atomic plant with engineers and technicians & film noir music.
Arch N. Booth, Executive Vice president American Chamber of Commerce introduces standing in office -  re importance of nuclear energy for US economy.
VS American city.  Street scenes.  Suburbs & residential houses.  People in various situations discuss atomic power - for or against: Housewife in apron with friend in modern kitchen: ˝What would we do without all this atomic energyţ.  10:41:05 Factory worker with machine says atomic power is a long way off.  10:41:26: Women play cards.  Gentlemen═s club, old men play chess, middle-aged men play snooker.  Pool balls used to explain atomic energy & split atom.
Animation: Ancient Egyptians at work, city, Einstein, electric power shown then atomic electricity; family by mod cons.  Houses representing various countries.  Narration celebrates  increasing use of power by America & atomic power to ensure abundance of electricity.
Futuristic machinery. Ecology. Environment. Consumerism. 

220464          1950s Sd        col       10:47:36 - 10:57:11            The Atom Comes to Town Pt 2
10:47:36 Atomic plant for army in Virginia. Los Angeles, early reactor project.  Nuclear plant in countryside near Pleasance, California. Inside plant control room.  Aerial view Shipping Fort, California under construction. Narr re cost of construction.
Men look at animated graphs & models & illustration of nuclear stations planned for 1960: New York, Chicago, Detroit, New England.  Map shows new plants for 1960 & 1975.  Electricity towers.  Inside lab w/ two technicians and radioisotope.  Putting cans of radio isotope in slots.
10:51:49 Hospital, narration re use of radioisotopes in medical diagnosis.  Sign 'Caution radioactive materials'.  Doctor in white coat.  Hospital waiting room.  Atomic cocktail of radioactive iodine mixed & downed by patient for thyroid problems.  Machine with dials.  Leukemia patient on bed radiated with rotating head. Cancer operation / surgery.  Cancer cells in tray for research.  Specimen tissues processed and studied in microscope.  Cancer cells seen through microscope.  Sign 'radiation - danger'. Cancer cell dying after radiation.  Mother with baby.  Parents at swing w/ kids.
10:55:27 Atom has come to the farm.  Experimental farm. Farmer.  Cows & calves suckling from buckets. Cow═s udders.  Cow injected with radioisotope. Scientist takes milk from cow & analyses it in lab.  Geiger counter.
Futuristic machinery. Ecology. Environment. Consumerism.  Medicine 

220464          1950s Sd        col       10:57:12 - 11:07:55            The Atom Comes to Town Pt 3
10:57:12Peanut harvest at farm operated by North Carolina University, Blacks working. Experimental irradiated food. Peanuts from seeds radiated in reactor to boost acreage use. Giant peanuts.  Kid buys giant peanuts at stand. Car engine. Factory laboratory radiating car parts to check wear. Tyres checked. Rubber coating.  Atomic thickness gauge. Rubber mill. Cars on suburban street.
11:00:25 Kid brushes teeth. Toothbrush brushes teeth  in tube for radioactive fluoride toothpaste test. Teeth measured in Geiger counter. Man off plane with atomic suitcase. Atom ray machine . Narration re increased business use of atom for product manufacture.
11:02:18 Drilling at oil well. Oil gushing through. Labour. Row of houses w/ sign ˝ caution, radiation areaţ. Minerals tested for reaction to radiation. Graphs on computer screen. Engineers experiment w/ portable radiation measuring implement to be used on site. Coil. Device to preserve crude oil: covered with water in pool; Pool glows. Engineer smiles.
11:06:00 Montage re benefits of atomic power.

Futuristic machinery. Ecology. Environment. Consumerism. 

220518          1950s Si         B/W    12:49:07 - 12:51:55            Nautilus out of Harbour
First US Nuclear powered submarine Nautilus out of harbour, diagrams showing nuclear reactor and engine. Nuclear rods ? Man looking inside reactor ?   Reactor at desert test site, Arco Idaho ? arrives on back of lorry / truck. Interior men working on reactor. Man at dials. Flashback to launching ceremony , champagne bottle smashed - Nautilus down slipway. Nautilus at sea, helicopter over.

220768          1950s SIL       B/W    00:10:12 - 00:18:48            [French troops in Indo-china - atomic shelter]
Troop carriers through mud , rivers and fields.
00:13:18 POV on river boat in Indochina?  French troops on board.  Landing on beach.  French capture Vietminh in jungle.
00:16:25 Building domestic atomic shelter outside house.  Geiger counter.  Thick door and lock.  Inside shelter.

220720          1950s ?          Si         B/W    21:00:10 - 21:07:10            Atomic Energy Commission Safety Monitoring;
Entrance to Hanford & Atomic Energy Commission guards searching cars.  Worker checking monitoring instrument.  Technicians checking ?? w/ pipette at truckside.  Geiger counters checking ground & sagebrush.  Gathering samples.  Inside building employee in protective suit checking piping of reactor. Radiation Zone sign. Man in front of diagram showing cooling.  Man taking off protective coveralls & face mask - putting into box, then checked for radiation or vacuumed off.

220720          1950s ?          Si         B/W    21:07:28 - 21:12:43            Atomic Energy Commission Worker in Inflated Plastic Suit;
Atomic worker puts on slippers & other protective equipment, crawls out thru tunnel.  Man in lab working in blow up  plastic suit, crawls into it, loads materials into box.  Plastic tunnel suit inflated.  Vacuumed off or checked w/ geiger counter. Man putting on face mask and slippers.

220720          1950s ?          Si         B/W    21:15:05 - 21:22:09            [Hanford Entrance & Army Defense]
Hanford government checkpoint & searching workers cars going in.  Soldiers in back of truck showing identification.  POV down highway through sagebrush.  Pan over buildings.  Radar & military equipment.  Flag on tall pole.  Radar dish turning.  Soldiers monitoring.  Soldier hits gong & troops run out to large anti-aircraft guns & fire them.  Army trucks in & out of checkpoint.  Buses leaving.  Signs: No Trespassing.  Sign:  Camp Hanford, North Richland Washington.  Troops on military exercise working on large guns; men working in shop.  Soldiers run out of tents & gun drill w/ firing.  Convoy of army trucks.

220518          1952   Sd        B/W    12:12:37 - 12:19:54            USSN Nautilus Submarine Model - First nuclear powered submarine
Captain Rickover and female naval officer WAVE standing behind model of Nautilus - Man asks woman to remove part of the hull to show interiors - he explains with pointer  how nuclear reactor works in the ship. Shield placed on model, he explains that everything under the shield will be radio active and the shield will protect personnel from radioactivity. Closer shots of man explaining how ship is propelled. Explanation repeated

220518          1952   Sd        B/W    12:19:56 - 12:26:19            USSN Nautilus Submarine Model - First nuclear powered submarine
Captain Rickover with diagram of first American submarine, The Turtle, invented by Dr Bushnell in 1776.  With pointer shows how ship worked.  With pointer shows how one pound of uranium equal to 2,600,00 of coal power. Diagram of American WWII submarine.  Picture of battery used in WWII sub showing size.  Picture of liner Queen Mary used to explain that no air is needed on nuclear submarine to burn oil.  CU details of model of Nautilus reactor. Close shots of various diagrams and pictures used during lecture.

220795          1952   SD        B/W    14:47:04 - 14:48:04            H-bomb - Atomic Head Tells Of Eniwetok Tests
Gordon Dean. chairman of Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) speech re early announcement of H-bomb tests - says disciplinary action will be taken to prevent information being divulged & protect national security.

220795          1952   SD        B/W    15:05:55 - 15:07:37            Britain Explodes Its A-Bomb
Nuclear tests near Australia═s Montebello Island.  Cast-off warships in harbour.  Aerial test site.  British preparing.  Technicians at control room. 11Dec52 Atomic blast (not mushroom-shaped).  People watching. 

220795          1952   SD        B/W    15:13:23 - 15:14:31            Atomic Tests - Tactical Weapons Tried in Manoeuvres
First official  films of atomic tests involving troops at Camp Desert Rock, Nevada.  General Mark Clark present.  Radiation badges places on rifles and other equipment.  Troops sitting on ground and caught in atomic blast's white flash - laughing and smiling.  Blast seen from behind troops.  Soldier comments 'how something so beautiful can be so destructive'.  Mushroom cloud.

220900          1952   Si         B/W    22:02:15 - 22:09:54            Project Desert Rock (nuclear and atomic)
Military vehicles including tank in desert.  Long column of white smoke following explosion - mushroom cloud. Military vehicles following explosion - men inspecting and walking around vehicles and equipment - some demolished from effects of blast.
22:09:34 Man with geiger counter measuring radioactivity round jeep.

220900          1952   Si         B/W    22:02:15 - 22:09:54            Project Desert Rock (nuclear and atomic)
Military vehicles including tank in desert.  Long column of white smoke following explosion - mushroom cloud. Military vehicles following explosion - men inspecting and walking around vehicles and equipment - some demolished from effects of blast.
22:09:34 Man with geiger counter measuring radioactivity round jeep.

220294          1953   Sd        B/W    15:11:52 - 15:13:09            Atoms in Science - Aids Cancer Research in Search for Cure
Atomic Energy Commission fish hatchery  - scientist feeds fish - fish have been raised in atomically hot water - scientist in lab with fingerlings (fish) - Sheep in pens being fed atomically activated food - scientist puts rats in cages in large machine.  (Vivisection) Exterior Medical Division building - interior  cancer patient in bed with Doctor and nurse undergoing experiment with radioactive tracer element  which is injected intravenously.  Doctor wearing protective gloves and using metal tongs to carry bottle pours liquid into drip. Surgeon removes section of cancer for analysis.

220294          1953   Sd        B/W    15:13:20 - 15:15:13            Atoms for Peace Use Unveiled
Atomic Energy Commission - exterior building - sign Main Tech Area, security check on gate. Interior technical area - scientific technicians carrying out carrying out experiments - sign Danger Neutron & Gamma Rays. Robot arms moving radioactive materials - radioactive isotope removed from container from the atomic pile and opened using remote control power saw - artificially 'hot' metal analysed - hardness tester - dials turning - microscopic view of metal specimen. Exterior Security buildings - artillery gun turning, security troops.

220718          1953   Sd        col       19:28:36 - 19:42:28            Target Nevada
Nevada desert & roads.  Desert Atomic explosions of various sizes.  CU of boiling clouds.  Sign:  HQ of Special Command.  AF officers.  Planes moved about & worked on.  Fighters past bomber; bombers over camera.  Women at teletypes & men charting weather.
19:31:54  Explosion & remaining cloud.  Men silhouetted w/ clouds past.  Helicopter take off & flyover.  Cloud sampling by plane. Pilot & others in plane flying through clouds.  B-36; observation crews & others w/ electronic devices.  Interiors plane - men at instruments.
Danger Radiation sign - Cleaning of plane by washing. Ground crew hosing down plane with no protective suiting.  Men test eyes during burst for flash blindness - volunteers are in flying laboratory - they put on various glasses and watch the atomic explosion from the plane.
19:35:54 Aircraft placed to test effect of blast.  High speed camera showing plane buffeted.  Men looking at damage to various planes following blast. Jets taking off.  Briefing before flight, nuclear bomb loaded. B-50 Plane codename Rosebud in flight with crew.  AEC Control room - man writing on chart progress of plane.  Navigator counts for turn.  Bomb run & target.  Observers sitting in opn in desert area  put on goggles; explosion seen from above.

LN 501-368  1953   SIL       B/W    22:07:30 - 22:13:24            [US Troop Manoeuvres in Europe]
American troops In Europe train in simulated atomic maneuvers, various locations - tanks through villages and rural areas - setting up camouflaged gun in field. 
NATO maneuvres - French?  officers discuss with troops in forest.  GI searching for landmines with metal detector - cordoned area with warning sign 'mines'.   Distributing bread from loaf, eating and climbing on tank.  French?  officers look at map.  Firing in field.  Troops on road.  Setting up camouflage net.   Digging up soil.

220518          1954   Si         B/W    12:41:37 - 12:45:00            Nautilus Commissioned - First US Nuclear Powered Submarine.
Various shots sub including nameplate.  Ceremony on deck as US flag raised. Naval officer at microphone. Crowds. Officer and unid. civilian with presentation document ? . Naval personnel at attention on deck. Sub tied up. Crowds watching ceremony. Various shots naval officers and politician ? Shots repeated.

220518          1954   Si         B/W    12:52:59 - 12:59:00            Life on board Nautilus - first US Nuclear powered submarine
Officers of Nautilus shake hands with ? CU badge. Good shot Nautilus underway. Hatch door closing.  Interior officers in wheelhouse. Plaque re Nautilus. Officers mess, crew mess. Various short shots interior with crew. Car with 4 stars on dockside. Interiors sub, man playing juke box. Various short shots sequences repeated and VIP given tour. VIP officer leaves sub by gangplank to launch, sub at sea.

220540          1954   Sd        b/w     15:48:20 - 15:58:20            America Presents America - Work of the USIA - Part 1
Incl. - USIA office Streibert talking to visitors explains how USIA is working to promote democracy.  Atomic Power for Peace campaign leaflet.
15:55:40 Dec. 8th 1953 Eisenhower addresses United Nations re atoms for peace.  Speech continues over shots of radio control room - clocks showing different countries time zones - dials - radio announcers broadcasting in various languages, people listening to radio. Press service sending txt of Presidents speech - men at type writers - tele types. Film cutting / editing rooms. American Embassies.

220540          1954   Sd        b/w     15:58:21 - 16:05:29            America Presents America - Work of the USIA - Reel 2
Washington - staff of USIA reviewing books re peaceful use of atomic power. - Pamphlets produced in various languages.
15:59:00 USIA - United States Information Agency library in Brazil - people reading - hand holds USIA pamphlet on Atomic Power for Peace
15:59:16 Designers at drawing boards designing Atoms for peace exhibits. Construction work on model nuclear reactor. Exhibits world wide.
15:59:47 Exhibit in West Berlin - In India, Nehru visits exhibit. In Japan - exhibit showing the use of remote control hands to move radioactive material.
16:00:40 Mobile units take exhibits to smaller towns. Portable screen erected for showing USIA films. Excerpt of A is for Atom.  Montage faces various nationalities.
16:01:41 Kremlin - 'Russian' broadcaster re false propaganda of American Atoms for Peace programme. 'Russian' broadcaster switching tack says Atoms for Peace Plan was a Soviet idea.
16:02:48 Men in Italian bar - public opinion interviewer takes notes.
16:03:07 Map showing USIS posts round the World
16:03:25 Germany  -  building Amerika-Haus. Interior library - people reading.  Mobile library in German town.
16:04:25 USIS discussion group.  Concert.  Exterior RIAS - VOA broadcasting in US zone in Berlin. Announcer broadcasting in German.
16:05:06 Family of Man - USIS exhibit at Museum of Modern Art in New York.  Visitors looking at photographs.

220540          1954   Sd        b/w     16:05:30 - 16:14:50            America Presents America - Work of the USIA- Reel 3
incl. -  16:10:17 Campaign re disarmament  -  Mutual Inspection for peace - The Open Skies Proposal.
16:10:44 Map showing Iron Curtain and VOA transmitters.  USIA Coast Guard Cutter Courier acting as floating radio relay station - transmitters - aerials - radios with people listening - radio jamming by Russians.
16:12:30 Cover of America Illustrated, magazine published by USIA  - pages turned.  American magazines on racks.  Two Japanese ? women looking at small library of American books - Care shelf.
16:13:30 Cultural City Salutes - signs - City of Boston salutes Rome.  Boston shops. Montage - Statue of Liberty - Atomic explosion - US troops marching - State Department - Voice of America  broadcasting in various languages.

220796          1954   SD        B/W    16:15:44 - 16:16:14            News In Brief - Bevatron
Bevatron particle accelerator at University of California (Berkeley?).
Interior atomic research centre; control room.

220880          1954   SD        B/W    15:58:18 - 15:59:21            News In Brief - Nautilus Launched
Atomic sub Nautilus launched.  Skipper  Wilkinson  Mrs Eisenhower christens ship.

220880          1954   SD        B/W    16:02:28 - 16:03:21            New A-bomb Explosion By British
Atomic Bomb tested by British in the Australian desert.  Man in protective suit.  Radiation protection devices.  Technicians watch dials.   Good CU dial countdown.  Atomic blast and mushroom cloud. 

220361          1955   Si         col       05:09:08 - 05:15:11            Unidentified Nevada Atomic Test
Mushroom cloud - cactus in foreground. Various shots of cloud
05:10:57 From different angle - bomb blast - mushroom cloud
Slate 15th April 1955 - project 30-35 Atomic explosion and mushroom cloud. Shots repeated

220545          1956   SD        B/W    06:21:53 - 06:31:55            The Atlantic Community -  Introducing Canada - Part Two
Incl. -   Model of St Lawrence River  to guide builders of ocean vessel route.  Oil pipeline  built.   Interior atomic plant - beam therapy unit to treat patient (medicine).   Students  at neurologist Wilder Penfield lecture.  Surgeons operating  - brain surgery.


220901          1956 1952    SIL       COL      00:12:10 - 00:23:39            Atomic Blasts
Blinding flash, mushroom cloud, very red, donut shape cloud. 
00:14:32 Slate 28 May 1956 Bikini  Explosion.
00:15:59 Aerial explosion at sea
00:18:25 Operation Ivy, 1952 Eniwetok. Three technicians on ship looking at instruments doing countdown.  Radio mast Elugelab Island.  Huge fireball from thermonuclear explosion, shock wave travels across sea.  Brief shot crew members in blinding light.  Good shots clouds. 
00:20:24 Looking out towards anchored ship at Bikini Atoll, incredible undersea explosion shooting water high into the air. 
00:21:44 Aerial desert area showing bomb site.  White light, aerial mushroom cloud rising towards camera. 
00:22:48 Night shot test, explosion, mushroom cloud glows red in night sky.

220268   1957   Sd        B/W    20:25:19 - 20:25:43            News In Brief - Nevada (First Test Firing of Atomic Rocket)
Scorpion jet takes off with first air to air nuclear rocket to be fired.  Blinding flash & mushroom cloud.

220534          1957   Sd        b/w     03:09:19 - 03:11:30            Chairman Lyndon Johnson opens Congressional Committee missile probe.
Johnson speaking - wide shot committee room - Edward Teller takes the stand and oath. Teller speaks ˝There is no doubt since the end of the war, the Russians have worked at a much faster rate .... military technology .... Russians will leave US behind ....more money neededţ. (cold war, nuclear race)

220758          1957   SD        B/W    23:46:07 - 23:47:36            News in Brief - Maryland - New Atomic Energy Commission Building.
Exterior building - crowds outside.  President Eisenhower lays cornerstone - dedication.  Ike making speech (not heard)

220534          1958   Sd        b/w     03:11:50 - 03:12:30            Edward Teller Asks Congress to Continue Tests
Speaking in front of microphone ˝We must have the clean weapon to save the innocent bystanders .... stopping of nuclear tests would prevent its developmentţ. (cold war, nuclear race)

220932          1958   SD        B/W    23:07:19 - 23:08:58           Nautilus Returns To US
VS arrival of US atomic submarine Nautilus in New York harbour, surrounded by tug boats and greeted by President═s representatives on Navy tug. 
23:07:51: Nautilus passes w/ Statue of Liberty in background.  Manhattan skyline above waterfront, fireboats spraying jets of water.  AV harbour.  Submarine pulling into dock, crew on deck.  Reception committee, wives greet husbands.  Commander William Anderson.
Cold War. 

220367          1958 - 1980 Sd        col       20:29:15 - 20:33:55            Air Force Now -  USAF News Review No 20 - USAF Gets F-105 - Thunderchief
27May1958  - Republic Aviation plant in Farmingdale New York.  Ceremony as new fighter plane rolled out on to tarmac.  Fighter plane which can carry nuclear bomb in internal bomb bays.  Bomb loaded.  Aircraft takes off.
20:30:00 Crashed F-105s
20:30:23  Maintenance engineer riding on back of truck says F-105s were unreliable.  Fighter flies overhead. Fighter taking off - shots from rear of jet engine.  Side on view take off.  Line of Planes taxi on runway.  Aircraft in flight.  Flak.  Dogfight with Migs.  Bombs dropping - explosions - good combat shots.  F-105 flying in formation.

220267 + 181544   1959   sd         B/W    14:11:18        Nuclear sub skate on surface entering harbor.  Many aerials; men on deck while docking after 2nd transpolar trip.  Welcoming signs on docks.  Captain greeted by wife w/ kiss.

220319          1959   Sd        B/W    04:22:41 - 04:32:35            Red Fair Opens in New York
Russian Turbo-prop transport plane arriving New York.  Deputy Premier Koslov of Russia descends aircraft steps. Exterior  exhibition hall.  Koslov and other man wave to cameras.  Exterior hall with Russian and American flags. Crowds outside.  President Eisenhower with Nixon arrives to visit show, Ike shakes hands with Koslov.  Exhibition hall with exhibits of Soviet scientific achievements including Sputnik.  Model of nuclear powered Ice Breaker.  VIPs leave hall.
Space Race

220747          1959   SD        B/W    08:44:59 - 08:45:59           News In Brief - (Nuclear Sub Returns to Home Base, Transpolar)
Nuclear submarine.  Skate on surface entering harbor.  Many aerials; men on deck while docking after 2nd transpolar trip.  Welcoming signs on docks.  Captain greeted by wife with kiss.

220310          1960   Sd        B/W    14:44:43 - 14:45:21            News in Brief - Georgia - DIY  Atomic Fall out Shelters
Exterior above ground model at Thomasville Georgia , woman looking at civil defence pamphlet re shelter whilst turning handle to supply air ? .  Shelves stocked with food and other necessities. Woman with geiger counter to measure radiation.  Bunk Beds.

220319          1960   Sd        B/W    04:41:25 - 04:42:56            Missile Milestone. First Polaris Firing by Submerged U-boat
Missiles arrive at Cape Canaveral. USS George Washington submarine in dock, missile doors open and close.  Control room with flashing lights.  AVs submarine at sea submerges.  Men with binoculars watch from ship, Polaris launched - rising from sea.  Second missile launched
Space Race . nuclear and atomic

220464          1960s Sd        col       10:23:58 - 10:31:34            Atom and Eve
The benefits of atomic power.  Ultra modern, futuristic household goods and equipment.
Reel One
Reflection in metal object doctor tending patient.  Child with ironing board and washing machine.  Opening refrigerator. Girl combing hair with tiny radio by feet.  Eating popcorn with remote control? in hand.  Talking on telephone.  Radio.  Christmas tree by fireplace & woman opens present.  Audio typing with reel to reel player. Frying eggs, opening oven. Polishing nails at vanity stand.  Serving cocktails to guests.  Atomic plant. Meters and lights. Pink animated atom.
10:26:12 Title with woman dancing.  Tiny generator. Light bulb.  Woman in blue 1900s costume then 1930s costume.  Dams and hydroelectricity.  Turbines. Electric towers. Railway station. Aerial view city. Woman in blue dances.  Atomic generating stations.  Stills aerial views New England industry.  Woman looks into microscope and dances with light bulb. Map shows North East USA regions covered by Connecticut Yankee Electricity Company.  Woman dances i n living room amidst furniture. 10:30:02 Exterior power plants. Voice over re depletion of conventional fuel. 10:30:39 Oil & pipeline & transportation. Train carriages. Woman dances by graph.  Names of companies pooled in Connecticut Yankee Atomic Power Company.

220464          1960s Sd        col       10:31:35 - 10:38:10            Atom and Eve
The benefits of atomic power.  Ultra modern, futuristic household goods and equipment.
Reel Two
Woman holds up map.  Animated map and artist's sketch of plant & nuclear reactor.  Animation nuclear submarine.  Nuclear plant in Massachusetts.  Inside Yankee Row control room.  Connecticut Yankee offices. Talking heads managers re safety, preservation of site & harmonious landscaping.  They show model of new plant. 
10:35:36 Chair lifts & skiing in Vermont.  Milking w/ machine.  Classroom. Stadium lit at night.  Jazz musicians w/ base, trumpet, saxophone.  Airport landing strip lights.  Metal workshop.  Helicopter takes off, sign 'Sikorsky Aircraft'.  Residential houses. Docks w/ boats.  Electric towers.  01:36:47 Roasting chicken & zoom out to family makes barbecue at night.  Views city buildings.  Woman sings as reel to reel  projector runs, then dances amidst household appliances.  Refrigerator.  Oven.  Egg beater.  Clock.  Baby on floor.

221304 1960s Sd B/W 17:00:?? - 17:13:28 Let’s Face It
Los Angeles Examiner headline: Russ Explodes H-Bomb. Globe w/ animated arrows showing route from USSR. Sign: Evacuation Exercise (Civil Defense) Traffic. Sign: Air Raid Rehearsal Today. Horn turning w/ siren, man turns head. Other horns. Two men in convertible driving; men at work, welder lifts mask. People going to shelter. Spotter w/ binoculars, man a map of Los Angeles, freeway w/ traffic moving. CD people. Firemen w/ stretchers; CD rescue trucks. Man a radio mic (several), antennas
17:03:12 Geiger counters & checking for radioactivity; antennas. Sign: Block warden. Field hospital. Tornado & rescues; tent kitchen.
17:04:54 Slow motion of structures tested; aftermath of blast. Skyscrapers. Industrial buildings. Railroad freight yard & bridges. Nevada blast & test buildings constructed. Railroad track w/ cars on them. Variety of building materials; dummy in car; synthetic forest constructed. Wind gages. Bomb target. Observers waiting with journalists, CD officials, military.
17:09:09 Briefing, men into trenches & cover heads. Blast on buildings & structures w/ dust & wind. Trees bend. Men in trenches hit by blast wave. Soldiers looking at blast cloud. Helicopter takes off & aerials over buildings. Ground shots of overturned buildings, destroyed trees from artificial forest. Man holding geiger counter out window of helicopter. Soldiers walk towards blast site, look at damaged jeep & equipment. Cars destroyed.
17:12:37 CD booklets. H-bomb blast & impact wave moving over ocean & camera vibrates. Silhouette of people watching atomic blast. The End.

220720          1960s ?          Sd        COL      21:22:35 - 21:31:50            Miracle in The Desert - The Story of Hanford R1 of 3
Glenn Seaborg, Arthur Wall,  & ?? in Berkeley Lab.  Aerial over desert area of Hanford.  Columbia River & power lines.  Still of Hanford with barracks & trailers above river.  Bulldozing & construction of plant. Richland suburbia. Trucks down highway.  Aerial Views of 3 reactor buildings & large concrete building. Scientists measuring plutonium.  Technicians & storage vaults. Diagrams showing power of plutonium as opposed to other forms of power. Exterior & interiors of buildings & computers.
21:29:35 Spoof - paperboy in street, women and children run towards him and look at newspaper headlines ˝ Its Atomic Bombs )  AEC building  G.E.C  company employees.  Aerials over buildings including new separation plants.  Machining & building rods.  Diagram of uranium rods.

220720          1960s ?          Sd        COL      21:31:51-21:41:27  Miracle in The Desert - The Story of Hanford  R2 of 3
Fuel elements in 5 story reactor & loading tubes.  Pan over cooling pens of water outside reactor.  Dropping new plutonium rods into deep water.  Moved by RR to separation plant.  Interior with overhead -  crane operator behind concrete shield.  Various workers, moving items.  Worker safety sign.  1959 construction started for dual purpose reactor, plutonium for defense / defence & steam for electricity. 
21:35:46 President John F. Kennedy / JFK visits to break ground & Kennedy speaking.  AVs power plant - electricity pylons.
Research and devlopment - air ground and water around facility checked and tested.  Animals in pens - fish tested for radioactivity - flock of seagulls - birds tested.  Plants in laboratory conditions tested to see if any effect. Goat and kid tested - scientists feeding pigs.  Medical research - pig has x-ray.
21:39:46 Weather forecasting - balloon released.  Coloured gases released for study re rocket fuels in atmosphere.  Scientist carrying out study of changes in uranium fuel elements.  Animation space satellite.
Men using artificial arms to manipulate radioactive material.  Compacting plutonium using giant impact forge..

220720          1960s ?          Sd        COL      21:41:28-21:51:03  Miracle in The Desert - The Story of Hanford  R3 of 3
Plutonium recycle test reactor. Powdered uranium & plutonium compacted by ultra-high frequence sound waves.  Scientists working to develop fast breeder reactors. 
21:42:23 Seaborg speaking to camera re production of nuclear energy over AV fast breeder reactor in Idaho.   21:43:26 Donald Williams speaks to camera.  Workers arriving at Hanford in buses & cars.  Aerial of Richland.  Industry council meeting.  G.E. terminates & 7 new contractors take over.  Plans listed by Williams over drawings of new plants. 
21:46:28 Workers doing research for Batelle. Reel to reel  Computers of UNIVAC 1107. Men on telephones. Montage various work inside Hanford.  Waterways . Exterior Center for Graduate Study. Visitors at Hanford Science centre.
21:48:57  Residential area & downtown Richland.  Suburbs of 50's. Relaxation / recreational activities -  Swimming - water-skiing  motor boats speeding. Tape fault 21.50.23 . Aerials over access roads to Hanford.


220293          1961   Sd        B/W    13:09:10 - 13:10:13            News in Brief: New York - Hoover Birthday
Ex President Herbert Hoover 87th Birthday - holds press conference - Hoover seated behind desk asked to comment on the Berlin crisis - says Russians no more want nuclear war then we do (America) so solution should be possible - Hoover asked question he replies that he is retired and will not answer political questions.

220310          1961   Sd        B/W    14:04:34 - 14:07:17            London Meetings End Kennedy's European Trip.
Khruschev arrives by train in Vienna, crowds waiting to greet, girls with flowers - greeted by  ?.  President John F Kennedy  / JFK arrives Vienna by plane, crowds at airport to greet.  Khruschev arriving at conference, topics discussed: Laos, Berlin, Nuclear testing and rights in International discussions.  Kennedy and Khruschev together on steps of meeting place.  Movie cameraman.  Shake hands for cameras.  Press outside conference hall. Interiors, Kennedy  and Khruschev seated.
14:06:22  London - Kennedy arrives by plane and is met by Macmillan.  Macmillan makes welcoming speech from dais.  Jacquie Kennedy standing with dignitaries.

220319          1961   Sd        B/W    04:43:28 - 04:44:45            News in Brief - Florida - Thor-Able-Star Rocket.
Rocket launch at night to put three satellites in orbit at the same time, one of the satellites is powered by the first space borne nuclear battery.  Animation of satellites separating.
Space Race


220357          1961   SD        B/W    02:00:21 - 02:04:23            'Peace Race' Is Kennedy Challenge
Exterior UN building. John F Kennedy  out of car.  JFK to speaker's stand.  UN audience sits.
JFK speech: 'Dag Hammarskjold is dead. The United Nations live... the task for which he died is at the top of our agenda... his place can only be filled by one man...  contemplate the day when this planet will no longer be inhabitable... every woman, man and child lives under a nuclear .... weapons of war must be abolished before they abolish us... it is our intention to challenge the Soviet Union not to an arms race but to a peace race... until disarmament has been achieved...  Never have the nations of the world had so much to lose, or so much to gain...'
space race

220876          1961   Sd        B/W    09:12:37 - 09:13:41            News in Brief - Nuclear Carrier Enterprise is Commissioned.
Worlds largest ship at anchor. Top shot deck with aircraft. Various shots planes.  Secretary of the Navy John B. Connelly arrives for ceremony.  Guests seated on hangar deck.

220293          1962   Sd        B/W    13:21:08 - 13:22:06
Naval Might - USS Enterprise on Shakedown Trip. Worlds first nuclear powered aircraft carrier. Ship at sea - planes on flight deck - jets and others take off and land including radar surveillance plane.

220300          1962   Sd        B/W    00:29:02 - 00:59:29            President John F Kennedy (JFK) speaks on Disarmament and Testing -  Three reels
Talks re nuclear power and tests - atomic bombs - test ban treaty - Soviet policy  - Cold War - Military strength - nuclear arms race.

220301          1962   Sd        B/W    01:00:00 - 01:03:26            President John F Kennedy (JFK) speaks on Disarmament and Testing
Talks re nuclear power and tests - atomic bombs - test ban treaty - Soviet policy  - Cold War - Military strength - nuclear arms race.

220302          1962   Sd        B/W    03:06:30 - 03:08:38            'Skybolt' Decision - President Says Missile is Failure
President John F. Kennedy (JFK) enters press conference.  Takes question re role Britain can play in nuclear programme.  Overlaid over shots of missile being towed to plane.  Kennedy takes question re spoofs which have been played on Kennedy family - makes joke and laughs.

220687          1962? SD        COL      19:33:10 -  19:44:12           Leading From Strength - US Missiles and Military Might - Part Two
Incl. -  19:36:53 Boeing B-52 Stratofortress carries an X-15 while in flight.
Convair B-58 Hustler supersonic bomber in flight.
19:37:30 Naval taskforce - Ships at sea.   Delta jet takes off from carrier USS Enterprise.
Two-engine bomber takes off from carrier.
H-34 Helicopter take off from carrier. Mr. Hunter and Commander Harper chat on bridge of Enterprise.
Blimp takes off.  Destroyers  pass carrier.
19:39:31 Alfa missile is launched from destroyer and explodes in the sea.  Guppy-type submarine.
Atomic subs Seawolf SS-575 and Nautilus SSN-571.  Atomic sub Skate SS-578 breaking through ice at North Pole.  Crew chipping ice off sub.  Admiral George W. Anderson on bridge of Skate.
19:40:43 Launching ceremony of the submarine George Washington SSBN-598.  Sub slips down ways - wrapped in or painted with stars and stripes.
19:41:25 Marines come up elevator of the USS Enterprise and board HRS-1 (H-37) helicopters. LS, two HR2S1 helicopters leave deck of carrier. Landing craft  on way to shore. Marines rush off LVTs thru surf to shore.
19:42:36 Ontos SP antitank vehicle with 106mm recoilless rifles and 50 cal machine gun moves up and fires. Jupiter missile is launched. Fast cuts, soldiers advancing and planes in flight. LS, ship refueling in heavy
sea. Night shot, Atom bomb burst.

220299          1963   Sd        B/W    23:23:25 - 23:35:15            Kennedy re Atomic Testing
Television cameras and press in White House Kennedy speaks to camera re Atom bombs and cold war and the threat of Atomic war, says Atomic test ban treaty banning testing in space and underwater negotiated in Moscow. Permits continue to allow limited underground testing.

220302          1963   Sd        B/W    03:10:09 - 03:12:14            End A-Tests - Mississippi Ban Until Big 3 Talks
President John Kennedy (JFK) at American University graduation.  Makes speech re discussions between USA, Britain and Russia re possibility of nuclear test ban treaty.

220302          1963   Sd        B/W    03:12:48 - 03:14:28            Atom Test Ban - President Signs Nuclear Treaty
White House - interior Treaty Room - President John F Kennedy (JFK) seated at desk surrounded by representatives makes speech re treaty and hopes for peace.  Signs instruments of ratification of treaty  - hands out pens to delegates.

220308          1963   Sd        b/w     10:52:27 - 10:54:18            News In Brief - Two New US Submarines
Lafayette ballistic missile submarine  being tested in sea
Navy in uniform boarding. Newsreel cameramen. Navy crew on board, haul up flag. Three quarter view submarine.
Launch of nuclear - powered submarine Jack in Portsmouth.  Various shots of vessel, breaking bottle for inauguration, moving out of warehouse into waters, crew on top.

220361          1963   Sd        b/w     04:56:46
04:57:47        Britain═s Atom Sub - Sea Trials Begin for New Craft
Top shot Gibraltar. Royal Naval dockyard. HMS Dreadnought - Britain'═s first atomic powered submarine.  Sub diving. Interior sub, Captain using periscope. Sub surfaces.

220308          1963   Sd        b/w     11:29:40 - 11:30:40            Britain's Atom Sub - Sea trials Begin for New Craft.  Dreadnought, Britain's first Nuclear Submarine.
Overhead shot of naval base.  Gangway lifted away from sub. Zoom in sign on ship ˝dreadnoughtţ.  Sub past camera.  Tracking shot of coast w/ mountain from ship or sub.  Sub sinks in.  Men inside sub on commands.  Sub emerging. Man at commands steering.  Sub goes past

220301          1963   Sd        B/W    01:43:40  - 01:54:46           John F Kennedy Speech at The American University  10Jun63
Roll Two of Three: re relations with Soviet Union -  Cold War and threat of nuclear weapons and cost of arms race and need for peace, Communism, proposed setting up of Hot Line between US and Russia, Geneva test ban treaty talks, disarmament.  Says to applause that the United States will not conduct nuclear tests in the atmosphere.

220314          1964   Sd        B/W    18:30:05 - 18:42:32            Public shelter Living - Story of Shelter 104 - Civil Defence - Cold War
Interiors shelter which will house 59 people following attack - worried women. Two men who are running shelter at desk giving instructions. Woman handing round tea on a tray. Young woman reading as if from her diary on the events of the alarm and wondering if there will be a tomorrow. She asks her mother about her father and wonders if the sun is still shining above ground. Flash back to start of alarm, people coming down steps of underground shelter, doors closing. Crowds of people arguing and panicking. Manager of shelter calls for order and makes speech about conditions in shelter. Manager continues to tell people about facilities in shelter while young girls thoughts turn to the  fear  of others. Manager hands out registration forms. Electric lights fail which causes panic,  people filling out forms. Manager  tells people that the city they get their power from has ' been hit ' and confides in one of his co-workers that they could experience fall out soon.
18:36:38 Young girl writing in diary -  man gives instructions and information about shelter and jobs assigned to occupants.  Water rations - supplies and stocks - safety precautions. Manager using megaphone to get peoples attention - then says there will be a broadcast by the Governor. He then explains what to expect in the next few days, how communications with other fall out shelters will be kept up - emergency precautions etc. Smoking banned, limited food and water, extreme temperatures, crowded conditions - someone asks him what will happen if their town is hit - manager says if this happens they won═t know anything about it so it is pointless to worry, the shelter is to contend with atomic fall out. People asking questions.
18:40:09  CU radio as announcement comes in from State Civil Defence Headquarters - Governor on radio says nation has been attacked with nuclear weapons. Broadcast cut short as further attack starts. Knock on door - policeman with drunk stranger asks if they can accept him into shelter.  Stranger makes nuisance of himself then says everyone will die down here.

220630          1964 - 1966 Sd        Col       05:00:12 - 05:10:30            Great Victory of Mao Tse-Tung's Thought - Development of China's Nuclear Capability - Part 1
Chinese titles and narration translated by voice over.  film grainy
Sunrise - Masses with red flags.  Mao on balcony reviewing parade.  Huge parade - balloons.  AVs Chinese countryside looking like contour map.  Cornfield. Industrial shots - mining - steel - factories - machinery. Steam freight train towards camera - loaded trucks.  Chinese troops sitting in circles reading pamphlets re thoughts of Mao.  Military from engineering corp carrying out construction work, preparing buildings and installations for the first Chinese Atomic test.  Soldier goes into bunker through three steel doors. Supplies unloaded from truck.  Scientists in laboratories - primitive equipment. Instruments being prepared for test. Troops training, wearing gas masks - marching across sand at hottest time of the day.  Troops at end of training session remove protective rubber suits and pour out pints of sweat.  Comrades from the Cultural and Arts Troop dance with rifles entertaining troops - troops play football,  volley ball and basketball. Quartermaster Corp deliver supplies to troops. 16:09:33 Testing day nears and equipment and arms transported to site - military vehicles - tanks - aircraft - animals which are to subjected to nuclear explosion.

220630          1964 - 1966 Sd        Col       05:10:31 - 05:20:41            Great Victory of Mao Tse-Tung's Thought - Development of China═s Nuclear Capability - part 2
Chinese titles and narration translated by voice over. Film grainy
Various shots equipment ready for first test - calendar turns showing October 16th 1964.  Control panel opened - various shots people getting ready for test - scientists - troops - countdown and explosion.  Atomic mushroom from various angles.  Cheering troops jumping up and down.  People put on protective clothing and gas masks have examinations before entering contaminated area for recovery work - includes women. Helicopters and trucks transport workers to contaminated area.  Taking photographs of effects and removing equipment and animals.  Trucks return and workers are cheered by comrades.
Premier Chou En-Lai announces success of nuclear test - audience clapping.  Crowds fight for newspapers. Military personnel prepare vehicles and equipment for manoeuvres which are to take place in the contaminated test area. Propaganda  - combat teams given political indoctrination - anti US voice over.  Gas masks put on horses. 14May1965 Weather balloon launched.  Men put on goggles in preparation for second test - explosion - nuclear device dropped from aircraft - effects of nuclear fallout seen on buildings - mushroom.  Tactical manoeuvres carried out by military in contaminated area - tanks - troops wearing protective clothing in  motorcycles and sidecars - cavalry on horseback - tanks artillery and soldiers. Cavalry firing rifles from galloping horses.  Troops running behind tanks etc

220630          1964 - 1966 Sd        Col       05:20:42 - 05:34:03            Great Victory of Mao Tse-Tung's Thought - Development of China's Nuclear Capability
Chinese titles and narration translated by voice over. Film grainy
Chinese military barracks at testing site for third nuclear test - painting red star on ground - portrait Mao - hanging propaganda banners and signs.  Comrades at propaganda meeting study red book.  Kitchen comrades preparing food for troops.  Sandstorm over tents - soldiers struggle to keep tents pinned down. Covering Mig fighter plane with tarpaulin.  Filling sandbags and digging out equipment from sand.  Preparing test site - scientists and instruments. Preparing animals (vivisection) and civilian belongings and equipment which are to subjected to test.  May 9th 1966- propaganda preached to troops.  Control room of nuclear bunker with electrical equipment flashing - explosion of first nuclear bomb containing thermo nuclear materials.  Flash as test house is destroyed.  Mushroom cloud. Dog tied to stake in blast area frantically trying to get free but two caged dogs under ground feel much safer ! Chicks in cages - Monkey in cage. Exposed buildings damaged. Planting seeds in scorched earth following explosion.  Seeds growing. Damaged crops.  Narration says Khruschev and his revisionists were telling lies when they said nuclear bombs would destroy everything.  Streets - civilians cheering and celebrating - getting newspapers.  Reading pamphlets in various situations.  Chinese lettering on pamphlets.  Celebrating crowds - dancing - singing.

220917          1964 - 1967 SD        COL&B/W        00:42:11 - 00:51:15            Pursuit of Peace
Montage aid programmes

Incl. 00:45:14 Switzerland -  Colour - UN flag flying - mural on ceiling of UN building.  United Nations meeting to discuss Nuclear arms treaty. CU various delegates including William Foster for US - Russian delegate - Lord Chalfont for UK -  empty chair for France.  Russian delegate Sarobkin? speaking.  Later at press briefing Russian representative  says Soviet Union favours full discussion with US to stop spread of Nuclear weapons.  Foster speaking re urgency of treaty.
00:47:44 Foster stands in park overlooking Lake Geneva.  Flock of seagulls.

220194          1965   sd         B/W    01:26:19        McNamara on Vietnam -- New Moves Counter Red Infiltration
Sec. of Defense McNamara tells news conference that the USA intends to step up bombings until all key supply lines from the north are destroyed.  At press conference with map & showing photographs of 24 bridges destroyed.  He rules out using nuclear weapons.  Displaying a Red Chinese machine gun he says that North Vietnamese troops are now in the area.  He says North Vietnam has run out of recruits to send into S. Vietnam.

220294          1965   Sd        B/W    14:29:21 - 14:30:28            ˝Enterpriseţ In  War - Nuclear  Air Craft Carrier Joins 7th Fleet off Vietnam coast she will be accompanied by nuclear powered frigate Bainbridge. Shots carrier with plane taking off and landing - AV frigate - radar dishes - on board - missiles.

220887          1966   SIL       COL      04:00:06 - 04:10:50            Atomic Power Today: Service With Safety Part 1 of 3
Bridge at sunset.  Road with cars. Electric tower and power lines.  POV driving through bridge.  CU roasting chicken.  XCU hands of clock turning.  Desk lamp.  Egg whisk.   Woman dancing.    XCU hitting keyboard & letters typed.  Neon signs.  Dam and nuclear power station.  Coal refinery - coal shifted, on conveyor belts and into furnace.
04:03:07  Super-modern control station with dials and screens.  Interior nuclear power stations.  Coal in wagons.  Technician inserts metal rods into tubes.  Animation explains nuclear fission.  Good CUs & MCUs dials.  Truck driven through countryside.  Engineer at other power station? in snow  turns dials and  causes a red liquid to bubble.

220887          1966   SIL       COL      04:10:51 - 04:18:24            Atomic Power Today: Service With Safety Part 2 of 3
Designing nuclear power station??  -  Men in suits look at slides showing graph of interior power station;  board meeting.   Men in white shirt and ties discuss with maps or charts.  Cars on city street.   Man into building and gets a book  re application for construction permit from Black receptionist.  Sign US Atomic Energy Commission.  Men in library study complex charts.  Sign 'advisory committee on Reactor Safeguards'.   - men  in conference.  Request for construction being examined in courtroom?   Document signed.

220887          1966   SIL       COL      04:18:25 - 04:27:20            Atomic Power Today: Service With Safety Part 3 of 3
Construction of nuclear power plant starts from clearing land to finished plant.  View inside tube.  Reading meters.  Control room.   Exterior plant.  Truck on road.  Sunset with electricity tower.  Power plant in snowy landscape and activities inside.  Control room.  Exteriors views of various atomic power plants.  Cows  in field next to power plant.   Aerial town and area.   Pastoral imagery: Farmer on tractor.  Yellow school bus;  man fishing in front of nuclear plant; daffodils.  City  at dusk - busy pedestrian crossing, train runs past.
Titles over night cityscapes.

220467          1967   Sd        b/w     03:39:30 - 03:41:21            Protests Galore
England -  Anti-war demonstration / protest. Demonstrators scuffle with police. Demonstration organised by CND ( Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament ) Parade down street.
03.40.08 Madrid University  -  students demonstrate against America  and Vietnam war - burning US flag.
03.40.36 Anti-hate demonstration in Detroit - hippies - painting car with legalise pot / dope - Love-in.  Girls dancing.

220526          1967   SD        b/w     22:00:04 - 22:01:07            [Atomic Pact:  U.S. And Russia Draft Treaty  of Non-proliferation
17 nation atomic disarmament conference in Geneva.  Exterior & interior of large hall with delegates mingling and talking including William Foster and Alexei Roshin ?

220526          1967   SD        b/w     22:19:21 -  22:20:17           News in Brief - Virginia
Converted WWII Liberty Ship at anchor - sign World═s First Floating Nuclear Power Station.  Interior Sturgis showing atomic power plant.  Technicians working  on reactor.  Control room.
Purpose of power plant is to provide electricity in emergency / disaster areas.

220526          1967   SD        b/w     22:47:09 - 22:47:53            News in Brief - Japan
China announces H-bomb test has repercussions in Japan where radiation is monitored.
Busy street scenes with traffic and pedestrians.  Radar scanner.  Scientists in Tokyo laboratory testing air samples for radioactive dust.

220917          1967   SD        COL      00:00:06 - 00:11:24            Pursuit of Peace - Minuteman Missile Base, Malmstrom AFB, Montana  (Tape crease at head only)
Children of different nationalities world wide playing in streets and parks and playgrounds.  Titles over barbed wire fences.   Kids playing in muddy playground. Montage of armed soldiers from different countries - borders - conflict points.  Arab looking through binoculars at bomb-damaged building.  Spectacular Atomic explosion.
00:04:06 Montana - Aerial views over vast wheat fields. AVs cattle running from noise of helicopter.  AVs Vicinity of Great Falls, silos of minuteman intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM).  Commander of 341st strategic missile wing in helicopter. AVs silos.  AVs mountain ranges and contour of land.  Chopper landing at airforce base. Kids playing - housing for base - sign ˝Peace is our Professionţ.
00:06:19 Airforce personnel writing on drawing boards. Various shots control rooms.  Commander arrives for meeting / briefing and takes seat with other officers.  Group given weather forecast - many shots of Wing Commander Dowton?.  Missile combat crews at daily briefing - Officer says SAC is presently at Defcom 4 - pan across crews.
00?:08:31  Front shot car travelling through open countryside. Interior  auto - Captain Kenneth Atkins and Lt. Jim Hyland?  Telegraph poles in open country. Car arrives at silo - guards open sliding gate. Sign re National Defense restricted areas.  Sentry checks IDs.  Crew changeover procedure.  Incoming crews load handguns - outgoing empties bullets.  Crew into lift and descending to lower levels.

220917          1967   SD        COL      00:11:25 - 00:21:50            Pursuit of Peace - Minuteman Missile Base, Malmstrom AFB, Montana
New crew out of lift and taking up positions. Testing and evaluating of crew commanders and deputy.  Crew in underground silo checking dials etc. Tape deck which records messages from SAC HQ.  Red box which contains secret codes for launch of missiles, double padlocked.  Pre-recorded voice reporting on current status of missile / temperatures etc.   Outside shots at ground level of silos and pan down inside workings. Two man crew working at consoles in silo. 
00:15:53 Clock striking 9 at Harvard University - shots of building and students on campus.  Professor Shelling?, strategic analyst. Professor giving lecture re arms race and war, students taking notes.  Talks of ˝missile gapţ which he says in retrospect apparently was never there.  Exterior Harvard Center For International Affairs.  Interior scholars and researchers working.  Prof. Shelling smoking pipe at desk.
00:19:32 Prof Shelling in plane.  Brief shots - Washington - Capitol building.  California - Rand Corporation - think tank re defence studies.  Pentagon.
00:19:58 Prof. out of car and enters Department of Defense.  Interiors people walking corridors.  Prof. in meeting with military officers - they are discussing a hypothetical situation set in 1970 where an unknown country has violated the test ban treaty and there has been an atomic explosion at sea.  Think tank.

220659          1968 ?           Sd        col       04:00:20 - 04:09:57            Individual Protection Against Chemical & Biological Operations & Nuclear Warfare.  Reconstruction of events showing army patrol hit by nuclear blast.  Part One
Soldiers on patrol in forest.  Two soldiers sitting on ground talking - racoon - one soldier starts coughing and the other immediately takes out protective mask.   Sergeant says its his hayfever and to listen to the birds.
Third soldier joins them.  Narration says the reason why one soldier is so nervous is that his division has sustained casualties from chemical and biological operations.
Patrol stops for break in forest.  Soldiers relaxing by trees.  Flare on film to simulate nuclear explosion.
04:03:26  Graphic explaining effects of nuclear burst / explosion
04:04:29 Patrol in woods - film shows what each soldier did during nuclear explosion to survive - diving into ditch -  lying flat on ground.  Re-enactment of soldier caught in open - screaming and running, collapses on ground.
04:05:43 Soldier on radio telephone.  Soldier looks at ˝ dead ˝ casualty.  Checking for radiation levels with Radiac meter.  Soldier checks wind direction and decides squad may receive fall out from blast.  Ordered to dig in.  Sergeant on radio telephone - reports nuclear blast and is told to expect fallout.  Patrol digging in. Black soldier check radiation levels.  Sergeant orders patrols into foxholes and to take cover from fallout. Soldiers in dugouts.  CU dial on watch showing 1 o'clock.

220659          1968 ?           Sd        col       04:09:58 - 04:18:25            Individual Protection Against Chemical & Biological Operations & Nuclear Warfare. Reconstruction of events showing army patrol hit by Nuclear blast. Part Two.
Soldiers in foxhole. Soldier takes instrument from pocket which is used to measure radioactivity received by personnel.  Two soldiers in foxhole, one wants to get out but is stopped by other.  Radiation level meter  - soldier monitoring radiation. Patrol out of foxholes remove contaminated soil at edges. Patrol standing in dugouts to afford some protection. Eating canned food and water. Sergeant on field telephone, he is told a biological attack has occurred. All soldiers put on protective clothing / masks.  Back into foxholes and covered. Food buried. Soldier drinking water from canteen through straw like adaptor in mask. Night falls - patrol still wearing masks. Man removes mask to smoke cigarette risking contamination. Soldier on field telephone - ordered to move out. Patrol put markers on trees showing contamination areas.
04:16:35 Patrol still wearing masks moving forward. Sergeant decides it is safe to unmask for meal break. The soldier who risked all for cigarette is sick.  Patrol boiling cans - drinking water.

220659          1968 ?           Sd        col       04:18:26 - 04:27:55            Individual Protection Against Chemical & Biological Operations & Nuclear Warfare. Reconstruction of events showing army patrol hit by Nuclear blast. Part Three
Pan around area, patrol are on top of mound offering good vision and protection against ambush. Sentry who was exposed to biological attack now very ill, collapses to ground.
04:18:56 AV - aircraft spraying chemicals. Soldiers in foxholes put on masks and protective capes.  Soldier who did not have mask to hand runs to get it and is overcome by effects of nerve agent. Medic injects three lots of atrophine which is used to counter effects. Artificial respiration carried out. Patrol putting on gloves and using skin decontamination pads on exposed skin. Contaminated soldier now 'dead'. 
Soldier testing clothes for contamination by using powder which changes colour. Contaminated areas of material cut away. Area redusted.
04:23:25 Man giving himself injection of atrophine.  Contaminated man shaking on ground - given third injection and artificial resuscitation.  Patrol move out carrying casualty on stretcher. Sentry who sneaked cigarette dies. Patrol ends duty.
04:26:08 Reprise of events and precautions.


220906          1974   SD        COL      08:18:42 - 08:25:55            President Nixon's Address to the Nation Resigning the Office of the Presidency - Pt 2
Nixon continues outlining achievements:
˝We have unlocked the doors ... between the United States and the People's Republic of China.... In the Middle East, 100 million people in the Arab countries...  now look on us as their friends...
Together with the Soviet Union we have made the crucial breakthroughs that have begun the process of limiting nuclear arms.... We have opened the new relation with the Soviet Union...
We must keep as our goal turning away from production for war and expanding production for peace... what we are striving so hard right now to achieve, prosperity without inflation.ţ
08:21:43  For more than a quarter of a century in public life I have shared in the turbulent history of this era.   I have fought for what I believed in...  Sometimes I have succeeded and sometimes I have failed
Quotes Theodore Roosevelt '... if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly."
'... I am confident that the world is a safer place today, not only for the people of America but for the people of all nations, and that all of our children have a better chance than before of living in peace rather than dying in war....  This, more than anything, is what I hope will be my legacy to you, to our country, as I leave the Presidency.'

220852          1980   SD        COL      15:10:45 - 15:20:29            President Carter State of the Union Address 1980 - Part Two
re Soviet invasion of Afghanistan -
'But now we face a broader and more fundamental challenge in this region because of the recent military action of the Soviet Union.
Now, as during the last three and a half decades, the relationship between our country, the United States of America, and the Soviet Union is the most critical factor in determining whether the world will live at peace or be engulfed in global conflict.''
Carter sums up Cold War from postwar to 70s nuclear negotiations. SALT -
'Preventing nuclear war is the foremost responsibility of the two superpowers. That's why we've negotiated the strategic arms limitation treaties--SALT I and SALT II. Especially now, in a time of great tension, observing the mutual constraints imposed by the terms of these treaties will be in the best interest of both countries and will help to preserve world peace. I will consult very closely with the Congress on this matter as we strive to control nuclear weapons. That effort to control nuclear weapons will not be abandoned.' (...)
Carter re Soviet invasion of Afghanistan -
'But now the Soviet Union has taken a radical and an aggressive new step. It's using its great military power against a relatively defenseless nation. The implications of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan could pose the most serious threat to the peace since the Second World War'
 We can provide the complete transcript of the speech.
220852          1980   SD        COL      15:20:30 - 15:30:34            President Carter State of the Union Address 1980 - Part Three
re Five Year Defense Program:
'It's imperative that Congress approve this strong defense budget for 1981...'
'... recently we and other NATO members have decided to develop and to deploy modernized, intermediate-range nuclear forces to meet an unwarranted and increased threat from the nuclear weapons of the Soviet Union...'
 We can provide the complete transcript of the speech.
220348          1980s SD        COL      12:29:14 - 12:33:22            Air Force Now - The B-1B long-range penetrating bomber
Troops run into plane for mission, control tower, B-1B in flight.
Sept 1984: B-1B inauguration.  Engineers at computers showing simulations.  Flight simulator.  Views inside propellers.  Maintenance work.  B-1B takeoff. Gauges.  B-1B over rugged mountains and many views in flight.
11:32:45 Officer  'The B1 is  one of reasons we have nuclear deterrents today'.

220535          1980s ?          Sd        col       04:05:37 - 04:25:50            Testing Nuclear Weapons
Aerial views Nevada test site. Various missiles on display  - building with sign US Department of Energy.  Manager of Nevada operations office Nick Aquillina  ptc re experiments, safety and necessity of nuclear tests.
04:09:37 Cars and trucks entering test site facility  Mercury.  AVs underground test sites Yucca Flats - AVs control centre Yucca Flats - pan over valley.  AVs Piute Mesa another underground test site.
04:11:07 Engineers outside tunnel - interior tunnel complex - men on small train.
04:11:22 Model of satellite Star Set which will undergo tests in tunnel during underground detonation - engineers with equipment - tests carried out re radiation hardening.
04:11:54 Huge drill moved to test site.  Drilling process.  CU head of drill.  Portable building moved into test area.  Miles of cables which will record data following test.  Signals will be sent by microwave relay. Radar dish.  Explosive and diagnostic instrument cannister lowered into shaft.  Shaft filled with sand and gravel after cannister is in place.
04:14:17 Exterior recording station - many dishes.  Interiors technicians at  consuls - computers - flashing dials - instruments.
04:15:18 - Safety preparations - red flags - radiation sensors - men at computers.  Personnel badges which record exposure to radiation. Badges tested.
04:16:24 Top shot test area.  Man from Environmental Protection Agency visiting test site. Small farm in test area. Monitoring station manned by EPA.
04:17:41 Weather balloons released - man from Weather Conditions Nuclear Support office with surveying equipment. Interiors weather room in control centre - data input into computer.
04:18:32 Day before the test - briefing of test officials.
04:19:34 Security sweep by ground patrols to ensure anyone not directly connected to test leave area.
04:20:00 Radiation detector on edge of deserted test area.  Radiation sampling helicopter over site. Interior test control centre - countdown.  AVs underground explosion, ground shaking
04:21:33 Animation of explosion and effects.
04:22:42 AV earth sinking - dust rising.  Test control centre - scientists / technicians.  AVs - helicopter flying over site. Drilling rig taking samples. Samples packed. Montage of previous shots.

220421          1980s? early             SD        COL      15:20:10 -  15:24:01           [Air Force Now -  Interservice Nuclear Weapons School]
Nuclear explosions.
Entrance Interservice Nuclear Weapons School.  School commander re school being set up in first days of Manhattan Project & school's mission to respond to nuclear incidents.  Class.  Men in anti-contamination suits by plane.  Chief of training branch talks re nuclear weapons incidents risk.   A-bomb explosion. Crater.  Atom bombs on trucks.  Students  put on anti-contamination suits.  Class: teacher gives students incident field scenario using miniature model of town. Nuclear accident response team by crashed plane.   Cleaning plane with hose.  Checking ground with Geiger counter.


220422          1981   SD        COL      16:24:10 - 16:25:54            [Air Force Now -  Air Force Secretary Vern Orr interviewed Part 2]
Vern Orr  answers question re upgrade of weapon system; re Soviet armament production & nuclear disarmament.

220611          1983   SD        COL      09:00:00 - 09:28:55            President Reagan - Star Wars Speech
Ronald Reagan seated at desk in White House makes speech re defence budget and detailing his plans for Star Wars - Strategic Defence Initiative.

Incl. - 09:22:20  Starts re new ways of dealing with mutual threat of nuclear war.  (09:24:45) 'Let me share with you a vision of the future which offers hope ...'  Says he is directing a comprehensive effort re long term research and development programme to achieve ultimate goal of eliminating threat of nuclear weapons.

220734          1983   SD        COL      14:51:10 - 15:01:10            Reagan Speech to National Association of Evangelicals Part 3 of 3 (Evil Empire Speech)
'There is sin and evil in the world(..) Our nation, too, has a legacy of evil...' - re segregation - racism past & present.
14:53:00 'This brings me to my final point today...'' re Soviet Union & Communists; against nuclear freeze solutions; 'peace through strength'
Ends with '...from the struggle of right and wrong and good and evil'.

220533          1984   Sd        col       00:04:44 - 00:18:00            High Frontier - A Defense That Defends - Film about Strategic Defence Initiative (Star Wars) Two Reels
Retired General Daniel Graham ptc / introduction re his being director of High Frontier and sometimes called the father of SDI. Still of his large family who are 'forced to live unprotected'
00:05:27 Soviet / Russian inter continental ballistic missile ICBM launch.  Graham to camera  re how America is unprotected against Russian missiles, front cover  book 'High Frontier A New National Strategy'.
00:06;01 Missile launched, newspaper cuttings re Star Wars.  Graham ptc.  Symbol of SDI.
00:06;45 Following shows what might happen in the event of attack on USA.  Three Russian ICBM missiles launched from base in Siberia. American pilots scramble - Presidential helicopter takes off from Washington DC. NORAD tracking station, radar dishes.  Street scenes Washington DC - Capitol - pedestrians - traffic.
00:07:28 Montage US aircraft - missiles launched.
00:07:46 President Reagan with Gorbachev meeting
00:08:00 Mid 1960s White House exteriors, interiors Johnson (LBJ) and others round table.
00:08:08 Acronym MAD - Mutual Assured Destruction.  Montage planes / missiles / control rooms.   Includes good shot underwater launch of Polaris missile. Control room, hands turns dial to launch - missile launched.
00:08:56 1983 Exterior White House at night - interior President Reagan address re SDI. Speech continued over shots of Space Shuttle launch.
Reel 2
00:09:47 10Jun1984 US launch replica of Soviet missile warhead from California - Launch of non-nuclear interceptor rocket - animation of US rocket intercepting 'Russian'  missile.  Animation intercut with actuality of missile launch and interception.  Animation showing three different systems  which SDI would  employ.
00:12:02 Animation of defensive satellite which would fire new gun called Tround Cloud gun which would fire multiple pellets - animation shows how pellets would destroy missile.  Animation showing 'Phases of Attack' Animated map of US.  Animation showing earth from space and missile interception. US plane carrying missiles -  workers erecting ?.  Animation of earthbound defences which would fire high velocity salvos at any enemy warheads which got through. Swarm jet defensive system - Graham holding one of small rockets about nine inches long. Tround Cloud gun - firing steel darts. AV and ground views defence base. Animation missile interception.
00:15:07 missile launch. Graphic re defence budget. Animation intercut with actuality re laser defence weapons. Silo like container exploded by lasers.
00:15:55 Montage -  Russian missiles - control room - cosmonauts training - rocket launch - Brezhnev with military officer / cosmonaut.
00:16.25 Interiors Reagan with Gorbachev  and on walkabout.
00.16:32 Missile launch and animation of SDI. Montage missile launches. Animation SDI. Atomic explosion.


220612          1985   SD        COL      10:55:33 - 10:57:11            [President Reagan Speaks To Nation After Geneva Summit, 21Nov85]
Ronald Reagan dressed casually sitting at desk reading report re Geneva Summit and Soviet-American relations.  'We should be working for progress wherever possible...the Soviets have now agreed that each side should cut nuclear arms by 50% in appropriate categories'.  Signs off 'until next week - God bless you'.


220534          1988   Sd        col       02:12:11 - 02:22:04            Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Part two
02:12:11 Site 300 Front Sign 'Lawrence Livermore Laboratory Site 300'
02:12:49 Site 300 Front Gate - cars and trucks entering through security post
02:13:38 Advanced Test Accelerator - Site 300 Aerials - AVs facility
02:14:20 Advanced Test Accelerator - Interiors pan along equipment with technicians
02:15:26 ATA - Wiggler Magnets - Site 300. Pan along equipment.
02:16:10 ATA - Animation - Beam Path / Wiggler. Animation laser beam and electron laser amplifier
02:17:00 Lasers - Internal Confinement Fusion - animation
02:18:36  Lasers - Nova. Exterior building. Interior technicians - equipment
02:19:40 Atomic Vapour Laser Isotope Separation - Dark room with many lenses placed at different angles giving out light. Man opens hatch and puts on protective goggles - adjusting equipment. Beams of laser light. Pan down corridor. Men at computers.
02:21:12 Atomic Vapour Laser Isotope Separation - Animation

220736          1989   SD        COL      18:28:23 - 18:49:09            President Reagan's Farewell Address to the Nation
Entire formal speech (informal intro missing)
Incl. -   18:35:59 Foreign affairs: superpowers reducing nuclear weapons stockpile; Afghanistan; Vietnamese out of Cambodia; Cubans troops home from Angola.
18:36:55  'We meant to change a nation, and instead, we changed  the world' - countries  'turning to free market and free speech away from the ideologies of the past'.



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X220807                      Sd/Sil  COL      12:31:25 - 12:33:30            Russia - Nuclear

Control tower, interiors control room, instrument panel.  Good nuclear explosion and mushroom cloud.  Building blown apart in atomic test.  More explosions.  AV mushroom cloud.  GV Mushroom cloud.  Russian military watching.  AVs craters. 


X220957                      SD        B/W    12:00:59 - 12:10:38            A Job For Bob [Pt. 1]
A Protestant Film Commission Production   Acting credits  Prod. by Paul Heard  Dir by Edward L. Cahn
Boy crosses street, up sidewalk to door.  Greeted by girl, kiss; inside Bob tells about new low wage job at the Atomic Energy Laboratory.  Bob and girl discuss pros and cons of atomic energy with girl's brother, Jim.  He admits he doesn't have the job, only applied.  Talk about getting married.
12:04:44   Leave house & she looks at and exclaims over new Ford convertible parked near by.  Into house & religious class; man offers him a job of hard work and low pay making monkey wrenches.  His parents think he should take it, but he says no, that he's going to work at the Atomic Energy plant.
12:08:2?   Bob disappointed that he didn't get job at Atomic lab.
12:08:58   Class in Christian Principles for Choosing a Vocation being given by girl's brother Jim.  Teenagers argue over how to approach job & building a better world.  Selling brushes is good!

X220957                      SD        B/W    12:10:38 - 12:20:06            Job For Bob, A [Pt. 2]
Class in Christian Principles for Choosing a Vocation continues as teenagers argue over how to approach job & building a better world.   Discuss what a "calling" is in Christianity.  Bob rejects concept of Christian principals.  Couple home and enter dark house, turn on lights.  Sounds like a lot of "double-talk" only thing to do is make money.  Helen says she's decided to enrol in nursing course.  He walks out when she says she doesn't want to get married. 12:13:5?  He works at lathe in basement while thinking about what to do. 
12:14:2?  Walking street, watching workers repairing streets, on buildings, policeman, soda fountain, etc. Reads newspaper classified ads.  Working at various jobs, selling brushes, lumber yard, digging in street, dumping garbage.
12:17:08  Standing outside movie theater, in line at ticket booth. 
12:17:50  Taking aptitude test and sweating.  Into house behind Jim who asked how aptitude test went; Bob tells things went well, but didn't tell him which job he could do.  Bob tells how Atomic Energy work would be so good.  Jim quotes Jesus.

X220631          1944 - 1945 SI         COL&B/W        06:00:00 - 07:12:51            Atomic Bomb Related Material 4-18th April and 15th Jun 1944 Nuclear and Atomic
Reel 1 + 2 (approx 24 min total) are scenes from Wendover, UT; loading FAT MAN (Nagasaki bomb); Loaded onto trailer and covered with tarpaulin - lowered by crane into pit.  B-29 ready to taxi over.  Inert ballistic shapes, "pumpkins";  Take offs and landings, also POV aerial  and ground views of pumpkin drops.  Explosion at 16:09:58 There is one ground shot of a LITTLE BOY (Hiroshima bomb) ballistic shape falling. This is the skinny one. 
06:15:49  There is also a shot of crewmen pulling the prop through on one of the engines. This was done to get oil into the cylinders prior to engine start.  Crew brief and equipment check in front of A/C.  All B-29s shown are the specially modified "Silver Plate" aircraft used by the 509th.
06:17:06 18/4 CU propeller turning take off and landings including POV - AV over target area.  CU engine as landing. Ground crew pulling prop. Crew and equipment checked.
06:24:58 Reel 3 (approx 13 min) This selection is from the Marianas and shows actual Hiroshima bomb, LITTLE BOY (it's painted black) being moved out from storage area and loaded aboard Enola Gay B-29. 
06:31:57 Night Crew lined up in front of Aircraft. Pilot Paul Tibbets waves from cockpit (b&w)
06:36:28 Enola Gay B-29 returns from Hiroshima strike, crew receive decorations.
06:38:26 Reel 4 (approx 10 min.) is actual FAT MAN (Nagasaki bomb) being moved from storage and loaded aboard "Bock's Car" B-29. Ground crew painting bomb. General writing on bomb To Hirohito with love T.F. Farrell. Other men writing on bomb.  Bomb loaded onto trailer and covered with tarpaulin. lowered into pit. B-29 taxis over and bomb loaded
06:48:43 Reel 5(approx 21 min) is footage of 509th area on Tinian, 509th pose for photos. Repeated scenes and additional angles of loading LITTLE BOY and FAT MAN bombs
06:50:34 Little Boy loaded - seen in pit with open bomb bay doors above. Enola Gay into position - MPs guarding . Night Crew outside plane - "Enola Gay" on nose of Tibbet's B-29 (this was only done a few hours before take off. Aircraft was named after his mother). Tibbets waving from window (B/W)
06:57:00 Enola Gay returning from mission -  additional views of Tibbets receiving DFC from Gen Carl Spaatz. Crowds round plane and posing for pix. 07:01:25 Fat Boy out of shed.  - painting and loading as before.
07:09:38 The B-29 aerial shot is Bock's Car returning from Nagasaki strike.
07:10:12 Reel 6  (approx 3 min) is all Nagasaki strike footage.  Mushroom cloud (colour).

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